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Old April 22, 2015, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by prtikul
Congrats guys, Beating Pakistan in LOIs is pretty big deal.

I don't think we ever managed to win all games in a series against them. Probably 4-1 in 2006 was our best result. We almost lost 3 games against them in India in last series.

I don't know why BCCI sends B team to Bangladesh. Your team is formidable in LOIs in home condition. Similar result will happen if there is complacency even if we playing with our main team let alone B team.
Very good observation brother, I mentioned in abother thread, the agony and the pompous that comes when you either win or lose to a 2nd class team. It will only allow for Indian senior players to rest whenever it's time to tour Bangladesh
“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”
― Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi - مولوی
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Old April 22, 2015, 01:09 PM
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Very happy with the outcome of the series. I am seriously hoping that we can only climb up from here. At the beginning of the series, I was hopeful of a win, may be a series win at the most. But not even remotely I have thought of the Banglawash. All credit to the boys and the coaching stuffs and everyone related. The way we have dominated is simply amazing. Great milestone in the history of our cricket. Carry on boys.
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Old April 22, 2015, 01:39 PM
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^its about momentum

When you win first match convincingly we all believed we could win the series. When we did that we believed that BW coming along the way. In sports having momentum is the most important thing in the world. Like batsman need good form, so does an entire team setup.
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Old April 22, 2015, 01:53 PM
MohammedShamim MohammedShamim is offline
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They have been destroyed. Really pleased our batsmen did well against a good bowling unit.
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Old April 22, 2015, 02:07 PM
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Old April 22, 2015, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by salin
how was this prediction?
You fixed it...
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Old April 22, 2015, 03:27 PM
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we have done it .. .... ......
The OffStump
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Old April 22, 2015, 05:05 PM
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Had to be some performance by BD for one to actually start feeling sorry for a defeated higher ranked opposition ... and some performance it was for THREE matches in a row!
Man is here.
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Old April 22, 2015, 05:41 PM
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I am delighted that for the first time in God knows how many years, all 11 of our players didn't have to bat!
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Old April 22, 2015, 05:49 PM
the_realist the_realist is offline
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Where can I see the highlights of Soumya's century? I feel like seeing that beautiful innings again.
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Old April 22, 2015, 08:29 PM
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BD Tigers review gone....hope it doesnt... Today, 02:18 AM
Mas_UK25 that was a clear edge. off... Today, 02:18 AM
BANFAN Why they take review without... Today, 02:18 AM
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the_realist Dhur, eveything is going... Today, 02:19 AM
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Mas_UK25 they appealed for LBW instead... Today, 02:23 AM
adamnsu Nasir has redeemed himself.... Today, 02:27 AM
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mij Today, 02:28 AM
Kohli_Sox Umpires are blind Today, 02:21 AM
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Mas_UK25 such a generous team made all... Today, 02:35 AM
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cricbook Flat pitch and pace not... Today, 02:36 AM
al-Sagar 300 + for sure...... Today, 02:37 AM
iDumb 350 + hobe Jodi na out hoi... Today, 02:39 AM
Roni_uk Not enough. During the last... Today, 02:40 AM
adamnsu I think the spinners are... Today, 02:43 AM
iDumb Bhai chasing under lights... Today, 02:44 AM
simon If Pak dont slf destructe... Today, 02:37 AM
Zeeshan Brainless captaincy by mash Today, 02:38 AM
Zeeshan Defensive mindset by Mash Today, 02:39 AM
BD_TigerZ This pitch is extremely... Today, 02:44 AM
aklemalp Mashrafee should allow Taskin... Today, 02:44 AM
BANFAN That's oxymoron You... Today, 02:48 AM
Mas_UK25 Bowling can be taken apart by... Today, 02:45 AM
bodrul Pakistan ekhon moner shukhe... Today, 02:45 AM
BANFAN Without wickets we may have... Today, 02:46 AM
al-Sagar 50 korei out hoye jabe 2 Jon Today, 02:46 AM
the_realist Sagar vai apnar mukhe... Today, 02:50 AM
the_realist Our bowling remains a thorn... Today, 02:46 AM
BANFAN You can't do such judgements,... Today, 02:51 AM
iDumb Out gone I didn't see the... Today, 02:48 AM
Zeeshan goneeeeeeee Today, 02:48 AM
BD Tigers gone...Nasir....took it.. Today, 02:48 AM
adamnsu Allhamdullilah. aaro koyekta... Today, 02:49 AM
Mas_UK25 Finally Nasir gets Aslam Today, 02:48 AM
Night_wolf are we doomed yet? Today, 02:48 AM
al-Sagar Doom days are over.... ... Today, 02:50 AM
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tamzid90 anyones got any proper links? Today, 02:48 AM
Zeeshan it's a nick is that a nick? Today, 02:49 AM
BDFan07 Nasir bowled a gem. We got... Today, 02:49 AM
mij Now need to pressure hard on... Today, 02:49 AM
Kohli_Sox He didnt hit it. He doesnt... Today, 02:49 AM
al-Sagar Luck starting to favour us Today, 02:52 AM
Roni_uk Sami did well on debut Today, 02:50 AM
Mas_UK25 looking at that line, the... Today, 02:50 AM
Night_wolf cricinfo says there were no... Today, 02:51 AM
WarWolf Why didn't he take review? Today, 02:51 AM
BANFAN .....re was no outside edge... Today, 02:56 AM
Zeeshan It was glove. Shamim bhai... Today, 02:51 AM
the_realist OMG! THAT WAS MILES AWAY FROM... Today, 02:51 AM
Mas_UK25 gloves. yes it was out. Today, 02:52 AM
Shehwar Why didnt he review?? Poor... Today, 02:52 AM
Mas_UK25 Azhar Ali has had good starts... Today, 02:53 AM
iDumb shamims commentary is so... Today, 02:53 AM
adamnsu Shamim has become more... Today, 02:55 AM
BANFAN He is appeasing Pakistani... Today, 02:58 AM
