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Old July 16, 2009, 11:46 AM
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bangla-red bangla-red is offline
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I am going to start a Fantasy Cricket League, here on BC, where we have two teams of at least 15 players, where they play matches against each other in a league format. We would have a First Class (5 days), One Day (1 Day, 50 overs) and 25-Over Series between the two teams.

The Cricket Simulator is basically a program where you can use international teams (outdated) or create new teams (which is what I'm looking to do). After inputting data (teams, pitch etc), the program "sims" a game for me, leaving the ball-by-ball commentary and the scorecard, which I would then post in a match thread created for that particular game. Players will not have to actively play themselves - all a regular team member will have to do is make comments on matches/results and cheer their team on.

As I would be running the BCFCL, I would be captain of one of the two teams, and I will choose another one, someone who has applied for captaincy. The captain gets to pick his players in the draft, choose a vice-captain, post a team for matches (pitch if at home), and negotiate with other teams for end-of-season trades/loans etc. The two teams will play each other in a 3-5 FC matches, 3-7 OD matches and 3-5 T25 matches.

If you wish to sign up, please use the following template:

Name (Forename and surname, it can be fake, or you can use your username, or even your real name.)
Type* (Batsman/Bowler/Bowling All Rounder/Batting All Rounder/Pure All Rounder/Wicket Keeper Batsman)
Batting Hand (Left or Right)
Bowling Type (see below)

For Bowling Type you can be (choose one of course):

Right Arm Fast
Left Arm Fast
Right Arm Fast Medium
Left Arm Fast Medium
Right Arm Medium
Left Arm Medium
Right Arm Leg Spin
Right Arm Off Spin
Left Arm Spin

* If you wish to be a wicketkeeper, you don't need to choose a bowling type.

An example (my sign-up by the way, and please stick to this template )

Bangla Red
Right Hand Batsman
Left Arm Spin

Current sign-ups: 33

Bangla Red (Batsman, RHB, LAS) (bangla-red)
Dhrubo (Batsman, RHB, RFM) (Dhrubo)
Akib (WicketKeeper Batsman, RHB, RLS) (Akib)
Nadim (Pure All-rounder, RHB, RLS) (nadim 98)
Sidratul Baizeed (Bowler, RHB, RFM) (sbsash)
Rommel Rana (Wicketkeeper Batsman, RHB, RF) (Rommel)
F1-mania (Batsman, RHB, RM) (F1-mania)
Gopal Bhar (Bowler, RHB, LF) (ZeeshanM)
Rifat Chowdhury (Bowler, RHB, ROS) (Rifat)
Abz Yemon (Bowler, RHB, RF) (abz..+)
Nzfan (Batsman, LHB, LAS) (nzfan)
Parvez (Batsman, RHB, RM) (parvez)
Bujhee Kom (Batsman, RHB, RLS) (bujhee kom)
Gunda (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RF) (gunda)
Ashfaq Siraji (WicketKeeper-Batsman, RHB, ROS) (Siraji)
Yusuf Mohammed (Bowler, LHB, LM) (MohammedC)
Niv (Bowler, RHB, RLS) (Niv)
Nycpro96 (Batting All-Rounder, RHB, ROS) (nycpro96)
Purbasha Talukder (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RFM) (Purbasha T)
Fahad (WicketKeeper-Batsman, RHB, RFM) (Mav)
Tonoy (Batsman, LHB, LFM) (tonoy)
Jaber (Bowling All-Rounder, RHB, RFM) ()
Razi (Batsman, LHB, ROS) (Razi)
Sadi (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RFM) (WarWolf)
Auntu (Batsman, RHB, ROS) (auntu)
Mijanul Akbar (Batsman, RHB, ROS) (Tigers_eye)
Ashraf (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RLS) (Ashraf-FTP)
Warfaze Dream (Bowler, RHB, RF) (Imteaz)
Cameron (Batting All-Rounder, RHB, RM) (cameron)
Abid Khan (Bowling All-Rounder, RHB, RM) (Abid_Khan)
Mijanur Rahman (Bowler, RHB, RF) (revolver)
Abc Zain (Bowler, RHB, RFM) (abc70)

* Positions for Wicketkeeper-Batsman are now closed.

Captains: 2


__________________________________________________ _____________________

If this were to be successful, we would probably need a sub-forum devoted to it.

All-rounders don't perform as well as the other roles.

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