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Default What God told me in a dream

Hello my dear fellow members of BC,

I want to share with you a divine revelation I had last night. After Bd lost to SL, it made me so mad, that I silently suffered unbearable mental anguish. But then I realized you don't love something for the outcome, but because you love them. So I forgave the Bd cricket team. But then the philosophical side of me told me that any team has an obligation to their fans to put it in the best position to succeed. And a big part of it is in the personnel. A team is only as good as its talent in the end of the day.

This holds true by the way most of the time for team sports, football, soccer, basketball etc. Generational talent comes, and the teams build around them, and that's how they reach the finals.

So what God told me was that he made the tigers lose because they were not fresh. Stale players, stale tactics, stale stadium, stale management. And he said that only way Bd would be great was it we removed the old guards, and started something from genesis. Otherwise, we would forever swim with the minnows and languish in the bottom half of the ICC table.

And I totally understand how that can be acceptable, given our history. But I think we can do better. I really can. Especially when God says he can give a helping hand if we remove losers like Rahim.

I feel sorry for this team right now, not just because of its incompetency, but because of its staleness. I am very tempted to give it the new nickname BoringDesh. But at the same time I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is very humbling to know that we are a change of guard away to becoming truly great.

I hope God forgives the Bd team for its trespasses in repeatedly selecting inept fools.
Let there be wins.

The end of Rahim will mark a new great beginning for the complacency free Bangladesh!
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