adamnsu Rightfully said. He has also... Today, 03:01 AM
adamnsu Another one bites the bust.... Today, 03:02 AM
Mas_UK25 Like to see you do some... Today, 02:59 AM
iDumb You talk a lot of crap... Today, 03:06 AM
Zeeshan Are you with us or against us? Today, 03:09 AM
Shehwar Gloved it to be honest. Good... Today, 02:54 AM
al-Sagar Hmm .... Finally cricinfo... Today, 02:58 AM
cricbook Sami gone but gave Pakistan... Today, 02:54 AM
al-Sagar Captain crease e thaka... Today, 02:54 AM
iDumb It was good umpiring..... Today, 02:55 AM
adamnsu Thats true we are also lucky... Today, 02:56 AM
al-Sagar True... We lost our review... Today, 03:01 AM
iDumb Safe...sorry Today, 02:57 AM
aklemalp Can't Everyone see that the... Today, 02:57 AM
adamnsu What a throw. I am usually... Today, 02:59 AM
BDFan07 What a delivery from Sakib.... Today, 02:58 AM
iDumb No ajmal today ..he would... Today, 02:59 AM
Mauryan So again another opposition... Today, 02:59 AM
adamnsu Most Bangladeshis still have... Today, 03:05 AM
Mauryan yeah unfortunately and even... Today, 03:10 AM
adamnsu Lol. I see your point, but... Today, 03:13 AM
Zeeshan I can imagine the convo: ... Today, 03:13 AM
adamnsu Azhar er Mazhar banay... Today, 03:15 AM
Zeeshan Do remember guys the scorers... Today, 03:00 AM
BDFan07 Arafaat is on fire. One more... Today, 03:01 AM
cricbook Sunny lol....haffez gone... Today, 03:01 AM
Roni_uk Khuda HAFEEZ Today, 03:02 AM
Zeeshan http://media.urbandictionary.c... Today, 03:03 AM
Ishmumislam sunny's bunny Today, 03:02 AM
mij please pressure the new... Today, 03:03 AM
al-Sagar Yes gone... Hafeez bowled... Today, 03:04 AM
cricbook Bd is coming back strongly.... Today, 03:05 AM
aklemalp The professor was busy doing... Today, 03:06 AM
cricbook Like to see Nasir back ... Today, 03:08 AM
the_realist Can't believe an ordinary... Today, 03:08 AM
iDumb Also regarding shamims "good... Today, 03:11 AM
Night_wolf need to get the kaptan Today, 03:17 AM
mij need wicket now Today, 03:17 AM
Mas_UK25 What ever Shamim, Athars know... Today, 03:19 AM
iDumb Do u listen to ur self ? U... Today, 03:26 AM
adamnsu Ok Mash WTH. Again Shabbir? Today, 03:28 AM
adamnsu Short and Wide goes for 4.... Today, 03:30 AM
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zman I didn't catch his name...who... Today, 03:19 AM
iDumb Rains ford .... This guy is... Today, 03:29 AM
aklemalp Back to the cricket guys, ...... Today, 03:21 AM
adamnsu Namay Chokka. Shabbir was too... Today, 03:22 AM
adamnsu Decent effort at the boundary... Today, 03:23 AM
taklima_naj Riyadh should have been used! Today, 03:22 AM
adamnsu I too think that might have... Today, 03:24 AM
taklima_naj just wondring he has been... Today, 03:23 AM
Zeeshan heavy sheavy cricket mein... Today, 03:23 AM
tiger1000 any good links? Today, 03:25 AM
the_realist Why doesn't Mahmudullah bowl... Today, 03:25 AM
aklemalp Taskin Taskin Taskin Taskin... Today, 03:29 AM
BANFAN 7 bowlers used already. Now... Today, 03:30 AM
criclife what rubbish... Today, 03:31 AM
BANFAN Before a few overs... Today, 03:33 AM
Mas_UK25 Why is Mash bowling part... Today, 03:32 AM
adamnsu Mash did the right thing to... Today, 03:33 AM
Donal C If Pak post a good total like... Today, 03:33 AM
mij Man wide and short our fast... Today, 03:34 AM
Shehwar They partied too much after... Today, 03:36 AM
BANFAN They deserved bhai, give it... Today, 03:42 AM
Night_wolf Rubel mone hoy kal sara rat... Today, 03:34 AM
adamnsu You been reading alot of... Today, 03:36 AM
BANFAN People have to understand... Today, 03:35 AM
mij come bowler idiots Today, 03:35 AM
Awla Rubel r Taskin jei bowling... Today, 03:36 AM
taklima_naj at last riyadh comes in, hope... Today, 03:37 AM
adamnsu Majkhane Nasir er fielding... Today, 03:40 AM
Mas_UK25 Mash has disappointed me with... Today, 03:40 AM
BANFAN Bowler Number 8 used ... Today, 03:40 AM
Roni_uk all my links inactive now...... Today, 03:40 AM
roman http://watchcric.net/channel/l... Today, 03:45 AM
Roni_uk thank you. Today, 03:52 AM
bodrul Azhar Ali - cool and solid... Today, 03:40 AM
BANFAN Even before winning a match... Today, 03:46 AM
Mas_UK25 Hope Azhar Ali gets the ton... Today, 03:41 AM
iDumb Freebies ..... Rubel has... Today, 03:44 AM
BANFAN Mashrafe has a chat with... Today, 03:45 AM
Mas_UK25 Rubel is having world cup... Today, 03:47 AM
BANFAN Power play Today, 03:52 AM
adamnsu Kahisay Power Play. Ekhun... Today, 03:53 AM
BDFan07 We are looking at 340+ runs.... Today, 03:54 AM
adamnsu Keeps the Paks below 270 will... Today, 03:56 AM
Tigers_eye eita ami ki porlam? Today, 04:01 AM
BANFAN No chance to keep them bellow... Today, 04:04 AM
aklemalp Azhar Ali bats like Misbah 2.0 Today, 03:59 AM
adamnsu But higher up the order Today, 04:00 AM
BDFan07 Our batsmen has to click... Today, 03:59 AM
Nafi Bowling *well Today, 04:09 AM
Tigers_eye Salaam, bhai shokol.... Today, 04:00 AM
adamnsu Great over in the Power Play... Today, 04:02 AM
BDFan07 If we can keep their run... Today, 04:02 AM
BANFAN Dhurr shobai run dey, Mash... Today, 04:02 AM
adamnsu I hope the over rate is good.... Today, 04:04 AM
Tigers_eye No. he is over using himself... Today, 04:05 AM
adamnsu Well plated Azhar. He needed... Today, 04:14 AM
Tigers_eye ekta batting collapse dorkar. Today, 04:04 AM
Tigers_eye Nice Harris has reached 40s,... Today, 04:07 AM
BDFan07 As I pointed out earlier,... Today, 04:07 AM
Gowza He is a good batsman in all... Today, 04:12 AM
Mas_UK25 not even one good over at... Today, 04:07 AM
BANFAN 12 from sunny Today, 04:08 AM
BDFan07 We need two quick wickets now... Today, 04:09 AM
Mas_UK25 bring mid off mid on up make... Today, 04:11 AM
the_realist 350 on the cards. Not below... Today, 04:11 AM
BANFAN Not a Realist Today, 04:14 AM
roman Will be surprised if they... Today, 04:20 AM
BANFAN I thought Azhar will be out... Today, 04:13 AM
BDFan07 Congratulations to Azhar Ali.... Today, 04:13 AM
shirsho2009 320-330 Today, 04:15 AM
Mas_UK25 all three games Azhar Ali... Today, 04:16 AM
adamnsu Now Paks will start hitting.... Today, 04:16 AM
adamnsu Shakib you beauty!!!!!!!!!!!... Today, 04:17 AM
BANFAN Past is past They won't... Today, 04:18 AM
adamnsu InshahAllah I hope for our... Today, 04:19 AM
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al-Sagar So we will chase 300+ today Today, 04:16 AM
aklemalp Great innings Azhar Ali,... Today, 04:16 AM
BDFan07 Wow! Sakib, what a ball.... Today, 04:17 AM
roman Finally a wicket. Today, 04:17 AM
BANFAN What kind of out was that?... Today, 04:17 AM
al-Sagar Amazing... ... Really.... Today, 04:19 AM
Gowza Shakib moving closer to 200 Today, 04:17 AM
al-Sagar gone... Today, 04:18 AM
aklemalp Oh my god , I jinxed Azhar,... Today, 04:18 AM
BANFAN Are you from Pakistan ? Today, 04:19 AM
