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Old February 21, 2008, 11:19 PM
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Default Mind game- My random thoughts

Cricket is a mind game. Its also about setting up your runs. Dominating the bowlers thought with your shots, playing style. You are a great batsmen if you can out think the bowler. If you put too much emotional effort on playing a shot; you are looking for trouble the next ball. The bowler is also making a bread and butter out there. Give him his due respect. Give respect to the ball. If it deserves a four by all means go for it. If it deserves a block, so be it. You don't have to be impatient to score. Let the bowler go impatient and bowl a bad ball. Let his morale down. Let his captain down by not giving up your wicket to a bad ball. Remember before the start of play they have put a price for your wicket. Which is measured by runs. Being a Bangladeshi it is usually very low. Get beyond that price tag and look for bad balls. They will be tired, frustrated and bowl bad balls or balls according to your playinng style. Even when you block a ball you tell the bowler to bowl the next ball to a certain line and length. Batting is tremendous charm. When you bat, you can actually talk to bowler without even saying a word. The bowler is also talking to you. He wants your wicket, his carrer might be on the line for it. You need runs, your carrer might be on the line for it. Negotiate with the bowler. If he doesn't come to your terms give him hard time out there. You should be fine. Batting is an art. An art of conversation. With the bowler and you. Sometimes with the whole opposition. Make eye contact. Negotiate. You should be able to talk. If you can speak or understand English well you should do fine in the invisible conversation. When you go down mid pitch to talk to your batting partner never get over-hyped and forget about the conversation you were having with the opposition. Remember lots of BD fans are wishing you well and you should be able to talk to the opposition bowler about your carrer. Look at Tendulkar, look into his eyes, can you see he is talking to someone? Can you see it? If you cannot see it you don't understand c about cricket, let alone be a cricketer. Look at Mike Hussey. Look at Gilchrist. All of them are having a nice conversation with the opposition. Setting up their price tag. Working out their bowlers. Dominating them. Reading their thoughts. They are concentrating hard. Because they don't want to interrupted while they are reading the game. You need to put some efforts into it. You need to think about it. When you are winning the negotiation and the conversation, opposition want to close the communication channel. They are frustrated, they want to change their game plan. Change your game, change the momentum. Don't let yourself down. When you are concentrating really well they want to disturb your thought process. Thats when sledging comes into play. Being a Bangladeshi batsman you rarely get into the sledging phase of cricket. Remember this is the best part of cricket. Cricket is not a gentlemen's game. Cricket teaches you about racism and sledging. If you never had to sledge or felt racist towards an opposition cricketer you never have played cricket. The best cricketers are the worst sledgers. Grow a thick skin or let your bat talk or get ready to be perished. Technique comes from the mind game. Its not copy book cricket. Develop your own technique to defend your mind play. Get the basics right. Learn to dominate. Have a conversation. Make eye contact. Don't lose confidence. Concentration is the key. Have faith.

Note: This is my first thread in long while. I will add to the first post sometimes later.
পথিকঃ বৃক্ষ তোমার নাম কি?
বৃক্ষঃ নামে কি'ইবা হয়? ফলেই পরিচয়।

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