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Old February 24, 2016, 02:53 PM
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Default Bangladesh vs India Asia Cup Post Match Rant.

Last night/today(depending on where you are) was the most toothless and pathetic display of cricket in any format of the game from The Tigers. I can't remember the last time we were this poor, and it is so embarrassing that I almost feel giving coach Hathurisinga and team management a vote of NO confidence. Their approval ratings should be at an all time low after that travesty of a game.

There are things we should talk about, things we know to be true which are holding us back.

Mash is the elephant in the room. He continues to bowl his full quota which hurts the team. And in this very short format, are we that desperate for his captaincy that we need to give him a spot. He is the weak link in pace, and if he has not groomed someone by now to replace him, maybe he was not all that a good leader to begin with. I respect the hell out of Mash, to me he is one of the top 100 Bengalis of all time. But at this point of time, we have numerous better pace options. And I think Mash can be a great mentor to them, but from a management perspective, not by being in the middle of the pitch by taking up a valuable spot in the team. The occaisional breakthroughs he still provides can be replicated by his pace replacement, you cannot use that as an argument to justify his selection. You need to look at the bigger picture.
And if he MUST stay in the team, can he at least now bowl his full quota, the opposition targets him like a wolf does a sheep, and this is abundantly clear for all to see.

Mash aside, why is the selection so poor in general? Mithun? Shuvogota Hom? When I hear these names, I say to myself, "ok, there must be some sort of reason why the selectors have picked them DESPITE there being newer talent or more experienced names, whichever way you look at it. And yet, the incompetent selectors just go halfway and choose fringe names who are not new either, so it makes no sense. It is so frustrating, and it makes me wonder with the unbelievable levels of corruption in Bangladesh, are one or two spots reserved in the national squad for "Pay to Play" scenarios. Where the selectors take bribe under the table, and throw obscure irrelevant names into the hat with a wink wink?

Corruption aside, what is with all this experimentation crap? Is Mash on course to become a scientist with so much experimentation, finishing his Zimbabwe project in this Asia Cup? We all unanimously agree in this forum, that new blood when being brought into the team needs to be given a run. Just as we did with Litton, we were extremely fair to him. So now, why has this been reversed, and why wasn't Nurul Hasan and AH Rony included in the team? Nurul Hassan is the best keeper in the country, and it makes up the fielding department as well. And for those of you who continue to treat fielding as the third wheel to bating and bowling, I have no words for you. Just bewilderment. Fielding is what separates winning sides from losing sides, and it was proven yet today,a perfect display of fielding can build momentum and bundle out the opposition for less than 120. Plus, we had not see what Nurul was capable of what with the bat, from the little we did see, he was quite good! Same sentiments with Rony, but from the bowling perspective. He showed promise to be a mainstay, and yet the selection team yanks him. Gross!

Nas should absolutely be in the team, he provides a lot of balance now, along with Shakib. His bowling had become very good, good enough to bowl with Shakib, and he was always a reliable batsman. A bit patchy on form,yes, but is it any worse than the Mithuns and Homs of this world? Plus, Nas is a brilliant fielder. We need his fielding abilities, along with Soumya's and Shabbir's which make us a good fielding side. Great fielders are hard to come by. Having three in one team is a joy. And I'm not talking about just good fielders. Virat Kohli is a good fielder. Raina and Jadeja are great fielders. Soumya, Shabbir and Nasir are great fielders. There are levels to this.

This wasn't a good Indian side. Far from it. I see some of you raving about Hardik. Hardik isn't jack. Softdik is more like it. Does the same swinging motion with the bat every time, and our bowlers make him look like superman. They got confused on too good of a pitch today. Bouncy pitches makes them forget that there is such a thing called a yorker. Mash should have done something, but he just let poor Taskin's nerves go crazy as he was taken apart. On a side note, Hardik is quick though, quick sprints, I think he belongs in the Indian team into the grander scheme of things. But he is NOT a good batsman.

Above everything else, it's the failure of the more experienced guys in the team that got to me. Mahmadullah, Musfiqur, Shakib ALL let us down with the bat. Hell, dare I say they didn't even try. If I remember correctly , they were playing defensive strokes in the 15th over.

Honestly,I know there is such a thing as a submitting a squad from which the starting XI should be chosen. But if this rule was scrapped, I would bench everyone from today for the next game except Shabbir, Soumya, Al Amin, Taskin and M'Fizur. End rant.
The end of Rahim will mark a new great beginning for the complacency free Bangladesh!
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