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Match Archive Relive the match-time passion (Read Only)

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Old March 18, 2007, 07:07 PM
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Originally Posted by cricket_pagol
Perfect Debut for JamesBond!!!!!
What do you say in BENGALI????


Old March 18, 2007, 09:35 PM
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Can anybody post the highlights (or full match) in the multimedia section? Would love to keep a copy for future inspirations!
Old March 18, 2007, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Sillypoint
Can anybody clarify what was Bangladesh's final score? Was it 192/5 or was it 195/5. Tigercricket has it as 195 while Cricinfo has it as 192. I know it does not matter any more, now that we won.....I saw Rahim hit the boundary. Does BC trust CI over TC?
I think Mushfiq hit a four off the last ball and the score was shown 195 initially. But since they crossed over for a run before the ball crossed the boundary and the match was already won, one run was added instead of four to the total and the final score was adjusted. Hope that explains.

Looking forward to the match against Sri Lanka.
Old March 19, 2007, 04:57 AM
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Following is the log of IRC #BanglaCricket chatroom during this match.

March 17, 2007
3AM - 1

[03:51] * cricman has joined #BanglaCricket
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[05:58] * Munna_Bhai_MBBS has joined #banglacricket
[05:58] <Munna_Bhai_MBBS> SuMiT oi beta kotha kow na ken ??
[06:10] * Munna_Bhai_MBBS has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Munna_Bhai_MBBS[])
[06:24] * cricman has joined #banglacricket
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[07:57] * Tintin1107 has joined #banglacricket
[07:58] <Tintin1107> a crowd already !
[07:58] * Tintin1107 is now known as Tintin
[08:01] <cricman> campers
[08:02] <Tintin> hmm
[08:02] <cricman> so far good i got the link, now i just need a win
[08:03] <Tintin> like standing in a queue overnight outside the ground to get tickets in the morning ?
[08:03] <cricman> yup
[08:04] <Tintin> are you in US or Bangladesh ?
[08:04] <cricman> us
[08:04] <Tintin> ok
[08:04] <cricman> how r u watching the match
[08:04] <Tintin> TV. I am in India
[08:05] <Tintin> (and have cable connection after not having it for three years)
[08:05] <cricman> lucky, u can see the reactions from the people outside
[08:16] * SuMiT has quit IRC (Ping timeout for SuMiT[])
[08:26] * allrounder has joined #BanglaCricket
[08:32] <cricman> it's a beautiful day
[08:33] * SuMiT has joined #banglacricket
[08:45] * Nasif39 has joined #BanglaCricket
[08:48] <allrounder> our batsmen especially the openers will indicate who will win the match today
[08:48] <cow> ok
[08:48] <cow> ami uthsi
[08:49] <cow> ekkon shob setup korte hobe khelar jonno
[08:50] <cricman> TVU showing the game
[08:51] <cricman> only 40 minutes left
[08:51] <allrounder> lots of even grass on the pitch
[08:51] <allrounder> players will enjoy batting on the surface
[08:52] <cricman> stupid dishnetwork coverage starts 9:15
[08:52] <cricman> thats advntage india IMO
[08:53] <cricman> sachin & dravid don't need to ariel
[08:54] <allrounder> if our bowlers bowl well or even gets hammered, the only way to win would be our batsmen scoring big runs
[08:55] <allrounder> this streambox is having lots of buffering today. dont know why
[08:57] <cricman> use tvu
[08:58] <cricman> http://www.myp2p.eu/TVUPlayer.htm
[09:00] <allrounder> do i need to install anything for tvu?
[09:01] <cricman> the tvu player
[09:02] <cricman> and use IE instead of FF, just do a google search on TVU and i'tll give the download
[09:02] <allrounder> ok will this get better once more users conect? since its p2p
[09:02] <cricman> this is what i'll tell you from my experiences with tvu is 50X better than sopcast
[09:04] <allrounder> bd is bowling
[09:04] <cricman> I say TVU = Onlinemedia.in
[09:04] <allrounder> yahoo
[09:04] <cricman> yesssss
[09:05] <allrounder> bashar said he is looking to restrict india to 250
[09:05] * Nav has joined #banglacricket
[09:05] <allrounder> commentator ask so you think you can chase 250? haha
[09:05] <cricman> sewhag playing
[09:05] <Nav> any fee links to watch?
[09:05] <cricman> http://www.myp2p.eu/TVUPlayer.htm
[09:06] <Nav> free*
[09:06] <cricman> download TVU
[09:06] <cricman> and use IE
[09:06] <Nav> thanks
[09:06] <Nav> what is IE?
[09:07] <cricman> internet explorer, for me it doesn't work on firefox
[09:07] <Nav> gotcha
[09:07] <Nav> i also got a few links
[09:08] <Nav> not sure which one is the best
[09:10] <cow> ok, shob ready
[09:10] <cricman> WTF!
[09:10] <cricman> no ASH?
[09:10] <cricman> Javed !
[09:11] <cow> willow.tv -> htpc -dvi-> bottrish inchi lcd
[09:11] <cricman> kill Hablu if thats the team'
[09:11] <cricman> can any1 confrim?
[09:12] <cow> ashraful-er record ki bhalo india-r shonge?
[09:12] <cricman> Hablu didn't say Ash what is worng with him
[09:13] <cricman> cricinfo says ash is playing
[09:14] <cricman> stupid indians and people from BC are say Ash isn't
[09:14] <cow> willow.tv is making me sick of this world cup theme
[09:14] <cow> ooh, broadcast starting i think
[09:15] <cow> yep
[09:15] <cow> ads
[09:15] <cricman> cricinfo mention banglacricket
[09:15] <Nasif39> yes
[09:15] <cow> they did?
[09:15] <Nasif39> which article?
[09:15] <cricman> can we not **** on them anymore
[09:15] <cricman> on the live scorecard
[09:15] <cricman> http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/wc20...ch/247464.html
[09:15] <cow> oi.. western union free tshirt ki bepar? just shunlam ad, but didn't catch the first part
[09:16] <cricman> can any1 confirm our XI?
[09:17] <Nasif39> here we go
[09:18] <cricman> match thread is lagging big time
[09:20] <cow> time for our bowlers to shine...
[09:20] <cow> lately we've been winning by chasing cause our bowlers do the job
[09:20] <cricman> it's about to start for me, i hate that it's a beautiful day for 2 hrs
[09:21] <cricman> hopefully our bowlers are healthy
[09:22] <Nasif39> rebooting the server
[09:23] <cricman> check out the indian commentator, hair glasses
[09:23] <cricman> OMG i hope thats not me in 20 years
[09:23] <cow> heh
[09:24] <cow> damn, did dravid make wrong decision?
[09:24] <cricman> no he made the perfect decision
[09:24] <cricman> hablu may have batted first
[09:24] <allrounder> it is a batting paradise
[09:24] <cow> athar!
[09:24] <cricman> where?
[09:24] <cow> on tv
[09:25] <cow> dish
[09:25] <cricman> I see David Llyod
[09:25] <cow> maybe delay...
[09:25] <cricman> talking about the pitch
[09:25] <cow> yeah, right after that
[09:25] <Nasif39> i think athar will do some amount of comms today
[09:25] <allrounder> banglacricket went down
[09:25] <cow> they are showing toss now
[09:25] <allrounder> toss is already done
[09:25] <cricman> i'll take the delay since it's not buffering
[09:25] * Nav has quit IRC
[09:25] <cow> yeah, recording i guess
[09:26] * Bancan has joined #BanglaCricket
[09:26] <cow> man where's the crowd at
[09:26] <Bancan> bc's server has slowed down
[09:26] <cow> banagalira ase dekhtesi
[09:26] <allrounder> for me database error
[09:27] <cricman> Athar looks just like Hablu
[09:27] <Bancan> i m getting that now
[09:27] <cricman> Nasif said the server is rebooting
[09:28] <cricman> plus since Mahmood Bhai is at the match
[09:28] <Bancan> where r u watching the game
[09:28] <cow> man, just close the forums for the game... put up one page updating scores and pointing to IRC
[09:28] <cricman> TVU
[09:28] <Bancan> ?
[09:28] <cricman> it's like sopcast
[09:28] <cricman> there showing it too
[09:28] <cow> bangalira shikhbe na... ekshobar refresh korbe every minute
[09:29] <Bancan> whos cow?
[09:29] <cricman> cow is cow
[09:29] <cow> i'm cow
[09:29] <cricman> thats his BC nick
[09:29] <Nasif39> i min silence
[09:29] <Nasif39> 1 min
[09:29] * Arup has joined #banglacricket
[09:29] <Nasif39> for rana
[09:29] <cricman> i'll honor that right now
[09:29] <cow> is anyone actually watching on dish?
[09:29] <Nasif39> i am
[09:29] <allrounder> Bd has the right team
[09:29] <Nasif39> watching on dish
[09:30] <cow> so no delay for me then on willow
[09:30] <cow> cause 1 min silence came on as soon as you said it
[09:30] <cricman> Nasif did u ban the dude who almost gave me a heart attack
[09:30] <Nasif39> no, who gave you heart attack
[09:31] <cow> huddle
[09:31] <cricman> i fogot his name but he said the XI was Javed, Rajib and Tapash and No Rafique and Ash
[09:31] <cricman> forgot*
[09:31] <cricman> Had the the entire forum in a frenzy
[09:32] <allrounder> match is on
[09:32] <cricman> give me the spoilers since i'm on a 1 min delay
[09:33] <cow> just scroll up this window so you are always on 1 min delay here
[09:34] <cow> beshi crowd nai... but onek bangali mone hoy...
[09:34] <Nasif39> wide
[09:34] <Bancan> i htought it was sold out
[09:34] * ammark has joined #BanglaCricket
[09:35] <cricman> Aleem Dar wants India to win
[09:35] <Bancan> cricinfo is slow
[09:36] <cricman> another xtra?
[09:36] <cricman> use cricbuzz
[09:36] <cow> aro wide
[09:36] <cow> ki bepar
[09:36] <cricman> run out?
[09:36] <Tintin> collisions at both ends
[09:36] <Nasif39> out hobe
[09:36] <Nasif39> run out hobe guraanted
[09:36] <cow> whatthe hell
[09:37] <Nasif39> very tight though
[09:37] <cow> this has to be out
[09:37] <Tintin> not out
[09:37] <cow> dammit
[09:37] <Bancan> wat happened
[09:38] <cow> dhur
[09:38] <Nasif39> not out
[09:38] <cow> hey, mashrafe did it on purpose i think :P
[09:38] <cricman> too many xtras from Mash
[09:38] <cricman> NB
[09:38] <Tintin> who was the fielder ?
[09:38] <allrounder> almost
[09:39] <allrounder> dhur
[09:39] <allrounder> no ball
[09:39] <cricman> Mashrafe KO's Dangu
[09:39] <Bancan> mashrafee concentrate
[09:39] <ammark> umpire ghush khaise
[09:39] <ammark> SHABASH
[09:39] <ammark> direct hit?
[09:39] <cricman> i thought he was out
[09:40] <ammark> (first ball went over leg stump... called it wide?)
[09:40] <cricman> Aleem Dar at it again
[09:40] <allrounder> mushfiq failed to pick up the ball clean
[09:40] <ammark> damn
[09:40] <cricman> 6?
[09:40] <Tintin> good last ball but Mash is bowling slightly shortish for this wkt
[09:41] <cricman> or 6/0
[09:41] <cow> good last ball
[09:41] <cow> last 2 even
[09:41] <allrounder> khubi bad over
[09:42] <Tintin> beauty from rasel
[09:42] <Bancan> mash suckssss
[09:42] <Nasif39> that was beauty
[09:42] <Bancan> online kono link?
