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Old May 17, 2012, 11:17 PM
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Default A Miscellany of Unpublished Articles

Here in BC, the standard IS high and many of the articles unfortunately don't make the cut. Thass ok; fupaye fupaye kol balishe mukh rekhe kadlei to hobe na. Amader shoktishali hote hobe. Tai chai BOOST.

To boost my post count here is one such 'gem' -if I may- that has forever been veiled from public eye. Can you guess the cricket match for which the informal bulletin was written?

Timeline (first half of the gore)

T minus 8 hours: I am having a nervous breakdown
T minus 40: Cricket Savant nadim 98 drops bombshell of a Bangla film in BTV before match in certain chorai link
T minus 30: Cricket Legend FaHiMa dissects why the women in the film died and Naimul or someone gives answer in chat thread
T minus 10: Lotus Kamal shakes hand with players
T minus 5: Bangladesh wins the toss and elects to field, Cricket Savant nadstar becomes the first man to break the news as usual
Time zero: Match begins with, Shafiul keeps it tight, chatroom still cracking jokes on what fuchka or chotpoti Darren Sammy ate
for bad stomach. Then the conversations starts derailing towards food.
Third over: Street Cricketer chinaman_f astutely points out "only boundary of West Indies that too from Bangladesh overthrow who knew"
End of tenth over: West Indies 47/0 with a sudden spark after being bogged down at 2.00 RR
13th over: Barath having problems with right hamstring and calls physio.
14th over: For the umpteeth time Cricket Sage bujhee kom shouts out "OUT" "OUT" lulling chatroom into a sense of false hope..but gets no banhammer kind of like a rastafarian getting away by lighting up a joint in front of police precinct...
15th over: ODI's new rule already in place and since no runner is allowed Barath retires hurt, chat explodes in a measure of twisted glee
18th over: Samules tonks Razzak for a six followed by some lol, facepalm, disbelief, smh in the chat
21th over: Nasir takes over keeps it tidy giving only 3 runs
25th over: Kapali takes over, concedes 3 as well
32nd over: With a six off Razzak and a single, Simmons reaches 85, mind you we still don't have an official wicket
36.3 over: Mushfiqur drops a thin edge off Samuels off Shakib
40th over: Shafiul concedes 20 runs, and we STILL don't have an official breakthrough
41.1 over: First breaktrhough comes! Rubel! Who knew! Just what the doctor ordered...not Zunaid. But not at the cost of his massive tally of 122 runs.
41.3 over: Samuels however carries on the onslaught with a six
41.4 over: Gone! 2nd in a wicket. Who knew? Rubel at it again. Guest coach Ian Pont in chat thread is overwhelmed. A baby catch by Alok. Lamisa goes berserk when Ian typos 'lasima'. [Don't call her that!]
at deep square leg hooked by Samuels.
43.3 over: Shakib gets manhandled by Pollard for six. Commie segues from a fan who ate ice cream to Polar ice cream to Polar ice cream end to Kieron Pollard. Shamim compliments: "Nicely done." Chat approves. Ian learns what does the word "kufa" mean.
48.3 over: Shafiul retires Bravo. Clean bowled. " Shamim meanwhile had to comment 'The batsman raised his hands up...but of a different kind.' Yes he did.
49.1 over: Rubel takes out Pollard on the other end.
50th over: 299 to chase which Bangladesh would go on to lose by 40 runs
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