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Old April 8, 2007, 04:18 AM
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Default Analysis of Bangladesh Cricket Team After 3 Matches of Super-8

Australia Match: It was completely "Nothing to Do" situation for Bangladesh. Inexperienced on 20-20 format, Bangladeshi players had to play experienced Australia. So they lost to a big margin.

New Zealand Match: Bangladesh really played worse in this match. Wicket of Aftab was the main turning point of the match. He played like a kid. He just gave his wicket to New Zealand. 177 was nothing for New Zealand on that flat batting track.

South Africa Match: Bangladeshi batsmen gave a 250+ score and our spinners have done the rest. It is always true in world cricket that the teams like South Africa, New Zealand, England or Sometimes even West Indies Struggle in the sub-continent slow and low track. Only Australia can adjust with the condition properly and so they are ruling the cricket world. In South Africa match Bangladesh
got that opportunity. Bangladesh used their opportunity.

Using the condition is one of the most important strategies of world cricket. Previously we never saw Bangladesh to use the condition. After the match against South Africa it is proved that Bangladesh has learnt to use the condition. This is one of the most important achievements of our cricket.
The two purest technique batsmen, Aftab and Ashraful did the thing for Bangladesh. These two batsmen have a common error. Their shot selection. If their shot selection is ok they are world class. Due to lacking of this maturity they are inconsistent. In this match they showed tremendous level of maturity. Where were those maturities on New Zealand or Srilanka match? Hope these two batsmen will continue with their form. They are in form so I will expect at least 2 more 50+ innings in next 3 matches from each.

Another thing is South Africa did the same mistake that India did. Both of them won the toss and took the wrong decision because of under estimating Bangladesh. In this kind of wicket Graem Smith should not choose to bat second. He thought Bangladesh can’t score 200+. He paid for that. We proved that we can use the condition. In India match Masrafe use that moisture of wicket, and in SA match our spinners did the same.

Something about Habibul Bashar: No doubt, he is the legend captain of our cricket history. His strategic decisions are outstanding. We got maximum success of our cricket history by his strategic decision. His only fault is he is too defensive. But in world cricket history all the legendary captain were the mixture of aggression and defensive. Only Doglas Jardine, Clive Loyd, Steve Waugh or Ricky Ponting got success with 100% aggressive strategy. But to be 100% aggression we need that resource. There is one captain who is 100% defensive won the world cup. He is Arjuna Ranatunga. But unfortunately the most important strategy for winning the 96 world cup from him was one of the most aggressive strategies for history of ODI cricket. But on that strategy Dav Whatmore had the maximum contribution. And a team must need resource to implement that strategy. Example: Srilanka started explosively on that WC. It was subcontinent batting track and they had Jayasuria, Kaluwitharana, De-Silva, Ranatunga. So they invent the strategy and implemented it very well. They got success.

In the case of Bangladesh, I don’t think Bangladesh has that resource with which we can be 100% aggressive. We have to wait 5-10 more years for that. We can be 50-50. But Bangladesh still cannot show consistent performance. Just think when our captain was a normal player what the situation was. We couldn't win a single match for 5 years (99-04). We couldn’t even defense. How could we attack? In our cricket history only Naimur Rahman was an aggressive captain. All others were defensive. But we didn’t have resource to implement our strategy. We failed. Now in 2007 we have resource, so Habibul Bashar can implement his strategy. I don’t want him to be aggressive because he is successful with his defensive strategy.
He is out of form as a batsman. He will play for next three matches. If he re gain his form and score at least two big innings he can continue. If he cannot my words to him "You have got your maximum achievement from cricket. We are grateful to you for your contribution. But you should stop now." Habibul Bashar should retire from ODI after this WC. Good Luck.
All our players should find out their error from the winning match. It is not important to win a match and celebrate now a day. We should increase our vision. We can go for semi-final. We have a chance for that. If we can be consistent, I think we can. But we are not playing to rule the cricket world. Our vision should have a limitation. We cannot be over-confident.

GOOD LUCK Bangladesh for Next Three Matches.
Cricket is the Passion
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Old April 8, 2007, 06:49 AM
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Bhai, ami ghumaiya porsi. Doya koira Posts choto raikhen.
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