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Old June 4, 2005, 10:13 PM
chyicarus chyicarus is offline
ODI Cricketer
Join Date: November 4, 2004
Location: Denver, CO
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why are we bringing politics and non-cricket related history into the sport?
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Old June 4, 2005, 10:29 PM
CTazim CTazim is offline
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Originally posted by chyicarus
I have to object accusing umpires of "cheating", giving the benefit of the doubt to the stronger team etc etc.
I am a Bangladeshi fan, but i also think that we can criticise them now as we have the luxury of TV replays from a hundred different angles, the Hawkeye technology, Snick-o-meter, spin vision etc etc. The Umpires in the middle don't have the luxury of that and they have to make a decision in a few seconds.
True Nafis Iqbal's decision was iffy, but Nafis Iqbal is to be blamed also as from the angle i was watching the game, he felt that the keeper legally caught the ball and was walking off without really confirming with the umpire.
Secondly, i don't think Basher's LBW decision was wrong, it might be that if the umpire has a doubt it should've gone to the batsman; but he had none(benefit i.e)!
Yes, it is true that we don't get such decision, but a reason for that being that we tend to appeal for every bad pad, every lbw, even for every ball that passes by the bat. This actually has a psychological effect on the umpires and thus they even give the close decisions against our boys.
I would suggest, you guys put yourself in their shoes, umpire an amateur cricket ball match(not tape tennis games) and then you will know how tough it is to actually umpire a match!!!!
We're just spectators, but the people out there knows exactly what goes on in the middle!!!
So we shouldn't accuse people unneccesarily.
I disagree!! Vaughn and Jones should have known and you were wrong: Nafees hesitated to go back and was waiting for the Umpire to confirm. Vaughn had the authority to bring him back. He did not! This is where class is shown and the England team under the leadership of Vaughn did not show that AT ALL today!!. Secondly, it is difficult for us as the entire world do not waste any time to get on us. India won their first test match against an extremely weakened England team. Pakistan had been all out for a meager 49 runs. I am in no way defending Bangladesh's weak performance and poor shot selection; at the same time I sincerely believe that Bangladesh has the capability of beating any of these teams in an ODI at this time. In another 3 years, that will make us 8 years into getting our Test status, we will, Inshallah, beat each of the Test playing nation in an ODI at least once. We have beaten India, Zimbabwe and Pakistan at least once in ODIs. Now, we need to do the same against England, Australia, New Zealand, SriLanka, West Indies and South Africa and I think Bangladesh, Inshallah will.

Now, Umpires have the capability of concurring with one another in the field, But today, the Aussie Umpire did not!! That is pathetic! Secondly, similar poor umpiring by Ashoka of Sri Lanka (who by the way lost his privilege of being part of the Elite group of umpires) cost us what could have been our "first" test win in Multan against the Pakistanis. So, please do not defend poort umpiring. This is a TEST and the umpire ought to be objective, impartial and more importantly competent!

However, my biggest beef tonight and tomorrow is against the British Media, Cricinfo's reporters and more significantly against Jones and Vaughn. Michael, you are right when you claimed that you will not spare Bangladesh , even if that meant that you have to CHEAT!!
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Old June 4, 2005, 10:36 PM
chyicarus chyicarus is offline
ODI Cricketer
Join Date: November 4, 2004
Location: Denver, CO
Posts: 722

yes, you're right about us being a better team for ODIs but not yet for Tests.
our job now is to answer all the critics with our performance, not through media barages and forums!!
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Old June 4, 2005, 10:38 PM
Bangla amar Maa
Posts: n/a

Billy is the man for umpiring .........
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Old June 5, 2005, 12:47 AM
cricket_pagol's Avatar
cricket_pagol cricket_pagol is offline
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Hey guys, Is there a place to see the clip for the controversial "out" of Nafis Iqbal.
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Old June 5, 2005, 03:23 AM
Rabz's Avatar
Rabz Rabz is offline
BanglaCricket Staff
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dont worry guys...

let the english enjoy while they can...
they just spend the happiest days of the summer for this year....( at our expense)...

when the real deal comes...they r gonna cop the same thing...as mentioned earlier by someone " benefit of doubt goes to the stronger team"

when "the joke of the century" ashes series begins...
those english players wished they had a 5 match series against BD and 2 agaisnt the OZies..

the table will turn one day...
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