[09:45] <allrounder> mashrafee needs to stop bowling on the leg
[09:45] <cow> maiden nibe naki?
[09:45] <cricman> Maiden
[09:45] <Nasif39> mainden
[09:46] <cow> india seem to be playing rather wary
[09:46] <Nasif39> shevag gone
[09:46] <Tintin> bowled
[09:46] <Nasif39> bowled
[09:46] <allrounder> mashrafee needs to stop bowling on the leg
[09:46] <Tintin> played on
[09:46] <cow> damn
[09:46] <Tintin> idiot
[09:46] <cricman> ki hose?
[09:46] <Nasif39> dragged on
[09:46] <cricman> out!
[09:46] <cow> sehwag gese :P
[09:46] <Nasif39> bowled, inside edge, little movement of the ball did the trick
[09:46] <Bancan> are u serious
[09:47] <Nasif39> yes
[09:47] <allrounder> yaaaaaa
[09:47] <cricman>
[09:47] <cow> ki baaje shot
[09:47] <Tintin> uthappa would be interesting to watch if he gets going
[09:47] <cricman> somebody click Tiger on Kill Spree
[09:47] <Nasif39> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[09:47] <Bancan> kisu bolen naa
[09:48] <Tintin> the best way to get a place in the indian team team to have contracts with major brands
[09:48] <allrounder> +out+out
[09:48] <cricman> arekta?
[09:48] <Nasif39> no
[09:48] <Bancan> wooohooooooooooooo
[09:49] <cow> damn, too high
[09:49] * Bancan has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[09:49] <cricman> uthappa danger man
[09:49] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[09:49] <cow> fielding is good today
[09:50] <cricman> i can here the Mashrafe Chants
[09:50] <cow> tigers giving it all
[09:50] <Tintin> strictly front foot player, but none of the bowlers are that fast
[09:50] <cricman> NB
[09:50] <cricman> there killing us
[09:50] <cricman> for every NB Mash bowls he better get a wicket
[09:51] <cow> so that's just another wicket he needs then
[09:51] * Bancan has joined #BanglaCricket
[09:51] <Bancan> anymore update
[09:52] <cricman> another NB
[09:52] <Tintin> 11/1 in 3
[09:52] <allrounder> man mashrafee needs to bowl on the off stumps
[09:53] * saadlu has joined #BanglaCricket
[09:53] <cricman> did u see the dance Ash and Mashrafe did?
[09:53] <Bancan> dada next
[09:53] <cow> dadar time hoise
[09:54] <cow> oh **** wtf... buffering first time
[09:54] <Bancan> how come chat is slow.........
[09:54] <Bancan> cow where are uwatching the game?
[09:54] <cow> willow.tv
[09:54] <cricman> Bancan
[09:54] <cricman> use TVU or sopcast
[09:55] <Bancan> in tvu all i see is a black screen on the bottom it says downloading
[09:55] <saadlu> any streaming using realmedia?
[09:55] <cricman> Rasel of the mark
[09:55] <saadlu> me in linux
[09:55] <saadlu> : (
[09:55] <Nasif39> rasel's seam placement is perfect
[09:55] <Bancan> so cricman bhai any help?
[09:55] <cricman> r u using this http://www.myp2p.eu/TVUPlayer.htm
[09:56] <allrounder> what is wrong with the bowlers
[09:56] <cow> india ekhon-o 4 mare nai... eita bhalo
[09:56] <allrounder> they are bowling on the leg why?
[09:56] <cricman> don't use the player it's garbage
[09:56] * rafiq has joined #BanglaCricket
[09:56] <Bancan> ya i m
[09:56] <Bancan> so how do i watch
[09:56] * BD4eva has joined #BanglaCricket
[09:56] <Tintin> good last ball
[09:56] <cricman> did u download the player?
[09:56] <rafiq> what does shahadat have to do to get a match?
[09:57] <Bancan> and sopcast says channel offline
[09:57] <BD4eva> Mash is bowling fast!
[09:57] <Bancan> noo
[09:57] <BD4eva> Last ball of his last over went for 89.5!!
[09:57] <rafiq> hey is that tehsin in the blue chelsea shirt?
[09:57] * Tigers_eye has joined #BanglaCricket
[09:57] <cricman> download the player! go to google and do a search
[09:57] <Bancan> kk
[09:57] <Bancan> thanks
[09:57] <Tintin> 140.8
[09:57] <BD4eva> Try TVU player too
[09:57] <rafiq> shahadat should be bowling on this wicket
[09:58] <Bancan> ok
[09:58] <cricman> Indians in Cricbuzz are panicing
[09:58] <Bancan> efffing cricinfo slow........cricbuzz is ok
[09:58] <rafiq> oh yes
[09:58] <rafiq> almost another one
[09:58] <cricman> bancan extract and click on that link i gave you
[09:58] <Tintin> 143.7
[09:59] <Bancan> i m doing that
[09:59] <Nasif39> that was perfect delivery
[09:59] <Nasif39> beaten completely
[09:59] <rafiq> who is going to be first change bowler...aftab>
[09:59] <allrounder> keep bowling on the off side
[09:59] <allrounder> shahadat
[09:59] <rafiq> is he playing??
[09:59] <rafiq> i thought he wasn't
[10:00] <allrounder> yes
[10:00] <allrounder> he is playing
[10:00] <cricman> some dude in cricbuzz said Mashrafe bowling as fast as Shane bond
[10:00] <Tintin> gangu keeps slashing outside the off stump
[10:00] <cricman> 87 mph
[10:00] <Tintin> bond wasn't too fsat yesterday
[10:00] * RazabQ has joined #BanglaCricket
[10:00] * Mars sets mode: +o RazabQ
[10:00] <cow> arekta slip lagao
[10:00] <allrounder> that is what we want him to do
[10:00] * Tintin goes off to check
[10:00] <RazabQ> morning all
[10:00] <rafiq> no way, if shahadat is playing which batsman was dropped? - he wasn't on the lineup just now
[10:00] <BD4eva> ANother Play and a miss!!
[10:00] <Nasif39> great over
[10:01] <Nasif39> maiden over
[10:01] <Nasif39> 13/1
[10:01] <Nasif39> after 5
[10:01] <cow> man, we have a good start
[10:01] <RazabQ> hey guys
[10:01] <Tigers_eye> Amare ekta link dao please free sopcast na. Some just called me
[10:01] <allrounder> another good over
[10:01] <RazabQ> was there a moment of silence for rana?
[10:01] <cricman> yes
[10:01] <RazabQ> masree is bowling 90mph!!!!
[10:01] <rafiq> allrounder did you see the lineup - shahadat was not on it
[10:01] <Nasif39> i haven't seem him bowling this fast for long time
[10:01] <rafiq> don't go by crickinfo, they are smoking crack over there
[10:01] <Tintin> according to a thread in ICF Bond's did n't top 140 yesterday
[10:02] <Nasif39> he was in 90 in last over for all the delivery
[10:02] <RazabQ> rana was a close team-mate
[10:02] <RazabQ> he is fired up
[10:02] <cricman> @rafiq they mentioned us today in the live scorecard
[10:02] <RazabQ> beaten again
[10:02] <cow> no boundaries yet in 5 overs!
[10:02] <cricman> give cricinfo a breal
[10:02] <cow>
[10:02] <rafiq> NZ Eng pitch was slower yesterday
[10:02] <Tigers_eye> tintin do you have any link I need fgor someone else
[10:02] <cricman> break*
[10:02] <rafiq> give crickinfo a break - go read their bulletin
[10:02] <Tintin> Tiger's eye : link for what ?
[10:03] <Tigers_eye> for the game if you have any free
[10:03] <Tintin> no. i am watching on tv
[10:03] <cricman> tvu
[10:03] <cricman> put it on the top please
[10:03] <Nasif39> that was good lbw shout
[10:03] <Nasif39> beaten again
[10:03] * SMHasan has joined #BanglaCricket
[10:03] <rafiq> feel like another one will go in the next couple of overs, they have to
[10:03] <RazabQ> shoooooot
[10:03] <Tintin> rasel is swinging both ways
[10:03] <RazabQ> that shoulda been given
[10:04] <SMHasan> hello everyone
[10:04] <cow> that was out man
[10:04] <SMHasan> shuvo bikal
[10:04] <cow> ki phao
[10:04] <Bancan> ok i m extracting tvu...couple of more minutes then i can watch it
[10:04] <Nasif39> 4
[10:04] <cow> dhur
[10:04] <rafiq> damn
[10:04] <allrounder> lbw not given
[10:04] <RazabQ> give uthappa a quarter he needs to buy a clude
[10:04] <Tintin> 4
[10:04] <Tintin> nasif - you are faster than me !
[10:05] <Bancan> cricman after extracting do i launch tvu player
[10:05] <cricman> yup
[10:05] <rafiq> can anyone confirm if shahadat is playing or not - he is not on the TV lineup
[10:05] <RazabQ> ish - the pressure dissipates
[10:05] <Nasif39> tintin
[10:05] <cricman> and then click on the link
[10:05] <cricman> and put in the code 55099 on top
[10:05] <Bancan> then i go to the site and watch or watch it from the player?
[10:05] <allrounder> what are they bowling on the leg????
[10:05] <allrounder> why leg?
[10:05] <Nasif39> @tinin: transmission delay longer for you i guess
[10:05] <BD4eva> They are finishing off india!!
[10:05] <cricman> watch it from the website
[10:05] <Bancan> kk
[10:06] <rafiq> ganguly should be put out of his misery
[10:06] <BD4eva> I]=Neither Ganguly nor Utthappa can touch a ball
[10:06] <BD4eva> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[10:06] <Nasif39> not 4
[10:06] <BD4eva> spoke too soon
[10:06] <cricman> good fielding
[10:06] <Nasif39> bd4eva stop that
[10:06] <BD4eva> no seriously
[10:06] <BD4eva> what over are you guys watching?
[10:06] <Nasif39> it was in last over
[10:06] <Nasif39> you are laggin
[10:06] * ammark has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[10:06] <BD4eva> The sixth over just finished in mine
[10:06] <cricman> NB
[10:07] <rafiq> "high class indian batsman" ha!
[10:07] <BD4eva> What over are you guys watching?
[10:07] <Tintin> nasif - yeah. dish tv
[10:07] <SMHasan> 19-1
[10:07] <SMHasan> 6.2
[10:07] <BD4eva> oh man.....my ones lagged behind
[10:07] <allrounder> if you bowl on the leg, you get no runs
[10:07] <SMHasan> i m on sky
[10:07] <BD4eva> im still on 17/1
[10:07] <Nasif39> i am dishnetwork
[10:07] <allrounder> i mean no wkt
[10:07] <SMHasan> telly?
[10:07] <Nasif39> 19/1
[10:07] <rafiq> dish
[10:08] <SMHasan> 2 runs
[10:08] <Nasif39> rr 3
[10:08] <SMHasan> 21-1
[10:08] <allrounder> mashrafee agai no ball
[10:08] <rafiq> out
[10:08] <SMHasan> out
[10:08] <Nasif39> out
[10:08] <Nasif39> gone
[10:08] <cricman>
[10:08] <Bancan> out
[10:08] <Nasif39> utthapa
[10:08] <cow>
[10:08] <cow>
[10:08] <cow> man, this is so on now
[10:08] <SMHasan> this is good
[10:09] <Tintin> aaarh. i had high hopes for him
[10:09] <cow> i think india are minnows :P
[10:09] <RazabQ> gone
[10:09] <RazabQ> what a change of pace
[10:09] <cricman> now tendu?
