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Old March 6, 2004, 02:05 PM
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Default CrICkET WeIrDS!!!! this is women\'s cricket.

Most Consecutive Dropped Catches
The record for most consecutive dropped catches is 6 and is held by Stephanie Brookes (48), who was a member of Cranbourne Ladies C.C. In a match between Cranbourne Ladies and Ashfarm Ladies in June 2001, opposition number 11 batswoman, Jodie Miles (a weak batswoman by any standards) was desperately trying to survive the last over of the match for a draw. Susan Cummings lobbed down similar deliveries on each of her last over balls and each time Ms Miles, rather inelegantly, popped the ball gently up to Miss Brookes at silly mid-off. On each occasion, Miss Brookes cupped her hands in the "crocodile position", closed her eyes and hoped as the ball struck her either on her shoulder, lower abdomen or breast before it fell to the ground. The players left the field at the end of the over in silence and Stephanie, since that game, has not featured on any Cranbourne Ladies team sheets.

Record lateness (individual)
The record for arriving late for a cricket match is held by Christine Marsh (34) of Nutsford Ladies Cricket Club. Christine left home at approximately 12:30pm on Saturday 15th July 1999 in her Ford Fiesta 'Finesse' and finally arrived at the ground at 7:16pm, a whole 5 hours and 16 minutes late of the official start time. Ms Marsh had driven the 2 miles to the ground from her home in 1st gear and with the handbrake left on. Absorbed in the melodies of Abba's Greatest Hits blaring out of the stereo, she had also failed to turn off her right indicator during the entire journey and had ignored the vast amounts of black smoke billowing from the rear of the vehicle. When she finally arrived at the ground, she had genuinely no idea that she was late at all.

Record lateness (team)
Nutsford Ladies Cricket Club holds the record for a whole team arriving late for a cricket match. The team assembled at their Pavilion at 1pm ready to set off for Ingham Village, 3 miles west of Nutsford. There was a 2 hour delay before departure whilst the entire team, including the twelfth woman, umpire and scorer systematically "made themselves comfortable" for the journey. The 1st pair of ladies went to the toilet at 1:02pm with the final pair going at 2:02pm. This process was repeated before they finally left in the team mini bus (travelling east), driven by Christine Marsh (34), at 3:02pm. A series of map reading errors by opening batswoman, Beth Ormerod (41), resulted in a 2-hour tour of the Bromley one way system. By sheer chance, they managed to navigate the 16 miles back to Nutsford along the A65. This journey took a staggering 8 hours and 23 minutes due to a lack of gear changing and the handbrake and right indicator being left on. They finally arrived at their destination, black smoke billowing from the rear of the vehicle, at 1:25am the following morning.

Longest changing time
The longest ever time it has taken for a player to "pad up" is 5 hours and 45 minutes, held by Miss Janet Brady (23) in 1995. Janet spent an astonishing 3 hours in front of the home dressing room mirror applying, removing and reapplying various lipsticks before deciding on "blush pink" which matched the logo on her Reebok Step Shoes. 2 cans of hair spray, 1 tub of foundation, 12 blouse changes and 3 hours and 25 minutes later, she was ready. But she only made it as far as the Pavilion doors before she then had to return to the dressing room for a further 20 minutes to adjust her hair after a freak gust of wind had caught her fringe.

Longest 'between overs' conversation
The longest 'between overs' conversation stands at 1 hour and 15 minutes. On August 4th 1995, Mrs Joyce Jones and Miss Jennifer Smythe, opening batswomen for Hinckleybottom Cricket Club, met at the middle of the wicket after the 1st over in a match against Frimley Cricket Club. After exchanging initial thoughts about the pitch, the conversation soon turned to how much Joyce thought Jennifer's 'midnight blue' eye shadow suited her. They then prattled on through various items of gossip, hearsay, general tittle-tattle and meaningless, pointless jabberings for an astonishing 1 hour and 15 minutes before the Umpires called them to a halt.

