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Old February 16, 2008, 11:51 AM
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Its useless to complain against these until we can show some progress. No one will dare to scrap ODI series against us because we progressed there. if we progress, we they will have no option but to play.
Ekona tomar chena rastai, kagoj kurea voray bostai....
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Old February 16, 2008, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Alien
While lot of what the guy said made sense, his last line is an over exaggeration. There are 144 million people in BD who will tune in to the game while at most 10 million will tune in for that Mumbai vs whoever match.
I don't know in which world you live!! We have 150 million population, true, but hardly 10 million people has cable TV access. Comparing by population size doesn't make sense, we have to compare by market value.

Having said these, I am no way supporting the last line of the author, but it reminds us the painful reality. Our performance could have turned the table, but our cricketers have very thick skin, these type of insults carry no value to them.
You only play good cricket when you win/draw matches.
I am with Bangladesh, whether they win or lose . http://twitter.com/BanglaCricket
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Old February 16, 2008, 10:41 PM
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reality hurts a lot, that's when you become the best you should strive for, in the name of ALLAH
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Old February 17, 2008, 03:51 AM
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Originally Posted by sharifk
This is a problematic statement in my view….without going into too much details here are some points to think about….Twenty20 is not the most popular form of cricket nor Mumbai or Delhi are the richest cities of all cricket playing cities. …Twenty20 isn’t something invented in India either…So the whole idea of going where the money is very naïve way to look at the situation in opinion….

the way I look at it is, it’s simply trying to bring in money by the name of large population base who may or may not have the capacity to buy it all…..and we also have a large population base…so we don’t need to give in entirely to such rhetoric that a game such of Twenty20 can bring in more than what our national team can…Only if we try to..
After India won the T20 WC, it is certainly creating a buzz in India and the indians go to watch the stars performing, irrespective of the format. It definitely will make more money at the moment, than a BD SA/Ausi match, given our current form.

You got some answers to this allready. To add to that, population is only one factor only, had it been the only factor china would have made max out of it. The most important factor is the standard of game. We have the potential (Future) no doubt, but India has the capacity (Now). By awarding us the test status, world has recognized our potentials too, but we are till now failing to do our part, that's raising the standard of our game. So at the moment, we can't complain and take the position you are suggesting, but we can keep it for future.
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Old February 17, 2008, 02:53 PM
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Here's an interesting one:

Bangladesh wants to play Tests on the big stage, not Darwin
Northern Territory - Australia
BANGLADESH has requested it play future cricket Test matches in Australia outside of the Top End. BCB cricket operations committee chairman Gazi Ashraf ...
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Old February 21, 2008, 04:11 AM
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As I've suspected all along, this series has merely been rescheduled:

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