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Old January 10, 2010, 03:39 PM
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Default Bangladesh Team is on right track but BCB is not!

It was rightly forecasted that the first six months of 2010 will be the crunch time for Bangladesh cricket. Tigers will have the opportunity to show their progress to the elite teams of the cricketing world. So it all started with Tri Nation’s cup 2010. But certainly, No one expected this start.

Jamie Siddons mentioned in an interview that Bangladesh team is on the right track. He also mentioned that the bigger teams should be careful when criticizing us in future, as it may embarrass them sooner than they think. We already witnessed three matches played by the Tigers. It appeared that Siddons expectations are not far from reality. But still Bangladesh lost all the three matches they played. Why did that happen? Did the boys play bad cricket? Was there lack of commitments? Or, they are not good enough competing at this level.

Fortunately, answer to all these questions are No. Tigers played excellent cricket. There was no shortage of commitments from any of these players. All the commentators highly praised the commitments of the Bangladesh players on the field. They scored fluently and reached almost 250 and plus score in each of their innings. And they looked good enough to challenge any team on a given day. Then where are the problems lying? Why did they loose all three matches?

If we analyze the four matches that have been played then we will find mostly outside factors contributed more in the losses for Tigers, than their own performances. Where, the role of BCB comes with a big question mark.

It will be interesting to know the reason for BCB to make a flat batting pitch where other two participating teams are India and Sri Lanka. So at the very onset we are handing over the advantage to the opponents, being the host country. Well done BCB! ( Referring to Miraz’s post)

BCB is claiming that the strength of Bangladesh team is Spin attack. Where as, they prepare a pitch which no way favors the spin, instead provides good enough assistance to pace attack. During last 5 matches 49 wickets were claimed by bowlers, out of which 31 wickets by pace men and 18 by spinners. Out of 18 wickets, 12 were claimed by teams bowling first. But BCB forms a team which is total contrary to the pitch they offered. Bangladesh team comprised of 4 spinners and 2 pacers, one of them is a debutant and the other crossed debut not far back. Well done BCB!

Teams fielding second lost all the five matches played so far. And Bangladesh fielded second all the three matches they played. So it could be conclusive. But Shakib did win one toss and elected to bat first with everyone’s utter surprise including the opponent Captain! Again, I hate to believe that Shakib took this decision all by his own judgments and views. What scares me most is the explanation he gave for batting first, which was absolutely negative and doesn’t go at all with these breed of Bangladeshi players. I will not be surprised if too many intellectual ex-players around BCB, had any role to play in injecting negativity to these gutsy / carefree young generation players (Raqibul Hasan and Gazi Ashraf expressed exact same explanations for batting first on the same day to Tareq Mahmud).

জাতীয় দলের সাবেক অধিনায়ক রকিবুল হাসান মাত্র দুই শব্দের একটা সনদপত্র দিলেন টস জিতে ব্যাটিং করতে নামাটাকে, ‘বিচক্ষণ সিদ্ধান্ত।’ কুয়াশা আর শিশিরের দাপট ত্রিদেশীয় সিরিজটাকে যতই শীতার্ত করে তুলুক, গতকালের সূর্যে অন্য ভাষা পড়েছেন রকিবুল, ‘আজ সকাল থেকেই অনেক উজ্জ্বল সূর্য। শিশিরও সন্ধ্যা ৭টার আগে পড়বে বলে মনে হয় না। আমি তো বলব খুবই সঠিক সিদ্ধান্ত নিয়েছে আমাদের অধিনায়ক। এই উইকেটে ভারতকে আগে ব্যাটিং করতে দেওয়াটা বিপদের কারণ হতো।’ আরেক সাবেক অধিনায়ক এবং বিসিবি পরিচালক গাজী আশরাফ হোসেন বাংলাদেশের ব্যাটিং দেখতে দেখতে রকিবুলের কথাটাই টেনে নিলেন আরও, ‘এই উইকেটে তিন শর বেশি রান করাও কোনো ব্যাপার হবে না। ভারতীয় ব্যাটিং লাইনআপ অনেক শক্তিশালী। ওদের আগে ব্যাটিং দিলে ওরা সাড়ে তিন শ-চার শও করে ফেলতে পারে।

Source: http://www.prothom-alo.com/detail/da...-08/news/33314

Any position in BCB is indeed very lucrative these days, in terms of money and or honor. So unsurprisingly political leaders and ex-players are seen around BCB like the bees. If they contribute for the better then there is no problem. But if their presence, with official capacity or without, presents more harms than good then BCB should look in to the matter.

With our present culture, it is almost impossible to think of a BCB without Awami League or BNP. But political parties should at least think for this game which has earned this country so much of honor and gave immense exposure. Please don’t appoint some headless, uneducated photo session maniac individuals. If at all it has to be from ruling party, then send someone like Saber Hossain, who was educated, and had enough knowledge and passion for cricket.

We can’t afford to waste chances like rich people. We have to grab everything that comes our way. I strongly believe that already a chance for winning gone begging against India. Few dubious decisions by BCB (I am including everyone except the players) already cost us this tournament. We could have started 2010 in far better way. Let us all work right and work together. Tigers will surely lift our face up.
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