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Forget Cricket Talk about anything [within Board Rules, of course :) ]

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Old January 9, 2019, 12:56 AM
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Talking 2020 US Presidential Election Thread

Now that midterms are over, the horse race has started unofficially. I will start by re-posting my own prediction here:

Originally Posted by ToBeFair
About 2020 election:

1. Hillary Clinton most likely will run again only to be humiliated like never before.

2. Kamala Harris and Corey Booker will run -the FRAUDs - and lose they shall like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz in 2016.

3. Biden will run. He has been running since the 80s, but the uncle of America will remain 10% Biden as Trump calls him. He will not win the primary.

4. Richard Ojeda has declared he will run. A fiery speaker, but far behind in name recognition. Has no chance.

5. Tim Kaine might run. Another plastic politician - will get his clock cleaned like Jeb Bush.

6. Beto O'Rourke will run. He has proved to be a master of small donation fund raising. He is tall, handsome, looks presidential, and progressive. He has a chance.

7. Elizabeth Warren will run. She has proved to be a masterclass in being a progressive while not burning the bridges with corporate democratic party heads. She has a great chance, but not sure if voters (Bernie bros) will forgive her for not endorsing Bernie in 2016.

8. Two other fradus - Michael Bloomberg and Michael Avenatti will run - but they will go nowhere.

9. Sherrod Brown and Tulsi Gabbard are considering run too. They probably will not win the primaries, but both are good candidates for VPs.

10. Bernie Sanders will run. And the most popular politician has the greatest chance to win the primary. Unless there are shenanigans like of 2016, it will be very tough to deny him the nomination this time.

Can Bernie beat Trump? It has proven to be very difficult to unseat a seating president, but if there is one polician I bet on beating Trump, it will be Bernie.

How successful will Bernie be as President? Probably not much, because the whole system will be against him. His situation will be like Lula of Brazil. But if he can deliver even a few progressive victories like mediocre for all, free college, and minimum wage, he will go down as a great president.
I was mistaken about Beto. In his senate bid, he presented himself as a progressive by solely relying on small donor donations, but recently a newspaper published his voting records - this fruad is a neo-liberal to the core
Dem establishment is very scared this time. As of today, are no candidates who can beat Bernie or Elizabeth.
As expected, Bernie and Elizabeth smearing has started already.
A Vermont newspaper recently published an article begging Bernie to not run. Because they don't want disunity! What a logic They simply want progressives and leftists to bow their heads to fraud neo liberals in the name of unity. Very unlikely to happen this time.

Dem primary will be very interesting
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