al-Sagar Why you did not jinx earlier Today, 04:20 AM
adamnsu Very good question Today, 04:20 AM
BDFan07 Sakib's wicket will ruin the... Today, 04:19 AM
Yasin. yeah boy!!! Today, 04:21 AM
adamnsu Allhamdullilah another one.... Today, 04:22 AM
adamnsu The Paks batting tail stops... Today, 04:23 AM
al-Sagar Harris is in his zone of... Today, 04:22 AM
al-Sagar And as I was saying.... Two... Today, 04:23 AM
roman Mash strikes! Now go and... Today, 04:22 AM
BANFAN Yes he must retire Today, 04:26 AM
BDFan07 This is great. Now Bangladesh... Today, 04:22 AM
Gowza Mash gets his 192nd Today, 04:23 AM
BDFan07 From now on, there is a good... Today, 04:23 AM
BDFan07 All we have to do now is to... Today, 04:25 AM
Yasin. 30/2 in power play overs. Today, 04:27 AM
al-Sagar 30/2 in power play.... We... Today, 04:28 AM
Yasin. OUT! ICEMAN!- Today, 04:30 AM
iDumb Out gone I thought he... Today, 04:30 AM
adamnsu Thats was just TOO COOL!... Today, 04:31 AM
adamnsu Sad the new Pak batsman any... Today, 04:32 AM
adamnsu I think aar ekta shiggiri... Today, 04:33 AM
BANFAN Can they break their shackles... Today, 04:30 AM
BANFAN Answer is NO Today, 05:10 AM
BDFan07 Way to go Bangladesh.This is... Today, 04:31 AM
Gowza 195 for shakib Today, 04:31 AM
BDFan07 The batting Power Play goes... Today, 04:32 AM
BANFAN Two most experienced bowlers... Today, 04:33 AM
al-Sagar So shakib sunny and mash will... Today, 04:32 AM
BANFAN Good delivery, stopped at the... Today, 04:32 AM
iDumb KKR will be missing today's... Today, 04:33 AM
BDFan07 Pakistan is forced to take... Today, 04:34 AM
Yasin. Dropped. Today, 04:35 AM
al-Sagar Who dropped whom ? Today, 04:36 AM
Yasin. My bad. 41.4 Mashrafe... Today, 04:39 AM
BDFan07 Bangladesh is also sporting... Today, 04:35 AM
Yasin. Last 10 overs watch: 41:... Today, 04:38 AM
Mas_UK25 better stuff since PP. thats... Today, 04:38 AM
BANFAN Sunny time ? Ya Taskin ? Today, 04:39 AM
Yasin. Rubel. Bhangi dimu.... Today, 04:41 AM
BANFAN ... Today, 04:43 AM
al-Sagar Boundaries have dried up last... Today, 04:39 AM
Yasin. Last 10 overs watch: 41:... Today, 04:40 AM
adamnsu Good to see the fielders... Today, 04:41 AM
BDFan07 Seven overs left. They will... Today, 04:40 AM
al-Sagar Both Saad and fawad can be... Today, 04:41 AM
BANFAN 7 overs to go .. Mash has 1... Today, 04:41 AM
adamnsu What a catch. Everyone rise... Today, 04:43 AM
Mas_UK25 What a catch. good stuff Nasir Today, 04:42 AM
BDFan07 Fawad gone. Bangladesh is... Today, 04:42 AM
Oni_cricket Nasir Today, 04:42 AM
Roni_uk Sixth down.. com on.. out... Today, 04:43 AM
tamzid90 Mash has bowled 4 slow ball... Today, 04:43 AM
Yasin. 203/2. 224/6. Pakollapse... Today, 04:43 AM
BDFan07 If we get Wahab Riaz now,... Today, 04:44 AM
al-Sagar Fawad gone It was a good... Today, 04:44 AM
BANFAN Today good decision Today, 04:47 AM
Mas_UK25 Good overall bowling display... Today, 04:46 AM
Yasin. Last 10 overs watch: 41:... Today, 04:46 AM
BDFan07 Rubel and Taskin will be good... Today, 04:47 AM
BANFAN They should be .. They are... Today, 04:48 AM
Yasin. So we will be chasing more... Today, 04:48 AM
adamnsu I hate Wahab the most out of... Today, 04:49 AM
Awla Me too....he is so... Today, 04:50 AM
BANFAN Be Smacked by Tamim today Today, 04:54 AM
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BANFAN It may be around 270-280 or... Today, 04:50 AM
Yasin. Yes yes they didn't! ... Today, 05:09 AM
adamnsu Allhamdullilah great stuff by... Today, 05:11 AM
Awla Taskin k 2 ra over deoa... Today, 04:49 AM
adamnsu With these 2 , 270/280 still... Today, 04:50 AM
adamnsu Lets see for whom the ruBELL... Today, 04:51 AM
Yasin. Shakib really giving the ball... Today, 04:49 AM
Mas_UK25 Great bowling by Shakib.... Today, 04:50 AM
al-Sagar 5 overs to go... 2 from... Today, 04:50 AM
BDFan07 Mash will choose Rubel and... Today, 04:51 AM
BDFan07 Now comes Rubel. We are near... Today, 04:50 AM
Yasin. 2nd boundary that was almost... Today, 04:52 AM
Mas_UK25 this is not good to not use... Today, 04:53 AM
adamnsu Jaa Bhag...WAHAB Ja Bhag Today, 04:54 AM
Yasin. #BhangiDimu strikes! Today, 04:53 AM
BDFan07 Wahab is gone. Excellent... Today, 04:54 AM
Roni_uk RBX strikes back!!! Today, 04:54 AM
al-Sagar Riaz gone... Rubel... Today, 04:54 AM
SS Sunny bowling ..either lots... Today, 04:55 AM
Yasin. Come on Arafat! Peck away... Today, 04:55 AM
Mas_UK25 I understand Shakib bowling... Today, 04:56 AM
BDFan07 With a new batsman in crease... Today, 04:56 AM
BANFAN New or old, Sunny was... Today, 05:00 AM
Yasin. RUNOUT! Today, 04:56 AM
shirsho2009 Out............ Today, 04:56 AM
al-Sagar Come on Sunny.. Get some tail... Today, 04:56 AM
MohammedShamim We have this whitewash in our... Today, 04:56 AM
BDFan07 Will they be able to score... Today, 04:57 AM
Awla My prediction 265 Today, 04:57 AM
BD_TigerZ Poor batting by pak as usual.... Today, 04:57 AM
al-Sagar Gone. Gul gone.... Today, 04:58 AM
BANFAN Finish by 250 Today, 04:58 AM
simon Pakistan at their best ... Today, 04:58 AM
BDFan07 Very successful over from... Today, 04:58 AM
al-Sagar What a comeback... They were... Today, 04:59 AM
Yasin. OUT! #BhangiDimu Today, 05:00 AM
Roni_uk Wow and we thought they would... Today, 05:00 AM
BANFAN That's the bowling .. Just... Today, 05:02 AM
al-Sagar Thats cricket Last match we... Today, 05:07 AM
BDFan07 Pakistan finished. Today, 05:01 AM
Jadukor Wow... Implosion of the... Today, 05:01 AM
zunaid_bd Greatest come back in our... Today, 05:02 AM
al-Sagar Rubel... Happy boy Today, 05:02 AM
tamzid90 This type of collapse used to... Today, 05:02 AM
SS baccher baccha great comeback... Today, 05:02 AM
BDFan07 I would love to hear what the... Today, 05:02 AM
adamnsu That guy with missing tooth... Today, 05:03 AM
iDumb Haha he can so easily be... Today, 05:16 AM
adamnsu Nimok Haram Saqlain will... Today, 05:05 AM
al-Sagar Momentum have shifted... Today, 05:03 AM
BANFAN It's cricket Today, 05:06 AM
BANFAN Sunny deserves the last... Today, 05:05 AM
Yasin. Why not Taskin... give the... Today, 05:05 AM
adamnsu I agree with you. Taskin... Today, 05:07 AM
godzilla Commentator: Pakistan has not... Today, 05:07 AM
Yasin. 250 up!! Today, 05:08 AM
al-Sagar And all down Today, 05:11 AM
al-Sagar It ends 250 ... Just .. Today, 05:09 AM
BDFan07 Wow Bangladesh. What a... Today, 05:10 AM
cricbook What a bowling by bd bowlers... Today, 05:10 AM
BD_TigerZ Wanted an exciting match for... Today, 05:12 AM
Awla From 181/2 off 35 ovr to 250... Today, 05:12 AM
SS Job half done. Batsmen can't... Today, 05:12 AM
BDFan07 Azmal is not in the team but... Today, 05:19 AM
Awla Ajmal not in lineup today Today, 05:20 AM
al-Sagar No ajmal today Today, 05:34 AM
tamzid90 Can't wait to hear some... Today, 05:14 AM
thebest Our Rabz is giving his expert... Today, 05:21 AM
