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Originally Posted by Tintin
None of the other seven boards will vote for this. That is obvious. The people who drafted it also know that. Why would they still propose it ?

There is a standard tactic used in politics, and of course in cricket, to raise a very controversial issue that has no chance of getting agreement, and use this as a diversion to getting something else passed. The second issue might have got blocked if it was the only issue, but may get overlooked because of the first, bigger issue.

Another could be that the big-3 believe that they can bully the smaller boards using carrots and sticks into supporting the proposal. For eg, if the big-3 agree to tour Bangladesh in the next three years if BCB signs, or starve them otherwise. If BCB is desperately short of money and the term of the current members is going to end in three years, they may just choose to opt for the short term benefit.
I fear you are so right...^^^ Tintin

Either way, we are doomed regardless we want or not. I do expect Bosses to get bigger share, but at least, show some fairness even if on paper!
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