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Old September 1, 2008, 03:28 PM
smashyboy smashyboy is offline
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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Dhrubo, I think a little different:

If All /large majority in a class fails, that's the fault of the teacher without any question. He has not taught or he has failed to teach.

If some/a few of the students fail, then it goes to the students first & then the teacher. The passed students have proven that the teacher has taught. But still the teacher shares secondary responsibility for the failures.

Well that's my understanding. In our case, almost all of the boys are failing almost repeatedly.

So many teachers have changed Once in a while BD passes in a subject that is purely due to opposition dropping their guard. If you are really good you should have won 2 ODIs in a row atleast once against an established country all these years.

2000 - 4 played 4 lost

2001 - 6 played 6 lost

2002 - 14 played 13 lost 1 No result

2003 - 21 played 20 lost 1 No result

2004 - 19 played 16 lost 3 won ( 1 against major nation)

2005 - 14 played 10 lost 4 won ( 1 against major nation)

2006 - 28 played 10 lost 18 won ( 1 against major nation)

2007 - 23 played 15 lost 8 won ( 2 against major nation)

2008 - 19 played 15 lost 4 won ( 0 against major nation)
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Old September 1, 2008, 04:33 PM
zainab zainab is offline
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Originally Posted by Niceman70
Bangladesh is equivalent to a county league team and most of the players are just in their 19's and 20's. I think we expect too much from them. I'm sad not because of how these players playing now days but because the group which should have been playing for BD is missing. Most of those players were left out without guidance and nurturing. Some of them did not get selection so they went on to look for alternative as we all need to survive and others just living a ordinary life. There is a big gap and that gap is the reason why Bangladesh still not competitive.
You are so right! Bangladesh and the West Indies have the worst domestic set up, and look where they are- No. 8 & 9. At least the Windians are older compared to BD. Mentally these boys are not strong, also compared to other cricketers they are fairly short, and physically not very strong, they look like schoolboys on the field.
It is about time that BCB observe SL which is a tiny island, but has a very good domestic structure, the two best in the world are without a doubt Australia and England.
These young boys do not play enough cricket at the domestic level and are pushed too quickly into the national side. When they do not perform, their morale and self confidence go downhill, some are even dropped, there is no continuity. I feel so sad for them and I blame the coach and BCB.
Something has gone wrong since Siddons took over, they do not have the same passion anymore.
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