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Old April 18, 2007, 06:29 PM
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Default Bangladesh have a point to prove against West Indies

Our latest bulletin..

Current Tour

World Cup 2007
Bangladesh have a point to prove against West Indies
19 April 2007
Bangladesh is facing host West Indies in their final super eights match of the world cup at Kensington Oval in Barbados today. After losing to Ireland on last Sunday at the same venue, Bangladesh is desperately looking for a win to bow out of the world cup on a high.
Bangladesh managed a roller coaster ride in the tournament and enjoyed some glorious moments after defeating India in group stages and South Africa in the super eights.

Read the rest of the bulletin »
You only play good cricket when you win/draw matches.
I am with Bangladesh, whether they win or lose . http://twitter.com/BanglaCricket
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Old April 18, 2007, 06:38 PM
BostonTigers BostonTigers is offline
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BD team definately need to put up a good hard fight against the WI if not win to show that they do have the ability to play good consistent cricket. Looking at WI cricket BD should win but then this is the unpredictable Tigers we are talking about.

After the SA win I was bold enough to think that we actaully could win the last 2 games but this time I will just keep my fingers crossed. Let's hope that the frustation of losing to IRL gets transformed into positive energy on the field tomorrow.
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Old April 18, 2007, 08:44 PM
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পথিকঃ বৃক্ষ তোমার নাম কি?
বৃক্ষঃ নামে কি'ইবা হয়? ফলেই পরিচয়।
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Old April 19, 2007, 12:53 AM
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OZGOD OZGOD is offline
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I'm sure Bangladesh will be wanting to finish off their campaign on a high note. It's been a very successful campaign, all things considered:

1. made the Super 8s
2. knocked out India
3. beat SA
4. were reasonably competitive throughout, aside from when they played OZ, NZ and SL

Unfortunately BD left their worst performance for the team they were most likely to beat - Ireland. I'm not sure if this was due to complacency, nerves, or a bit of both - I suspect the latter. Ireland came out pumped as that match was their "grand final", and Bangladesh came out a wee bit flat. I did notice some condescension from some (not all) fans here, expressing outrage at a suggestion that Ireland "might" be able to push their team - you always need to respect who you play, whether they're Scotland, Ireland, SA or OZ. It's the matches against the teams you are expected to beat that are of the most concern - because you have everything to lose, and they have none.

But enough of that - as an outsider, I feel that BD have had a very positive tournament overall, and I don't believe the loss to Ireland has negated what has been gained. In fact, the Ireland loss has proven to be a valuable learning experience - you often learn more from losing to teams you are expected to beat, as opposed to getting a hiding from top-ranked teams.

I think that the team, while talented, is still suffering from a lack of maturity and experience in playing matches under pressure - the good players lift their game and play at their best when the pressure is on. This is a trait that is developed over time, and through experience of playing constant matches under pressure. I feel that BD really need to go through that - this is not necessarily achieved by playing top ranked teams, but teams that are within your "peer group" - teams like England, WI, and maybe India and Pak on current form. I feel that against those four teams BD would probably have from a 40-50% chance of winning each match, irrespective of conditions. It's these kinds of matches which will really hone that ability to play under pressure.

In terms of team makeup - I have the following thoughts:

1. your batting lineup is, talented, but raw and immature. I also don't think you know what your best batting lineup is - the constant shuffling of players up and down promotes discord within the team. One day Aftab's batting at first drop, the next he's at No7. You'll never get stability that way. Whatmore has to work out where everyone is best suited and play them there for a period of time.

2. you probably need a new captain. Bashar looked very inoffensive and hesitant against Ireland. Maybe it's time for him to step aside - assuming there is someone adequate enough to replace him.

3. the players need to learn the virtue of running between the wickets and rotating the strike. I've noticed that in the subcontinent batsmen tend to be a bit lazy, because they're such talented strokemakers - they prefer to stand and play these elegant-looking shots and score in multiples of 4 or 6. That's all fine, but it needs to be mixed up with aggressive running between the wickets. If a player faces a bowler 6 balls in a row and just tries to score in boundaries, it makes it that much easier for the bowler to execute his plan to get that batsman out. On the contrary, if the batsmen are constantly rotating the strike, the bowler takes much longer to get settled (plus the batsmen put pressure on the fielding side). I feel that running between the wickets is THE most underrated cricket skill in the subcontinent - OZ, NZ and SA are all great at running between the wickets but very few other teams are (maybe because it requires hard work).

4. You have a great left arm spin battery, but you need to build a bit more variety into the attack - another pacer to support/put pressure on Mortaza would be great. Speaking of Mortaza, I saw some people here suggesting he get turned into an allrounder - that would be a moronic idea and the worst thing that could be done to him. Remember Irfan Pathan? Decent swing bowler, useful slogger? India tried to turn him into an allrounder and he turned into a player who was not good enough to play EITHER as a batsman or a bowler. Mortaza is a pace bowler who can occasionally cowlash a bit - don't get seduced by his slogging as he is NOT a specialist batsman or even an allrounder.

Aside from those, there are heaps of positives to take from this campaign - now your administration needs to make sure you don't lose momentum. The India series is a great opportunity to keep the ball rolling.

Good luck!
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Old April 19, 2007, 03:52 AM
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BC Editorial Team
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OZGOD, good analysis.

I will be happy if most neutral followers of Bangladesh cricket share the same vision.
You only play good cricket when you win/draw matches.
I am with Bangladesh, whether they win or lose . http://twitter.com/BanglaCricket
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Old April 19, 2007, 04:19 AM
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bhalo khelbe etai asha korsi.

bhalo khela uchit. sonman rakhte hobe to.
Jago Bangali Jago
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Old April 19, 2007, 06:36 AM
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this will be a hard match to win. but no one expected us to win against south africa
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Old April 19, 2007, 06:37 AM
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Thanks OZGOD for your open & right analysis
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