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Old March 7, 2011, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Shakil_TX
Yes it is true Ireland is moving up at much faster rate than us. We have NOT developed at the rate we should have. I think Bangladesh being a poor country our government, cricket board and even the fans have given as much as possible to the game of cricket in our country. However it is my opinion that our players have been pampered and spoiled to a certain extent. I mean let's face it when you have players that are in their early 20's and have so much fame and even riches at such an early age it does have an impact on you as a person and one can easily become big headed. Young players like Shakib, Tamim, Mushfiq etc making huge amount of money, real estate, cars, gifts, TV exposure.

I mean my father worked his butt for 40 years holding various government positions in Bangladesh and his life saving after he retired is probably not 5 percent of what these young players have already made in few years. They have been treated like celebrities at such a young age and they may have gotten big headed and have forgotten that they sportsmen not celebrities and they are nothing but the servant of this nation, Again this just my thought, I might be completely wrong.

It is the market that determines the value of the player. If the market thinks a player deserves a car, advert endrosement etc. the market will give him/her that. The market will get its return of investment. Personally the players are not responsible for getting gifts like you have mentioned.

Do they become big-headed as you have mentioned? It is a personal thing, very hard to say. At thing tender age earning money and getting gifts can tempt one as it is not in Bangladesh's culture to earn this much at a young age - but I guess at the end of the day - it is a life experience.

Back to original topic...there is doubt that the skill set of Irish and Bangladeshi players are different. Irish players keep the basics good. Bangladeshi players don't. Our bowling coach, in one of his post, mentioned about the 'culture' thing. Our learning process is comparatively slow, our dedication to learning and practise is still not at professional level.

When comparing with Ireland some posters mentioned that Bangladeshi players were not 'priviledged' to play in county league. That reflects a sad truth that we haven't been able to establish a decent first-class structure in Bangladesh. County is high standard but you don't expect county teams to sponsor players from Bangladesh to play unless we perform (which Shakib did). We need to upgrade the standard of our first-class tournaments. Otherwise we will stay at this same stage while other countries improve.
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