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Sohel NR, so basically what you are trying to say is people have the choice if they want to practice thier religion or not, because they are not be forced in any type of way to practice, but bringing secularism to a country will make people very vulnerable to conversion of a religion, because people will be thoughtless of thier religion and they will question whether they are following the right religion or not, it will bring evilness such as the influence of the western world, look at the western world at the moment, every country has no idea where they are at the moment, compare it to the Muslim world, we are showing to the world that Islam is the strongest religion in the world, where people have strong faith in thier religion, if secularism stays for a very long time, the majority of the people will turn into athiests and you will see the religion has been lost, and people will die without having faith in Islam, that is what we are seeing in the Christian world, many people do not have religion because of secularism, so its a wrong idea to bring to a country.

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