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Old June 25, 2005, 11:43 AM
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I woke up thinking BD was at 100 something for 2 or 3 and i was happy thinking we would get around 200, 250. I come back from a festival near our house and the match was over. A very sad way to lose a match.
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Old June 25, 2005, 12:03 PM
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Good post Sham.

From the dressing room, our professisonals just did not understand how well Ash and Nafees were batting.

Nafees surprised me, I thought he is not good enough after watching the last match. He was beaten quite a few times out side off stamp. From BBC commentry, it seems he did well today. Hope he will continue this form.
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Old June 25, 2005, 12:10 PM
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we need to stop playing across the line (omar, aftab, mashud and whoever).

But i do actually think that, its not case of not playing spin bowling very well, but adjusting to the variation of speeds especially by symonds of which caused the downfall of shariar.
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Old June 25, 2005, 12:12 PM
cricfanz cricfanz is offline
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yea, shahriar played quite well today. the tricky thing would be doing this consistently, ya?
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Old June 25, 2005, 12:50 PM
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There was nothing but a complete desertion of leadership. Even a old dog can be taught new tricks or follow directions let alone young Bangladeshi batsmen. Who told them to go after risky shots? It seemed only Ash knew the gravity of the situation and was disciplined enough to tone done his natural batting style. Unfortunately he got beaten by good delivery. If the remaining batsmen (after the fall of third wicket) just faced 15 balls on the average we would have been on target. I wonder if there were any communication between the leadership and the members of the team. It is a shame. Bangladesh does not deserve to be on the same ground as the English and Australian team.
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Old June 25, 2005, 12:57 PM
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WHAT IS THIS??!!! what the HECK is this? 113/3 to 139/10??? they didn't play with a siongle BIT of responsibility. This is disgusting. Extremely disappointing.
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Old June 25, 2005, 01:19 PM
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Originally posted by Sham
They just got complacent. A couple of good batting performances and a good start today and they thought they could get away with doing anything.
Agree with you 500% on that!

Apart from Ashraful.... everyone else looked like playing in a mood that.. "well.. we have beaten aussies once alerady... so we got everything in this tour... what more do we need? lets just play out these remaining matches and fly home!!"

BTW... I felt this mood from the whole team (apart from Ash) in the last game against England too... but it was not felt coz the score reached past 200 due to Ash's knock!
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Old June 25, 2005, 03:22 PM
Sham Sham is offline
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Andrew likhechilo na after the win against the Aussies, je ei series e arekta run na korle othoba arekta wicket na nileo Bangladesh has done better than expected? I think they read that article and took it to heart!
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Old June 25, 2005, 04:24 PM
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I felt sick after that period of self-destruction. We were in a solid position, yet batsmen after batsmen took it upon themselves to squander that momentum and give the match away. Winning or losing is not a matter here, as Bashar will repeatedly tell you, but applying themselves according to the situation and fighting to the end is what he will tell you. But in reality, we still don't know how to build an innings. Soon as a wkt falls you can expect two or three to go right away. No wonder, it seems, all our opposition in each game had a chance for a hattrick. We are good enough for one good partnership in each game, whereas, you need at least two good or a few decent partnerships in the course of 50 overs to post a meaningful target. Whatever happened to our vaunted tail. They all look like bunnies. Mashud, Rafiq, masri..all collectively are having their worst batting period. What about Rana? Some experts want him to bat at no.3 because he won't give his wkt away. What was the need for that shot when we still had 15 overs left? this was the perfect situation for him. I like the look of Shariar Nafees. He looks like a good prospect. He is very strong off his legs. Anything straying on the middle or leg are dispatched over the top with ease. He needs to tidy up his game outside the off but many great lefties has the same problem. Anyway, I can talk about so many other things about this game but stilll smarting over the slide. We had 240+ there for taking, even if we played safe for another ten overs! Not to be. Parttimers are killing us every game. Our bowling..well lets not talk about it anymore. Anyone notice Rafiq's inability to even tidy up runs these days? let alone take wkts, something he can't do anymore...
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Old June 25, 2005, 04:37 PM
shovon13 shovon13 is offline
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SERIOUSLY!! our run rate was over 4.5 after 25 overs. thats really good for any team in the world, especially when they're playing australia. in the 23rd over our score was 113/2. at the time i was jumping in front of the tv praising how our batsmen have become so matured in so little time. feel like such a dumba$$ now. they could've easily taken it easy until the 40th over...but no! for some reason they felt pressured (!) and played shots that weren't there. and whats up with the cross batting?

