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Wake him up ? And have one x-tra idiot around ? No way sir !

Based upon my life long interaction with people from these countries, these are the reasons why we see such articles -

From the English person -

a) Still in denial over their descendancy in world affairs
b) Genuinely racist
c) Obnoxious

From the Pakistani person -

a) Some are just idiots
b) Genuine superiority complex (not necessarily racism)

From an Indian Person -

a) Inferiority complex on themselves, which is turned into sup complex to overcome their psycological deficiencies
b) Religious bigotry

From an Australian Person -

a)Sometimes racist
b)Most of the time overly competitive

From a Srilankan person -

a) Character issues (mix of everthing, but nothing strong in particular)

However, all folks not falling in the above categories from these countries are just the best.

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