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I've also been meaning to Yell for the past 4 years:

Disband the BCB. The administrators do a crap job of propping up a 4-day first class infrastructure and go for cheap thrill T20 leagues.

The administrators do a crap job of providing training and grooming of players from Divisional Cricket onwards. The administrators do a crap job of keeping alive whatever's left of competitive Club Cricket.

We've all talked about how we will emulate Sri Lankan cricket infrastructure.... and what have we done so far?? Every time we've thrown 17 year olds into the National Team and ruined whatever potential they had with them missing out the unglamorous domestic cricket. Here's the list:

Zunaed Siddique
and possibly now: Tamim & Saquib too

We probably needed a Tushar Imran-Rajin Saleh-Nafis Iqbal-Opee-Rokon bridging generation to hang around longer for these kids to mature into proper cricketers. In fact, in hindsight McInnes' U-19 team shouldve stayed as A-Team... only to debut into the national team around this time. Instead we threw them into the fire 2 years ago. Look at the riff raff now!
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