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Originally Posted by sum_1
RIP Cricket. You will be missed.

As shocking as it sounds though, most of these proposals are already in place for the past few years, now they're just trying to make them official. The lower ranked test teams hardly get a match against the top ranked sides, the FTP has become a complete joke, and the bulk of the revenue goes into the big 3's coffers, not to mention that all the key positions in ICC are basically controlled by the 3 boards.

There's more to the story than it appears. Its highly unlikely that a draft from a closed door meeting in ICC gets leaked all by itself. I wouldn't be surprised if it was leaked intentionally, for reasons that might become clear in the coming days. Sadly, it might not be that difficult to get the proposal approved, since four members are already part of the committee, and we all know that there are some boards for sale.

The funny thing is, the media that has been the most vocal about this unholy cabal are from these 3 nations. The media from the other nations should raise their voices even more, seldom they have full and undivided support of the people.

There is a bangla word that perfectly sums up the situation: "মগের মুল্লুক"

Nicely summed up!

All other boards along with associate boards should unite and create pressure on ICC not to let cricket die.
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