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Old April 6, 2017, 12:35 AM
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Default Win this for our best captain, how Mash has inspired me

I have been a member of this forum for a long time, I do get emotional at times, but most of the times it is of sheer frustration of seeing the same mistake happening over and over again. There is an interview from Kohli I remember vividly, he spoke about how he remembers every innings he scores runs in, what he did during the innings so that he can implement those things every innings. That's why he keeps scoring runs because he is just replaying the images, rituals, energy, the shot selection, everything from the inning he scored runs in to the next one he plays. For a long time, I have looked for inspiration within Bangladesh to match the world class players there are out there, the first moment I saw Mash in steaming in to break the off stumps of Grant Flower I was a fan. Lots of people now make fun of his speed, but everyone forgets what a beast he used to be, how he used to lead our pace attack almost single handedly. He doesn't have the frightening pace he used to but look at his ODI ranking, at his final hour he will retire with his head held so high that I have no doubts that he will be the first legend of Bangladeshi cricket. The first true legend, nothing can take that away from him.

If I speak about Mashrafe in lengths then I cannot finish what I want to write. He has inspired me so much that it has affected my life which is not even related to cricket. Everytime I want to give up because things are not happening the way I want to, everytime I want to give up on my country because there are men and women who sabotage the faith of others, everytime I just cannot physically go the miles I think of Mashrafe. Whenever I feel low I see his celebration against England after each wicket one last time, I feel energized again, how he never gives up and keeps fighting no matter what. The fact that he runs in to bowl each delivery is a great source of inspiration for me to just live and do what I want, his fighting spirit is what really attracts me and in my eyes he is the first real tiger from Bangladesh . But even more importantly, I am left wondering and admiring the way he is behind every player in the team. The way he stood behind Taskin and Sunny, the way he stood behind Mahmudullah when the storm came, the way he took care of Tamim when he was out of form, the way he refused to stop believing in Mushfique, the way he backed Soumya to be the first 10,000 runs from Bangladesh, the way he supported Mustafizur when he first came in gave him first over of the match, I could go on and on but when are we ever going to see this again? Can you think of one player in the team that Mashrafe hasn't stood up for? This is the first and foremost thing we need to look at our new leader, keep up the way Mashrafe lead our side. I really can't think of anyone from the current Bangladeshi squad who will back his players no matter what, who will wither the storm himself but not let even a peck of dust affect the others. Whenever I thought of Mash, he filled me with pride because we didn't have the luxury of a leader like him in the past and I am not sure when we will have a leader like him in the future.

Therefore, I come to my last point, yes it is still not the end. But his retirement from T20 is another reminder to me and to the whole nation that time is limited. I need to learn more from this man, I need him to be there even if he is not there in the team. His presence in the team would have been an inspiration on it's own, and while we could debate about his T20 career and what it could have been, I think Bangladesh will miss Mashrafe now and more so in the future. Our time with this guy is limited, we need to make most of it. We have a chance tonight to give him the farewell he deserves. I ask the players to stand up for the man that once stood up for you. I ask for you to fight the way he fought for you, the way he stood in the line of fire but didn't let you get affected, I ask you to show us what he meant to you.

Last not but least, I ask you to win this match for our captain Mashrafe. Give him the farewell he doesn't want but he deserves.

ps: Hope the players read this again, I think they read it the last time
Taskin Ahmed Tazim : 143 KPH - 18 years - Against Aussies - 1st April, 2014
148 KPH - 20 years - Against Pak At Dhaka - 2nd March 2016
150 KPH - Coming Soon.. Will be the first Bangladeshi

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Old April 6, 2017, 01:05 AM
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Nicely written. Agreed 100% with the sentiments about Mash.

However, I do hope that our cricketers will be simply professional about this match rather than emotional. The reason is that being emotional would hardly help in a competitive cricket game against a side that has beaten Australia and South Africa in their own den. We need calm heads and correct execution of our game-plan at key junctures of the game. I would want our cricketers to forget Mash's retirement for the time being and focus on a strategy while they bat. We are struggling with the pacing of our innings and in determining which gear to go at. Therefore targets should be set for the 5th, 10th, 15th and 20 over mark to make the decision making process easier. We should look to save wickets for the final 8-10 overs and the top 3 should look to capitalize the first 6. Considering how well Sri Lanka is playing, we need a total of 180+ to be competitive. 180 should be our target and anything above considered as bonus.
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Old April 6, 2017, 09:56 AM
Roy_1 Roy_1 is offline
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Beautifully written Tanvir daa, this is post of the month for me. He may not be considered an ATG from a purely stat based perspective but he is way more than that, his contribution to BD cricket on and off the field cannot be measured by mere numbers, a true legend..respect.
"I live as I choose or I will not live at all." -- R.I.P Dolores
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Old April 6, 2017, 01:25 PM
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BDFlag Mash, A Living Legend

Nicely written.

