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Old June 18, 2004, 02:04 AM
mahbub mahbub is offline
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MD:MAHBUB,The summary I get from most of your messages is that India gifted us Test Status and therefore we should be ever grateful... -
we are thankful alright. But, I also sense a condescending attitude that if it wasn't for India (i.e. Jagmohan Dalmiya) BD cricket would be nowhere since India pitched a key vote in the process of us gaining the test status; Ganguli or anyone associated with Indian cricket therefore, has the right to bring us down as wish permits. There is certainly a "God complex" in the lurk.

It is offending to anyone who loves BD cricket when you are stressing the point by indirectly hinting that it is ok for ICC to drop BD to a relegation tier with other countries not currently playing test (barring Zimbabwe).

I find it a moot point to go into argument on the scale of progress. I think the idea of a relegation tier is not a bad idea for the new countries coming into cricket. That builds a development stage for entry into test arena. What I disagree is with the point when people try to limit the number to 8 for tier 1 test nations and bring the topic of dropping BD off tier one. Ideally, in my belief, the number in tier 1 should increase by at least 1 in every 3/4 years. ICC should look into building tier 2 to bring more countries into tier 1 and not a mean to drop countries already in tier 1 to tier 2.

Mate Ian W., from "down under", has a more lucid analysis in how to go about doing this tier 1 and 2 (and perhaps 3) business. We appreciate your support for BD cricket and hope to see more constructive postings. We certainly need al the support.


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Old June 18, 2004, 02:10 AM
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Dalmiya didn't represent India... he represented International Cricket. Besides we EARNED our right to play... it would hav been shameful for india not to vote for us... just as it would be shameful if they bring us down.
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