[10:09] <allrounder> gone
[10:09] <allrounder> gone
[10:09] <allrounder> yahoo
[10:09] <SMHasan> hehe
[10:09] <SMHasan> u r behind
[10:09] <BD4eva> I envy you guys.....VaanamTV is so slow....and its buffering too
[10:10] <SMHasan> any free link ?
[10:10] <Bancan> http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m...passion/vs.jpg
[10:10] <cricman> Mashrafe for President
[10:10] <RazabQ> see I couldn't take a chance with sopcast for something so big
[10:10] <RazabQ> and the wifey was like "just get the willow will ya"
[10:10] <rafiq> if you get dish i think the willow coverage is included, right?
[10:10] * Mahir has joined #BanglaCricket
[10:10] <SMHasan> thanks bancan
[10:11] <Tintin> Bangladesh is the only team left from SRT's century list. he may not get another chance
[10:11] <Mahir> anyone lost their voice yet by screaming ??
[10:11] <rafiq> me
[10:11] <Mahir> i have!!!
[10:11] <cricman> he'll get his chance in May
[10:11] <RazabQ> can't scream - pichci ghumay
[10:11] <rafiq> almost
[10:11] <rafiq> lbw
[10:11] <cricman> not today
[10:11] <Nasif39> yea almost lbw
[10:11] <SMHasan> not out
[10:11] <Mahir> razab bhai... ajker jonno shob maaf
[10:11] <Mahir> pichhi re cricket shikhaaan
[10:12] <RazabQ> oh he watches
[10:12] <rafiq> the commentator seems more excited than us
[10:12] <RazabQ> but too early for him
[10:12] <RazabQ> he watches
[10:12] <RazabQ> plays
[10:12] <rafiq> in disbelief
[10:12] <RazabQ> has a sweet pull shot
[10:12] * ammark has joined #BanglaCricket
[10:12] <RazabQ> and straight drive
[10:12] <SMHasan> hello ammark
[10:12] <ammark> hi again
[10:12] <RazabQ> and he's only 2!!!
[10:12] <Mahir> hehe... another Ash in the making, but with more application
[10:12] <ammark> dey mair halagulare
[10:12] <SMHasan> ki?
[10:12] <RazabQ> that's two that hawk eye says should have been given
[10:12] <cricman> I thought u were talking about tendu
[10:12] <ammark> uthappa uthappa bohut hau kau korse
[10:12] * SuMiT has quit IRC (13TwEEtY 12Script 6.14 2 Download @ 11,1http://www.TwEEtYScript.tk)
[10:12] <ammark> (sorry)
[10:13] <Mahir> aleem dar out dibe naa
[10:13] <cow> man that's 2 lbw's turned down
[10:13] <cow> f*ck
[10:13] <allrounder> 2 clean lbws
[10:13] <Tintin> hit outside off
[10:13] <ammark> 1st lbw is too iffy
[10:13] <ammark> pitched way outside
[10:13] <Mahir> we have a lot of Jonty Rhodes in the field today!
[10:13] <ammark> Pagla on fire
[10:14] <Mahir> u can see the emotion in Mashrafee's face... man, he's givin his heart out
[10:14] <ammark> he's rewarded
[10:14] <cricman> Mashrafe is hitting 90 mph
[10:14] <allrounder> oh we do not have a third pacer
[10:14] <Bancan> ALLRITE KOOL
[10:15] <Nasif39> inside edge
[10:15] <Nasif39> very lucky
[10:15] <cricman> I love this Aussie commentator
[10:15] <rafiq> yes allrounder we dont have a third pacer
[10:15] <rafiq> we never do
[10:15] <ammark> umm David Lloyd.. Former English coach
[10:15] <ammark> he was commentating at Cardiff
[10:15] <cricman> he did the game when beat Austraila
[10:15] <cow> yeah, same guy as that ban - aus match from cardiff
[10:16] <ammark> OHHH!!!
[10:16] <ammark> damn No ball chhilo
[10:16] <ammark> good
[10:16] <ammark> David Lloyd = english
[10:16] * Zunaid has joined #BanglaCricket
[10:16] <Mahir> Rasel er control! ei match na jitle ajke.... chokher pani rakhar jayga thakbe naa
[10:17] <cow> i remember athar saying "take that australia"
[10:17] <cow> and he said "of he are taking alright"
[10:17] <SMHasan> no one is speaking here
[10:17] <Bancan> this is boring. anyone got a webcam...focus it on ur tv and stream it on msn
[10:17] <rafiq> would you guys rather have rassel or shahadat?
[10:17] <cricman> Rasel
[10:17] <Mahir> Rasel
[10:17] <cricman> for ODI
[10:17] <Nasif39> 23/2
[10:17] <Nasif39> 8 overs
[10:17] <ammark> Rasel
[10:17] <allrounder> we need a third pacer
[10:17] <allrounder> to work
[10:17] <cricman> I though Sakib was a pace in U-19
[10:17] <ammark> not really
[10:18] <Mahir> who wud u sit for the third pacer ?
[10:18] <ammark> once this pitch dies out, 3rd pacer might mess things up
[10:18] <allrounder> these pitches are not great for spinners
[10:18] <Mahir> this is the best possible team for ODIs
[10:18] <allrounder> true
[10:18] <rafiq> hmm...ideal would be if we could have 3 but then we'd have to drop a batsman
[10:18] <ammark> I'd tather have slow medium aftab or chacha types
[10:18] <Nasif39> comms talking about bd and minnow
[10:18] <allrounder> this is the best possible combination BD has now
[10:18] <Nasif39> "minnow no more"
[10:18] <allrounder> shahadat is not doing good
[10:18] <SMHasan> yes
[10:18] <RazabQ> sakib _was_ a pacer
[10:18] <SMHasan> minnow no more
[10:18] <rafiq> when was sakib a pacer?
[10:18] <RazabQ> but gave up cuz he had a kink in his action
[10:19] * swami has joined #banglacricket
[10:19] <SMHasan> welcome swami
[10:19] <Mahir> oreyyyy!!
[10:19] <rafiq> i prefer mashrafee/shahadat to open, rassel as first change, esp on a wicket such as this
[10:19] <cricman> If Dangu can eat another 20 balls and then if we get him
[10:19] <swami> hey
[10:20] <SMHasan> 87 mph!
[10:20] <swami> go banga
[10:20] <SMHasan> that was
[10:20] * swami has left #banglacricket
[10:20] <RazabQ> dise dangure
[10:20] <SMHasan> mash is pacy
[10:20] <rafiq> 2 pacers and 2 spinner doesn't work everytime
[10:20] <ammark> 2 more wickets in the next 10 overs
[10:20] <RazabQ> shaking his hand
[10:20] <ammark> and we're set
[10:20] <RazabQ> that hurt!
[10:20] * Kalu has joined #banglacricket
[10:20] <Mahir> we need a fielder thereeee
[10:20] <Mahir> on gully
[10:20] * allrounder has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[10:20] <cow> ganguly hurt
[10:20] <Mahir> lloyd was talking about it
[10:20] * swami has joined #banglacricket
[10:20] <Bancan> wat hurt
[10:20] <cow> retire now :P
[10:20] * Kalu is now known as Orphues
[10:20] <SMHasan> lol
[10:21] <rafiq> is Orphues related Orpheus?
[10:21] <cow> this must be first time we've had india under 30 in 10 overs...
[10:21] <cricman> orphy r u there?
[10:21] <Mahir> beshi excited shobai!! very professional looking at the same time
[10:21] <rafiq> dude dont speak too soon, it's not 10 overs yet
[10:22] * allrounder has joined #BanglaCricket
[10:22] <cow> well... unless mash gives more extras
[10:22] <Tigers_eye> free link dorkar
[10:22] <rafiq> ok who is the first change?
[10:22] <Mahir> razzak
[10:22] <Bancan> same here
[10:22] <ammark> Tiger bhai.. download TVUPlayer
[10:22] <Orphues> hi rafiq bhai
[10:22] <BD4eva> Did anyone see whether theyre wearing a black arm band??
[10:22] <Mahir> who else
[10:22] <Mahir> he will come on the 11th over
[10:22] <rafiq> he orphy
[10:22] <ammark> then go to http://www.myp2p.eu/TVUPlayer.htm
[10:22] <Bancan> it doesnt work for me for some reason
[10:22] <swami> mashrafe bowling well
[10:22] <Orphues> you are chatting from stadium?
[10:23] <Tigers_eye> NOt for me I am watching at Dish but someone who don't know much stuff on computer
[10:23] <ammark> ohh
[10:23] <allrounder> this is the third time
[10:23] <rafiq> i wonder if we should try aftab for a coupple
[10:23] <SMHasan> nearly
[10:23] <Bancan> ammark do i use IE or FF
[10:23] <allrounder> we have got 2 indian wkts before 25 runs
[10:23] <SMHasan> missed
[10:23] <rafiq> keep rassel on one end, take mashrafee off after 6
[10:23] <Mahir> ganguly oshthir hoye gelo reee
[10:23] <cow> man that ball was weird
[10:23] <Mahir> david llyod is funny!
[10:24] <SMHasan> he is
[10:24] * oogii has joined #banglacricket
[10:24] <cricman> oooo
[10:24] <cricman> dangu mad
[10:24] <rafiq> zunaid what's up
[10:24] <cricman> DR.Z here?
[10:25] <cow> come on... another maiden please
[10:25] <Zunaid> Just atching the game; minding my own
[10:25] <RazabQ> z bhai in da hizzy!!!!!!
[10:25] <RazabQ> wat up Z!
[10:25] <RazabQ> LOL
[10:25] * Tintin has quit IRC (Read error to Tintin[]: Connection reset by peer)
[10:25] <Zunaid>
[10:25] <Mahir> Doc seems sleeeeepy!
[10:25] <rafiq> hey did you guys see the 5 dudes, one in a chelsea shirt - was that our very own Tehsin?
[10:26] <swami> Mortaza<==== the danger man
[10:26] * speed has joined #BanglaCricket
[10:26] <Nasif39> tehsin bhai has BC banner as far as I know
[10:26] <speed> nay link plzzz
[10:26] <rafiq> ok whoeever said india under 30 in 10 was right
[10:26] <cricman> wheres that dude outswinger?
[10:26] <cow> 24/2 in 10 haha
[10:26] * Tintin has joined #banglacricket
[10:26] <cricman> most pessemistic person ever
[10:27] <cow> who would have thought
[10:27] <speed> any link plzzz
[10:27] <cow> i said it :P
[10:27] <allrounder> india always came back against BD after initial setback
[10:27] <ammark> the crowd is so dead
[10:27] <cricman> PP taken
[10:27] <allrounder> it is mostly because of our batting
[10:27] <allrounder> so we need batting today
[10:27] <RazabQ> oooh
[10:27] <RazabQ> that shaved the stumps
[10:27] <RazabQ> judgement my pacha
[10:27] <cricman> wanna use Mashrafe for the death?
[10:27] <Mahir> only 14000 capacity, n the stadium isnt even full..thats why seems so 'dead'
[10:28] <speed> any one give me link plzz
[10:28] <cricman> http://www.myp2p.eu/TVUPlayer.htm
[10:28] <allrounder> i thought ppl said it is sold out
[10:28] <Orphues> i don't know why they made the WC in islands
[10:28] <RazabQ> 4
[10:28] <RazabQ> too easy for tendu
[10:28] <Orphues> retarded place in the world
[10:28] <RazabQ> if you put it on the pads
[10:28] <rafiq> this isn't sold out, it's the india sl match that's sold out
[10:28] <RazabQ> masree getting tired?
