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Default WC 2018 AFC Qualifiers thread (Bangladesh's road to Russia)

The draw for the 2nd round of the WC qualifiers are due on the 14th of April, this will mark the beginning to our 2018 WC journey. I know that we are the underdogs here, but we have to approach the qualifiers with an open mind, and make the most of it.

This is what the seeding looks like:

- Pot 1 (Teams ranked 1st to 8th): Iran, Japan, Korea Republic, Australia, UAE, Uzbekistan, China, Iraq

- Pot 2 (Teams ranked 9th to 16th): Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, Vietnam, Syria and Kuwait

- Pot 3 (Teams ranked 17th to 24th): Afghanistan, Philippines, Palestine, Maldives, Thailand, Tajikistan, Lebanon and India

- Pot 4 (Teams ranked 25th to 32nd): Timor-Leste, Kyrgyzstan, DPR Korea, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Singapore and Bhutan

- Pot 5 (Teams ranked 33rd to 40th): Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Yemen, Guam, Laos, Cambodia and Chinese Taipei

I think we should aim to fix more international friendlies with #50-100 ranked sides, (look what India has been doing in the last 5 years- almost all their games are against higher ranked side than them

I think we have a small chance of qualifying, we need a quality striker (Someone like Chettri for India) and a better GK. Seeing our performance in the Bangabandhu Gold Cup, we struggled to actually get shots on target, we need a striker who can deliver. I think we have a decent defence and midfield.

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