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Old March 4, 2013, 02:16 PM
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Thumbs up The Many Worlds of Shamim Chowdhury: A memoir

The Many Worlds of Shamim Chowdhury: A Memoir

SHAMIM CHOWDHURY, or Shamim Cowdrey, or even Sammy Cowdrey (??-present) is a Bangladeshi born commentator, wordsmith, mentor, comedian, philosopher, artiste, culinary expert, soil analyst amongst other diverse interests that he is known to be master of in addition to his trademark Yorkshire accents that has often be described as that of a dulcet radio broadcaster. He is often ranked as the number one commentator of  southeastern part of South East Asia.

But few are aware of his amazing colourful personality such as donning the regalia of Henry VIII in unmistakable hackney swagger regaling us with anecdotes of Lord Nelson and why 111 is named so, or even the etymology behind "Chokka" of so-called "Chokka Nayeem", latter picking up the moniker
for his six hitting abilities.

However, the road was not rosy and as the emblem of War of Roses' heraldic symbols hanging his commentary box vouches it was indeed a bloody rise to power and fame.

L'uomo universale, or the Universal Man, was a man of mythic talents, a polymath concept of the Renaissance Europe
of whose examples often include Leonardo da Vinci, Leon Battista Alberti, Avicenna, Rudolf Steiner. Shamim Chowdhury has been often an epitome of one such Bangladeshi individual, often as Nitun Kundu, or sculptor of words, or Walter Cronkite of Bangladesh.

As a toddler, his first word was "sussurous" when his playmates were struggling with rudimentary alphabets
of the dictionary. He immediately composed a haiku in a rapturous epiphany seeing a ball roll on the grass
while visiting his nana-bhai's house in Narsinghdi:

sussurous roll of gentle leather
locust eyes
she sleeps silent

The lad's talent was obvious and whatever he specialized in he developed mastery such as English language in which he expressed great command. Raised in Eton, moving to Cambridge, he would be a reader at Gottingen and critics often condemn his constant migration as exposure to diverse cultures that are often apparent in such wordplay as: Haque hoicked it over the hawker


Naeem Islam got a life, and now he's responsible for taking the life AWAY of Mehrab Hossain Jr.

Completing his hablitationschifft, the maestro would travel to the ortive parts of southeast Asia and live with the Rangamati tribes to learn the art of weaving to weave his words into ingenious wordplays.

Chowdhury would pick up archery, dentistry, wood-smith, plumbing, upholstery, pottery, metallurgy, soil specialization and some "agricultural" fields that are often expressed in his rich vocabularies during a match commentary.

After landing a lucrative job as a sports commentator he would exhibit creative differences with his fellow commentator
Athar Ali Khan. However in 2013 BPL, Shamim Chowdhury would still be trending with hash-tags all over twitter with such gem of one-liners in nail-biters after Arun Lal's: "Those certainly look nice" at the cheerleader surrounded car for man-of-the-series with a lightning wit of "Those girls or the car Arun? Which one?" to which a rather befuddled Arun replied: "The car of course."

As of present moment Shamim Chowdhury has been practicing the art of sailing martial sports where one dances around a dinghy
fighting cavalier pirates to get a "feel" to "dance around his words".

Whether Shamim Chowdhury can return strongly taking five wickets in the opening test at Galle, remains to be seen but his unmistakable chuckle of schadenfreude (or freudenschade) can still be heard drifting afar like Doppler Effect.
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Old March 4, 2013, 03:00 PM
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Tomorrow: The Unapologetic Buffoon:An autobiography of Chowdhury Jafarullah Sharafat!!
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Old March 4, 2013, 03:02 PM
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For a fee i will do anyone's memoir!even idumb's sandal shoo fetish!!
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