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Forget Cricket Talk about anything [within Board Rules, of course :) ]

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Old January 29, 2005, 01:14 AM
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Q: Who would be dumb enough to sell out their country to another?

A: Many if not most Bangadeshis. If bangladeshis were that smart, wouldnt BD be the worlds only superpower?

islamic fundementalism is on the rise everywhere...why would BD be some heavenly place where it didnt exist?

ahmadiyyas claim in a prophet after the last prophet...thats fine, but how are a bunch of pakistanis, gonna tell ppl, that the word "khatmun-nabi" doesnt mean "seal of the prophet" as in last prophet, but "seal of the prophets" as in official prophet?

the last time i checked pakis didnt speak arabic, arabs did. so how do they know better about someone elses language?
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Old January 29, 2005, 01:49 AM
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He was a great leader. I am feeling deep shock. My respect goes for him.
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Old January 29, 2005, 06:22 AM
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Originally posted by Shubho
This is truly another sad episode in our already sad history. I cannot understand why there are elements in our country that are going down this vile route; the route of fundamentalism. Let's not kid ourselves. We may not know which individuals have perpetrated these bombings since the whole Udichi thing several years back, but we certainly know what type of people they are, and what their motives are.

I look at Bangladeshi society today, and see a subtle but growing radicalization among common folk that completely defies the values upon which our country was built.

A few points I wanted to make with regards to what other people have said in this thread:

What is this rubbish about politicians trying to sell out Bangladesh to India? Who in their right mind would want to do that? And what benefit can the Awami League possibly derive from selling out to India? This mindless rhetoric from people who call themselves 'educated' is absolutely mind-boggling.

Next point; how on earth can somebody who's spent a lot of his/her life in the West, and probably gone to university too, talk about benevolent dictatorship? The proverb has been used before: "absolute power corrupts absolutely". Besides, name one decent benevolent dictator. Gaddafi? Ayatollah Khomeini? Hafis Assad? Hitler? Tito? Mussolini? Zia? Musharraf? Ayub Khan? Ershad? Who, pray tell would pass as benevolent dictator?

Then there is this whole thing about SAMS Kibria being a corrupt politician. Fine. Let's agree that he was corrupt like ALL other politicians in Bangladesh. So what? Do we allow people to roam around and throw grenades at political gatherings in order remove corrupt leaders? Isn't the Anti-corruption bureau meant to be doing that? Isn't the police responsible for that? Are we not meant to be a democracy?

Finally, a couple of points I want to make about the increasing radicalization of Bangladeshi society. Please do not stick your heads in the sand like ostriches; the problem exists, I assure you.

It starts with little things. Consider the annoying insistence of some of our compatriots on saying 'Allahhafez' instead of 'Khodahafez'. Suddenly half the country is screaming that you are a sinner, a non-believer, an idol-worshipper for saying the latter.

Okay, so far things are still relatively harmless, but as I said things always start small and spin out of control later. Next thing you know, some half-assed mullah is screaming for the head of Taslima Nasreen, who herself can't string together five sentences that have even a semblance of literary value. Regardless, why shout down her democratic right to free speech?

Then things start to escalate further. Suddenly, Ahmadiyyas can no longer be regarded as Muslims, just because the Sunni majority says so. What sort of rubbish is that? I don't recall a single passage of the Quran that says only Sunni Islam is the correct path. But then, why would a semi-literate mullah listen to me anyway?

But hey, the story doesn't end there. Suddenly, any Kolimuddin Solimuddin with a little bit of money decides that the best way to contribute to the nation is by funding a madrasah (read Taliban training camp, and don't you deny it) or a new mosque next to 15 others within the same city block. Thence we get Dolby Surround Sound Azaan five times a day. Just in case you didn't hear it the first time, it's sung at you from 15 different directions, in 15 different pitches, at 15 different volumes. My point isn't that Azaan should be done away with. My point is whether we need 15 mosques within the same 100 square meters. Should a half-way enlightened society not be spending on schools and hospitals as well? But no, that would make us kafirs, wouldn't it?

So does the story end there? Of course not! While we're at it, why not get rid of Indian agents too (read, Awami Leaguers)? After all, the Indians are the ultimate sinners since they have a multiplicity of deities. So, let's build a huge funeral pyre for Ivy Rahman and Kibria, and if we can, let's throw Sheikh Hasina into it too.

That's not enough? No problem! We'll make sure that we hound every journalist with liberal, non-Islamic agendas out of town, out of country and if possible, out of this world too.

What? Still not enough? Let's make certain that known mass murderers, but Islamic zealots are in government, and in important positions too, thank you very much. Surely that will sate our appetite!

Anyway, I think you guys get my drift. At some point, enough just has to be enough. We have to come out of the caves and reclaim the tolerant society that we once were. I can only hope that there are still enough people in Bangladesh with enough guts to stand up to this new breed of Islamo-nazis, because this madness refuses to leave on it's own. All this time we've seen the symptoms. Initially, we ignored the trouble. Then we applied some over-the-counter medicine, but without effect. Then we used anti-biotics. Still nothing. I guess it's time for chemotherapy.

