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Old March 25, 2003, 11:59 AM
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Default 15 Reasons for Bangladesh\'s failure by Shahidul Azam

Source: Manavzamin and Bangladesherkhela.

Bangladesher Khela Shahidul Azam 15 Reasons

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Old March 25, 2003, 12:12 PM
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Things of the past:

Bangladesh coach and former national player Gazi Ashraful Hossain Lipu had resigned after Bangladesh was all out for 63 against Northern Ireland in Malaysia in Commonwealth Games in 1998.

The reporter has suggested that we are now passing our time which time is similar to the post-1994-ICC trophy-Kenya.

After Bangladesh's 1994 ICC trophy in Kenya, the then national coach of Bangladesh Mohinder Amarnath did not feel it safe to return to Bangladesh. He sent his report on Bangladesh team through courier service from India. He said in the report that Bangladesh's players lack commitment, and that Bangladesh will have to start from very early. Some authorities of BCB at the time had tried to save themselves through the words of Amarnath. Almost the same Bangladesh team was included in the 1997 ICC trophy when Bangladesh won the tournament.

There are more things written there, but I want to concentrate on the 1994 squad that went to Kenya and the 1997 squad that went to Malaysia and ultimately became the ICC champion.

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Old March 25, 2003, 12:22 PM
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These are the 5 players who have played both in the 1994 and 1997 ICC trophy:

1) Atahar Ali Khan
2) Minhazul Abedin
3) Akram Khan
4) Aminul Islam
5) Enamul Haque Moni
6) Jahangir Alam (wk)

This is the list of other players who played only in the 1994 ICC trophy:

1) Mizanur Rahman
2) Selim Shahed
3) Faruk Ahmed
4) Jahangir Alam Talukar Dulu
5) Shorfuddoullah Ibne Shahid Saikat
6) Golam Md. Nowsher Prince
7) Nasir Ahmed Nasu
8) Shariful Haque Plabon
9) Shanewas Shahid

This is the list of players who have played only in the 1997 ICC trophy:

1) Hasibul Hossain
2) Khaled Mahmud
3) Khaled Mashud (wk)
4) Mohammad Rafique
5) Naimur Rahman
6) Saiful Islam
7) Sanwar Hossain
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Old March 25, 2003, 10:46 PM
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Default More On 1994 ICC trophy, Kenya

From BangladesherKhela, 15 Reasons (Last post) -

- In order to include the son of a selector in the national team, the national selector excluded a proven talented young cricketer. To make this possible, 3 senior players - Nurul Abedin Novel, Azhar Hossain Shantu and Zahid Razzak Masum were dropped from the preliminary squad.

- Saiful Islam, who was a successful all rounder during 1997 ICC trophy, he had to just sit back as a STAND BY during 1994 ICC trophy in Kenya.

- After experimentation with Wahidul Gani (leg spinner and probably teacher of Md. Ashraful) in various tours, Shoriful Haque Plaban, a young spinner was sent to Nairobi.

- The Big problem was created when Minhazul Abedin Nannu said something about an unjustified decision of Amarnath. As a result, Minhazul Abedin's career as the captain finished. And Nannu was the best all rounder of that tournament.

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Old March 25, 2003, 11:44 PM
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Default The 15 Reasons according to players of national team

1) The authorities should have been aware of the situation when Bangladesh team was all out for under 100 in the Champion's trophy in Sri Lanka (77 all out vs NZ).

2) Unfamous coach Mohsin Kamal who has no game plan of his own, furthermore, the authorities did not take any action when Kamal said that Bangladesh is capable of beating Australia and thus became a joker.

3) When Naimur Rahman was elected captain sacking Aminul Islam, the conflict between senior and junior had started from then. Khaled Mashud could not get away from this conflict. Moreover, there are also complaints against Khaled Mashud to have created "groupings".

4) Khaled Mashud could not motivate the players. His personal favors among players have influenced the selection of the team. So the mental strength of the team has weakend a lot.