[10:28] <Mahir> signature sachin shot
[10:28] <RazabQ> razzak time?
[10:28] <rafiq> of course he is getting tired, this should be his last over
[10:29] <Mahir> yup... 13 over will go to razzak
[10:29] <Mahir> its always either 11th or 13th
[10:29] <Mahir> with rasel continuing with his spell
[10:29] <rafiq> bashar like to bowl rassel through 8-10 overs
[10:29] <allrounder> why is mashrafee bowling on leg stump?
[10:29] <Tigers_eye> ammark please check your Pm
[10:30] <allrounder> this is so wrong to ball to any batsmen
[10:30] <RazabQ> when you go for extra pace
[10:30] <RazabQ> with an open chested action
[10:30] <cricman> he's 2-20 give him a break
[10:30] <RazabQ> sometimes it slips down leg
[10:30] <cow> hopefully some crowd will come in at lunch
[10:30] <Orphues> yeah 1030 still too early
[10:30] <rafiq> i have my midsize bangladeshi flag flying on the flag pole off my balcony
[10:30] <Orphues> or all our bengali brothers are lost in finding the stadium
[10:30] <allrounder> we had a thread in bc saying that this match is sold out
[10:31] <Tigers_eye> Naah I think the eendians are afraid to see a dholai
[10:31] <rafiq> will take that down for the next match, may be too small for tv
[10:31] <cow> 14000 tickets were sold... commentator just said that
[10:31] <cricman> I wish I spend the 15 bucks
[10:31] <rafiq> dude it's 9 am in trini, people are just getting to bed
[10:31] <rafiq> they will show up later on
[10:31] <Orphues> lol they are getting TO bed..
[10:31] <Orphues> haha
[10:31] <SMHasan> but this is weired
[10:31] <SMHasan> empty stands
[10:32] <SMHasan> and how comes 14000 tickets sold?
[10:32] <cow> nobody on double figures yet
[10:32] <Zunaid> "we love tigers horton texas"
[10:32] <Zunaid> who?
[10:32] <cricman> Faceoff?
[10:32] <RazabQ> z bhai
[10:32] <RazabQ> have they shown any of our bc guys?
[10:32] <cricman> dangu get 2
[10:33] <cricman> another2
[10:33] <Zunaid> they've been mostly showing despondent indian fans
[10:33] <RazabQ> damn
[10:33] <cow> lol, cricbuzz is celebrating 2's now
[10:33] <RazabQ> rasel losing the plot here
[10:33] * oogii is now known as foqzz
[10:33] * foqzz has quit IRC (off)
[10:33] <SMHasan> was a catch
[10:33] <Mahir> so is bashar
[10:33] <RazabQ> damn
[10:33] <SMHasan> but no 3rd slp
[10:33] <Mahir> put a 3rd slip or gully
[10:34] <SMHasan> yah
[10:34] <ammark> tiger bhai... replied
[10:34] <allrounder> rasel deserves a wkt
[10:34] <RazabQ> if 3rd slip was there
[10:34] <RazabQ> gangu doesn't try that shot
[10:34] <Orphues> our jersey is not as bad as ppl wre saying it is
[10:34] <RazabQ> 5 off this over
[10:34] <RazabQ> rasel looks tired
[10:34] <Orphues> it looks better than indian's
[10:34] <allrounder> they got rid of the yellow from the cap
[10:34] <allrounder> and put red
[10:34] <cricman> it cuz were wearing blackcaps for Rana
[10:35] <Mahir> yah orphy... i am liking it actually more than the one we used in the natwest series
[10:35] <cricman> 33/2 of 12
[10:35] <Tigers_eye> Yea cloud is coming
[10:35] <Tigers_eye> which means more swing
[10:35] <Mahir> the yellow isnt yucky.. its mroe like lime... like this jersey
[10:35] <SMHasan> hope it dosnt rain
[10:35] <RazabQ> aftab time?
[10:35] <RazabQ> i think good time to try him
[10:35] <RazabQ> they are still being circumspect
[10:35] * speed has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[10:36] <BD4eva> CMON BANGLADESH!!
[10:36] <Mahir> this is mistake... but mashrafee shud not waste this over... plzzzz mash!
[10:36] <cricman> wanna steal an over or 2?
[10:36] <Tigers_eye> why is Mash holding his back???
[10:36] <RazabQ> bowling all out
[10:36] <BD4eva> Its time for another wicket right about now
[10:36] <RazabQ> prolly spraining his back
[10:36] <cow> 63 dot balls
[10:37] <Bancan> dont get injured
[10:37] <cow>
[10:37] <Orphues> what score u think we should restrict them to
[10:37] <Tigers_eye> 1st time watching Bashar cheering his troops
[10:37] <Bancan> wats the score now??
[10:37] <allrounder> india is smart and not making any mistakes now
[10:37] <ammark> he needs to cheer
[10:37] <ammark> the field is too quiet
[10:37] <cow> man... i love the irish captain... he's so lively
[10:37] <ammark> arektu hyper hole khoti nai
[10:38] <Bancan> wats the score now??
[10:38] <SMHasan> wish we had another pacer
[10:38] <ammark> 33/2
[10:38] <RazabQ> atahar aise
[10:38] <SMHasan> pacers are doin well
[10:38] <cricman> 34/2
[10:38] <RazabQ> whaddaya think?
[10:38] <RazabQ> aftab time?
[10:38] <SMHasan> i think it would be good
[10:38] <SMHasan> to bring aftab
[10:38] <SMHasan> but all depends hablu
[10:38] <ammark> I dont know... aftab and rasel arent nippy... but you gotta rest mash
[10:39] <cricman> hablu needs an attacking field
[10:39] <RazabQ> he does have an attacking field
[10:39] <ammark> bowlers also have to stop pitching middle and leg
[10:39] <cow> why does athar say names like he's english?
[10:39] <allrounder> we are now out of bowling option
[10:39] <ammark> hablu has an attacking field
[10:39] <RazabQ> oh good point atahar
[10:39] <cricman> India: 34/2 (13.0 Ovs)
[10:39] <RazabQ> aftab er to amar manja betha
[10:39] <cricman> Aftab is hurt don't risk him
[10:40] <Bancan> bring in the spinners
[10:40] <ammark> too bad chacha isnt playing these days.. we could use a medium pacer
[10:40] <cricman> haha lmao
[10:40] * Kalu has joined #banglacricket
[10:40] <BD4eva> That ahs to be Mashs last over
[10:40] <RazabQ> good one ammark
[10:40] <cow> pakistan in trouble against ireland
[10:40] <RazabQ> chacha was a threat only in english conditions
[10:41] <cricman> Rasel will finish his spell
[10:41] <cow> 7/1 after 1
[10:41] * pitch_dark has joined #banglacricket
[10:41] * Orphues has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Orphues[])
[10:41] <pitch_dark> 14,1:15.. 3=ϧ=9 §3»»9 hi 3««9§ 3=ϧ=9 15,1..14:
[10:41] <pitch_dark> 14,1:15.. 3=ϧ=9 §3»»9 any 1 here 3««9§ 3=ϧ=9 15,1..14:
[10:41] <cow> oi
[10:41] <cow> turn off your script
[10:41] <cricman> oooo
[10:41] <RazabQ> yes pitch dark
[10:41] <RazabQ> that dark thing is too much
[10:41] <cricman> lbw turned down
[10:41] <Kalu> test
[10:41] * Kalu is now known as orpheus
[10:42] <SMHasan> SH would have been a better option today
[10:42] <ammark> I dont know
[10:42] <SMHasan> pitch Black?
[10:42] <cow> man umpires against us
[10:42] <RazabQ> ok these two have gone into milk mnode
[10:42] <pitch_dark> 14,1:15.. 3=ϧ=9 §3»»9 no pitch_dark 3««9§ 3=ϧ=9 15,1..14:
[10:42] <pitch_dark> 14,1:15.. 3=ϧ=9 §3»»9 no pitch_dark 3««9§ 3=ϧ=9 15,1..14:
[10:42] <ammark> SH or Tapash would need to keep line and length consistent
[10:42] <Bancan> stop that
[10:42] <cricman> if we could get 1 shout to go our way
[10:42] <ammark> oi dummkopf, turn off your script
[10:43] <RazabQ> easy ammark
[10:43] <RazabQ> pitch_dark
[10:43] <pitch_dark> 14,1:15.. 3=ϧ=9 §3»»9 yap 3««9§ 3=ϧ=9 15,1..14:
[10:43] <RazabQ> if you don't turn of the reverese coloring script
[10:43] <RazabQ> I'm afraid no body will pay attention to what you are typing
[10:43] <cow> just kick him
[10:43] <pitch_dark> [0,1 14.15. ok 15.14. ]
[10:43] <cow> kb
[10:44] <cow> 38/2 drinks
[10:44] <cow> man we need wicket
[10:44] <ammark> I'm bored. these indian batsmen are being boring
[10:44] <Bancan> if we dont get wickets now wee are screwed later on
[10:44] <cricman> there pulling a gavaskar
[10:44] <ammark> boring Tendu and Dangus good
[10:45] * RazabQ has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[10:45] <BD4eva> Hab better stop using Mash after the break
[10:45] <cricman> No tendu and gangu out is good
[10:45] <pitch_dark> hmmmm
[10:45] <ammark> that too.. but it isnt gonna happen unless rasel and the other bowlers keep them at this current pace for another 5-6 overs
[10:45] <pitch_dark> now Okie Dokie i guess
[10:46] <Tintin> tendu is looking good, but gets out in the 40s and 50s these days
[10:46] <ammark> ekhon wicket porbe na
[10:46] <BD4eva> WE have to make sure he doesnt getr that far
[10:46] <pitch_dark> oi amar bashar pashe ekjon indian supporter,,plz guys ki kora uchit take suggest me.??????????
[10:46] <ammark> they arent jittery yet
[10:46] <pitch_dark> ekhane ki sobay banglacricket.com er memberzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[10:46] <pitch_dark> ekhane ki sobay banglacricket.com er memberzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[10:46] <ammark> dhorjo dhoro pitch dark
[10:46] * swami has left #banglacricket
[10:46] <ammark> jokhon harbe
[10:46] <rafiq> finally i have some technology that makes sense...PIP and Pak Ireland under way as well
[10:46] <ammark> tokhon mon bhore pochaiyo
[10:47] <pitch_dark> rafiq,,bhai pak er khela kon channel e dekhai
[10:47] <pitch_dark> ???
[10:47] <pitch_dark> rafiq,,bhai pak er khela kon channel e dekhai
[10:47] <cow> tendu should have been gone at the beginning... stupid umpire
[10:47] <rafiq> it's in dish, they have another channel, 2 for the 2 games
[10:47] <pitch_dark> ammark,,& he is hindu,,BD er hindu ra soibay ki indian keno??????????
[10:47] <pitch_dark> ammark,,& he is hindu,,BD er hindu ra soibay ki indian keno??????????
[10:47] <Bancan> indiatv.tk try thislink
[10:47] <rafiq> not that i really care about pak ireland
[10:47] <orpheus> pitch you will get kicked now... stop being a dumbass
[10:47] <rafiq> dropped chance by ireland bowler
[10:48] <rafiq> fool
[10:48] <cow> this guy is annoying... kb him please
[10:48] <cricman> orphy u on campus?
[10:48] <ammark> where's razabq?
[10:48] <ammark> Nasif bhai eto chup?