sorry for the rant...i'm just out of sorts right now.
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Old June 25, 2005, 06:27 PM
Piranha's Avatar
Piranha Piranha is offline
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The rest of the batsmen should realize that they are not Ashraful. Despite his antics, Ashraful can often be forgiven for his excesses, other batsmen cannot.
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Old June 25, 2005, 06:30 PM
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ReckmyBack ReckmyBack is offline
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100 korar porey bashai aro mishti niya jao ... Man that's their job to play the cricket . Not only that , play the good cricket for the nation and the people .
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Old June 25, 2005, 10:13 PM
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Well, another chapter in the great book of BD Collapse...

Okay.... there has to a collapse of some sort while Bangladesh is batting, and we all know that, atleast until the trend changes. But it seemed as if once the collapse really triggered after Abir's out, the guys felt "oh well, we beat australia once already, why bother working hard now, since we'll lose anyways..."

It was not a hard thing to do to push and nudge for those singles and doubles once abir and ashraful saw off the quickies and were well set in the middle. The batsmen made it hard for themselves.
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Old June 25, 2005, 10:19 PM
Tintin Tintin is offline
BC Editorial Team
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Quoting someone from another forum :

I'd agree with Mark Waugh's assessment who said that the Bangladesh batsmen had probably put all their pre-match preparation into how they were going to see off Brett Lee and the other pace bowlers, that when they did that successfully they mentally relaxed against the spinners.
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Old June 26, 2005, 01:22 AM
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Shahriar Nafees looked good today because it was a typical resemblance of Dhaka pitch with the only addition of a little bounce with the new ball.
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Old June 26, 2005, 02:01 AM
wasim_admirer wasim_admirer is offline
Street Cricketer
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Well Symonds is a very ordinary bowler but he is the strongest player in the team. He is a rugby player in fact he made into one of 1st division Rugby clubs and trained with them before Cricket Australia included him as one of their contracted players.

Let's get this correct here. Symonds and Hogg are not even genuine spinners in Australia. They used to be part time bowlers at best. Lee, Mcgrath and Gillespie are the front line bowlers. Warne and Mcgill are they 2 specialist spinners.

Symonds can bowl off spin and medium fast and depending on the pitch he does whatever he wishes. When he bowls medium pace he is as quick as Mashrafe with a lot less run up because he is strong. I have seen him bowl 130 km/h against Afridi in WACA ground, Perth ( it's the mpst quick and bouncy pitch in Australia) and Afridi smashed him for the longest and biggest 6 the ground has ever witnessed.

Anyway there are many who got into the Australian Test side recently and they are Nathan Hauritz and Cameron White.

Hogg came into the scene after the retirement of Warne from ODI because Macgill is shocking with the bat but Hogg can always contribute with the bat with a useful 20 or 30 because he can knock and push the ball around which should be the role of Rafiq as well when he bats unless we are chasing a total.

Anyway my point is we played miserably and lost almost all the wickets against Symonds and Hogg and those who haven;t seen them bowl against BD because they were sleeping thought there are not ordinary bowlers.

ODI stats for spinners can be very misleading. If someone is good enough to play as a bowler alone then we will know if they play for the test side.

I have been watching free coverage in Australia when 2 teams tour Australia every year but never have I seen Hogg being included in the test side in Australia or in India.

We played really poorly and the problem is the way we played yesterday could invite some unnecessary criticims of the BD cricket team which we can ill afford at this stage.

Nafees looked like the best player of spin, he has never seen or faced symonds in the middle and had mistaken him as a spinner and symonds bowled a faster one with a similar action when he bowls medium pace beat Nafees for pace because Nafees was planning to sweep him.

Ashraful is too little and his pushes can be catches whereas any other medium sized batsman would have taken singles to mid off and mid on. He took many risky singles yesterday and also was out in a no ball. Otherwise we could have just scored 100.

From 113 for 2 to 139 all out is indeed something to be looked seriously and i would have understood if Lee was the destroyer in chief but no it was some part time bowler like symonds who did the damage.

