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Old October 2, 2003, 11:02 PM
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Default Exactly how many people are coming to BD from ENG?

I am just wondering, exactly how many people of England are going to Bangladesh to watch a few cricket matches?

Just recently, South Africa had toured Bangladesh, Pakistan, India had a test series or a one day tournament held in Bangladesh. Zimbabwe had played a tour in Bangaldesh until now, West Indies had played here.

But I don't remember watching any news as to giving advice to the touring party's cricket fans to come to Bangladesh. It seems like that only now a real test playing country is coming to Bangladesh, with its fans coming to see the cricket matches as well.


Barmy Army gears up to tour Bangladesh
BBC Online
This article was printed in the BBC where a veteran Bangladesh tourist and Barmy Army member offers advice to England supporters hoping to follow their side to the newest Test nation.
Do I need a visa to get into Bangladesh?
Most definitely yes. Until recently you could pitch up and get your visa on arrival in Bangladesh but now all visitors must get one in advance.
The real bad news is it costs £40 and, theoretically at least, takes three days to process your application even if you apply in person.
However, if you mention the that you are visiting Bangladesh to watch cricket they may take pity on you and do it within the day.
Visa forms are available from the Bangladesh High Commission website and visas themselves are issued in London, Birmingham and Manchester.
Is it going to cost me a lot?
How long is a piece of string?
Obviously if you stop in the swankiest business hotels and fly first-class between Dhaka and Chittagong then the taka (the Bangladeshi currency) will soon add up.
On the other hand, Bangladesh is one of the cheapest countries in the world to travel in.
If you donít mind stopping in the most basic hotels, eating simple meals, travelling second-class and not jumping in too many taxis there is no reason why you canít survive on £30 a week.
Up the ante in the above and a £60-a-week budget is still viable.
Do I need to take any precautions
before going?
Check with your GP for any jabs that you may need to take or have boosted before you leave for Bangladesh.
If you are only going to the matches in Dhaka then it may be worth noting that malaria is not considered to be present in the capital.
However, if youíre venturing outside the city or you simply want to be safe, begin a course of malaria tablets about two weeks before you leave.
Is Bangladesh safe?
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website have offered the following advice:
* You are advised to keep a low profile.
* You should avoid demonstrations and large gatherings, and be aware of the danger of street crime.
* You should inform local authorities of any plans to visit the Chittagong Hill Tracts.
* There remains a risk to British nationals from international terrorism in the region.
The best advice is to check their excellent website on a regular basis for any changes in this advice.
Obviously if youíre heading out to watch the cricket then large gatherings cannot be avoided!
Is there anything I should be aware of when I get there?
Possibly the most important thing to remember is that the England tour of Bangladesh coincides with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which begins around 26 October.
During Ramadan, you should refrain from drinking, eating and smoking in public between sunrise and sunset.
Although this has been relaxed with travelling England cricket fans before, most notably in Pakistan recently, you should be very aware of local sensitivities.
This also applies to the way you dress, which should be modest (bare chests at the games are a definite no-no) and respect local customs.
What about the food?
As with travel to many countries in Asia you will be far more susceptible to tummy trouble in Bangladesh.
It is all too easy to fall victim to the heat, to diarrhoea and similar illnesses caused by eating and drinking contaminated food and drink.
If you donít want to miss any of the cricket then remember: only eat recently prepared food which has been thoroughly cooked.
And drink plenty of bottled water, or bottled drinks, to prevent dehydration.
Anything else I need to know?
A bit more bad news Iím afraid. Since 13 March 2003, foreign nationals leaving Bangladesh are required to pay a departure tax of 2500 Taka per person (£27).
The fee is collected in cash at the airline check-in counter (for which a receipt should be issued) and non-payers will not be allowed to fly.
Check with your travel agent to see if this levy has been included in the price of your airline ticket. If it hasnít, then have plenty of taka handy!
Enjoy the tour!

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Old October 2, 2003, 11:15 PM
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Haha! Awesome. Why do I feel a sudden buk-fulani attitude at these poor English souls?
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Old October 2, 2003, 11:15 PM
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Like to add another piece of advice:
--- Do check Banglacricket.com very often ---
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