WarWolf Valo laglo dekhe. Good job. Today, 05:35 AM
Zeeshan Anyone has link to Gazi tv?... Today, 05:22 AM
ahnaf Yeah. Rabiul bhaiya on the... Today, 05:25 AM
godzilla http://cricmelive.tv/channels/... Today, 05:24 AM
Mas_UK25 We'll need a good start, be... Today, 05:25 AM
Awla Soumya & Riad need to get... Today, 05:26 AM
BANFAN Not some, actually need big... Today, 05:30 AM
iDumb Yes I want a sarkar 100... Today, 05:33 AM
adamnsu Come on man, lets hope any... Today, 05:39 AM
Roni_uk Perhaps Rubel and Sunny... Today, 05:35 AM
Kohli_Sox Top order to collapse,... Today, 05:35 AM
Mas_UK25 Just tuned to Gazi tv from... Today, 05:38 AM
aklemalp Picture yo, I can be the... Today, 05:45 AM
iDumb rabz bhai er kotha shuinao... Today, 05:46 AM
Mas_UK25 Missed what Rabz said. Only... Today, 05:59 AM
Awla RJ Maria ... she has... Today, 05:46 AM
adamnsu Bismillah Today, 05:48 AM
Mas_UK25 Just seen her first time. eto... Today, 05:50 AM
roman You guys made me Google her Today, 05:51 AM
Oni_cricket RJ Maria Today, 05:48 AM
taklima_naj Why and how come you guys... Today, 05:55 AM
adamnsu That is why tragedies like... Today, 05:57 AM
taklima_naj very true, thats why... Today, 06:00 AM
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iDumb we are sorry apu, let's move... Today, 05:57 AM
adamnsu Replay 4ssss....great shots.... Today, 06:00 AM
taklima_naj Sorry granted, Hope people's... Today, 06:04 AM
adamnsu Cricinfo 5.2 ... Today, 06:06 AM
trixta2108 I agree. Immaturity, That's... Today, 06:01 AM
Jadukor Chucker to start proceedings Today, 05:45 AM
aklemalp That's negative, He's cleared... Today, 05:48 AM
Oni_cricket As expected ,Hafeez opening Today, 05:45 AM
BengaliPagol classy shot!!! Today, 05:47 AM
tamzid90 Soumya loves his boundaries... Today, 05:47 AM
al-Sagar soumya .... own hafeez Today, 05:48 AM
iDumb Tamim Iqbal is all over that... Today, 05:49 AM
adamnsu Another Animal Haque....NO... Today, 05:50 AM
roman Six runs from the first over. Today, 05:50 AM
mij Why SS can't leave any ball... Today, 05:51 AM
adamnsu What a take by the keeper,... Today, 05:51 AM
ammark Lucky ***, punk = Soumya. He... Today, 05:51 AM
al-Sagar gul welcomed with a four by... Today, 05:52 AM
al-Sagar wide diye diye tamim er... Today, 05:53 AM
adamnsu I think good move by Paks to... Today, 05:56 AM
BD_TigerZ Soumya is a treat on the eyes. Today, 05:59 AM
al-Sagar 4 more runs from soumya ... Today, 05:59 AM
cricbook As usal Sarkar start with a... Today, 06:02 AM
mij Today, 06:17 AM
adamnsu Cant bowl it short in the PP... Today, 06:18 AM
Jadukor Soumia reminds me of vvs Today, 06:02 AM
al-Sagar so soumya is setting the pace... Today, 06:03 AM
Eshen Is Hafeez getting too much... Today, 06:04 AM
BD_TigerZ Alok on TV..blistering avg of... Today, 06:06 AM
Roni_uk Maiden over... whats going... Today, 06:06 AM
Jadukor Quite a few dot balls. Dont... Today, 06:07 AM
Oni_cricket Finally Tamim ! Today, 06:08 AM
Zeeshan (Post Deleted) Today, 06:08 AM
al-Sagar tamim avoids two consec... Today, 06:09 AM
BD_TigerZ Take that! Cracking shot! Today, 06:09 AM
BDFan07 Loved the way Bangladesh is... Today, 06:11 AM
adamnsu Too many Chinese cuts by... Today, 06:12 AM
Jadukor Hafiz bowling very tight.... Today, 06:12 AM
Yasin. Wide. SS needs to stay. Today, 06:12 AM
roman Looks like Tamim is giving... Today, 06:12 AM
Yasin. And that is why Tamims... Today, 06:14 AM
mij commies one of the mic is off Today, 06:14 AM
adamnsu That was really a run out.... Today, 06:15 AM
iDumb LOL..hhaha .. the wrong mic... Today, 06:16 AM
BD_TigerZ Tamim struggling. Today, 06:15 AM
BANFAN What struggling ... Tamilm... Today, 06:19 AM
Roni_uk Gul to Tamim - Kire marli na... Today, 06:16 AM
Yasin. Hahahafeez. Today, 06:17 AM
BD_TigerZ Shoumo in his narbvas... Today, 06:17 AM
BDFan07 Solid hitting by Soummaya... Today, 06:17 AM
fuadomar Run rate of 4 in the... Today, 06:18 AM
Yasin. Are you serious? Solid start... Today, 06:22 AM
adamnsu Its great to see batsman... Today, 06:26 AM
fuadomar Right, wicket is the key.... Today, 06:28 AM
adamnsu I was referring to the time... Today, 06:29 AM
Roni_uk 44444444 Sarkar Today, 06:18 AM
BD_TigerZ What's up with the commentary? Today, 06:19 AM
adamnsu Take that 6 and party Today, 06:20 AM
BANFAN Missing Shamim ? Today, 06:21 AM
BD_TigerZ One word every 5 minutes..... Today, 06:21 AM
Yasin. Opening partnerships in this... Today, 06:19 AM
Zeeshan Sumon fatache Today, 06:20 AM
Mas_UK25 Soumya Sarkar Zindabad Today, 06:20 AM
mij All SS have to do is stay... Today, 06:20 AM
fuadomar Hafeez finishing his quota... Today, 06:20 AM
BANFAN Economy chokka mere Dise Today, 06:22 AM
BDFan07 There is no need to take... Today, 06:20 AM
Roni_uk what a SIXXXXXXX Today, 06:20 AM
roman SIX from SS. Nice way to end... Today, 06:21 AM
fuadomar Soumya is so good to... Today, 06:21 AM
Jadukor Anamul might have to wait... Today, 06:22 AM
roman He might get a call for the... Today, 06:23 AM
zman I believe we can reach 5-8... Today, 06:33 AM
al-Sagar soumya the aggressor today... Today, 06:22 AM
BANFAN He is the aggressor everyday,... Today, 06:38 AM
ahnaf SS playing good so far.. For... Today, 06:22 AM
BDFan07 It is surprising to see SS to... Today, 06:23 AM
Yasin. Tamim into the double... Today, 06:23 AM
BD_TigerZ Soumya makes anamul look... Today, 06:24 AM
BDFan07 When Anamul recovers from his... Today, 06:27 AM
BD_TigerZ Soumya is opener originaly... Today, 06:31 AM
BDFan07 That a shot by Tamim. Great... Today, 06:24 AM
Mas_UK25 Solid strong start without... Today, 06:25 AM
Yasin. 50 partnership up. Highest in... Today, 06:26 AM
Jadukor Soumia is a touch player. No... Today, 06:27 AM
adamnsu Also his intial footwork is... Today, 06:27 AM
Jadukor I suggest you watch him... Today, 06:30 AM
roman Yeah. That was a great knock.... Today, 06:35 AM
Wakidul Any1 be kind enough to share... Today, 06:27 AM
roman 50 up!!! Today, 06:28 AM
Yasin. Wahabs first over going for 6... Today, 06:29 AM
al-Sagar that's how to play .... six... Today, 06:30 AM
Yasin. Junaid on now. Today, 06:31 AM
tamzid90 Tamim lacking timing today.... Today, 06:31 AM
Roni_uk TI is set to make 100... Today, 06:32 AM
iDumb he usually does poorly when... Today, 06:33 AM
adamnsu Both openers want to charge... Today, 06:35 AM
adamnsu Pida Wahab re...De pedani... Today, 06:36 AM
zman When he's on song no bowler... Today, 06:37 AM
Oni_cricket Tamim needs to take more ... Today, 06:32 AM
adamnsu You cant bowl like that to... Today, 06:33 AM
Yasin. 4 more. TI 81 away. Today, 06:33 AM
BDFan07 Ss ruined Gul's bowling... Today, 06:33 AM
Wakidul link plz Today, 06:33 AM
Mas_UK25 http://cricmelive.tv/ptv-sport... Today, 06:44 AM
Mas_UK25 Soumya is our Ganguly Today, 06:34 AM
Rinan Why he has to be Ganguly? He... Today, 06:44 AM