Edited on, January 29, 2005, 3:19 AM GMT, by Shubho.
Very well said, I couldn't have said it better myself.
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Old January 29, 2005, 06:23 AM
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1st Wide bowl.
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Old January 29, 2005, 07:11 AM
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Such a long thread with such useless debate, bengalis are indeed a sick nation, inside and outside of the country. Some started debate, why Mr.Kibria joined politics. Yes dumb, he did the right thing, brilliant ppl like him needs to join politics so those illiterate thugs will eventually go away from politics along with those jaroj coward mullahs. Then there is debate if Kibria was corrupted. Doesn't that imply he deserved such death becoz he was corrupted? where does this thinking put you in? Then some other jackass started comparing 'civilized' usa with Bangladesh situation, hartal etc. It is not about bush winning election, there is no master planned killing of opposition in this country, so you dont see hartal and burning cars. Just pick your so called civilized 130 mil people and put them in BD situation and see what kind of reaction they come up with. What they are today has come from lot of sucking sucking and sucking the other part of the worlds and look back only 50 years ago and see if they had their trouser on.

So this chaotic board is the prove of our divided mentality, we dont even have common sense to condemn when something inhuman happen to our country. Most of the folks posting here are the younger generation from 18-30s. And if this is the 'bright' side of our younger generation, then i am sorry, we shall not see a BD that we shall be proud of. But then again i am not surprised, after all they all are learning this from their parents
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Old January 29, 2005, 11:30 AM
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Default Shubho comes out of hiding!

Where have you been mate? Still in Canada? Anyway, we have differences in preference when it comes to BD politics, but I have to say, that was well-written. This Talibanization trend, and its may just be a very subtle trend at the moment, is nonetheless very worrying. Anyway, I would love to comment on a lot of things going on within BD, politically and socially, but this is not the time or thread to do it.

ps. If I didn't know better, I'd say you plagiarized my bit on benevolent dictators on this thread!
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Old January 29, 2005, 01:22 PM
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SM Kibria brutally assassinated. Sad news.

May Allah give eternal peace to his departed soul and give strength to his beloved family members to bear this shock.

In Bangladesh political history, in a public meeting, procession or in any political gathering prominent leaders were not killed before, this is very new dimension in the Bd politics. Bomb attacking in the meeting, procession or to kill individual not an old path, it has been started since 1999 and got wildness in 2001 and onwards.

Surprisingly a story got hit that to getting public sentimental supports for anti governments movement of Awami league these are their own creation. Some from ruling party were also vocal openly “why not a single grandees was burst on the Hasina’s truck?” BNP leaders defending their cleanliness with the attack of 21 August in Al meeting when 22 people were died. And ruling party leaders exclamations was why they would make this havoc which cause to create unstable situation for their government?

Why they are defending? They should find out the miscreants first then they could clarify the story!!

This is the failure of the government. If the Al does it why not it is digging out? Where is the report of inquiry committee? Yesterday Mannan Bhuian told in a press conference that it’s the failure of administration not to completing the inquiry of all the previous incidents. Who is responsible for this lacking? Now again they are calling the FBI, Interpol and Scotland Yard’s people.

This winter season along with Bogra, Rajshahi and in some northern districts of the country several bomb were blasted in Jatra pandles and number of people died and wounded. Home ministry has issued an order to close all the Jatra and winter fair by 31 January for avoiding any further incidents before the SAARC summit to be held on 7 & 8 of February. This Jatra and fair were legal, got permission from the proper authority. Nothing was wrong with their legality. They were being killed and wounded by miscreant now government has ordered to quit them for the shake of SAARC summit instead of protecting them. Government should clear their voice.

Late Kibria did wrong to join politics, as it’s the game of only evil. And we believe it! Why?

“Bad money derives away the good money out of circulation”. It’s a economical theory of money circulation, now we believe that bad people derives away the good people out of the politics”.

Politics is not a bad thing, like corrupted bureaucrats, army, lawyer, educationist, doctor, engineer, journalist; religious traders, bankers and corrupted businessman there are corrupted politician. So why good people will not do politics or why we are saying all are bad who are in politics?

Our poor middleclass mentality is very funny. For any job, visa, land allotment, admission in university, going abroad or in any of our discomfort we are delighted to taking any sorts of help and kindness from these politician and very cheaply we are the first to called them dirty evil.

May Allah help us…

Today speaker of the parliament made a press conference. He accuses Mrs. Kibria who did not cooperate to hold a Janaza prayer of Late Kibria in the south plaza of the parliament house. And for this non-cooperation a very old tradition of Parliament has been violated. Koliza faitta jai…May Allah help him…
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Old January 29, 2005, 03:07 PM
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I am reading great political in-depth analysis about our politics, politicians, failure and so on. Politicians are also members of our society. Problem lies in every Bengali's heart. There are some people dead shredded by splinters of grenade. They look like any other Bengali to me. I am sure they have son, wife, daughter and mother like everybody else. Is it just to loose your father like that no matter how you are governed? Is it any easier just because you are an democratic country not a communist one.

How many people died because of this? How many kids they have? How they gonna survive? How they gonna go to school? How the widow will bring food in the table for children? Who will take care of sick mother? Answer this questions if you can.
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