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Originally Posted by BANFAN
They are fighting for last 2000 years and they will continue. That's their way of life, so that doesn't need any sympathy On field. If our players have this consideration for one second in heir mind, they are doomed [:LOL:] but I know players won't ever think like that.... rightly so .. if Afghans get 0.5% opportunity they will use that to their advantage brutally. If we lose, they will be beating that drum almost unnecessarily along with our haters for next 4 years and how much the nation will be shattered.

So bhai, I don't even like to have 1% sympathy on this issue. They do have a much better life for the common people than our common or poor. They don't know, what's homeless, while we have millions in slums and footpaths for nearly 50 years. They have 0 beggars, we have in millions. But these pools of our country are hoping for some pleasure out of this game. Our people deserve it 1000 times more than them...we have one afghanistan (25 million) living below poverty. Bhai, ki bolen eita apni, please look at your home, switching off BBC/CNN

Despite having war for 30 years, they still enjoyed a much much better life than our people, since 71. War is income for their people. Why shall we be sympathised for them, instead of our own, who live a worse life? . ..

Please don't get me wrong KP bhai, while we are suppose to build up a mood of battle on and off the field to inspire and get energized, why did you come up with this cold water canon to inspire for a humanitarian cause? Does that help any of our cause or purpose? If it's about being human, our own people are in greater pain for last 50 years, much more than them, so sympathizing for our own people will also make us even "More Human" Trust me, I lived 10 years there
I wish I can give a brotherly hug wherever you are now. I don't think there ever has been a romantic story compared to our cricketing history. but people love afghans for their so called refugee story. We've been bruised and battered so many times, more than afghanistan. And you just know that the most hate reserved by most fans in cricket community is Bangladesh, because they know what we as a nation are capable of as history proves it. afghans are getting all the backing from hardcore elitists like Ian Chappel whereas the same guy calls us spineless, and others because they know afghans are only afghans. but there is hate for Bangladesh because they all know how deadly it can be for their superiority on the cricket field. those afghans are jumping on this bandwagon and don't wanna see us prosper at all. Have to say, we have always tried to repel their hate with warmth, but the others are adamant to see us fail. Let us hit them HARD where it really matters, and today is the day In sha Allah!
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