[10:48] <rafiq> pak must beat ireland to survive, LOL
[10:48] <cow> i guess his computer is not near his tv
[10:49] <Bancan> isnt it ST Patricks day today?
[10:49] <cricman> whats the highlight of the Match so far?
[10:49] <ammark> oh yeah. lucky a$$ is watching on his big screen aramse]
[10:49] <rafiq> pak 15-1
[10:49] <cricman> For me Mashrafe takiling Dangu on his ***
[10:49] * RazabQ has joined #BanglaCricket
[10:49] <Tintin> as long ganguly is there, there won't be any quick running
[10:49] * Mars sets mode: +o RazabQ
[10:49] <cricman> tackle*
[10:49] <ammark> razzak started
[10:49] <cricman> Razz in
[10:50] <ammark> and the field is bleeding attacking
[10:50] <cow> leg bes 2
[10:50] <BD4eva> Lets see what Raj can do
[10:50] <cow> *byes
[10:50] <rafiq> yes
[10:50] <ammark> hope he doesnt get hit over the top
[10:50] <rafiq> yes
[10:50] <rafiq> gone
[10:50] <allrounder> out
[10:50] <allrounder> oyrt
[10:50] <rafiq> tendu out
[10:50] <cow> OOOOO
[10:50] <allrounder> yahooo
[10:50] <Nasif39> tendu gone
[10:50] <Tintin> SRT out
[10:50] <saadlu> out
[10:50] <saadlu> out
[10:50] <saadlu> out
[10:50] <saadlu> out
[10:50] <SMHasan> out
[10:50] <Tintin> beautifully flighted
[10:50] <Bancan> woooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo
[10:50] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[10:50] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[10:50] <Bancan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[10:50] <rafiq> i think this is the day
[10:50] <Bancan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[10:50] <cow> india'r khobor ase ajke
[10:51] <RazabQ> tendu gone
[10:51] <rafiq> musfi oita na dhorle thappor kheto
[10:51] <orpheus> haha
[10:51] <orpheus> serious
[10:51] <SMHasan> hhehe
[10:51] <orpheus> Indian pacha de latthi
[10:51] <orpheus> ke niche?
[10:51] <rafiq> paki wicket down
[10:51] <rafiq> double joy
[10:51] <RazabQ> pilot who?
[10:51] <ammark> razzak
[10:51] <orpheus> down with both India and Pak
[10:51] <RazabQ> razzak is DA MAN
[10:51] <orpheus> Rise up BD and Ireland
[10:51] <Tintin> rafiq : that compensates somewhat for the srt dismissal
[10:51] <orpheus> lol
[10:51] <Tintin> who is out ?
[10:52] <orpheus> Tendulkar
[10:52] <pitch_dark> tendulkar goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[10:52] <pitch_dark> tendulkar goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[10:52] <pitch_dark> tendulkar goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[10:52] <cow> man, a BD vs Ireland match would be a class match... IND and PAK are phao
[10:52] <Tintin> ... in the pak match
[10:52] <rafiq> yunis khan gone
[10:52] <rafiq> 15-2
[10:52] <Tintin> good
[10:52] <orpheus> lol
[10:52] <orpheus> why good tintin?
[10:52] <RazabQ> rafiq let me quote rhett butler on you 'bout that paki score
[10:52] <cricman> I love athar's commentary
[10:52] <Bancan> inshallah aske jitbo
[10:52] <RazabQ> "frankly m'dear, I don't give a damn"
[10:52] <Tigers_eye> test match is on guys
[10:53] <cricman> Imagine Pak and Ind getting elimanted in the same day?
[10:53] <rafiq> both pak and india are struggling against 'minnows' LOL
[10:53] <Nasif39> heheeh @tiger bhai
[10:53] <ammark> dravid and gangulu
[10:53] <ammark> ganguly'r pa emnitei kaptese
[10:53] <ammark> well kaptesilo against mash
[10:54] <ammark> another wicket needed in next 5 overs
[10:54] <ammark> and we're set
[10:54] <Tigers_eye> rafiq ashey pis*p korey dibe
[10:54] <Bancan> ishhh keno je khela dekte pari na
[10:54] <Nasif39> athar talking about masud's exclusion
[10:54] <RazabQ> bancam man, if you can afford it
[10:54] <RazabQ> get dish
[10:54] <rafiq> ****
[10:54] <RazabQ> you'll spend 200 bucks on smokes alone
[10:54] <rafiq> overthrow
[10:55] <Bancan> i cant
[10:55] <Nasif39> overthrow 4
[10:55] <RazabQ> ki holo
[10:55] <RazabQ> crud!!!
[10:55] <allrounder> oh nooo
[10:55] * iaaio has joined #banglacricket
[10:55] <orpheus> oh no
[10:55] <cricman> 50 up?
[10:55] <RazabQ> atahar got a haircut
[10:55] <Tintin> anything is a bonus noq
[10:55] <orpheus> don't get too excited now
[10:55] <rafiq> first major mistake in the game
[10:55] <Bancan> in canada dish is not legal
[10:55] <RazabQ> bashar
[10:55] <RazabQ> oh well
[10:55] <Tintin> 4
[10:55] <Nasif39> anoter 4
[10:55] <RazabQ> aggression is good
[10:55] <Tintin> typical gangu cut
[10:56] <RazabQ> rasel tired
[10:56] <cow> bashar idiot
[10:56] <rafiq> rassel starts theowing up short stuff when he tires
[10:56] <SMHasan> heheh
[10:56] <SMHasan> 8 runs in 2 balls
[10:56] <Bancan> its not funny
[10:56] <RazabQ> all bowlers bowl short when tired
[10:56] <RazabQ> come on rasel
[10:56] <RazabQ> regroup baby
[10:56] <Bancan> baby!!
[10:56] <rafiq> thats why he shouldn't be bowling 10 overs in a trot
[10:56] <Tintin> iaaio is a spammer
[10:56] <SMHasan> we need to bring another change
[10:56] <SMHasan> they are tired
[10:56] <cow> we need to get ganguly quick
[10:57] <Bancan> brb
[10:57] <cow> he's gonna be trouble
[10:57] <Nasif39> that over was just unlucky and rasel bit tired
[10:57] <Nasif39> showed on his last delivery
[10:57] <cow> bring on rafique :P
[10:57] <RazabQ> danguly ke sakib nebe
[10:57] * Tigers_eye has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[10:58] <cricman> RD of the mark
[10:58] <BD4eva> One more wicket....Thats all i need
[10:58] <rafiq> i need 7 more wickets
[10:59] <BD4eva> lol
[10:59] <cow> even if they get 6 an over from now on, they'd be at 250
[10:59] <allrounder> need 2 more wkts
[10:59] <orpheus> bangla cricket performing great today
[10:59] <rafiq> bashar wanted 250 to chase
[10:59] <cow> i want 200 :P
[10:59] <orpheus> all round great performance everywhere
[10:59] <Bancan> i want 84
[10:59] <cricman> I wanna chase 180
[10:59] <cow> anything less wouldn't be a good game :P

Continued to next post...
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March 17, 2007
11AM - 1PM

[11:00] <SMHasan> lol cow
[11:00] <Bancan> i dreamed yesterday india out for 84
[11:00] <SMHasan> heheh
[11:00] <cricman> Razz isn't chucking right?
[11:00] * iaaio is now known as zzkiw
[11:00] * zzkiw has quit IRC (Read error to zzkiw[pc18.zippcomplex.iasi.rdsnet.ro]: EOF from client)
[11:00] <cow> amader batting-er shomoy pitch kemon hobe?
[11:00] <RazabQ> rafique er fielding
[11:00] <rafiq> did SA score 365 in 40 overs yesterday?
[11:00] * Tintin has quit IRC (Read error to Tintin[]: Connection reset by peer)
[11:00] <RazabQ> back handed flick
[11:00] <RazabQ> razz doesn't have the cleanest action but it's better than harbhajan's
[11:01] <Bancan> gangu is dangerous . we need his eicket
[11:01] <Bancan> w*
[11:01] <SMHasan> yes fariq bhai
[11:01] <ammark> boring... pressure falaite thako
[11:01] <rafiq> yeah they are all dangerous - getting Tendu was precious
[11:01] <cricman> Rasel usally doesn't go wicket less so.....
[11:02] <rafiq> what a save
[11:02] <rafiq> could have been a 4
[11:02] <rafiq> tamim
[11:02] <rafiq> good thinking
[11:02] <orpheus> oh man I shouldn't have refressed the tvuplayer now I am picture less
[11:02] <orpheus> damn
[11:03] <cricman> orphy after every wicket refresh
[11:03] * shahriyar has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:03] <rafiq> pak 27-2 but with all the wides the irish are throwing up, they will smack 300 as well
[11:04] * Tintin has joined #banglacricket
[11:04] * pitch_dark has quit IRC (Ping timeout for pitch_dark[])
[11:04] <Bancan> its boring.......
[11:04] <Bancan> wats timeout?
[11:04] <rafiq> is this pitch worth 30 overs of spin?
[11:05] <cricman> 54/3 (18.0 Ovs)
[11:05] <shahriyar> kono free link kaj kortese nah
[11:05] <allrounder> why is rasel bowling 10 overs in a row
[11:05] <Bancan> y is rasel still bowling?
[11:05] <shahriyar> rasel shud bowl out he is only effective with the new ball
[11:06] <BD4eva> Rasels gonna finish his quota in one spell
[11:06] <shahriyar> i m lovin the score
[11:06] <cow> i wanna watch BD vs IRE
[11:06] <cow> this game is boring now
[11:06] <shahriyar> i can orpheussssssssss online
[11:06] * Kabir has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:06] <rafiq> very slow outfield
[11:07] <Bancan> hey kabir
[11:07] <RazabQ> dhuru
[11:07] <cricman> dangu 4
[11:07] <cow> powerplay shesh hoise?
[11:07] <Kabir> hello everyone
[11:07] <Kabir> nah ekhono shesh hoynai
[11:07] <orpheus> hey shahriyar
[11:07] <Kabir> they're using 2nd powerplay
[11:08] <cricman> 5 off the over
[11:08] <Kabir> dada is busy recreating his old days with dadi...that's why a little slow
[11:08] <ammark> that was coming
[11:08] <cow> that was a mishit by ganguly
[11:08] <Bancan> god.........
[11:08] <shahriyar> is there anyone who is watching with free links ?
[11:08] <shahriyar> bhai plz help
[11:08] <Bancan> tvy suks
[11:08] <cricman> give him the tvu
[11:08] <Bancan> tvu sucks
[11:08] <cricman> no it doesn't
[11:08] <Kabir> why shahriyar? you're not in montreal? :p
[11:08] <Bancan> it doesnt work
[11:09] <BD4eva> Try Vaanamtv
[11:09] <shahriyar> hahaha no imran
[11:09] <BD4eva> its alright
[11:09] <shahriyar> thanks to u nd mridul
[11:09] <shahriyar> but i had my personal trip
[11:09] <shahriyar> :P
[11:09] <BD4eva> buffers about once every minute
[11:09] <Kabir> miya bolsilam come to toronto
[11:09] <Kabir> personal trip nice nice
[11:09] <Bancan> anyone have a webcam????
[11:09] <shahriyar> tvu sopcast nothing is working
[11:09] <Kabir> we paid a $ and watching the match using projector
[11:09] <shahriyar> this is so frustrating for me
[11:09] <ammark> kabir bhai koi dekhtesen?
