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Old December 8, 2005, 12:12 AM
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Default Tehsin

Originally posted by Dawah
I had the opposite experience. I found Indian Muslims to be one of the best Muslims in the world. They are not arrogant, even if they are rich, they come to Masjid more often than others in the society, they contribute for the sake of Islam generously. Indian Muslims should be angel like compared to Muslims of our country
Originally posted by Tehsin
STRAIGHT from the horses mouth. This is a great example of a self loathing human being. There is nothing anyone can say or do to change this man and frankly, since Bangladeshi Muslims are lower then Indian muslims in this gentlemen's eyes (his confession/statement, not ours), I hope he'll find a website suitable for his intellect and religious purity.
On behalf of us Bangladeshi Muslims, I apologize that we have wasted so much of your time. Please leave us alone or 'keep your thoughts to yourself' (hint - last chance). Hopefully, you will find it in your heart to forgive us as we have failed to live upto your standards and the standards of Pakistani (obviously) and Indian Muslims.
We will sorely miss your Holy presense. We are not worthy.
1st of all, who made you a representative of Bangladesh Muslims. You could represent Bangladesh atheists, that would be more believable than "On behalf of us Bangladeshi Muslims".

More over, how Bangladeshi of you to not feel insult when some one posts this kind of insulting thread bengali wife with white guy!,
Since it is posted by some one who claims he is "white", it is perfectly ok. Do you think yourself inferrior to the "white" nations? If a user posted with this title "bengali wife with black guy!" or " bengali wife with Paki" then you would have banned him on 1st sight?

Back on this topic, because you are just looking for an excuse to show your mightly power, now you feel utterly insulted by my opinion.

But, you do not feel insulted with the following comment correct? Many other users of your forum feel Islam and BD does not go along:
Originally posted by Sauron
I am a muslim. But I do not think Bangladesh and Islam go hand in hand. So, I guess I am your enemy.

I actually posted my opinion of Bangaldeshi Muslims a long time back. Bangladeshies are one of the weakest in faith. One of the most religious ignorant among all Muslims. And this is the primary reason JMB type groups will always flourish, they Must thank you for helping them. You just proved me views yet again with your "nice" post, who much you really "know" and care about Islam and Muslims. Only on your site, users like ekatturerBangalee can propagate falsehood, trying to label Islam as evil which is congratulated by your MOD team members.


On a serious note - How dare you come to a Bangladeshi site and disrespect Bangladeshi people? This is your FINAL warning. Chose your words wisely. As a muslim (or a sensible human being - take your pick), we gave you several chances to clean your act.
List things that I did wrong, and you gave me chances.

You are a disruptive individual and it's sad that you chose to hide behind our great religion and anything we say and do, you try to twist it to make it sound as if we are speaking out against Islam or muslims.
I might be disruptive to you since my religious views are day-and-night different to yours. Your problem is, you are disrespectful towards views that are different to yours. Have you ever heard this quote that "Every one is entitled to their opinion." You are worried that I will help our Muslim brothers here to realize that Islam and Muslims are not bound by nationhood, but bound by faith in One Allah and His Prophet Mohammed(saw). I have cleared a LOT of stereotyping against Islam on this forum. Those who know have full knowledge of Islam, shy away from speaking because they fear this type of “power ban show” that you just showed. If not a ban, it will be those Admin-MOD insults.

How about this - When we say, we have a problem with you, we have a problem with you and you alone. IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH ?
Do not say we, say I and those under my authority on this small world that I rule.. There are a LOT of users here who agrees with me and disagrees with you.

We do NOT any problem with the Islamic messages as the majority members in this site are muslims and we are rpoud to be Muslims, we don't need you to judge us or put us down against other muslims - you are a NOBODY.
What are you trying to hide? Why are you focusing on this so much? There is a proverb in Bangla "Chorer Mon Police Police [thief always worry about Police" and "Diller Bhitor Ja, Fal Deia uthe ta[ what ever is hidden in your heart, pops out suddenly]".

One more word out of you disrespecting ISLAM, or any member(s) of this board, or BANGLADESH, or even other Religions/nations/anyone at all YOU WILL BE OUT.
If any one is disrespecting to Islam, it is you and the those who hate Islam around you. Out of so many Bangladeshies forums online, this is the single forum where Islam is put down. It is no secret, every one knows your true face.

You think Islam is like Lal Shalu, how strange you quote the book which stereotypes Islam and Muslims:

Originally posted by Tehsin
Do check out this book when you get a chance - it's called- "LAL SHALU". I know that there are english translations around, may be harder to find outside of Bangladesh.
My experience with a lot of Mullah's/Alim's is - like christian evangelists, they are mostly frauds and they sadly enjoy a large following.

You are no longer in need to hide your hate for Islam and Muslims. You and your MOD team has shown it, it is not a secret to anyone. This is the nature of banglacricket that is spoken to other forums.

Edited on, December 8, 2005, 5:15 AM GMT, by Dawah.

Old December 8, 2005, 12:27 AM
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Due to time constraint, I can not devote much time at this hour to this issue. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have some time.

Untill I get back to you or you are requested by a mod, please do not post any more messages in this board.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.
Old December 8, 2005, 04:08 AM
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I probably shoud not even interfere. But I can't help it. Dawah, why are you picking on me all the time? I'm just a regular guy, who wanted to learn about Bangladeshi's a little bit. That is the only reason I came here. Why do you pick on me? I told you already that the term "white guy" brown guy, black guy, is used here descriptively. It's not an insult to anyone where I live. There are just so many races here, that's all. I've already asked under "sorry's" thread to change my nick to VladMamu, or Vladimir, or ShadaBhai, you guys decide what's more appropriate, if I'm worth your trouble.

