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Forget Cricket Talk about anything [within Board Rules, of course :) ]

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Old May 31, 2007, 04:55 PM
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Join Date: May 28, 2004
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Default Top BC Posters: Know About the Pros and How They Evolved

Hundreds of new members, Thousands of new posts, and Tons of new threads- this is our forum today. New members are coming to the forum everyday, bringing us new friends, news ideas and new perspectives. There are also few concerns about the volume and quality of posting made by our newbies. So, I thought it might a fun thing to look back to our current seasoned members and see how they all started as a newbie.

I've included all 6000+ club members and gradually working on the 5000+ club and few low-posting seasoned members now. It will be fun to expand it further to include all leading posters and low-posting seasoned members. So, please contribute, if you have time.

Join Date: February 12, 2004
First Posted: February 12, 2004
First Thread Opened: February 18, 2004

First Post:
In BKSP beat NZ U-19 Thread
This is too good man....I don't believe it....beating NZ U 19??? then again by a margin of 6 wickets??? I sure do hope that the U 19 national side can do something similar in the WC....
this is too good to be true....
First Thread:

Posted first on the same day he joined the forum and opened first thread 6 days after joining. It appears that his 1st post was motivated by BKSP’s win over the visiting NZ U-19 Team. And he opened his 1st thread in search of live streaming link of a Bangladesh-Zimbabwe Match. He was AsifTheHappyManRahman in his first post to see a surprise win over NZ team and AsifTheUnhappyManRahman in his first thread not to see any broadcasting links.

Join Date: August 14, 2003
First Posted: August 14, 2003
First Thread Opened: August 15, 2003

First Post:
In Bangladesh Team Announced thread
Khaled Mahmud still captain
First Thread:
Ten commandments for Captain Mahmud

Posted first on the same day he joined the forum and opened first thread 1 day after joining. It appears that both his first post and first thread was influenced by his unhappiness over reappointment of Khaled Mahmud as the Captain for the Pakistan Tour in 2003. Chinaman does not like non-performers to captain the team and ready to preach them some bible lesson. Time for Update Chinaman!!

Join Date: February 27, 2006
First Posted: March 6, 2006
First Thread Opened: March 14, 2006

First Post:
In Kenya in Bangladesh: 4 match ODI series Thread
I don't think only Tikolo can make the difference. Bangladesh has progressed well in recent days and I believe there is guld of differences in quality of cricket between Bangladesh and Kenya. We should win 4-0. Kenya has got a very poor first class or domestic facility and almost no finances in cricket. I don't think Kenya will be playing test in coming five years.
Certainly Bangladesh will take the series.
First Thread:
What should be the wicket against Kenya

First posted 7 days after joining the forum and he opened his 1st thread 15 days after becoming a forum member. Both of his first post and first thread was made in the context of Kenya’s tour of Bangladesh in 2006. His first post was in response to a comment on Kenya’s ability to beat Bangladesh. His opened his first thread voicing opinion for preparing a pace-friendly pitch against Kenya. Provided some good analytical prediction in his very first post—Born a Wise Man!!

Join Date: June 30, 2005
First Posted: June 30, 2005
First Thread Opened: August 25, 2005

First Post:
In Match Thread: Bangladesh vs Australia Natwest series 9th ODI
Is it a good idea to let a bowler bowl all his 10 overs at one time? why not mix it up cause no wickets are falling?
First Thread:
How to hold on to success in cricket?

Posted first on the same day he joined the forum and opened first thread 25 days after becoming a forum member. It appears that his first post was influenced by his dissatisfaction over Bashar’s decision to bowl Aftab Ahmed for straight 10 over without any success against Australia in NW Series. He posted his first thread in quest for finding ways to sustain the successes achieved by the junior teams. Started his forum career by questioning Habibul Basahar’s captaincy in 2005!! He knew something not right!!

Join Date: September 16, 2004
First Posted: September 16, 2004
First Thread Opened: September 16, 2004

First Post:
In Introduce Yourself Thread
Hi all, I am Fazal. Also known as Faz. Like all of you, I like cricket.
I was born in Pakistan, spent most of my childhood in Bangladesh, and now citizen of another country. Therefore I support these 3 national teams.
I am currently laid off, therefore lots of time to spent on the web.
Sometimes I used to login here as Faz, but cannot login any more, don't know why?
First Thread:
Who is our substitute Wicketkeeper?

Posted first and opened first thread on the same day he joined the forum. He started by introducing himself. Although it appears that he lost his job and forum password at the same time!! He was apparently not pleased with Khaled Masud’s performance during that time and dared to search for a “replacement” of then-unparalleled Khaled Masud.

