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the problem doesn't lie with the style of government, the problem lies with the people.

even if we do adapt Shariah law in Bangladesh, there will be more violence since there would be a phase when people will adapt to this new style of government. forms of entertainment will be significantly reduced and currently many people in Bangladesh are entertainment driven, correct me, most people in the world right now, are entertainment driven, entertainment has become a need rather than just a form of satisfaction. the people will not like it if a country is Shariah based.

a shariah driven soceity is possible, however, when we gather all the muslim religious people and put them in one territory with same views, then shariah is possible since they will be capable and willingly abide by it. Bangladesh, our roots deny Islamic Extremism,(i think one of the reasons why Pakistan invaded us was because they thought we were kafirs, based on their extreme sense of judgement at that time). Mark my words, Bangladesh will never adapt Shariah, but certain laws of Shariah could be applied to Democracy to maximize social and economic benefit, like getting rid of interest, and cutting hands of thieves(however brutal it sounds, it will discourage people from stealing millions of takas and who knows what). however, Government should never dictate the lifestyle preferences of its people, Such as RELIGIOUS BELIEFS... that is why i oppose shariah, but sometimes love its teachings for its justice.

the truth is, i don't know, i voted i don't know because both systems have their ups and downs, but the probem/solution lies within the people
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