Most of the batsman specially the way Mashud and Rafiquq got out speaks volumes about their cricketing brain.

No one got out because they wanted to hit the spinners out of the ground and were holed out in the deep. All got out because they were simply clueless.

Anyway it was a contant reminder that we should never jump to conclusion about players like Rafique, Mashrafe and Pilot because they have have been playing ODIs for long time.

I can;t blame aftab not because he went to Chittagong Government High School and left the school in the same year as I did but because he hasn;t got enough 1st class experiece under his belt and he is good against fast bowlers but against slow bowlers. He loves to attack fast bowlers but goes into his shelves against the spinners which is not a good sign. As a bangladeshi batsman they should play well against spinners as Atahar Ali was saying yesterday ... and I quote "BD batsmen don't get to face any real quick bowler but (mind you) ..... they ( BD players) come across some classy spinners back home) in the domestic cricket league." He was saying that because Nafees looked very comfortable facing the spinners.

Nafis Iqbal has a battle in his hands if he is to get back into the playing XI as an opener.

Tushar;s talent as a middle order has been wasted as he is always put under pressure in no. 3 spot. It's Bashar or Aftab who needs to face Lee at. no 3. not Tushar.

As we have seen from the last few games Tushar is not getting enough lives to show us that he is a very good batsman. He is always exposed to the new ball due to the fall of an eanrly wicket and he hardly got any chance to face the spinners in the last 2 games.

It was his failure to score runs that prompted some of Rana supporters to bring in Rana instead of Tushar.

We saw how good Rana is. Even a no. 10 batsman these days are expected to make some contact but he missed to get bat on ball though it was a simple straight ball bowled at 100 km/h or at a lesser pace.

Tushar just struggles against the new ball's bounce. If he it's pitched up to him, he can always get runs.

Edited on, June 26, 2005, 7:02 AM GMT, by wasim_admirer.
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Old June 26, 2005, 02:22 AM
Niceman70 Niceman70 is offline
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why were they so much in rush? pai khana lagselo naki? sala odbhog guli.
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Old June 26, 2005, 02:25 AM
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Actually, Aftab's out was the most disappointing. This is the boy who came down the wicket and spanked Bhajji who is a much more intimidating spinner than Symonds. I think our batsmen had been getting so much pace all summer long that they lost their head when the ball was finally not being rammed down their throats.

A word on Shariar Nafis, that boy has got the southpaw's bread and butter shot down pat - the little tuck off the hips. As long as he has that in a right-hander's world, he will score runs (right handers are so used to bowling at the offstump that they can't help but drift down mid/leg). I like the idea of Nafis Iqbal and Shahriar Nafees opening in the future
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Old June 26, 2005, 02:46 AM
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dont feel too bad guys on the total, England was 159/9 against this australia team just 2 days ago. i felt bad the way bd batsmen gave away their wickets despite being 113/2. pity! and also outraged to see bashar sending msg to Ashraful to stop playing crazy shots. If Ash just played how he started, the aussie bowlers would have conceded more runs
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Old June 26, 2005, 03:21 AM
wasim_admirer wasim_admirer is offline
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I thought having seen Aftab play the way he did in test matches and the one dayers that followed, our team management is simply behaving like ignorants in not making the full use of his proven abilities against the quality pace bowling of England and Australia.

While his presence in the late order was comforting, it is indeed saddening to see him lose his wicket because by the time he is sent to bat pace bowlers are out of the attack.

Another big disappointment for me is the way the team is exposing Tushar so early to protect Bashar who at the end is finding it difficult to score at a fast rate we are used to seeing him.

Both England and Australia have 3 pace bowlers at least and they potentially bowling 30 overs in match.

With collingwood being no spinner, we only have to tolerate 10 overs of slow bowling and 10 overs of medium pace at best.

We all know that Ashraful and Aftab are the best players of pace we have and they are in form when it comes to belting the pace attack and Bashar is probably the best player against spin if he is set but Bashar is a very good player against pace bowling. But tushar is definitely a dasher who should ideally bat after 30 overs if possible. Because between 30 to 50 overs, tushar imran will enough have balls and less threatening pace attacking who will not be able to trouble with extra pace and bounce.

So if BD gets their batting order right, then we should be able to bat longer than last game.
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