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Forget Cricket Talk about anything [within Board Rules, of course :) ]

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Old June 29, 2017, 11:42 AM
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Default Don't call me Murgi chor!!!!!

Nasif: Bring it.

Well, Nazrul house was closest to the teachers quarters. A tiny one car road (pitched) went around the fields to get their houses. Huge trees (mostly kathal and eucalyptus) kinda hugged the road on one side.

So, we were in grade 11. Newly appointed mostans in the college. We all had wings and could fly (almost). Matitey pa proto na. The guards were all bought. They wouldn't stop anyone of us from going to Kaliakor in the middle of the night. As I said, bought.

Old Grudge:
I am not going to name names, but there was a teacher who had two daughters. We, testosterone filled, newly mostans had our eyes on those lonolanas and few others who use to walk down the road before the sunset. This could only be seen from our house. The aggressive ones, would whistle and try to get their attention during and after the evening games time. Some would non-chantantly pass few "I love you" or similar kind of notes (Chircut). We all thought the world of those two. Boys would be boys. They would flirt time to time. It was almost hot knives going through butter. Anyways, one of my close friend was very serious with the older girl before SSC. He passed notes (study notes) and kinda had a relationship we all knew. He wanted to take the relationship to another level. Her father, our teacher didn't know any of this. As things happen, Father was furious. The girl crying, "I am innocent." The blame fell on him. He was severely punished. Wasn't expelled but parents were called in. It was a mess.

The Revenge:
Shala buira. Tor khobor asey. So we planned to teach this teacher a lesson. They use to raise few chicken. Here is the story!!! 4 of us, wanna be commandos, (3 of them are in BD Army and did finish their commando course, irony) made a plan to steal the cock and roast it.

The plan was very secret. Just the four of us would participate. As mostans we were, we went to cafeteria's cooking place and got some wood. smuggled it to the roof of our house. Hid them behind the water tank. Smuggled a "boro churi" like a "ram da". One of the cook supplied us with some spices. We told him we had some "Guava" and want to make some "chatni". From our famous garden (we never won a gardening competition ever in our lifetime or before us) we took out green onions. We also got a spare key for lock of the roof, this wasn't easy. If we were caught, we would face some serious charges. Like trying to plot to kill someone, HHS. We also scouted the surrounding the building. There wasn't any fences even in the back. We also had a jute bag (Bosta).

We decided it would be better when it is a new moon or just few days old. So picked our date. The night before, one of the accomplice got cold feet. He wanted out. We beat him up. "Once in, you are all in. We will blame you, sucker!!!" He wouldn't budge. "I don't want to get in to trouble. I already have a rap sheet. If I get caught, I will be suspended." We said, "no problem. Don't you dare tell our plans to anyone EVER until we graduate HSC."

Even though the guards were bought that was only to travel outside the campus and they would over look our escape. This is totally a different case. They are there to protect properties and will be held responsible if something goes missing. So we had to avoid the guards at all cost. The teachers house was third building from our place. We kinda timed when the guards would do their rounds. 11pm, 1am, 4am. Our window of opportunity was between 2am to 3am. It was on a Thursday night.

For some reason it was overcast as well. Nature aiding us to fulfill revenge. Thursday nights after lights-out most of the time we would play cards on the porch. So regularly we are playing. around 1am I cut out saying feeling very sleepy. One of my partner, who was also among the 3, said he was done as well. So we disband early. Go back to our room to go to bed.

Each minutes seemed hours. The clock wouldn't move. around 1:30 I knock on the one. he use to have a corner room (personal room) on the ground floor. That was our meeting place. The third one showed up shortly. The issue wasn't the stealing. The issue was how would we hide it from the 12th graders, our seniors who were still in the house and how would we sneak past them all the way to the top floor. Could we consume it or they would just take it away from us by blackmailing.

Anyways, the time came and 3 of us got out of the window. There was a drain right behind the house. It was dark. We moved like Ninjas. Went pass the 1st building. There was a dog barking at us. Paid no attention. "Leri Kutta". reached our destination with ram da. The street light kinda interrupted. Past that, we went behind the house and found small henhouse. The Birds were agitated with our presence. There was a citkati lock, which was easy to open. The cock was circling around the small area. We grabbed it. I was an expert at handling these birds since we had them in our house. Held it with two wings and with my other hand held the head in a way from behind so I could press on its beak. This muted the sound a little.

Right then and there we did what we had to do. I am not going to graphic on you guys. Not a single drop of blood on any of us. We sat their under a shadow for few more minutes. Then made it back to house. We had to make sure there was no trail. The bosta came in handy.

Rooftop cooking:
Once we reached there without any incident, we collectively had a shy of relief. Started making a fire pit, small one. Had a pot of hot water which helped to take out the skin (feathers). Then poured in the spice mix on the bird and started roasting it. It took sometime to make it tender. THe cleanup part was all putting in side the bosta. Throw it away beside the near by pond of the principal's house.

Damn!!!! That taste of revenge was better than the chicken. There was no second adventure.
The Weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the Strong." - Gandhi.

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