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Forget Cricket Talk about anything [within Board Rules, of course :) ]

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Old April 8, 2010, 02:18 AM
PoorFan PoorFan is offline
Join Date: June 15, 2004
Location: Tokyo <---> Dhaka
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Originally Posted by auntu
^^^ Good point. They should adopt new technology and start to maintain new procedure for cleanliness.
Well, to keep it clean and hygienic is not always about high technology and cost. For example look at their shelf ... full of dirt! and those filled pots left open for days! At least they can clean up that shelf regularly, can color the shelf in bright, can cover those shelf by clean cloth so that can be washed and reuse. Similarly , instead leaving those pots open, they can cover by a thin piece of cloth and can be washed and reuse. They can build a separate restricted or sealed room for mature or preserve those pots. Instead keeping those empty pots in a dirty open space or corner ... easily can be kept in a restricted room and covered by something after being washed clean. And why on earth a rickshaw van comes inside the room with all the dirt of the streets on its wheel where filled pots are left open?!?

All those bit of 'hygienic care' are not about high technology, nor huge cost, but proper respect to their customer and pride to their own. Irony is those same products may come a long way to Dhaka and take place in a fancy clean looked showcase with fancy cover etc., eventually ends to our table, putting all our 'looking for quality' efforts out there while marketing in vain.

As you would find out Fakruddin & Sons the Biriyani maker, they have adopted new standard and much more healthy way of cooking.
And their market surely will explore all over the world someday I hope [if they can keep up].

Originally Posted by bujhee kom
Hahahah...Poorfan dada, oi angul chubano dekhe apnar bodhozom hoe gese...hahaahha
Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Gham ar angul'er chubni na hoiley tho taste ashbey na.

If there was a cold storage near by then the whole world could enjoy.
In internet [personal website] I have read lots of Japanese people those have visited Bangladesh love 'Bogra Doi', Lichu, Mango. So yes, rest of the world is not far if they adopt clean and hygienic concept in the process and storage.

Originally Posted by RazabQ
... Such fastidious subscription to hygienic standards are a hallmark of the inhabitants of the land of rising sun
To be honest, sometime their asking standard is too much as you said. Yet its nice and awesome enjoying the effect of their amazing effort most of the time.
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