Oni_cricket Take that wahab Today, 06:35 AM
Yasin. Another boundary for TI. 76... Today, 06:35 AM
BDFan07 40 out of 65 came from... Today, 06:36 AM
BDFan07 Tamim is catching up with SS. Today, 06:37 AM
adamnsu That was a poor shot... Today, 06:39 AM
Yasin. Quarter century for Tamim :P Today, 06:39 AM
Jadukor Wow Wahab Raiz cranked up hus... Today, 06:40 AM
ahnaf great shot SS Today, 06:40 AM
Yasin. Last 5 overs -- 35 runs. 4... Today, 06:40 AM
BDFan07 SS is on 42. Hope he makes... Today, 06:41 AM
adamnsu InshahAllah if he does score... Today, 06:43 AM
adamnsu Who is this old guy in the... Today, 06:44 AM
bodrul He looks like he is about to... Today, 06:46 AM
mac He is the owner of GTV and... Today, 06:47 AM
ahnaf Owner of Gazi Tv or chairman?... Today, 06:49 AM
adamnsu Thanks for sharing that info Today, 06:52 AM
BDFan07 I love this. Wouldn't it be... Today, 06:45 AM
adamnsu That would be an icing on the... Today, 06:46 AM
BD_TigerZ fixed Today, 06:43 AM
the_realist Soumya, Tamim, Mahmud, Mushy,... Today, 06:43 AM
Yasin. Unnecessary swing and... Today, 06:44 AM
tamzid90 Sarkar has this one of... Today, 06:44 AM
trixta2108 At this stage, Pakistan were... Today, 06:44 AM
mij SS need to make it count.... Today, 06:44 AM
bodrul SS = Mostly zero feet... Today, 06:45 AM
the_realist Can anyone explain me why on... Today, 06:46 AM
adamnsu They do that in international... Today, 06:48 AM
the_realist They show the people we... Today, 06:51 AM
adamnsu It makes everyone puke. Today, 06:53 AM
iDumb WHy are you a homophobe? ... Today, 06:55 AM
the_realist lol...I think you are... Today, 07:03 AM
Jadukor Pak literally threw in the... Today, 06:47 AM
Yasin. Way too many swing and misses... Today, 06:47 AM
Jadukor Soumia trying his best to get... Today, 06:47 AM
mij SS can't just leave any ball Today, 06:48 AM
Rinan What is SS doing? Today, 06:50 AM
mac Nervous forties! Today, 06:50 AM
Mas_UK25 Sarkar is living dangerously... Today, 06:50 AM
fuadomar Was the team for T20... Today, 06:51 AM
Jadukor Tamim needs to talk to SS asap Today, 06:51 AM
BANFAN Yes that would help Today, 07:03 AM
Mas_UK25 Sarkar is indeed quite naive,... Today, 06:51 AM
BANFAN Early days ... He needs to... Today, 06:55 AM
Yasin. TI 70 away. Today, 06:52 AM
Yasin. Sarkar -- 4 runs away from... Today, 06:54 AM
Jadukor Wahab bowling well now. Need... Today, 06:56 AM
DarkKnight Soumya toh ajke bhaloi khelche Today, 06:59 AM
roman When was the last time our... Today, 07:00 AM
BANFAN Has to be those Kaedge days Today, 07:01 AM
DarkKnight Zimbabwe series back in... Today, 07:02 AM
roman Thanks God that we got guys... Today, 07:06 AM
iDumb which brings me to the... Today, 07:11 AM
Tigers_eye WC drop in pitch and these... Today, 07:18 AM
BANFAN 10 from last 3 overs Today, 07:00 AM
cricbook Like to see Sarkar ton today... Today, 07:00 AM
adamnsu Prof Hafeez back to give a... Today, 07:02 AM
the_realist Love how are batsmen are... Today, 07:01 AM
tamzid90 Dropped Today, 07:04 AM
BDFan07 That's what happens when the... Today, 07:04 AM
zman guys what song is this... Today, 07:05 AM
DarkKnight Soumya has talent but he... Today, 07:05 AM
BANFAN Soumya is nervous before 50 Today, 07:05 AM
Yasin. 50* SS. Double it. Today, 07:06 AM
ahnaf 50 for SS. Good knock. Today, 07:06 AM
BANFAN Uff that's his 50 ... Now... Today, 07:06 AM
Yasin. Four more TI! 63 away. Today, 07:07 AM
trixta2108 I would like to congratulate... Today, 07:07 AM
adamnsu Tamim Reverse sweep for 4 ... Today, 07:08 AM
cricman I don't like our players... Today, 07:08 AM
Mas_UK25 for Soumya Sarkar Today, 07:08 AM
iDumb I had a question guys that's... Today, 07:09 AM
DarkKnight They are real Today, 07:09 AM
roman Haha..it's natural bro. Today, 07:10 AM
iDumb And I am in love. I have... Today, 07:12 AM
roman Me too. I am crazy about blue... Today, 07:16 AM
Mas_UK25 Must say Soumya has been... Today, 07:09 AM
Mas_UK25 Thats what is needed respect... Today, 07:11 AM
Tigers_eye The entire match we got 6... Today, 07:11 AM
ammark Dead ball? What the heck? On... Today, 07:12 AM
DarkKnight Old man is turning the ball,... Today, 07:12 AM
BANFAN 55 gone bellow 5 for first... Today, 07:13 AM
trixta2108 Dropped Today, 07:14 AM
adamnsu Abar dropped. Even though... Today, 07:15 AM
adamnsu That 6 sends out alot of words Today, 07:16 AM
iDumb Pakistan will not catch... Today, 07:14 AM
DarkKnight Gesilo Tamim gesilo Today, 07:14 AM
trixta2108 SIX!! Great shot Today, 07:15 AM
ammark amazing shot SS Today, 07:15 AM
DarkKnight What a SIX by Soumya! Biggest... Today, 07:15 AM
Yasin. SSSIX!! Today, 07:16 AM
trixta2108 Another SIX by Tamin! On FIRE Today, 07:16 AM
ammark from Tamim now! Today, 07:16 AM
DarkKnight Now Tamim hits a SIX! What a... Today, 07:16 AM
BANFAN Sensible from Soumya he's... Today, 07:17 AM
adamnsu 21.2 ... Today, 07:18 AM
adamnsu Allhamdullilah good 50 by... Today, 07:19 AM
Roni_uk TWO huge SIXESSSSSSS well... Today, 07:17 AM
the_realist Finally our batsmen showing... Today, 07:18 AM
trixta2108 We need centuries from both... Today, 07:18 AM
DarkKnight 50 for Tamim! He's in super... Today, 07:19 AM
Roni_uk Does anyone know the D/L... Today, 07:19 AM
iDumb at this rate i think game... Today, 07:20 AM
BANFAN Don't worry much with D/L... Today, 07:24 AM
trixta2108 And it's a FOUR. Tamim gets... Today, 07:19 AM
iDumb Is dressing room telling... Today, 07:19 AM
roman Tamim er 50..3rd consecutive... Today, 07:20 AM
Wakidul I love what the dressing room... Today, 07:20 AM
the_realist Loving to see Mashrafee... Today, 07:21 AM
trixta2108 Tamim and Sumaiya scores... Today, 07:21 AM
trixta2108 Thank you, thank you... Today, 08:20 AM
shuziburo Congratulations to both the... Today, 07:21 AM
Ishmumislam that wasn't a calm down it... Today, 07:22 AM
cricman I hope none of these two... Today, 07:22 AM
Roni_uk from a Pakistani fan in PP:... Today, 07:22 AM
WarWolf Looks like world beaters are... Today, 07:22 AM
Yasin. Pakistan reviewing. Today, 07:23 AM
zman We should start worrying... Today, 07:24 AM
Yasin. I know right! Should send... Today, 07:29 AM
zman If it takes us more than 40... Today, 07:29 AM
trixta2108 Wasted review. Today, 07:24 AM
trixta2108 Tamim vs SS. Race to 100 who... Today, 07:25 AM
Yasin. Tamim: 42 more. Sarkar: 41... Today, 07:26 AM
adamnsu That was a close call Today, 07:26 AM
DarkKnight SIX by Soumya! Today, 07:26 AM
trixta2108 SIX by Sarkar takes him to... Today, 07:27 AM
Roni_uk SS - BIG Six!!!! Today, 07:27 AM
the_realist I just cannot fathom why on... Today, 07:28 AM
trixta2108 Sarkar on 70! COME ON Today, 07:29 AM
DarkKnight That reverse sweep was so... Today, 07:30 AM
Yasin. Now SS reverse sweeps. 4.... Today, 07:30 AM
Eshen Soumya already got plenty of... Today, 07:30 AM
