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Old March 10, 2006, 02:15 AM
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Default There is always a gulf of difference!

This is something I have often been saying in many threads about pulling younger talented players into the National side without proper intermediate exposure. Yes... there is always quite a big difference between the International Level cricket and any age-group or junior level cricket, no matter how much competitive it is. And yes, I am talking about Mushfuq Rahim’s debut in this SL series here.

The difference is not just in the strength of the opposition (which is surely also a big change of level from age group to National side).. there are many other things that matter in a Test/ODI level International match. The difficulties may be something like these:

1@Having to face a much much stronger bowling & fielding side.
2@TEMPERAMENT is a big issue here.
3@The big crowd also plays a huge role... provoking the debutantes to play with heroism.
4@Pressure for the debutant to prove his worthiness of being called into the team so early in his age
5@His role as a team-mate in an International match often means much more to the team and the country than any age group match.

Previously, we have seen many examples like Ashraful/Nafis Iqbal/Aftab... and surely the very recent addition is Shahriar Nafees to this list. All of them were hugely potential and quite consistent in age-group level.. yet all of them struggled (some are still struggling) to even settle down in the team with consistency. And the same has started to happen to Mushfiq Rahim here. He had been in huge for in the very recent U-19 World Cup.. leading the team also impressively. Having so much of recent match practice and success, he is pulled into the National side and immediately he has started to show signs of struggling against International level Match pressure.

Actually, this is quite natural and our youngsters are having to go through this same cycle of punishment just because BD doesn’t yet have an intermediate level of competitive cricket (like a strong domestic structure maybe) which could season these youngsters and mature them. Many of us fans might be tempted to declare that “Our U-19 players are directly superior to our National side in every way”... but that can be true only in our wildest dreams. There is practically a gulf of difference between age group and International level of Cricket. And I’m afraid that without being able to find out an appropriate transitional level for them (maybe arranging more A-team matches and playing the youngsters in those matches) we can’t really expect a settled input of these youngsters into the National side.

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Old March 10, 2006, 11:12 AM
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The First class NCL must be revamped in a more professional way. presently it has a picnic atmospherte and financially it has no motivation for cricketers wishing to turn pro. Without a competitive FC I agree our age group successes will peter away and potential talents will be lost
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Old March 10, 2006, 01:08 PM
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Why does not our 'A' team active ??
How and Why an U-19 player enter into national team easily ??

I think it's possible, bcoz it's Bangladesh !!
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