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Forget Cricket Talk about anything [within Board Rules, of course :) ]

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Old February 1, 2017, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by tonmoy.dhaka
Trump did not happen in a day, it happened because of our bigotry.

We can only take the moral high ground if we are willing to protest against all conservative government who oppress people.

The six gulf countries from GCC do not accept refugees. We remain quiet.
Kuwait bans immigration from 5 countries including Syria and no one says anything.
Saudi Arabia considers their land as holy ground and bans non muslims from a lot of its land and yet we seem to be fine with that.

Anyone writing a blog or critisizing islam has to fear for his life in Bangladesh and Pakistan and yet we decide to ignore, not to mention the same people killing the bloggers and free thinkers are responsible for holey artisan.

We had Vested property act in Bangladesh for 30 years and hindu lands were taken from them and yet we kept a blind eye . Infact 90% of bengalis dont even know what act I am talking about.

So bottom line, if we cannot or did not protest agaisnt the above than we have no right to protest against trump. Because we created Trump.
Incorrect actually.

None of Trumps supprters have even heard of "Bangladesh" or "GCC" or "vested property act". In fact if you told them Trump tower is located in Manhattan, 75% of would have no idea where on a map or in which state "Manhattan" is located. You can't be "created" by something you don't know about.

I'll tell you what did create Donald Trump.

Racism and bigotry have always existed in America. The civil war didn't end it, it just changed the way its manifested. 100 years after reconstruction Blacks were physically barred from voting...recollect fire hoses being used on them when they PEACEFULLY protested.

After MLK used Christian principles to induce shame in a substantial number of white people, and a majority of "liberals", segregation ended, the N word became taboo, and being a racist became the anathema rather than the rule.

But a majority of whites still held to objectively racist views. Of course the definition of racist has been changed. So if you haven't actually lynched a black guy, said the N word publicly, or still own slaves...you "cannot be a racist" because "some of your friends are black".

But these I'm-not-a-racists support at EVERY instance any and all issues that would be the detriment of Black people.

To quote Trevor Noah, "how is a black person supposed to air his/her grievances?"

But since the time of MLK, it was taboo to be OPENLY racist.You couldn't make BLANKET statements against black people, Jews, gays, hispanics, or any other minority group and be taken seriously. Most likely, you'd lose your job...even if you worked for Fox News.

Except for Islam or Muslims.

That was the one group post 2000 that you could make blanket statements with and still be considered to hold a "valid" enough idea to get mainstream coverage on platforms like ABC, NBC, CNN, etc.

The interesting thing about bigotry is that when you allow it to fester against one group, it tends to expand and infect every other group, albeit it slowly.

What do you think MLK meant when he said "injustice anywhere is a threat of justice everywhere?" Or the German guy who said "first they came for the Jews and I didn't speak out because I wasn't Jewish...?"

Islamophobia - not genuine constructive criticism of Muslims - but Islamophobia was never going to satisfy the Rabid Right. Now you have Walls being built against Mexicans...why? Because who will resist? Now you have AGs who will essentially give the green light to cops shooting black men...why? Because who will resist?

First they came for the Muslims...

The way I see it, its "liberals", who have the most to lose...not Muslims.

We didn't have due process to begin with...Obama brought some but that was always temporary and conditional. Muslim countries were still going to be invaded, if not by American drones, then by Russian MIGs.

Now whats going to happen when the Supreme Court gets a 7-2 bench in favor of the "conservatives?"

Will it stand up for women? Will it stand up for LGBTs? Will it stand up for abortion rights?

And will it stand up for the "liberal" brown man who voted Trump for only reasons that "liberal" brown man knows?

The next 8 years will reveal all these answers and more.
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