Yasin. He indeed did. No idea why he... Today, 07:31 AM
cricbook Like to see 100 each of... Today, 07:30 AM
ammark There's no stopping Soumya.... Today, 07:30 AM
Yasin. Bhaijaan relax! If he... Today, 07:32 AM
iDumb hahahah.. funniest comment in... Today, 07:33 AM
ammark Yes, for sure. But I mean, in... Today, 07:36 AM
Yasin. He indeed does. But also goes... Today, 07:37 AM
zunaid_bd I have never seen this... Today, 07:31 AM
roman Me neither. Haturi has... Today, 07:33 AM
iDumb These two are making a... Today, 07:32 AM
thebest why they play this... Today, 07:32 AM
zman If this batting partnership... Today, 07:33 AM
Roni_uk Babar Akbar Hoilo Jor Sharilo... Today, 07:33 AM
Yasin. 4 more for SS. 25 away. Today, 07:34 AM
trixta2108 Sarkar now only 25 runs... Today, 07:34 AM
ammark what a nice quick pull shot.... Today, 07:34 AM
the_realist Is Soumya married? If not, he... Today, 07:34 AM
naim519 Ameen to that Today, 07:35 AM
Donal C I know of an actress who... Today, 07:37 AM
ammark Yeah, Soumya will not be Happy Today, 07:38 AM
the_realist Oshob actress factress diye... Today, 07:56 AM
BanCricFan Soumya looking good! Tamim,... Today, 07:34 AM
Roni_uk too easy... 44444 Today, 07:34 AM
Yasin. Relax SS. Warming up for T20s... Today, 07:35 AM
iDumb sarkar should put value on... Today, 07:35 AM
roman Koto din punching bag chilam.... Today, 07:35 AM
trixta2108 OUT! Bangladesh referral Today, 07:35 AM
BANFAN Calm down SS "" going pretty... Today, 07:36 AM
DarkKnight I think Tamim is gone Today, 07:36 AM
Yasin. OUT! Tamim reviews. And... Today, 07:36 AM
trixta2108 Tamim GONE Sarkar still on... Today, 07:36 AM
Oni_cricket Well done tamim Today, 07:37 AM
iDumb damn no celebration from... Today, 07:37 AM
adamnsu Allhamdullilah hopefully Man... Today, 07:38 AM
Roni_uk So TI wasted two reviews... Today, 07:37 AM
ammark Oh no, not Riyad! What a dull... Today, 07:37 AM
BanCricFan Riyad needs a hit before the... Today, 07:39 AM
DarkKnight Okay now Riyad needs to show... Today, 07:37 AM
cricbook Bad luck tamim....but proud... Today, 07:37 AM
Jadukor This is a right time for Ryad... Today, 07:38 AM
zman Exactly...one or two more... Today, 07:41 AM
BANFAN Hahaha bhai far away... Today, 07:46 AM
zman We're playing two different... Today, 07:48 AM
the_realist Pakistan lost 8 in 47, you... Today, 07:52 AM
BANFAN Pakistan tail is always like... Today, 07:56 AM
trixta2108 Mahmudullah is the wrong... Today, 07:39 AM
iDumb I thoguth that was edged..... Today, 07:39 AM
Oni_cricket It should have been Mushfiq Today, 07:40 AM
cricbook Junaid suddenly finding the... Today, 07:41 AM
shuziburo Well played. Today, 07:41 AM
adamnsu Paks should have played... Today, 07:42 AM
BANFAN Well played Tamim ... Let... Today, 07:41 AM
mij m. ullah looks like out of... Today, 07:43 AM
Yasin. Tamim and Riyadh switched... Today, 07:43 AM
DarkKnight Tuk tuk shuru Today, 07:43 AM
ammark So frustrating to see Riyad!... Today, 07:43 AM
ammark Ok so I'm wrong, umpire is... Today, 07:45 AM
adamnsu Good decision in the end but... Today, 07:45 AM
zman Correct decision by umpire Today, 07:45 AM
Jadukor Was Ryad out? if it didnt hit... Today, 07:44 AM
BANFAN Does Mullah look a bit out of... Today, 07:44 AM
Yasin. I hope Rizwan gets fined. Today, 07:45 AM
Oni_cricket Pakistan creating some... Today, 07:45 AM
Jadukor Soumia wtf are you doing?... Today, 07:45 AM
mij Mullah looks like back to his... Today, 07:46 AM
adamnsu Oh no Mahmadullah to face... Today, 07:48 AM
roman He needs time to settle in Today, 07:48 AM
adamnsu No more kissies from... Today, 07:50 AM
Yasin. SS- 79. Stay calm. Today, 07:46 AM
MarufH Lol.. clearly we are freaking... Today, 07:48 AM
trixta2108 FREE HIT. Good opportunity... Today, 07:47 AM
BANFAN He set himself completely... Today, 07:50 AM
Jadukor Free hit for Ryad. This could... Today, 07:47 AM
DarkKnight Free hit. Mullah don't waste... Today, 07:48 AM
BanCricFan Chokka from chokka raj Mullah... Today, 07:48 AM
Roni_uk Wait a sec - did the Pak... Today, 07:48 AM
ammark Maane...bhalo kisu asha kora... Today, 07:49 AM
Yasin. 4 off the mark is MR. Cmon... Today, 07:48 AM
cricman Mahmudllah is going to mess... Today, 07:48 AM
ammark Thank you, Riyad! Today, 07:48 AM
Jadukor Awesome. Now this will ease... Today, 07:48 AM
trixta2108 Riyad out. Terrible choice to... Today, 07:49 AM
DarkKnight Boundary and a... Today, 07:49 AM
Yasin. Yep. Not surprising Riyadh.... Today, 07:50 AM
aklemalp I can take that 6 out of 7... Today, 07:51 AM
Yasin. Not if we play 6 out of 7... Today, 07:54 AM
Jadukor what line was he playing at!... Today, 07:50 AM
cricman Those WC Centuries were... Today, 07:50 AM
ammark :notwort... Today, 07:51 AM
adamnsu Saying that Mahmadullah did... Today, 07:52 AM
BANFAN Chere den bhai, he is allowed... Today, 07:52 AM
Maysun Today, 07:55 AM
Roni_uk Riyad gone again!!! WC's... Today, 07:50 AM
zman RRR 8 at this point Today, 08:02 AM
adamnsu These lofted shots a re bit... Today, 08:02 AM
zman Yes you got that right...19... Today, 08:39 AM
cricbook What can I say.....? Sabbir... Today, 07:50 AM
BanCricFan Mullah lost his keramoti, it... Today, 07:50 AM
the_realist Mahmudullah seems to be in... Today, 07:50 AM
Jadukor when did afridi hit two... Today, 07:52 AM
roman WC er por dom shesh? Today, 07:51 AM
mij Thats confirm that mullah... Today, 07:51 AM
iDumb THank God mahmudildo is... Today, 07:52 AM
Tigers_eye Yet they sacrifice the most.... Today, 07:56 AM
bodrul To Mahmudullah: This is what... Today, 07:52 AM
DarkKnight Bhai thamen. Ektu beshi hoye... Today, 07:53 AM
Habib Wow I can't even :O Today, 07:53 AM
BANFAN Bhalo bolsen Today, 07:54 AM
Jadukor bhai you should write a book... Today, 07:55 AM
zman LOL...what should it be... Today, 07:58 AM
adamnsu Sarkar mathay naamar agay... Today, 08:00 AM
imtiaz82 I think it was the right... Today, 07:52 AM
Roni_uk I hope we don't collapse like... Today, 07:53 AM
adamnsu Ok boys settle down now. We... Today, 07:54 AM
Yasin. Now that Mushy is here he... Today, 07:53 AM
Tigers_eye 96 runs needed. Today, 07:53 AM
Jadukor baki 100 par kortey koshto... Today, 07:53 AM
Eshen (Post Deleted) Today, 07:55 AM
bodrul Sanga Tendu koto century... Today, 07:55 AM
the_realist Derite biye koraile etai hoi!... Today, 07:59 AM
DarkKnight Bhai Mullah onek aage biye... Today, 08:00 AM
the_realist Aro age koruk, about 21. They... Today, 08:04 AM
taklima_naj mushy is better choice for... Today, 07:57 AM
DarkKnight Nice 44444 by Soumya! Today, 07:59 AM
Yasin. I love Mushy. And I will make... Today, 07:58 AM
Jadukor high risk shot for four from... Today, 07:58 AM
Yasin. 15 runs away.... Today, 07:59 AM
trixta2108 11 away.. Today, 08:00 AM
Yasin. 11 runs away. Come on SS. Today, 08:00 AM