[11:09] <shahriyar>
[11:09] <Kabir> at YorkU
[11:09] <Kabir> ashe pashe thakle chole ashen
[11:10] <ammark> lunch'er por Indian Biriyani House jabo... Dundas and University
[11:10] <RazabQ> chapel look s a tad perturbed
[11:10] <BD4eva> Shahriar....try
[11:10] <Kabir> indian audience amader adverse sledging er jonno suffer kortese
[11:10] <rafiq> in memory of manjurul islam rana: http://usa.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2...15MAY2004.html
[11:10] * allrounder has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[11:10] * speed has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:10] <shahriyar> thanks bd4eva
[11:10] <Bancan> kot jon bangali okhane kabir bhai?
[11:10] <shahriyar> appreciate it
[11:10] <RazabQ> it was nice that the preview mentioned that match
[11:10] <Kabir> more than 15
[11:10] <shahriyar> imran york e koi dekhteso ?
[11:10] <BD4eva> @rafiq...About that...Does anybody know whether theyre wearing black arm bands??
[11:11] <BD4eva> Doesnt seem like it
[11:11] <rafiq> rana was the highest wicket taker that day
[11:11] <Kabir> graduate student lounge at YorkU @shahriyar
[11:11] <shahriyar> ohh ok
[11:11] <Kabir> anyway..u guys havin fun?
[11:11] <Bancan> so apnara chillaite sen
[11:11] <rafiq> they had a minute of silence - both teams and umpires lined up
[11:12] * allrounder has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:12] <Kabir> of course...sledging all the way @bancan
[11:12] <rafiq> i don;t see a black band
[11:12] <shahriyar> rafiq bhai nah live on the field ?
[11:12] <Kabir> nice...that's very good
[11:12] <cricman> Rasels spell is over 0/31
[11:12] <shahriyar> do they hv internet on inside the stadium for spectators ?
[11:12] <saadlu> this is so bad, I am only reading text from cricinfo
[11:12] <rafiq> yes before the game
[11:12] <shahriyar> *strange*
[11:12] <RazabQ> good spell
[11:12] <saadlu> and my brother is in the field
[11:12] <Kabir> oh yea...rn't u supposed to be at trinidad? @rafiq bhai
[11:12] <saadlu> people can see my brother dancing
[11:12] <allrounder> we need wkt
[11:13] <allrounder> we need wkt
[11:13] <Kabir> razab bhai...kemon achen dada
[11:13] <saadlu> but I can't
[11:13] <saadlu> too sad
[11:13] <rafiq> i am going to be in trini, will leave tuesday
[11:13] <saadlu> too sad I tell you
[11:13] <Kabir> oh
[11:13] <Kabir> u're missing today's win man @rafiq
[11:13] <shahriyar> hahaha
[11:13] <shahriyar> spot on imran
[11:13] <Bancan> okay wat does this mean DOWNLOAD 13KBps/0MB
[11:13] <RazabQ> good thing that hit dravid
[11:13] <allrounder> come one wait till our batsmen starts battin
[11:13] <rafiq> yeah but it's nice to see it here with family as well
[11:13] <RazabQ> otherwise woulda been wide
[11:13] <orpheus> rafiq bhai second round match er jonno jaabe like me
[11:13] <saadlu> hmm...
[11:14] <rafiq> got the flag flying outside, biriyani warming up, we are all set for the win
[11:14] <shahriyar> ahhh orpheus is back
[11:14] <shahriyar>
[11:14] <saadlu> hopefully someone will upload the highlights
[11:14] <allrounder> any vdo working witout bufffeingf?
[11:14] <Bancan> for anyone using TVU okay wat does this mean DOWNLOAD 13KBps/0MB
[11:14] <orpheus> i will take vdo with a buffering you have allrounder?
[11:14] <shahriyar> tvu is not working for me either @ bancan
[11:14] <cricman> RD steals a run at the end
[11:15] <rafiq> we need a wicket before gangu gets too far gone
[11:15] <Bancan> damn so boring
[11:15] <allrounder> tvu is buffering
[11:15] <rafiq> bancan what are you talking about????
[11:15] <shahriyar> @allrounder r u at least getting sm picture ?
[11:15] <ammark> I like how this is going.... no singles
[11:15] <Bancan> i get a blank screen and on the bottom DOWNLOAD 13KBps/0MB
[11:15] <ammark> infield is frustrating the batsmen
[11:15] <cow> what total can we expect now?
[11:15] <Bancan> @ rafiq
[11:15] <rafiq> hmm...ok, sorry man
[11:16] <rafiq> i feel your pain
[11:16] <shahriyar> @ ammark where r u watching man ?
[11:16] <ammark> with a bit of patience, they'll wanna do sth new
[11:16] <ammark> I'm watching at home right now off TVU
[11:16] <Bancan> thanks
[11:16] <shahriyar> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh amar ashe nah ken dhurrr
[11:16] <ammark> home is at U of T St.George.....
[11:16] <Bancan> same here
[11:16] <cow> sakib on
[11:16] <rafiq> so waht;s he verdict on aftab - he is going to have a go? 30 overs of spin will get too predictable
[11:16] <Bancan> y isnt any sh!t working
[11:16] <ammark> will go to Indian Biriyani House Dundas & Uni for batting session
[11:17] <cricman> @Bancan check ur status bar
[11:17] <cricman> is the TVU icon there
[11:17] <rafiq> oh sakib getting some turn
[11:17] <Bancan> ya
[11:17] <cricman> F5
[11:17] <shahriyar> we seem to hv an iron grip on the match so far
[11:17] <rafiq> love the dot balls
[11:18] <Kabir> dravid er matha kharap hoye jache
[11:18] <SMHasan> so there is no reliable free link
[11:18] <Kabir> bechara'r atta shukay gese
[11:18] <Bancan> was the F5 to me
[11:18] <cricman> yup
[11:18] <shahriyar> but we need two wickets in the next 10 overs to effectively kill any hope of indian revival
[11:18] <SMHasan> i will be working during our batting
[11:18] <SMHasan> shame
[11:18] <SMHasan> need a good link
[11:18] <cow> dravid played same stupid shot twice
[11:18] <cow> then wisened up
[11:18] * bopbop has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:18] <Kabir> yea...he's a real COW ;0
[11:18] <Kabir>
[11:18] <rafiq> keep it close to 100 at 30 and we are in really good shape
[11:18] <cricman> plus guys don't do everything on 1 browser
[11:19] <Bancan> it just keeps on downloading but no picture
[11:19] <ammark> dravid is getting impatient
[11:19] <bopbop> Hi
[11:19] <SMHasan> ammark
[11:19] <Kabir> hi bopbop
[11:19] <shahriyar> bhai bophop er mane ki ?
[11:19] <SMHasan> where u watcing
[11:19] <Bancan> i m getting impatient
[11:19] <bopbop> shora shori khala ki kotho dakhacha
[11:20] <Bancan>
[11:20] <rafiq> aftab has a back problem, can't bowl
[11:20] <Bancan> try that
[11:20] <cow> man, i should sleep for next 10 overs
[11:20] <allrounder> com saying BD needs a third smeer
[11:20] <cow> this is boooooring
[11:20] * bopbop has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[11:20] <orpheus> bancan for me it syas player can not be initiated....
[11:20] <RazabQ> cow this is exactly what we need
[11:20] <Kabir> we're all laughing our a** off here
[11:20] <RazabQ> choke em
[11:20] <RazabQ> choke down
[11:20] <rafiq> how about stopping the singles????
[11:20] <Kabir> someone told us a story of Pilot
[11:21] <orpheus> share with us
[11:21] <Bancan> i will be back after 5 mins
[11:21] <Kabir> once, he was screaming at Rafiq..."rafiq bhai, khan**'r pola re ghuray maren"...and that was picked up in the mic
[11:21] <RazabQ> damn they are miliking
[11:21] <Kabir> and everyone's rolling on the floor laughing
[11:21] <RazabQ> let's get the fielders closer
[11:21] <shahriyar> bye everyonee ( for now at least)
[11:21] <Kabir> bye shahriyar
[11:21] <orpheus> bye
[11:21] <cricman> 5 singles off the over
[11:21] * shahriyar has left #BanglaCricket
[11:21] <rafiq> awseome stuff by pilot, miss his comments
[11:21] <allrounder> picking up singles
[11:22] <Kabir> hahahaha
[11:22] <RazabQ> that's 5 runs off the over
[11:22] <RazabQ> no fuss
[11:22] <orpheus> i think musfique has the potential to be a bad mouth as well
[11:22] <Kabir> yea...but mushi right now, he's doing "ek ek ek ek ek ek ek"
[11:22] <Kabir>
[11:22] <saadlu> I have been away from news for a while now...where is shahadat?
[11:22] <RazabQ> we gotta put fielders close
[11:22] <rafiq> shahadat is in cold storage
[11:22] <orpheus> arek beta koi ki
[11:22] <Kabir> he's already proving his spot here @orphy
[11:22] <rafiq> we're saving him for the next world cup
[11:22] <saadlu> why?
[11:22] <allrounder> man, put pressure
[11:22] <cow> haha... india takes 5 singles in an over and commentator says "not good for bangladesh"
[11:22] <cricman> it isnt
[11:22] <cow> my how the commentary has changed
[11:23] <saadlu> was he injured?
[11:23] <Kabir> the commentators repeatedly said "Bangladesh on top of the match now"
[11:23] <SMHasan> we are allowing them to take singles
[11:23] <orpheus> bangalees like to be on top
[11:23] <SMHasan> need to bring more fielders inside the ring
[11:23] <RazabQ> the comms ar e making a valid point
[11:23] <orpheus> waht cxan I say...
[11:23] <allrounder> i dont get it we will spin in the last overs?
[11:24] * bopbop has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:24] <orpheus> yup Mash and razzaq
[11:24] <SMHasan> let them play big hits
[11:24] <cricman> bring in the BOSS
[11:24] <Kabir> well it's better to have spinner than mashrafee
[11:24] <ammark> why is bashar suddenly SO defensive in field?
[11:24] <allrounder> fielders are spread out
[11:24] <cricman> another 5 off the over
[11:24] <BD4eva> They need to keep the pressure on....
[11:25] <Kabir> it's okay guys...they're still at 3/over
[11:25] <Kabir> very very badd
[11:25] <rafiq> out
[11:25] <BD4eva> Spinners are giving too much width
[11:25] <rafiq> out
[11:25] <rafiq> rafique
[11:25] * Locutus has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:25] <Nasif39> strikes
[11:25] <Nasif39> gone
[11:25] <ammark> still they need the field to be tight and choke them
[11:25] <BD4eva> +out :amazed!: +out
[11:25] <allrounder> yahooo
[11:25] <orpheus> ke?
[11:25] <allrounder> first ball wkt???
[11:25] <SMHasan> out
[11:25] <rafiq> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[11:25] <SMHasan> forst ball gone
[11:25] <bopbop> Online a ki shora shori khala dakha jaba ?
[11:25] <SMHasan> rafiq
[11:25] <cricman> I love BOSS
[11:25] <orpheus> ke out
[11:25] <cricman> Dravid out
[11:25] <orpheus> great
[11:26] <Nasif39> kam shesh
[11:26] <bopbop> yessssssssssssss great
[11:26] <rafiq> bhai or nam to rafique
[11:26] <orpheus> we will have Ganguly stranded if we cant get him out
[11:26] <RazabQ> guys - come one give bashar credit for that
[11:26] <orpheus> rafiq bhai take credit while you can
[11:26] <rafiq> yes yes
[11:26] <ammark> hudai canadar boro potaka killaiga?