Join Date: June 20, 2002
First Posted: June 20, 2002
First Thread Opened: June 20, 2002

First Post:
In Prepare for Sri Lanka Thread
We can fix a time and meet in Paltalk. When is good for you two?
First Thread:
WC Match tonight

I guess he joined the forum, posted first post and opened first thread on the very same day forum was re-created after the hacking incident. His first post was about arranging a conference for ALL forum members—there was only 3 during that time, I suppose. His first thread was about Watching Brazil vs. England World Cup Game and the thread was posted in Bangladesh Cricket section!! I guess there was no other sub-forum available that time. Were you guys even familiar with the term “sub-forum” during those medieval days?

Join Date: January 22, 2004
First Posted: January 22, 20042
First Thread Opened: January 22, 2004

First Post:
In Nick Name Translation Thread
I'm an avid Bangladesh cricket fan far removed both by distance and time from the deshi cricket scene. I've mostly been following the tigers on the web and am more familiar with their "official names". When you guys start using their nicks - I get kind of lost.
Can anyone kindly put up a nick name - real name translater?
Pilot - Khaled Mashu etc..
Thankie, Zunaid
First Thread:
Nick Name Translation

First posted on the same day he joined the forum. During that time he only knew the formal names of the players (i.e Khaled Masud) and but did not have a clue about the nick names (i.e. Pilot). So as his first post he opened a thread to get help with the nick names. With the new hablu-gablu-kablu type name calling trend in the forum these days, I hope his nick name recognition skill is improving everyday.

Join Date: June 20, 2002
First Posted: June 20, 2002
First Thread Opened: June 20, 2002

First Post:
In BD Test Squad for the tour of SL Thread
Hi guys, I posted this messege in the 'hacked' site, since that messege board is no longer available, I am writing the same thing again. The following is the list of fifteen players:
1) Khaled Mashud (WK)(C) 2) Habibul Bashar 3) Aminul Islam 4) Akram Khan 5) Al Shahriar 6) Md. Ashraful 7) Tushar Imran 8) Enamul Haque 9) Fahim Muntasir 10) Manjurul Islam 11) Tareq Aziz 12) Talha Jubair 13) Alamgir Kabir 14) Ehsanul Haque 15) Hannan Sarker
Tehsin, this new messege board's background color looks similar to banglacricket site unlike the previous one. I must suggest you to keep this site for a longer period.
First Thread:
BD Test Squad for the tour of SL

Date of Joining, first post and first thread was the same in the re-created forum after hacking incident. She posted the BD squad for the Sri Lanka tour in the “Adi” forum, but it was hacked soon after. So she reposted it in the re-created forum. Learn from the Pros, Son—keep copies!! She is the first member of the forum and the first member of the forum happened to be a lady—so we may as well call her the “First Lady”.

Join Date: June 20, 2002
First Posted: June 20, 2002
First Thread Opened: June 20, 2002

First Post:
In As it turns out Thread
Some people have nothing better to do then harm strangers. What can I saw, we've already declared war against terrorism and the terrorists main goal is to create disturbance and destroy the peace and quiet of innocent civilians.
Apparantly, Mr. Rayden has the same mentality and thus took over our real board (http://banglacricket.com/board). I will try to revive it but I deleted some vital info from that site (I went 'delete' crazy)so it'll be hard to get that back.
Sorry about any inconvenience but again, this world is full of people who don't really careabout other people and we can't really expect any respect/compassion from them towards their fellow human beings.
Meanwhile, I need to change my settings becuse this sky blue/&%$ blue combo is killing my eyes.
First Thread:
As it turns out

He did not join the forum, rather the forum joined with him!! His personal first post was the first post of the forum as well. In his first post in the after-hacking re-created forum, he talks about the hacker (Mr. Rayden), the hacking incident, and his war against hacking-terrorism. War against terrorism..huh!! Does the name Mr. Rayden and Mr. Laden sound familiar!!

Join Date: February 14, 2004
First Posted: February 14, 2004
First Thread Opened: February 16, 2004

First Post:
In BBC: Bangladesh take control Thread

I'm worried about sumon. Hope captency will not reduce his performance. But the team has to find some way to improve batting performance. its the bowlers who always try to make things better.

First Thread:
Sending Batsmen backward

Posted first on the same day he joined the forum and opened first thread 2 days after joining. He joined and started posting during our Zimbabwe tour in 2004. Concern for the effect of captaincy on Habibul Bashar’s performance and the repeated failure of our top order batsman was center point of his first post. His concern for top order failure turned into a frustration which prompted him to open his first thread—apparently a sarcastic one. He suggested sending the bowlers to bat first and immediately received criticism from ATMR. With our top order still failing and Mashrafee batting well, you may try it again Rubu—see how ATRM reacts this time!!

Join Date: December 17, 2004
First Posted: December 17, 2004
First Thread Opened: December 18, 2004

First Post:
In Comment thread: BD vs Ind 2nd Test at Chittagong Thread
So true.......I completely agree with that article.