Mas_UK25 Mullah's honeymoon is over?... Today, 08:01 AM
Eshen Nice, right now we have all... Today, 08:01 AM
Roni_uk SAUMYA Sarker is mad!!! Lucky... Today, 08:01 AM
DarkKnight Even Mushy is not looking... Today, 08:03 AM
zman babar is getting some... Today, 08:03 AM
adamnsu Paks got a 36 year old bowler... Today, 08:04 AM
Awla Hopefully Riad will come back... Today, 08:03 AM
Yasin. 10 away. Today, 08:05 AM
adamnsu Werent you doing the Tamim... Today, 08:06 AM
Yasin. I was! Well one of our... Today, 08:08 AM
adamnsu IshahAllah hope it happens... Today, 08:09 AM
zman bhai apnara ki tabloid er... Today, 08:06 AM
Jadukor no brain farts plz. Get the... Today, 08:10 AM
BANFAN We stopped farting Today, 08:12 AM
Mas_UK25 Barbar bowling well have to... Today, 08:06 AM
Yasin. 6 away. Today, 08:07 AM
ammark Mair. Today, 08:07 AM
adamnsu Wahab re urya de. PIDA PIDA... Today, 08:08 AM
Mas_UK25 Sarkar please just easily... Today, 08:08 AM
Roni_uk Bye Bye Anamul? Today, 08:09 AM
Mas_UK25 Healthy competition Today, 08:10 AM
DarkKnight Perhaps he could replace... Today, 08:10 AM
the_realist No, he will have his chances... Today, 08:11 AM
zman another good aspect of SS is... Today, 08:09 AM
the_realist One good thing about Soumya... Today, 08:10 AM
BANFAN This was funny on CI .. Who... Today, 08:11 AM
DarkKnight Who's this good looking lady... Today, 08:11 AM
ammark O ma... hothat koira Maria... Today, 08:12 AM
Jadukor the game is not over... ki... Today, 08:12 AM
adamnsu Mushfiq looks like a perfect... Today, 08:14 AM
adamnsu Asking rate below 4... Today, 08:15 AM
tamzid90 I would pick anamul ahead of... Today, 08:13 AM
ammark Nice one Mushy! Today, 08:13 AM
BD_TigerZ Hoping SS gets those 6 runs... Today, 08:14 AM
tamzid90 And given Dullah's incredible... Today, 08:14 AM
taklima_naj Because of his bowling he... Today, 08:20 AM
Rinan 5 needed for SS Today, 08:16 AM
BD_TigerZ Is Riyad officialy back? Today, 08:16 AM
adamnsu Azhar Ali bowling hmmmmm Today, 08:17 AM
Yasin. Careful SS. Part timer... Today, 08:18 AM
Zeeshan And Shamim is back... ... Today, 08:19 AM
Yasin. And he didn't! Alhumdulillah.... Today, 08:21 AM
adamnsu Kharap bowl kortese na Azhar Today, 08:19 AM
adamnsu Allhamduliilah well done a 100 Today, 08:22 AM
zman in case no one... Today, 08:19 AM
BD_TigerZ this post was posted... Today, 08:20 AM
Yasin. CENTURY! Today, 08:20 AM
iDumb 100 100 100 100 100 100... Today, 08:20 AM
Zeeshan The white hanky can be... Today, 08:20 AM
ammark What a pull for ... Today, 08:20 AM
kalpurush Congrats Tiger ... Today, 08:20 AM
zman Congrats to you also... Today, 08:21 AM
kalpurush That's very nice of you zman!... Today, 08:26 AM
DarkKnight YASSSS SOUMYA! ... Today, 08:20 AM
zman What a shot Today, 08:20 AM
the_realist Century in style! Now finish... Today, 08:20 AM
Roni_uk Well done Saumya!!! Brilliant Today, 08:20 AM
Mas_UK25 Soumya Sarkar you... Today, 08:21 AM
Oni_cricket Hits the Ton like a... Today, 08:21 AM
shaad Done in style! Today, 08:21 AM
roman SIX..what a way to get his... Today, 08:21 AM
cricbook Sarkar 100....u beauty. ..new... Today, 08:21 AM
BengaliPagol Six to bring up his century!! Today, 08:21 AM
BANFAN Ohh God what a way to... Today, 08:21 AM
Eshen Jak, Soumya got his century... Today, 08:22 AM
BD Tigers what a knock....Shabbash beta... Today, 08:22 AM
shuziburo What a way to get his first... Today, 08:22 AM
shuziburo Congrats, Sarkar. Today, 08:23 AM
Yasin. 2 balls to go and then power... Today, 08:23 AM
Shehwar What a class act! Congrats... Today, 08:24 AM
zman Pak needed 350 to make it... Today, 08:24 AM
iDumb GIven our line up that's... Today, 08:26 AM
Yasin. Starts PP with a 4! Today, 08:26 AM
BanCricFan Congrats Soumya!!! 100!!! Today, 08:26 AM
BANFAN mushy is in a hurry to get... Today, 08:27 AM
OZGOD The team is definitely riding... Today, 08:27 AM
CricketPagolChele Bhais and Bons, Can you share... Today, 08:29 AM
Zeeshan You guys! lol....j/k Today, 08:29 AM
adamnsu Sarkar the highest scorer in... Today, 08:32 AM
OZGOD Shame we didn't get to play... Today, 08:47 AM
BANFAN Prob India Today, 08:31 AM
shuziburo Delectable! Today, 08:28 AM
trixta2108 Soumya dropped! Pakistan... Today, 08:30 AM
Mas_UK25 Today, 08:30 AM
BengaliPagol Junaid drops another dolly Today, 08:30 AM
DarkKnight DROPPED. Junaid it is. Today, 08:30 AM
Nadim SS Ann's Liton should be in... Today, 08:30 AM
Eshen Three out of three matches,... Today, 08:30 AM
Roni_uk PAthetic!!!! dropped the... Today, 08:30 AM
kalpurush Noting if going in favour of... Today, 08:31 AM
the_realist Junaid! Today, 08:31 AM
biddut link to watch live pls!!! Today, 08:31 AM
BD_TigerZ Pkistan! Today, 08:31 AM
CricketPagolChele link please Today, 08:31 AM
zman you guys aren't getting... Today, 08:32 AM
BD_TigerZ Lol shamcha.. i feel sorry... Today, 08:33 AM
Yasin. 5th 6! SS! Today, 08:33 AM
Roni_uk 16 years and then the flood... Today, 08:33 AM
adamnsu Dropped catch again by Junaid Today, 08:34 AM
Yasin. Can we please get 35 in the... Today, 08:34 AM
BANFAN Can we finish by 40 ov? Today, 08:34 AM
iDumb if we don't we have lost like... Today, 08:36 AM
BANFAN Soumya is being kind with... Today, 08:42 AM
BD_TigerZ What a beauty! Today, 08:34 AM
adamnsu It will be great if Mushfiqur... Today, 08:36 AM
Zeeshan Can we win? Today, 08:35 AM
zman 34 required off 17...won't be... Today, 08:35 AM
Yasin. The T-20. Not sure, but... Today, 08:36 AM
Yasin. 4! 30 more. Today, 08:35 AM
Zeeshan shonamoni der aji din nido... Today, 08:36 AM
roman Can Mushy get his 50? Today, 08:36 AM
DarkKnight Soumya! WHat a player! Today, 08:36 AM
Oni_cricket Soumya Gone Mad Today, 08:36 AM
ammark Mair... ki je mair!... Today, 08:37 AM
Tigers_eye Sarkar is in a hurry to pick... Today, 08:37 AM
BD_TigerZ SS is left handed Sabbir Today, 08:37 AM
the_realist What a sound! Beautiful to... Today, 08:37 AM
Roni_uk 4 and 4 again!!! Today, 08:37 AM
Yasin. Yeh Mushy forget about your... Today, 08:38 AM
adamnsu Sarkar has just unleashed... Today, 08:40 AM
ahnaf SS ending gul international... Today, 08:38 AM
BengaliPagol OMG SOUMYA!!! Today, 08:38 AM
BANFAN Relax Sarkar let mushy... Today, 08:38 AM
Tigers_eye Like Sabbir did to Shakib ... Today, 08:40 AM
mufi_02 soumya leave some runs for... Today, 08:38 AM
BD_TigerZ Give it to Gul! What a... Today, 08:38 AM
roman Cool down Soumya. Let Mushy... Today, 08:38 AM
Zeeshan halay pura gayle Today, 08:38 AM
Nadim Lol re lol Moja pailam Today, 08:41 AM
Tigers_eye Absolutely no care for the... Today, 08:38 AM
zunaid_bd Omg what a striker of the... Today, 08:39 AM
Roni_uk Aajke MUshfik er kono chance... Today, 08:39 AM
Nadim SS the new selfish player?... Today, 08:40 AM
BD_TigerZ Miss Bijoy? Today, 08:41 AM
mufi_02 absolute DOMINANCE..I never... Today, 08:40 AM
