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Old June 17, 2018, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by roman
Afghans are getting all these praises simply because of their flamboyant brand of cricket. Rashid is very popular in India as well because of his IPL performance. BD on the other hand, win a match here and there, very boring game approach most of the time, has no popular player like Rashid and Mujeb. And back in 07, there was no IPL. So our players were unknown to them. So it was easy to pick on them. And also the bully attitude India has towards us helped
Also for the fact its like a charity case
Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much- Oscar Wilde.

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Old June 17, 2018, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Rifat_02
There was also Mandira Bedi saying some unsavoury stuff about BD in that world cup as the host. Also, Remember when Navjot Singh Sidhu was saying something like both cockroaches and birds fly but a cockroach is not a bird to refer to BD? Not to mention Geoffrey Boycott was saying his Grandmother could bat better than Bangladesh batsmen, and that Pakistan talk show where they brought a guy painted black to represent a BD player. We were like the step child of cricket for getting test status in 2000.

Afghanistan on the other hand will still be praised if they lose by 700 runs the next day.

The BD team has received and still receives some very bad hatred, some uncalled for, that's why it feels doubly sweet when we give back some to the cricket world. I hope the team rises again and makes the haters silent once more
Mandira got bitter after BD beat India tbh. Boycott would use his grandmother to other teams and players as well.

Aussies were the worst like David hookes and I really wanted him to witness BD beating Australia. But A lot Aussie and Kiwi journalist would say really mean stuff.

I remember a UK sports journalist get torn apart before he said lower ranked teams had no place in the World Cup and BD did quite well.

Pakistanis media also chose a darkened and short lady to make fun of our female players. But that’s a common complex about us that is from my personal experiences with many of them. But after that white wash against Pak teams they have had to change their tune.

TBH the only way you can change people’s perspective is playing good cricket. InshahAllah I also hope our team sorts itself out and being us joy and pride again.
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