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Old July 8, 2007, 03:51 AM
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Shobar boyos 14,ami ki buira hoiya jaitesi naki?
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Old July 8, 2007, 04:04 AM
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so here u are amethyst!!!!... WOW.... taht was some damn nice vid!!!... i didnt expect to find u in this forum... haha.. i always chek out bd vids on youtube and many others... and well i did comment on ur vid.. (proly was one of the first ones....)... i go by the name of "bangaly" in youtube... (coz some other person already took bangali :P)... haha... nyways... awesome vid!! keep the awesome work goin!!!... and ya... i could refer u guys to some good sites for watchin vids...
this site has lots of good vids... but id just like to ask the ppl who run this site... guys can u guys make a part of the site for vids?:S... that would really b great!!!... i myself also always end up goin to youtube and other sites to look for cricket vids of bd players... and often.. its the oppposing team whos vids are there... and our part is just cut short..:S.... and its really annoying coz we dont keep tracks of our own stuff...
so ya... just a request... (maybe ud wanna keep only the recent stuff even... coz even that would b great to watch over and over...:P)... until next series or somethin...
thanx a lot...

Originally Posted by amethyst
Sydney bhaiya, antora api, rubel bhaiya, rajowana api, Sohel bhaiya, betaar bhaiya, Electrequiem bhaiya:

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTS! I really appreciate it! Makes it worth working for.

Sohel bhaiya: I've never got such appreciation for my work before! And honestly, I don't expect it either! These are just "nei kaaj to khoi bhaj" kinda work. But reading your comment is now making me realize that I should've been more serious about it. I promise I will be. Thank you very much for taking the time to write me and making me realize something that I didnt before. And also, thank you for your suggestion. lolz.. those are also my favorite songs. Mone thakbe...

betaar: bhaiya, thank you for your suggestion. I will listen to "Live for This" and will keep your suggestion in mind. Thank you!!

sydney: damn you!! ektu "churi" korechi, tatei dhora porlam red handed. shoot!!!!! ok here's my confession. I KNOW THAT WAS TAMIM'S! But would you believe if I say that I couldn't find ANY "good shot" of Ash from the Ind vs Ban match? Youtube's got about 4 or 5 vids of that match and all of them are of Indian innings!! GRRR.. so from the highlight that was the best I could get! :'( maaf kore den.
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