First Thread:
Will Ashraful play one good innings in the 2nd Test?

Posted first on the same day he joined the forum and opened first thread the day after. He joined and started posting during our home series against India in 2004. His first post came first after India scored a mammoth 540 in the 1st innings of 2nd Test in Chittagong. He posted to express his complete agreement with a Cricinfo article while claimed that most of the Bangladeshi players will not even qualify to carry drinks for a Pura Cup or Ranji Trophy Team. His pessimistic mood continued when he opened his first thread a day later. He predicted that Ashraful would fail to score in the 2nd test in Chittagong because Ash performs once in while and has already finished his business for the series after the half-century in 1st test. It may be true for Ashraful most of the time, but Spitfire picked a wrong day for his prediction thread. Ashraful hammered 158 not out the same day!! Spitfire_x86 needs to predict more often for the good of Bangladesh cricket!!

Join Date: February 24, 2004
First Posted: February 24, 2004
First Thread Opened: March 3, 2004

First Post:
In Rajin Saleh should be moved up the order Thread
Bd will never win now ..so we should give up test status
First Thread:
. (A full-stop was thread title)

Posted first on the same day he joined the forum and opened first thread 8 days after joining. He came to the forum during our tour to Zimbabwe in 2004. His first post was very pessimist in nature where he suggested that BD should voluntarily give up the test status. Morning showed the day and SS soon became a brand name for pessimism in the forum. His first thread was interesting one with a simple full-stop mark (.) as the tile. The thread was about emotional nature of our players and he suggested using this emotion in a positive way—a slight flavor of pessimism was there in the thread as usual.

Join Date: June 15, 2004
First Posted: July 3, 2004
First Thread Opened: September 20, 2005

First Post:
In woman sports in BD vs radical islamic force Thread
I have a bad feeling that our society is moving towards Afgan or Pak or Algeria If we take a look at newspaper we will find so many MAULOBI or MADRASA related news everyday and it's becoming more and more. Not unexpected if they stand against wresling or footbal.
First Thread:
Need batting and bowling coach to be competitive

Posted first 12 days after joining the forum and waited a long 15 months before opening first thread. He made his first post expressing his concerns about the news that the national women wresting and women football competition was threatened by radical Islamic forces in Bangladesh. During our tour to Sri Lanka in 2005, we reduced SL to 48/4 on the morning of first day in the 2nd test, but they end up scoring 449/7 at the end of Day-1. The inability of our bowlers to hold on to the early success in this match moved PoorFan so much that he ended his 15-month long wait and opened his first thread demanding separate batting and bowling coach for the team. PoorFan should be happy to see that BCB is hiring special batting and bowling coach, which he demanded almost 21 months ago in his first thread.

Join Date: February 25, 2004
First Posted: February 25, 2004
First Thread Opened: February 27, 2004

First Post:
In Canada and Uganda Games Thread
ideas for improving batsmens\' concentration
Easy answer - institute a 2-day interschool tourney.
I fondly recall Nirman tournament (now called Standard Chartered). Players such as Opee, Sujan, Shumon, Moh. Ali, etc came through it. Unfortunately, we always played on matting wickets in small grounds and the matches were 40 overs long. So
a) we knew we'd get even, knee-level bounce most of the time,
b) life was good if you were spinner,
c) seaming the ball was difficult,
d) if one wasted more than one over in "watching" the bowling, the coach or captain would get on your case.
e) cross batted hoiks where u shuffled across would inevitably get you a four or six, while an attempt to drive along the ground thru the V would end up in a little dust storm and one having to run his *** off.
If we are able to switch the Standard Chartered interschool tourney to a two-day format and try and use proper grounds then
a) we will be emulating Sri Lanka who have built a pretty good program based mainly on school cricket
b) our batsmen will have to learn to last 80-90 overs - hence the 2-3 hours concentration issue gets resolved.
c) cross batted hoiks will go away
d) all players will learn to strategise - just like test cricket makes u do.
As for good practice bowlers, I think we need a bowling machine. And my pakistani coach in the US often made me practice batting against hockey balls on wet astro-turf (he learned it from Imran Khan). Man that will get u used to bouncy wickets fast. Anyway, this is my first post so go easy on me guys. Happy to join this site
First Thread:
Why no Offside, V players? Whither Lefties?

Posted first on the same day he joined the forum and opened his first thread 2 days later. In his first post, he responded to Coach Richard McInnes on ways to develop “Sports Intelligence” of our young batsmen by drawing from his experience of playing national school-level cricket. He opened his first thread to find out the reasons behind the lack of players strong in playing on the offside and V as well as the lack of top class left-handed batsman in Bangladesh team. Showcased his quality from the word go!!
জননী জন্মভূমিশ্চ স্বর্গাদপি গরিয়সী

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