[11:26] <RazabQ> he saw two overs of milking singles
[11:26] <orpheus>
[11:26] <RazabQ> and said
[11:26] <RazabQ> that's it
[11:26] <RazabQ> i don't like it
[11:26] <RazabQ> and I'm changing things right now
[11:26] <orpheus> bashar is a genius
[11:26] <Kabir> halay geche
[11:26] <orpheus> that muski smile
[11:26] <RazabQ> that's proactive captaining at its best
[11:27] <orpheus> devilish
[11:27] <RazabQ> bashar getting better with age
[11:27] <Kabir> dravid er pasay beter bari marse razzak
[11:27] <Kabir> score ujpdated razab bhai
[11:27] <Kabir> yea...bashar getting better
[11:27] <allrounder> put attacking fielding
[11:27] <ammark> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[11:27] * Spitfire_x86 has joined #banglacricket
[11:27] <Locutus> 1st ball from Rafiq is an wicket?
[11:27] <Spitfire_x86> hi everyone
[11:27] <Spitfire_x86>
[11:28] <bopbop> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[11:28] <cow> who are these minnows we're playing.... send em home
[11:28] <orpheus> lol cow
[11:28] <ammark> this is sth to hit at India yo
[11:28] <Kabir> spitty?
[11:28] <Kabir> what's up?
[11:28] <Kabir> any GOOD comments about bd?
[11:28] <Kabir>
[11:28] * SMHasan has quit IRC (Read error to SMHasan[5ac045f1.bb.sky.com]: Connection reset by peer)
[11:28] <Spitfire_x86>
[11:28] * Arnab has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:28] <rafiq> yeah kudos to bashar
[11:29] <Kabir> hello arnab bhai
[11:29] <Kabir> yup kudos to bashar
[11:29] <Arnab> yo
[11:29] <RazabQ> oooh
[11:29] <rafiq> wicket maiden
[11:29] <Kabir> and kudos to rafiq...he's bowling like crazy
[11:29] <RazabQ> almost a caught and bowled
[11:29] <Spitfire_x86> they'll still score 250 I think
[11:29] <Kabir> oh ho...
[11:29] <cricman> spitty calm down
[11:29] <Kabir> spitty still pessimistic
[11:29] <RazabQ> ki fielding
[11:29] <Kabir> be optimistic brother?
[11:29] <Spitfire_x86> even if they score 180-200
[11:29] <rafiq> pak 50-2, turning that off, tired of them
[11:29] <Kabir> maiden wicket over almost
[11:29] <RazabQ> yeah I think 250 korbe
[11:29] <Spitfire_x86> we can get bowled out for 105 or something like that
[11:29] <Arnab> Indians are tentative as hell
[11:29] <Kabir> wicket maiden
[11:29] <allrounder> does not matter what india scores
[11:29] <allrounder> our batsmen need to score
[11:30] <rafiq> dude don't be so depressing
[11:30] <ammark> our batsmen need to be thandamental
[11:30] <Arnab> what's funny is ganguly is still there
[11:30] <orpheus> kick out spitty
[11:30] <Spitfire_x86> i don't see us scoring 200+ in this pitch
[11:30] <Bancan> i m bak
[11:30] <cricman> guys do hear that?\
[11:30] <Arnab> and he has been the most tentative
[11:30] <Spitfire_x86> unless they bowl extremely poorly
[11:30] <Kabir> yea
[11:30] <Kabir> he'll stick for 50 overs, and score 50
[11:30] <Arnab> they'll need him
[11:30] <Kabir> i don't mind if gangu dada makes unbeaten 50
[11:31] <allrounder> all we need our batsmen to play well
[11:31] <rafiq> how many 4s in this innings?
[11:31] <Arnab> 4-5 boundaries
[11:31] <rafiq> bashar needs to attack more, what
[11:32] <rafiq> whats up with this field setting
[11:32] <Arnab> there have been the odd boundaries here and there
[11:32] <Arnab> econ is 3
[11:32] <Kabir> people here are crazy
[11:32] <rafiq> bashar should stop feeling smug right now
[11:32] <Kabir> they're only saying ganguly is getting set only
[11:32] <cow> i've only seen 3 boundaries i think... not counting the stupid misfielding one
[11:32] <Kabir> i'm like, he's batted over 60 deliveries
[11:32] <Kabir> and still doing crap
[11:32] <rafiq> comms talking about india'
[11:32] <Arnab> that doesn't matter
[11:32] <allrounder> let ganguly stay
[11:32] <rafiq> india's lowest score, lOL
[11:33] <Kabir> hahaha
[11:33] <Kabir> yea...lol
[11:33] <Arnab> if he stays and scores no one will take note of his 60 deliveries
[11:33] <allrounder> we need our batsmen
[11:33] <Locutus> ganguly has history of distrying bangladesh
[11:33] <Arnab> this is a diff bangldesh
[11:33] <Arnab> fielders look super agile
[11:33] <rafiq> ganguly akhoni out hobe.
[11:33] <Locutus> hope so
[11:33] <Arnab> viagra khaia namse sob. :-)
[11:34] <Locutus> lol
[11:34] <Kabir> kara viagara khaise boss?
[11:34] <Kabir> tigers?
[11:34] * orpheus has quit IRC (Ping timeout for orpheus[])
[11:34] <allrounder> need them to start hitting ball
[11:34] <cricman> After all the talk we've been doing this feels nice at the moment
[11:34] <rafiq> where is the second round match for this group - antigua?
[11:35] <BD4eva> @allrounder. Be careful what you wish for
[11:35] * RazabQ has quit IRC (Read error to RazabQ[c-24-6-1-23.hsd1.ca.comcast.net]: Connection reset by peer)
[11:35] <Arnab> rafiq bhai stay in this match
[11:35] <cricman> 2nd rd we'll avoid SA and play Aus
[11:35] <Kabir> allrounder er bashar thikana ki? RAB pathaitasi
[11:35] <rafiq> ok bagali posse is at front door got to go
[11:35] <rafiq> sorry bangali posse
[11:36] <allrounder> once they do we will get wkts
[11:36] <allrounder> if they take single they are not getting out
[11:36] <Arnab> dekhi rastay chokkor maira asi
[11:36] <Arnab> mone hoii sob khali
[11:36] <allrounder> why are the fielders so spreAD out?
[11:37] <Locutus> Saqib is another SLA?
[11:37] <allrounder> tehsin vai is there
[11:37] <allrounder> in the crowd
[11:37] <rafiq> pak 4rd wicket down
[11:37] <rafiq> 56-3 sorry
[11:37] <Nasif39> tapash in the field for who?
[11:38] * RazabQ has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:38] * Mars sets mode: +o RazabQ
[11:38] <Kabir> cholo bangladeshhh
[11:38] <allrounder> i want pakistan to be out
[11:38] <Kabir> hahaha
[11:38] <Kabir> yea
[11:38] <cow> bangladesh vs ireland final
[11:38] <cow> tho we might lose that
[11:39] <Locutus> Run Rate increasing now at 3.00
[11:39] * Nasif39 says: this chat is logged, I will post it on Match thread later today.
[11:39] <allrounder> all these singles are not going good
[11:39] * RazabQ has quit IRC (RazabQ)
[11:39] <Bancan> ireland shld win cause it St patrics day
[11:40] <allrounder> who is st patrick? a lepracaun?
[11:40] <Kabir> hahaha...good one bancan
[11:40] <cow> pakistan 58/3
[11:40] <Locutus> Ireland will be bold out win in 100 runs
[11:40] <cow> haha
[11:40] <Bancan> dunno but he must be green
[11:40] <cricman> Inzy out
[11:40] * Locutus has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[11:41] * Locutus has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:41] <allrounder> bashar world cup score is 0
[11:41] * RazabQ has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:41] * Mars sets mode: +o RazabQ
[11:41] <RazabQ> the pad
[11:41] <RazabQ> rafique troubling the prince ...
[11:41] <Kabir> good over
[11:41] <Kabir> 1 run from this over
[11:42] <Locutus> 2
[11:42] * ilmti has joined #banglacricket
[11:42] <allrounder> whty fielder so far away?
[11:43] <Kabir> sakib's bowling superb
[11:43] <Kabir> woww
[11:43] <Kabir> nice try by sakib
[11:43] <Kabir> this guy's gonna shine
[11:43] <Kabir> mark my words
[11:43] <Kabir> this is his test against the big boys
[11:43] <Kabir> everyone all these days said he hasnt' been tested against big boys
[11:43] <Kabir> now is his test...
[11:44] <Kabir> get those guys sakibbbbbbb
[11:44] <Kabir> brb
[11:44] <rafiq> pak 58-4, it's uncanny when you compare the 2 games
[11:44] <allrounder> BD has the guts to send 3 spinners against india
[11:45] <Bancan> kabir lol first u kept on talking now brb lol
[11:45] <RazabQ> damn we need a wicket
[11:45] <Spitfire_x86> 250 is still possible
[11:45] <Locutus> yea
[11:45] <RazabQ> spitty 250 is acceptable in this ground
[11:45] <Locutus> MS Dhoni still to come
[11:46] <Bancan> spit is always so.............
[11:46] <allrounder> man 5 runs per over without pressure and only single and 2s
[11:46] <cow> india is not crossing 200 today
[11:46] <allrounder> fielder need to come close
[11:46] * bopbop has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[11:47] <Bancan> go bd
[11:47] <Spitfire_x86> to OPs-> Please kick ilmti
[11:47] <allrounder> single are going away
[11:47] <Spitfire_x86> this guy is advertising video chats
[11:47] <rafiq> ajke india ke chara uchit na
[11:48] <RazabQ> that was a little to wide
[11:48] <RazabQ> didn't turn as much as rafique was hoping prolly
[11:48] <cow> pak 58/4 ... wtf
[11:48] <cow> lol
[11:48] <Bancan> my only fear our batting
[11:49] * allrounder has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[11:49] <cricman> Wides have been harsh
[11:50] <cricman> good over from sakib
[11:50] <Arnab> nah
[11:50] <Arnab> wide call was normal
[11:50] <Arnab> we'll worry about batting when it comes
[11:50] * allrounder has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:50] <Arnab> right now bd on top
[11:51] <Arnab> and dhoni can still take it away from us in the last 10 overs
[11:51] <Spitfire_x86> gangu almost got himself caught at long off
[11:51] <allrounder> but we need wkt
[11:51] <cricman> let him go for a 6
[11:51] <Bancan> tiger cricket is giving audio
[11:52] <allrounder> give some lose delivery and let them give a catch or stumping
[11:52] <Spitfire_x86> can't gangu play sweep?
[11:52] <Spitfire_x86> i don't think he tried it once
[11:53] <Spitfire_x86> in this innings
[11:53] * ilmti is now known as pzuen
[11:53] * pzuen has quit IRC (off)
[11:53] <Arnab> ganguly is in survival mode
[11:53] <Arnab> he's like steve waugh
[11:53] * bbaaer has joined #banglacricket
[11:53] <cricman> bring back razz
[11:53] <cow> 98/4 after 33
[11:54] <Arnab> steve eschewed pullling and hooking
[11:54] <cricman> 99 actually of 33
[11:54] <Arnab> ganguly has eschewed everything but the forward defensive and the occasional nudge
[11:54] <Bancan> is the tigercricket live audio working for ny of u
[11:55] <allrounder> 200+ is still in there in the books. wee need to take that away
[11:55] <BD4eva> 180 should be chase-able
[11:55] * SMHasan has joined #BanglaCricket
[11:55] <Nasif39> there are less people on forum today, i guess most are watching on tv
[11:56] <BD4eva> yeah....therere quite a few
[11:56] <BD4eva> i expected at least 400
[11:56] <BD4eva> *people that is
[11:57] <cricman> 100 up
[11:57] <ammark> 210
[11:57] <Bancan> chat is boring too
[11:57] <ammark> thats the total I'm predicting
[11:58] <ammark> 20 overs to go...
