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Old December 15, 2006, 12:47 AM
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Default Q/A Session with a Politician

Q/A Session with a politician:

Recently in the DS Letters section, an expat Bangladeshi asked 10 questions addressed to our politicians. Today we have replies to those 10 questions by a Supreme Court advocate (apparently an AL one, its possible he may have been one of those vandalizing the Court 2 weeks back, but I am not sure) . I personally found his answers reasonable, except for No. 5, where he justifies vandalism/oborodh/violence by saying Awami League has no other choice. Also his talk of confining violence is ludicrous, so if the Supreme Court is biased lets just break and burn things in the Supreme Court?

Pay particular attention to answers 4,7, 10 which I felt were honest and frank assessments of the exact situation.

1. Are you really able to read the people's mind?
Answer no.1: No, not always.

2. Are you observing the reactions of public in media (without wearing own political glass on your eyes)?
Answer no.2: Yes, undoubtedly.
3. Why you seem so shameless?
Answer no.3: You have asked a sweeping question, whose reply is that not all politicians that you come across are shameless. Men and women who come from a good stock and indulge in political activities know how to behave and how to differentiate between good and bad.

4. Why are you being driven by muscle rather than brain (in this 21st century of wisdom)?
Answer no.4: Most of us, I agree, are driven by muscle rather than brain because there is an acute dearth of intellectuals and educated people amongst the ranks of the politicians today. Conversely, we have a plethora of musclemen and musclewomen roaming around everywhere. Half-read or half-educated people are found occupying the highest seat of power today unlike the times of Shere-Bangla Fazlul Huq or Husein Shaheed Suhrawardy -- political giants of the sub-continent.

5. Why are you choosing "continuous blockade" rather than "continuous dialogue"?
Answer no.5: We feel that our political opponents do not give a damn to our legitimate demands terming everything that we say or do as subversive. Our backs are pushed against the wall leaving us with no option but only hard line. Personally I think that any 'oborodh' or blockade should be confined to the person or institution which has become controversial and not the whole country. Presently we are trying to do exactly that.

6. Do you really like democracy (as, one of many definitions of democracy is "art of compromise" but you have no compromise at all)?
Answer no.6: Sorry dear, where is that blessed democracy in our country which you are talking of? Is it on paper that you see or on our lips? You may say we have a mockery of democracy or if you are more generous we may say, we have a semblance of democracy. Show me, which of the political parties except the CPB or the dreaded 'Jamaat' follows democratic traditions [and ways] within their 'homes' in our country? None, you would agree. Where are the solid democratic institutions which nurture democracy? Then why talk of democracy and compromise at all?

7. Are you thinking that you are the "majority" in the country (I mean, how many percentage of the people are doing politics)?
Answer no.7: No. Politicians are just a minority numerically, but very strong otherwise due to their fertile brains!

8. Political parties should run the country; but if they fail then what is the solution? In that case should people will be slaughtered for no fault of theirs?
Answer no.8: Sometimes the people in general also make mistakes and choose the wrong people to rule the country. It is then that the country goes to dogs and innocent lives are lost. Selection of right persons through ballot is still a far cry in our country, since we go by the 'Markas' or symbols which represent various parties. Not necessarily all nominated candidates of my chosen or favourite party may be angels. Therefore you see, where do we make the basic error?

9. "We don't want political violence any more in the country" -- how can we say this effectively to you?
Answer no.9: Agreed. But to revert to sensible politics will take enough time; at least a generation.

10. Are you accountable to anybody (don't say: to the people; because this is vague or bluff)?
Answer no.10: No, not at the moment, because it is a free for all affair. Once I am elected or any Tom, Dick or Harry is elected there is no way to bring him back to senses or the right track if he goes astray. For five years s/he is gone!
tray. For five years s/he is gone!


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