5) Aliul Islam has never played for the national team. Before the 1994 ICC trophy, Nannu and Amarnath were in conflict with each other in the India tour, where Aliul Islam was the manager.

Omar Khaled Rumi is known to be a Guiter player more than a cricketer.

Complains against Golam Mohammad Nowsher Prince is that he is short of self-confidence. During the 1994 ICC trophy, the team had requested Prince to play against Kenya (in which match Bangladesh lost - it was a crunch match for Bangladesh) but Prince told about his illness as an excuse for not playing against Kenya. But he actually didn't play in that match for the pressure on him - a complaint of his team mates.

6) Dropping of Senior players. I have some things to add here. Dropping of only Akram Khan, Aminul Islam is not the main issue - as suggested by some of the national players. It is the dropping of relatively experienced but young players like Javed Omar, Mehrab Hossain along with the experienced duo of Akram and Bulbul that had been a cause behind this.

7) Inclusion of Gordon Greenidge with Mohsin Kamal, no other bowling coach.

I would like to add that Gordon was not included for the tenure of the world cup as a specialist batting coach. In fact, what are the BCB officials doing in South Africa now? Are they contacting anyone to be Bangladesh's coach? There is no news of that so far.

8) Khaled Mashud had announced of his retirement before the world cup campaign had even started. He had announced of his conflict with the senior players. It was one of the reasons for Khaled Mashud to lose control of the team.

Here I would like to say that captain announcing of his resignation before a tournament - how can it be a reason to lose control of a whole team? And for that matter, what has that got to do with the other players' playing in the WORLD CUP? Its not a matter of worry or concern to the national players. It is a personal matter of the captain. So is the conflict between the captain and the other senior players.

9) Selectors have said that team management and captain has encouraged them to select a younger team.

10) The present team manager ASM Faruque is out of cricket for a long time. He has failed completely to motivate the team.

11) Bangladesh's loss to Canada was an upset. At that time, the officials stayed away from the players. The officials' leadership abilities have come out from this attitude.

12) World cup is a One Day touranment. Some people of the world cricket has been saying that it was questionable to give Bangladesh Test Status. BCB officials have failed to give a proper answer to these people.

13) The top order has been always a worry for Bangladesh over the last fifteen years. Thus far, Akram Khan, Aminul Islam and Minhazul Abedin have been giving support to the top order. This time around, none of them has played in the world cup.

I have something to add. Akram Khan, Aminul Islam and Minhazul Abedin won't be there playing forever. And it was about time that we get somebody to replace them - WITH PROPER MIDDLE ORDER BATSMAN. Not by a wicket keeper who can bat a little or by openers who are not good at playing fast bowling.

14) The team has been changing like musical chairs.

15) No fast wicket.

Aliul Islam said that when they have selected the team, then nobody complained much. In reply to a question, he said that playing in the national team does not matter. He captained Abahani for 10 years. Even the best player of the National Team had played under him. A good player does not become a good captain. When asked about of 1994 ICC trophy, he said that yes he was in the team and that his report was in favor of Nannu.

Selector Golam Nowsher Prince said that everybody saw how Bangladesh played in the Namibia tour. He said that players like Jayasuriya and Lara also play their shots after getting set. If somebody stays at the wicket, then the runs always come even with No balls and Wides.

About the conflict of Senior and Junior players, he said that he played with Rokon, Pilot, Sujon and Rafique. Are there more senior players than them?

What is Bulbul doing at the domestic league? Nannu is affected by injuries. MOhammeden has lost 3 matches without him. Yes let the investigation begin. The truth will come out.
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Old March 26, 2003, 12:10 AM
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Default Investigation

Any word on the investigation ? I see that Lobby has managed to go and watch the world cup finals. I guess these people have no shame - after the way we have disgraced ourselves in the world cup, I can't belive that the BCB president would see it fit to ignore his duty back home, take his buddies to SA and have a ball. I guess he wanted to see the zulu daners u close and see if the PCB president wanted any more favors done.

INteresting read on the article. Good job, will comment on them later.
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