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Old September 6, 2008, 02:53 PM
WarWolf WarWolf is offline
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Default BCB: The Root of All The Problems and They are To be Forced Now

A lot discussions and analysis have been going on recently because of the poor performance of the team. It's natural when the performance curve is negative on a constant basis. Different kinds of views from different aspects comes and each of them deserves a thought. Some says the coach is the main culprit, some says it's the players and some others think infrastructure is the main problem. To me it's the board and its non-professionalism are the main reason for the constant poor performance of the team.

The Problems:
Problem Since The Start:
Since the birth of our test status, our cricket was never on the right track. After getting the test status, we needed at least 2 years of time before stepping on to the real show. Unfortunately that didn't happen . Actually our board was not ready for it in the real sense. We didn't have sufficient infrastructure to be a test playing country. We even didn’t have a single longer version league in the country. It really sounds funny to me that a country having test status didn’t have any longer version of cricketing culture.

Wrong Selection Policy:
We had some players with good maturity and experience around whom we could build our team while making the infrastructure ready for this level. Aminul Islam Bulbul, Akram Khan, Minhajul AbedinNannu, Nairum Rahman Durjoy around whom the team could built up. But we failed to do that. A player like Nannu was ignored from the test team forever who showed his caliber later by achieving average of 51.78 from 24 first class matches. Instead of building the team around these players our management has chosen the easy way of throwing very young inexperienced players like Ashraful, who has crashed under pressure and yet to be able to adjust in this level, under the fire. A lot of other young and teenagers like Alok Kapali, Nafis Iqbal, Hannan Sarkar have been put under pressure and wasted in this non-professional selection policy.

This wrong policy is still continuing and still we are putting young players like Junaed under fire while ignoring senior consistent performers like Ehsanul Haque.

Wrong Selection of Coaches:
Our selection of coaches didn’t really work for us most of the times. After getting the test status, we forced the coach to leave who took our team to a cetain level. I am talking about Gordon Greenidge here whom we awarded our national citizenship out of enthusiasm. Later we have seen garbage dumped coaches like Trevor Chappell, Mohsin Kamal who took the performance curve to downwards instead of raising it.

Dav was a good selection and has been a good find for Bangladesh. Yet BCB failed to handle him properly. The recent coach Jamie Siddons has already become a controversial one putting his selection on harsh questions.

Failing Achieve Professionalism and Accountability:
BCB is a non-professional organization from the very beginning. A lot of eye-washing efforts have been made to make it professional and eventually none of them succeeded. A money generating organization like BCB which is responsible for keeping the national pride high must be professional and ensure accountability. Govt selected body with biased choices of garbage type of management is never enough to keep the desired standard.

We failed to ensure accountability in every way. Nobody is there to take the responsibility of the failures. Nobody knows how the huge amount of money coming from sponsorship and TV rights are getting spent. BCB is like a “modhur hari” of which every one wants to get a stake.

Nobody knows what the basis of selections of the management personnel is. Completely pathetic!!!!

Unable To Build the Proper Infrastructure
BCB completely failed to live up to the mark here. A new test playing country like Bangladesh needs proper infrastructure to keep on going. BCB completely ignored this issue and still we are almost on the same condition where we had been at the time of getting the test status. Insufficient playing grounds, lack of good fast bouncy wickets, quality curators, coaches, umpires, analysts only did the damage more.

Lack of Proper Vision:
BCB never seem to have the vision to take our cricket to the next level. They worked on ad-hoc basic instead of working with a concrete step by step plan. Cricket is not only a game these days; it’s a commodity, it’s a national representative in the world. Our management failed to understand it completely. This has not changed yet and we don’t see any sign of the desired change in the near future.

What to Do Now:
We need to start some kind of protests against the non-sense BCB management by putting some banner on the home page or some thing like that. We need a fully professional management who won't fail to install fast and bouncy wickets all over the country, neither would fail to decentralize cricket to every corner, neither would fail to pick the right persons as selectors (to be frank except Akram the whole selection team is rubbish), neither would fail to make the domestic competitions competitive enough, neither would fail to train and enroll full time coaches, physio, trainers for regional teams...A lot of similar points can be added here.

So some kind of pressure has to be built on them. We waited enough and now it's time for pushing them to do the right things. Otherwise our cricket will loose the glamor and fans and as a result BC will become less active day by day.

Please propose a way, which you think, will be effective and yet decent and peaceful enough to change BCB in a positive way to hire professionals and become a professional organization. We don't wanna see another traditional govt office continues to be in there to degrade our cricket.
And Allah Knows the best

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