Largest kit bag
The largest kit bag owned by any cricketer belongs to Miss Stephanie Bright of Maidenbeach Cricket Club, Wiltshire. The bag has dimensions of (H) 11,540cm (W) 7,200cm (D) 5,700cm and has to be brought to each game strapped to the roof-rack of a Grand Jeep Cherokee. If you were to take your own cricket kit bag, multiply the clothing contents by 65, the footwear contents by 30 and allow for enough make-up to face paint the entire population of Kent, you would have an approximate idea of the amount of kit Miss Bright deems necessary to take to each game.

Greatest amount of tea drunk between innings before going to the toilet
The record for the greatest amount of tea drunk between innings before going to the toilet is 400ml (2 standard cups) and is held by Mrs Maureen Depford of Great Yipten Cricket Club. On August 15th 1997, Maureen left the field exhausted and dehydrated after a marathon 20 over bowling spell. She immediately downed the 400mls of tea before slumping into a chair. She lasted an incredible 14 minutes and 23 seconds before having to rush to the lavatory to relieve her aching bladder.

Longest pee taken between innings
The record for the longest pee taken between innings is 29 minutes and 38 seconds and is held by Mrs Maureen Depford of Great Yipten Cricket Club. At 16:56pm on August 15th 1997, Maureen rushed into the toilet and commenced her urination. Approximately 15 minutes into her record breaking attempt, fellow team mates desperately tried to get her to finish up as she was next in to bat, but they had to wait another 14 minutes and 38 seconds before Maureen concluded her excreta and reappeared ready to pad up. Mrs Agnes Pettycoombe who was waiting patiently outside the toilet waiting for it to become vacant, likened the noise from inside the booth to a standing ovation at the Albert Hall.

Longest post-match mood
The longest post-match mood lasted 17 days and 15 hours. Lorraine Monk of Lessenbury Cricket Club, Wiltshire was adjudged LBW first ball of a meaningless match against Lower Holm Cricket Club on 2nd May 1998. Lorraine, incensed by the decision, employed the 'silent treatment' in protest at the decision for a staggering 17 days and 15 hours. This included two further
weekends of cricket and compromised her employment at a local Call Centre at which she is employed as a Call Handler. Her husband commented 'I've had a wonderful and peaceful last couple of weeks. I just hope she gets a lot more decisions going against her'.

Longest time taken to retrieve a ball
The record for the longest time taken to retrieve a ball is held by Mrs Cliffarina Bacon of Staplelawn Cricket Club and stands at 44 minutes. Cliffarina, a brute of a woman standing at an impressive 6' 3" tall had lost interest in the game she was playing due to being bowled for her 8th duck of the season and not being allowed to bowl. After the opposition batswoman had cut a ball past Cliffarina at deep gulley, it took her an astounding 12 minutes to realise what was happening despite the screams from her teammates. It then took her an amazing 16 minutes to trudge down to the 3rd man boundary (where the ball had stopped just inches inside the rope) and a further incredible 16 minutes to release the ball. Her throw was predictably
wild and the batswomen managed to run an additional three runs on top of the 68 they had already completed.

Strangest appeal
The record for the strangest appeal belongs to Karen Nostrill of Underhill Cricket Club, West Yorkshire. Karen was asked to play for Underhill at the last moment as a replacement for Marjorie Smythe who had earlier that morning sprained her wrist attempting to retrieve a stray malteser from underneath her stove. Karen was not overly familiar with the game, and after
bowling her first ever ball, it struck the pads of the opposing batswoman. In a fit of excitement, Karen cried 'Gooooaaaalllllllllllll before peeling away and 'windmilling' her arms. Karen has not played cricket since.

Longest time spent in a pub without a drink being bought
The longest time spent in a pub without a drink being bought is 3 hours and 15 minutes and is held by the women of Shaffscombe Cricket Club, Hampshire. On Saturday June 15th 2000, a league match against Fiddlemarch Cricket Club was abandoned at 3.15pm due to torrential rain. Once showered, changed and made-up, the ladies of Shaffscombe arrived at the Cricketers pub for their regular post match drink at approximately 5.20pm, somewhat earlier than usual. They proceeded to sit patiently for 3 hours and 15 minutes in the Public Bar until Keith Robinson, the husband of Rose Robinson, arrived and offered to go to the bar and order a round of drinks.
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