I've always felt that you contradict yourself, and you are mean to others. I've gone into your threads to stand up for Shia's because they are my friends. I've stood up for everyone, from what I preceive are verbal attacks from you. Evidence is in our past threads. I'm from a country where we don't stand intolerance, so I voice it. That is why you hate me so much. It has nothing to do with Islam.

I am not against you. first post from you to me was "I feel sorry for your wife."

Don't think I can't feel your hatred. Don't think I can't see how you try and steer others against me.
I'm sorry, but THAT is not very religious at all. You are quite mean spirited.

By the way, is this what it is like with the extremists? Are these the cultural pressures you guys must put up with? I can't imagine if this man had any power? I would truly fear him. I'm being sincere.
Yet, a religious figure you are supposed to feel most safe with. What an irony. Thank God you don't have any power sir! (I hope) It must be really hard for normal citizens to be put under such huge pressure.

Anyway, I am copying the post I sent you in the email. You keep picking on me anyway, so why not? I've got nothing to loose. I was trying to make you see what you are doing, but you do not see it.

This has been really eye opening for me. I've never EVER seen anyone put so much pressure on others to "conform." wow.

Here's what I sent Dawah a few days ago:

Dawah: There is something I don't understand. In this thread you say that
Bangladesh Imams finally strike down / speak out agaist terrorism. You agree it
is a good action. Yet, you as the self -proclaimed spreader of Islam knowleadge,
do not have tolerance for others. Maybe you have had a change of heart fron the
reprieve you havd had for the past few months. I made some harsh accusations
against you in the Shia / Sunny type threads. Your tone of language, sarcasm,
and divisive nature is exactly the type of language, that these Imams should be
speaking out against. Have you and are you going to sensor yourself in your
future language to help bring about a positive change for everybody? i.e.
accept non muslims, including those who claim to be Muslims, but are not
according to your version?

Should you not be spreading the good quality parts of Islam, such as love your
neighbour, regardless of religion, or lack of it, do not kill, murders, suicide,
do not try to change another man's religion, neither he yours, etc.?

From my perspective, and from everything that I have learned about Islam,
Bangladesh, and Muslims, I think that you and those like you are part of the

In your own defense, I don't think you see what you are doing, because you have
come to view everything with a single frame of mind.

example. You confirm in your life experiences what is true in Koran, yet you
disconfirm what may not be true. You are not honest with yourself.

You view "others" with a very negative eye.

I wonder if you will curse and swear at me, or reflect on what I have said. I
am not an evil man, mean man, I am quote loving kind and respectful of others,
though, I make mistakes like everyone.

I decided to post this anonymously, because do not want to start a conflict or
fight or embarrass you online. However, as someone that I see as having
influence over young minds, I wanted to try and influence you, for the sake of
peace. I would like YOU to be part of the solution. I would like YOU to
reflect and carry the message to your fellow Imams, and Dawah. Tabligs, or opt
out and form a better organization. (sorry spelling).

Please, be a leader of the mainstream Bangladeshi's. You as a male that has
invested the time spent into the Koran, now living among us in North America,
YOU are an important man in my view. And I'd rather have you on my side, than
not. I 'd rather have you look again, and find quotes in the Koran, that would
promote peace, promote love for the global world, make Muslims proud of
themseves, and their leaders, and make YOU a man that you can be proud of when
you look in the mirror in the morning, and proud in front of your God. Allah.

Think about it, because sometimes one man, can turn around an army. And maybe
you can influence your brothers, and save many lives. Muslims, non Muslims,
etc. For according to your religion, Allah loves us all, including me!!!!

That's it. I told him in a subsequent thread I don't want a response, just that I told him how I see it.

He text me back to "Grow up, and seek a psychologist"

You know mods, I'm really sorry if I'm more trouble than is worth. I will understand if you want to get rid of me, for I am not Muslim, nor Bangladeshi, nor follow Canada Cricket, yet. I feel like I'm more trouble than is worth, sadly. Either way, I will understand, I am not your demographic, AND you guys have a business to run. I will understand if members would be outraged that they bann him, and not me.
It's ok, if you bann us both, for you have two extremes on your site.

Either way, it has been a pleasure, and I really hope Dawah find peace in his heart. I wish him peace, and I hope he finds what he lost. Maybe his family got hurt, by non muslims, or "white guys" or Hindus, or Shia Muslims, or Pseudo Muslims, or Bad Bangladeshi Muslims, or Americans, or Westerners, maybe you have some real legitimate grievances Sir.
Well, I'll tell you what. On behalf of them all
I am sorry. ok? I am sorry.
I'm sorry that you were hurt.
I'm sorry you suffered pain in your life.
I'm sorry that you are so angry, you will not let youself swoop to the ground and cry, and let go of the pain. I really wish you will find peace and love in your heart. I wish you the best. Really, sincerely...
I've enjoyed my stay, and have learned a lot, and I have a good heart. I never intend any harm.
Old December 8, 2005, 09:21 PM
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Dawah, Tehsin did not have to give you warning / chance.

We, BC administration, work as a team. Anytime a mod issues a warning or gives someone a chance, it is discussed and all moderator has access to that discussion. So one of us giving the warning/chance is all of us giving.

So everytime a mod warned you, is the times Tehsin warned you.

I suggesst, you stop posting on FC completely and only post what you originally came here to, talk about Bangladesh Cricket. I think that will bring peace to all of us.

Its not just you, some others are being warned also, apperently, Forget Cricket section is not for everyone.
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