Well, the team kept their promise and gave a farewell that Mash deserves from T20. I remember when he first debuted. It was like finally we got a tall fast bowler who can bowl at 140+ kph. It's a shame that injuries took half the strength out of this man. But that didn't stop him from coming back. It's perhaps the multiple injuries that made him stronger, a leader and a living legend of Bangladesh. He not only stood by his fellow teammates on many occasions but also set an examples of both humility and Humanitarianism.

Least I can say on behalf of him, "I am Mash, I am Bangladesh".

Photo taken right after the 2nd T20 victory (Mash's Last T20i Victory Celebration):

Source: Cricinfo
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Old April 6, 2017, 01:50 PM
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There were times I was harsh on Mashrafe especially after a t20 match against the same opposition where he saved overs of sunny and Shakib.

Mashrafe wasn't a great captain. But he was a true leader. Sorry but I don't think I have heard of any captain in the world as praised by his peers as Mashrafe for leadership alone.

What I saw today in the field were possessed players. We were saving boundaries at will. Bowlers bowled good lines batsmen tried their best .

All that for Mash. I hope Mashrafe's lessons won't be forgotten. The next captain will need to continue the good work Mashrafe has started.

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Old April 6, 2017, 02:34 PM
oronnya oronnya is offline
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There will be only one Mash in the cricket world !! He is a legend !!! Love you Mash and more importantly respect you ..
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Old April 6, 2017, 03:00 PM
adamnsu adamnsu is offline
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Allhamdullilah the team did it! Befitting send off to great cricket player, great person and a great Bangladeshi
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Old April 6, 2017, 08:10 PM
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tanvir_nus tanvir_nus is offline
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Did the players read it? haha...I think my messages are passed on guys! It maybe my superstition but I wrote a similiar piece on the test match and the last day


I watched the whole of the last frustrating session where Mushy lost the plot as usual. I have been saying this for thr past 3 years now, we won't go anywhere till he is the captain. We won't realize our true potential, it is a blessing he is not the ODI or T20 captain, we would be losing to everyone and not even be in the top 10.

We can't forget even if we win this test match what Mushys captaincy is doing to us. Anyways, we still have this match in our hands provided we:

- Restrict SL to under 170 runs. Bring Shakib and Mustafizur and attack from ball 1. They are your best chance and also there are 2 right handers at the crease. Get the two wickets fast. Let Shakib bowl non stop, replace Shakib with Taijul after 10 overs.
- Mix aggression with caution. Punish the bad balls and rotate strike. A target of 170 odd runs is very much gettable on a pitch that is very very good for batting.
- Push Mushy up the order, bring some more grit and determination to the middle order.
- Let Shabbir bat at 6, if it does come down to him I feel he can take us home.
- if you lose quick wickets always look to build a partnership first. Don't play unnecessary shots or take risks. Play the line of the ball.
- Keep calm, the team that holds their nerves and does not get too emotional or too excited is going to win this match. It wil just be a battle of nerves. Keep your nerves as cold as you can, zone out.
- Rotate strike, frustrate Lankans, don't give them a sniff. They will feel the pressure and you can make use of it, get a ball outside your stumps like short and wide make sure you punish it to boundaries.

Even if they score 200 we should have the mindset to chase it down, just can't give up. Just have to be positive and methodical, be clinical and keep a nerve of steel. We should have our 100th test victory tomorrow if we just keep calm and slowly build.towards the target.

Again guys, keep your calm and don't give up till the fat lady sings. You have got this, we can't and won't lose this. Whatever the target is, even if it is 200+ prepare mentally to chase it down. Believe in yourself and your teammates.

Ps: hoping secretly the playes read my message.
I remember watching the match and seeing Shakib and Mustafizur open the bowling and later Mosaddek said that the seniors kept saying we will chase 200 or anything they give us because the pitch is good, all part of my message. Today too, I felt that each player gave it their all and saved atleast 30 runs in the field, played with serious intent and really wanted to win it for Mash.

For this reason alone, I congratulate the Bangladeshi team. We are truly coming of age. Keeping up the superstition, I want to write something on the champions trophy soon as well. What do you guys think?
Taskin Ahmed Tazim : 143 KPH - 18 years - Against Aussies - 1st April, 2014
148 KPH - 20 years - Against Pak At Dhaka - 2nd March 2016
150 KPH - Coming Soon.. Will be the first Bangladeshi
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Old April 6, 2017, 09:23 PM
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good write up.

Mash is larger than life. It reminds me of this incident. Hugging a stranger like that. He gets so much love and deserves every single of it.

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Old April 6, 2017, 09:51 PM
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He has inspired a whole nation what we're truly capable of in the game
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