Roni_uk Can we please have 3 more... Today, 08:40 AM
roman Mushy needs 14 more. Today, 08:41 AM
ammark Someone slap Shamim when he... Today, 08:41 AM
adamnsu I want Wahab to be spanked Today, 08:41 AM
zman getting exceedingly annoying? Today, 08:42 AM
Tigers_eye IPL audition going on here. Today, 08:41 AM
BANFAN No need IPL, this is way... Today, 08:43 AM
mac Ab ki bar, Soumya Sarkar! Today, 08:42 AM
trixta2108 14 off 9 balls required Today, 08:42 AM
fuadomar Highest score for Soumya in... Today, 08:43 AM
mac He has a double century in... Today, 08:44 AM
Zeeshan That doesn't count as OD... Today, 08:45 AM
Yasin. 11 to win. 11 overs left.... Today, 08:44 AM
mufi_02 11 off 11. cmon SS let mushy... Today, 08:44 AM
roman Ki din ailo. Agey dol er jita... Today, 08:44 AM
zman more like whether we can... Today, 08:45 AM
Nadim 3 consecutive one sided game.... Today, 08:45 AM
adamnsu It took Bangladesh 16 years... Today, 08:48 AM
BANFAN Need 11 from 6 balls Today, 08:45 AM
zman now 6 off 5 Today, 08:47 AM
mufi_02 no ball..shittt Today, 08:46 AM
trixta2108 4 from 4 required Today, 08:47 AM
iDumb Mushfique can get 50, bd can... Today, 08:47 AM
mufi_02 ki din ailo. NB and free hit... Today, 08:47 AM
Zeeshan first time match won on free... Today, 08:48 AM
ammark Bechara Mushy, deprived off a... Today, 08:48 AM
CricketPagolChele Alhamdulillah. Allah is Great... Today, 08:48 AM
shuziburo Banglawash! Today, 08:48 AM
trixta2108 AAAAANDD THATS IT! ... Today, 08:48 AM
zman $hit...wish he would've taken... Today, 08:48 AM
Roni_uk Banglawash it is Today, 08:48 AM
OZGOD Gratz on the whitewash! Today, 08:48 AM
ahnaf Done Banglawash... Nicely... Today, 08:48 AM
the_realist Done! Congrats to our team! ... Today, 08:49 AM
Nadim Mushy 49 notout. Pakistan... Today, 08:49 AM
BANFAN Dhurr Mushy missed his 50 ... Today, 08:49 AM
BD_TigerZ Banglawash it is!! ... Today, 08:49 AM
Zeeshan mushy 49 It's all... Today, 08:49 AM
mij BANGLA WASH LOL Today, 08:50 AM
roman 40 overs o khello na. Sih! ... Today, 08:50 AM
Yasin. Won it before the 40 overs ! Today, 08:50 AM
WarWolf I am so proud of you guys. Today, 08:50 AM
CricketPagolChele (Post Deleted) Today, 08:50 AM
BD_TigerZ Get on Pakpassion! Today, 08:51 AM
nsd3 Where is Hathurasinghe in the... Today, 08:52 AM
mij I am sorry don't wanted to... Today, 09:20 AM
shirsho2009 Hatura was there in the... Today, 09:34 AM
BanCricFan BANGLAWASH!!! Today, 08:52 AM
CricketPagolChele Insha'Allah we will win the... Today, 08:52 AM
cricbook Banglawash tumi beauty. ... Today, 08:53 AM
RazabQ Halum halum! Banglawash baby!! Today, 08:54 AM
taklima_naj Ah shod I khushi Khushi rob... Today, 08:54 AM
Oni_cricket Probably our cleanest... Today, 08:56 AM
Nocturnal Fantastic feeling! Today, 08:56 AM
BD Tigers what a feeling...BANGLA... Today, 08:58 AM
BengaliPagol Amra pakistan ke onik bhalo... Today, 08:59 AM
CricketPagolChele EMony wash korchi je agami... Today, 09:02 AM
ammark Very gracious start to Azhar... Today, 08:59 AM
roman Shakib Shabbir Nasir ra to... Today, 08:59 AM
BD_TigerZ Did nasir even face a ball... Today, 09:03 AM
Zeeshan "choncholota" bhaab?... Today, 09:06 AM
BD_TigerZ LOOL Shamcha.. Today, 09:06 AM
tamzid90 I don't hae a PP account what... Today, 09:06 AM
BD_TigerZ Soo..wheres the trophy.. Today, 09:09 AM
Zeeshan omma trophy dilo na? LOL Epic... Today, 09:10 AM
mij I feel good. Today, 09:10 AM
the_realist Soumya aaj moja dise! Genuine... Today, 09:11 AM
Mas_UK25 Great well done lads... Today, 09:13 AM
BengaliPagol BanglaWash happened and now... Today, 09:13 AM
Habib Enjoy the pakistanis'... Today, 09:15 AM
mij They show at T20. Today, 09:18 AM
BanCricFan My Man of the series: Sabbir... Today, 09:21 AM
horizon And Pakistan ensured that he... Today, 09:23 AM
taklima_naj Hope he takes that chance in... Today, 09:31 AM
icricket haha good one. Today, 09:39 AM
DaFan #Banglawash ... Today, 09:22 AM
Mas_UK25 Havent seen the trophy... Today, 09:25 AM
NoName Finally got to see a batting... Today, 09:25 AM
mij I know it, all he has to do... Today, 09:28 AM
Awla Why didn't they get the... Today, 09:29 AM
Mas_UK25 ... Today, 09:29 AM
mij http://www.crichd.tv/ptv-sport... Today, 09:36 AM
adamnsu Wow. Wish I could have seen... Today, 09:39 AM
mij You can still watch live here... Today, 09:49 AM
tamzid90 I am gonna go watch PTV... Today, 09:30 AM
Mas_UK25 they are portraying things so... Today, 09:39 AM
icricket Alhamdulillah! What a... Today, 09:34 AM
Shehwar What a series! Take a bow... Today, 09:37 AM
NoName Has the invasion of PP... Today, 09:56 AM
epitaph I missed out on the first two... Today, 10:17 AM
cricbook Now ptv sports need... Today, 10:19 AM
epitaph I forgot to congratulate... Today, 10:22 AM
prtikul Congrats guys, Beating... Today, 10:40 AM
aklemalp Very good observation... Today, 10:45 AM
CricketPagolChele syedmahm Very happy with the outcome... Today, 11:09 AM
MHRAM ^its about momentum When... Today, 11:39 AM
MohammedShamim They have been destroyed.... Today, 11:53 AM
al-Sagar we have done it .. .... ...... Today, 01:27 PM
Purbasha T Signed Had to be some... Today, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by zman
If this batting partnership is compared to music, this is what music would sound like if Mozart and Beethoven composed together.
Post of the thread.
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Originally Posted by prtikul
Congrats guys, Beating Pakistan in LOIs is pretty big deal.

I don't think we ever managed to win all games in a series against them. Probably 4-1 in 2006 was our best result. We almost lost 3 games against them in India in last series.

I don't know why BCCI sends B team to Bangladesh. Your team is formidable in LOIs in home condition. Similar result will happen if there is complacency even if we playing with our main team let alone B team.
Very good observation. But I never saw Pakistan team this weak before. I feel if they can't bring some new players, then India-Pakistan series in December might turn out to be the same. However, in December ball moves a bit more and there's a dew factor - so toss might even out matches. Last summer, Sri lanka was blanked out 5-0 at home anyway (and count one more if you see the loss to India A).

India team plays too much of cricket, so resting players is a correct practice. But once their B team gets a whitewash, they'll change priorities. I hope that happens sooner. In 2015, India has Bangladesh in June, Zimbabwe in July, Sri lanka in August, South Africa in Sept-Oct and Pakistan in December. There's a possibility of WI coming to India again in between somewhere. So, that's a lot of matches. Losing a few won't matter, but keeping players out of injury is more important.
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