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Originally Posted by BANFAN

So bhai, I don't even like to have 1% sympathy on this issue. They do have a much better life for the common people than our common or poor. They don't know, what's homeless, while we have millions in slums and footpaths for nearly 50 years. They have 0 beggars, we have in millions. But these poors of our country are hoping for some pleasure out of this game. Our people deserve it 1000 times more than them...we have one afghanistan (25 million) living below poverty. Bhai, ki bolen eita apni, please look at your home, switching off BBC/CNN

Despite having war for 30 years, they still enjoyed a much much better life than our people, since 71. War is income for their people. Why shall we be sympathised for them, instead of our own, who live a worse life? . ..

Please don't get me wrong KP bhai, while we are suppose to build up a mood of battle on and off the field to inspire and get energized, why did you come up with this cold water canon to inspire for a humanitarian cause? Does that help any of our cause or purpose? If it's about being human, our own people are in greater pain for last 50 years, much more than them, so sympathizing for our own people will also make us even "More Human" Trust me, I lived 10 years there

Of course I want Tigers to demolish the Afghans today, doesn't mean I can't be a supporter of them! All the associate team has my support like Razab bhai and Mijan bhai...

If some one called the Afghans arrogant, some could level Mushy know what I mean!
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