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Default Recording hmmm....

As I promissed earlier here is the info on how to record stream videos/audios.
First of all let me clear (as Nasif bhai said) there is no stream video capturing/recording software. So what to do when there is none? The smart idea is to have a screen video capturing software. What all I do is use one fo the screen video capturing software available to record the particular section of my screen, i.e. the real player window. You can download and use the following softwares (from :

1) HyperCam 1.71
2) Hero Screen Recorder
3) Easy Video Capture
4) Camtasia Studio

HyperCam is the simplest one. Now the problem comes that as these are meant to be screen capturing software; sometimes stream videos don't come up when you record. The next thing then will be to try again & again and I know it works that way . I'm trying to find some other software for this good purpose, a very reliable one and once found will let all you guys know.

Just a note to clear why I didn't provide the info earlier, simply because I was waiting for all the replies on the "Video Coverage for the England Series" thread. "Knowledge grows when you share".

Hope this info helps and let me know if the stream video works perfectly on your PC. And O yes if you need a crack for HyperCam 1.71 U2U me.

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