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Old August 6, 2004, 12:20 AM
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Default Increase/Decrease of Batsman\'s Batting AVG in ODIs

The following batting average is considered from the Australia tour:

Khaled Mashud
61 matches 17.63
66 matches 17.20
69 matches 16.84
72 matches 17.22
80 matches 18.13
My conclusion: His ODI career average is low, but very steady - given the opposition side's strength, and the pitches he plays in, his batting average improves or goes down.

Mushfiqur Rahman
6 matches 20.00
11 matches 17.71
14 matches 18.20
17 matches 18.00
23 matches 16.31
My conclusion: Not yet experienced enough to make us call him a batting all-rounder or a bowling all-rounder, or an all-rounder at all.

Alok Kapali
24 matches 23.95
29 matches 27.23
32 matches 24.55
35 matches 23.34
42 matches 20.43
My conclusion: Recently, he has a poor batting average, however against Pakistan in Pakistan, his batting average exceeded those even among the Bangladeshi players. How come? He must be going through a transitional phase since then. Must be something wrong. Considering his assumed mental state at the moment, we can safely ommit him from any sort of analysis for the moment, in the hope that he will recognize himself if he is off from cricket for a while, as a batter, a bowler or an all-rounder.
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Old August 6, 2004, 12:53 AM
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Join Date: June 20, 2002
Location: Dhaka
Favorite Player: A successful cricketer
Posts: 6,545

Monjurul Islam Rana
3 matches 23.00
4 matches 36.33
10 matches 30.42
My conclusion: He is on the top of his form at the moment, unlike Kapali. In addition, he has just not played enough games to consider him as an all-rounder or just a bowler who can bat as of yet. We need to see through the time once his debut season is over - how he copes with himself if he has a poor run of form. Or faces a tough opponent on quick pitches, outside the subcontinent.

Mohammad Ashraful
21 matches 16.15
24 matches 14.17
27 matches 16.32
35 matches 16.66
My conclusion: He was too much experimented upon, sometimes batted in the top order and sometimes batted in the middle order. He was also dropped from the team. It is amazing how a player can still have the same batting average after so many changings and choppings. Don't forget, his batting average was 11.00 at one point.

Rajin Saleh
5 matches 42.20
8 matches 33.62
11 MATCHES 32.63
19 matches 23.68
My conclusion: Like Monjurul Islam Rana, Rajin Saleh is also a new player, it was the first time in the Asia Cup that he faced a situation where he didn't score a fifty even in 1 match. So as we have not seen him enough yet, we do not know whether his batting average is actually going down, or that is 23.68 is his standard average, like the rest of the Bangladeshi batsman. We are just not certain yet. So lets give him some more time. See how he comes off after a few more matches.

Habibul Bashar
35 matches 18.57
40 matches 18.62
42 matches 18.47
45 matches 18.64
53 matches 17.66
My conclusion: Just like Pilot, his batting average is steady, since he is a pretty experienced player, so there is no need to see him off. It is true that he had a pretty poor Asia Cup - the batting avg of 17.66 proves just that. However, for more than 10 matches, over a 1 year period, his batting average did not flactuate much. We knew that he was a bad One-Day player before his captaincy and before this one (last) year, now we also know that he is a bad one-day player after one year. So no difference. Don't forget, Minhazul Abedin Nannu's batting average is also 18 point something. In addition since we know Bashar's Test career batting average, so again, he is just a bad One-Day player.

Javed Omar
28 matches 22.68
30 matches 25.81
My conclusion: Since he didn't play too much in One-Day games, I think I need to bring back a while earlier - for instance, at one point, his batting average was 13.57, then in another point in his career, it was 32.36. So there was enough flactuations in his whole ODI career. Only recently, he is more experienced enough after playing loads of Test cricket to steady his own performance. I would say that he is now experienced enough and in good form to let him give a few chances in ODIs.

Hannan Sarkar
10 matches 8.30
13 matches 16.84
18 matches 19.05
20 matches 19.15
My conclusion: Again, too many flactuations in his batting average, and since he is not yet experienced enough, so we are not sure whether he is a One-Day player, or not.
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Old August 6, 2004, 01:13 AM
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Default Avg

Now of their Avg
Abdur Razzaq (Raj) 13.00

Al Sahariar (Rokon) 13.36

Alok Kapali 20.44

Faisal Hossain 8.75

Habibul Bashar 17.66

Javed Omar (Gullu) 25.81

Khaled Mashud 18.13

Khaled Mahmud 13.60
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Old August 6, 2004, 04:31 AM
sageX sageX is offline
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Hannan Sarkar Avg is increasing. I think WI series got him bad. Javed Omar has best Avg among openers. You know, Ash is way better then 16.66 avg. If he stay as opener he will face more balls and that may bring his avg up.
I hope Rana's stat doesn't follow Rajins.
This statistics actually portray a msg. Nice stats!

[Edited on 6-8-2004 by sageX]
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Old August 6, 2004, 02:17 PM
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oh man, the kind of average our top order have, we can not really expect good result from this bunch. i guess we've to wait until the u19 and u17 team players comes and does a completely replacement. until then, we'll see the same type of result again and again.
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Old August 9, 2004, 08:45 AM
amit(a huge BD fan)
Posts: n/a

it is sad to c that no bd batsman except manjural islam rana averages above 30 in odis. even the main players of the team avg less than 20.

lets hope that bd does get atleast 4 batsman in their team who have a 30+ ave.
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Old August 9, 2004, 09:13 AM
Ibrahim Ibrahim is offline
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BD players have so low average. How could they play international game.
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