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Old August 15, 2005, 01:56 AM
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Default Disadvantage of letting foreign-grown players to play for Zimbabwe

It is my opinion that it was a big mistake for an emerging test playing nation Zimbabwe to let Zimbabwe-born, but Foreign bread players like Murray Goodwin and Neil Johnson to play for Zimbabwe back in the '90s.

Now Zimbabwe is facing a very big dilemma over what their former administrators had done earlier. The expectations of the Zimbabwe cricket team has risen to such a level that now they're unable to comprehend shameful defeats like the 2-day losses and other big losses in International cricket.

In short, what I think is that the former administrators of Zimbabwe had tried to look for shorter way to glory (and they did find the glory, until players started leaving the country for various reasons). Instead of trying to develop their infrastructure solidly, they had tried to find short ways out by hiring players like them, even though they had some very good players of test quality in the Flower brothers, Whittall brothers, Paul Strang, Heath Streak and others.

Without Neil Johnson and Murray Goodwin, who developed their skills in South Africa and Australia, the Zimbabwe team had managed to get some wins here and there, even though they may not be as astounding as their test series win against Pakistan in Pakistan or their qualification to the Super Sixes Stage during the world cup 1999 with the help of borrowed players.

What this entire episode of Zimbabwean International cricket history tells me is to give more strong emphasis on developing our own domestic infrastructure slowly, but with assurance, and not to bother or even to think of hiring any foreign players or Bangladeshis brought up on foreign soil.

What do you think?
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Old August 18, 2005, 03:04 PM
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Would this analogy be ok to apply in Dhaka Club Football? or how about KP playing for South Africa rather than England?

I think it could have been a win-win situation if Zim board had used these foreign players better. May be help them teach the youngsters the knowledge they had. May be set up camps etc. Something for the future.

For BD team, I don't know. Team Chemestry may be an issue. But if the boy can speak Bengali and brought up in a bengali environment and is highly talented why not give him a shot. But the BD-board must use him properly.
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Old August 18, 2005, 04:20 PM
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i think not letting white people play cricket would have been a racist act. imo, anyone having a passport should be eligible to play for the country in question, irrespective of his ancestors' nationality.

if you think letting white people play for zimbabwe was a bad idea, then letting white people play for SA was also a bad one.

zimbabwe today are struggling with their cricket not because of the lack of white players but because of the lack of quality players. it's not like they are a full black team. they still do have some white players. what good are they doing to the team?

so it is definitely not the color. how would the authorities have known a couple of hundred years ago that one day the government would go racist?
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Old August 19, 2005, 05:27 AM
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i see nothing wrong in letting foreign born players playing for the country.. i guess its happening everywhere in the world and in almost every sport, including cricket.

Eg, KP and Strauss for england, symonds for oz, or the ones mentioned above in the thread.

You would have stopped ASH from playing for BD if he was born in England ? lets say he's dad is BDeshi and mon English..( for the sake of argument here) and he was born in London and came back to BD with his dad few yrs back and now plays criket for BD national team. What difference would it make to us where he was born or grew up ?? if its a talent, claim its yours and make the most of it !! after all, he is making our country proud

i can give so many examples in australian sport where esp athlets come to stay and represent OZ just becuz they have a shot at a gold medal at the olympics cuz of higher superior facilities available here. they have quite a few boxers and athlets here that were born overseas with foreign parents, but still came to australia , took australian citizenship and represented them....and now wrapping oz flag around their neck before the game...!!!

and the advantage of doing that ??

well if u can manage to do good in any sport, it attracts more younsters into the game and doing so, produced more players in the future...

i reckon the reason zims r going down now is becuz of thier domestic politics.....if neil johnson, goodwin, streak (whoz recently back) and flower brothers still playing for zim, they would be times and times better side than the current one and it could do thier cricket only good.these players whoz playing now prematurely, could have proper time and practise before they were thrown into the big games.

but to make myself clear, its all right to use foreing born players into the team but im completely against importing players straight from overseas to get into the national side.

sport like cricket is a team sport playing for the country's pride and honor, and only who has some degree of origin or attachment with that country can feel it...not any importing player..
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Old August 23, 2005, 11:41 PM
ajithlalm ajithlalm is offline
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I am not against the foreign-grown players playing for the country of other team. There is a rule that a player played for another international country has to stay 4 years in the country to get qualified for playing for the another country.
I am against this rule. The rule should be decreased to 2 years and there should be new rule that states the foreign-grown players are bound to play for the country for a contract period of 3 years to 5 years. This should be manditory. There should be also a clause regarding the payment for 3 to 5 years so that the foriegn born or grown players stays in the particular country.
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