[11:58] * saadlu has quit IRC (Ping timeout for saadlu[modemcable051.12-201-24.mc.videotron.ca])
[11:58] <BD4eva> Bancan...We get it..Youre bored!
[11:58] <cricman> cuz normally
[11:58] <Bancan> u guys get to watch it i dont
[11:58] <Spitfire_x86> another 4 from Yuvraj
[11:58] <Spitfire_x86> 2 boundaries in this over
[11:58] <allrounder> i wish they have more attacking fielding
[11:59] <Spitfire_x86> another boundary
[11:59] <Spitfire_x86> no
[11:59] <Bancan> nooooooo
[11:59] <Spitfire_x86> just 2
[11:59] <Spitfire_x86> 10 from this over
[11:59] <Locutus> Yuvraj is the best batsman against spinner
[11:59] <cricman> take sakib out
[11:59] <Spitfire_x86> yuvraj 23*
[11:59] <Spitfire_x86> getting close to gangu's score
[11:59] <RazabQ> damn
[11:59] <RazabQ> time for razzak?
[11:59] <Bancan> 108/4 34
[12:00] <ammark> aftab
[12:00] <ammark> mix it up a bit?
[12:00] <BD4eva> Aftab?????
[12:00] <RazabQ> hmm
[12:00] <BD4eva> Oh man.......
[12:00] <Bancan> aftab er komore beta
[12:00] <RazabQ> aftab can't bowl
[12:00] <ammark> oh.. right :S
[12:00] <allrounder> expensive over
[12:01] <Spitfire_x86> 1 1 4
[12:01] <Nasif39> 4
[12:01] <ammark> wickets chai
[12:01] <Spitfire_x86> from the current Rafique over
[12:01] <cricman> get ready to chase 230
[12:01] <Spitfire_x86> things have just started to happen
[12:01] <rafiq> pak 66-5
[12:01] <allrounder> 250
[12:01] <rafiq> imran nazir gone LOL
[12:01] <BD4eva> :damn!:
[12:02] <Spitfire_x86> great
[12:02] <allrounder> we need wkts too
[12:02] <Locutus> I think Pakis were celebrating St Pat day last night
[12:02] <RazabQ> ki shuru hoilo?
[12:02] <RazabQ> bashar needs to talk to his bowlers
[12:02] * bbaaer has quit IRC (Read error to bbaaer[ppp-]: EOF from client)
[12:03] <cricman> 8 off the over
[12:03] <allrounder> dhur
[12:03] * RazabQ has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[12:03] <cricman> since we wont use mash at the death use him now
[12:04] <Spitfire_x86> i want to see both India and Pakistan getting kicked out from WC after 1st round
[12:04] <allrounder> we are out of luck now
[12:04] <allrounder> all spinners left
[12:04] <cricman> this is where i wish we had a diff capt
[12:04] <allrounder> razzak
[12:04] <allrounder> should come
[12:04] <cricman> 50 for dangu
[12:05] <BD4eva> RR's upto 3.31
[12:05] <Arnab> that's ok
[12:05] <Arnab> rafiq and mash has what 10 overs between them
[12:05] <BD4eva> Projected total is 165
[12:05] <allrounder> 165 or 265?
[12:05] <Bancan> 165
[12:06] <cricman> they won't get get 265 eve with dhoni
[12:06] <cow> that doesn't mean anything
[12:06] <cricman> even*
[12:06] <BD4eva> 165
[12:06] <ammark> painful 50
[12:06] <cricman> dada is happy
[12:06] * RazabQ has joined #BanglaCricket
[12:06] * Mars sets mode: +o RazabQ
[12:06] <RazabQ> guys
[12:06] <allrounder> 122/4 already
[12:06] <RazabQ> what do you think we can restrict them to?
[12:06] <cow> i like the "only dada can save us now" banner :P
[12:06] <RazabQ> the two have opened up big time
[12:06] <Bancan> wicket lagbo
[12:07] <allrounder> 222
[12:07] <Locutus> 230
[12:07] <RazabQ> good fielding
[12:07] <BD4eva> They either have to get Dhoni out cheaply or keep these two on strike and squeeze them from runs
[12:07] <Locutus> Last 5 ovs 28/0 RR 5.60
[12:08] <RazabQ> yeah dhoni can take the game away from us
[12:08] <Spitfire_x86> suns are coming easily
[12:08] <RazabQ> lovely arm
[12:08] <Spitfire_x86> *runs
[12:08] <RazabQ> arm ball
[12:08] <cricman> good over
[12:08] <RazabQ> we need dot balls
[12:08] <BD4eva> lol @ spitfire
[12:08] <RazabQ> to build up pressure
[12:09] <Locutus> we need a wkt
[12:09] <RazabQ> rafique you smartie
[12:09] <RazabQ> saw dangu coming down
[12:09] <RazabQ> and changed the flight
[12:09] <allrounder> why are we giving these unnecessary singles?
[12:09] <BD4eva> time for another wicket
[12:09] <allrounder> fielderers are too farrrrrr
[12:09] <BD4eva> 124/4 isnt too bad of a score (not taking the RR into account)
[12:09] <cricman> dada is charging
[12:10] <cricman> get him now
[12:10] <Bancan> i know if it was bds score we would be happy
[12:10] <Locutus> lol
[12:10] <RazabQ> mushy better be ready for a stumping
[12:10] <RazabQ> these two are dancing down the wicket with frequency
[12:11] <cricman> 3 off the over
[12:11] <Bancan> we need wickets....or we will lose
[12:11] <SMHasan> need a wicket
[12:11] <cricman> if we had Jr
[12:11] <SMHasan> rr is going up
[12:11] <cricman> he could bowl a ripper
[12:11] <RazabQ> well with manjarul's untimely death ...
[12:11] <Locutus> just watch the stupid idiot is going to make a bowling chnage, he is goign to put Razzak rafiq
[12:11] <Bancan> and our batting would have been slow
[12:11] <cricman> I think Boss will gwt a wicket
[12:11] <RazabQ> jr's path to the ODI side becomes clearer
[12:12] <SMHasan> aftab is in trouble
[12:12] <RazabQ> easy there locutus - he's the one who took razzaq off for rafique
[12:12] <SMHasan> he is goin out
[12:12] <RazabQ> and that worked spectacularly
[12:12] <Bancan> wat happened
[12:12] <Bancan> ??
[12:13] <RazabQ> oh oh
[12:13] <RazabQ> abar tweak korlo naki?
[12:13] <cricman> i'm wondering whats going on?
[12:13] <SMHasan> he was trying to stop a ball
[12:13] <Nasif39> aftab ektu betha paise
[12:13] <Nasif39> he is off the field
[12:13] <Bancan> nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[12:13] <Nasif39> nothing serious
[12:13] <Spitfire_x86> at least he could leave the field on his feet
[12:13] <Bancan> oooooooooooooo
[12:13] <cricman> he'll be back
[12:13] <Locutus> hope so
[12:13] <ammark> damnnn
[12:13] <BD4eva> :damn!:
[12:13] <Bancan> inshallah
[12:13] <Spitfire_x86> RR 3.39 now
[12:13] <Bancan> :crying:
[12:13] <RazabQ> but he's also a big part of the fielding
[12:13] <Nasif39> he walked off, so he isn't in that pain
[12:14] <Nasif39> just wants to relax a bit
[12:14] <BD4eva> lol...Bancan...Youre crying? Chill out dude. XD
[12:14] <Locutus> good move
[12:14] <cricman> dangu charching like he did in the duleep trophy
[12:14] <RazabQ> dangu pota
[12:14] <Bancan> its no time to relax
[12:14] <RazabQ> gechilo
[12:14] <RazabQ> LOL
[12:14] <Bancan> out hoina ken
[12:14] <Bancan> ufffffff
[12:14] * Mahir has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Mahir[CPE000d88e36791-CM00137116fd90.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com])
[12:14] * shahriyar has joined #BanglaCricket
[12:14] <RazabQ> gechilo prai
[12:14] <Kabir> ganguli jaga moto baller bari khaise
[12:14] <RazabQ> damn
[12:14] <allrounder> paki 6 down
[12:15] <Kabir> man tamim is bowling well
[12:15] <cow> tamim fielding... ?
[12:15] <cricman> 132/4 39 overs
[12:15] <Kabir> beshi jouse
[12:15] <cricman> don't use sakib here
[12:16] <Kabir> they should do some more check for the next 11 overs
[12:16] <Bancan> who will come after saqib?
[12:16] <Locutus> ganguly 57 117 3 0 48.71 (test score)
[12:16] <cricman> 11 more overs they need 68
[12:16] <Kabir> good captaincy by bashar may restrict india under 200
[12:16] <allrounder> razzak
[12:16] <Kabir> hahahaha @locutus
[12:17] <Bancan> after tamim is done who will bowl
[12:17] <cricman> razz and mash will finish
[12:17] <Kabir> rafiq and razzak should stopo for a bit
[12:17] <Locutus> tamim... is he bowler by any mean?
[12:17] <allrounder> saqib not tami m
[12:17] <Bancan> i mean saqib
[12:17] <allrounder> t
[12:17] <Kabir> bashar should use mashrafee and rase rightn ow
[12:17] <Bancan> rasel done
[12:17] <Kabir> and use rafiq and razzak for later overs
[12:18] <Kabir> at least mash should bowl right now
[12:18] <cricman> good over by sakib spell finished
[12:18] <Locutus> letting rasel bowl 10 overs alredy was bad move
[12:18] <Kabir> i would use mash and rafiq rite now
[12:18] <Kabir> and use razzak for the last over
[12:18] <Kabir> for sure the last over
[12:18] <BD4eva> Mash just has 3 overs left i think
[12:18] <Kabir> no that was good move @locutus
[12:18] <Kabir> bashar kept the pressure on by using rasel
[12:18] <Kabir> yea, right now there's 10 overs left
[12:19] <cow> pak 72/6
[12:19] <Kabir> mash along with rafiq will add 5 overs
[12:19] <Locutus> hahah
[12:19] <cow> is this a joke or what?
[12:19] <cricman> razz in
[12:19] <Kabir> rafiq at 8 ovesr
[12:19] <Kabir> razzak should be used more
[12:19] <Locutus> those green beers are getting to Pakies
[12:19] <ammark> before the slog overs start. Bangladesh has bowled and fielded EXCELLENTLY
[12:19] <Kabir> he has done 5 overs, giving only 12 runs
[12:19] <Kabir> taking 1 wicket
[12:19] <Kabir> yup they have
[12:19] <ammark> could be better, but Excellent nonetheless
[12:19] <Spitfire_x86> 4
[12:19] <Kabir> oh razzak on
[12:19] <allrounder> pakistan hopefully will be out of WC
[12:19] <Kabir> last spell by razzak was simply superb
[12:19] <cricman> dangu
[12:20] <BD4eva> Pakistan is really really really pathetic in this WC
[12:20] <ammark> BD seems a better subcontinental team than Pakistan this time
[12:20] <Kabir> 4 by gangu
[12:20] <Kabir> shala haramjada
[12:20] <Bancan> kutta
[12:20] <ammark> in fact BD should be defeating the pakis
[12:20] <Locutus> hhahah alol
[12:20] <RazabQ> dude danguly will hit spinners for boundaries
[12:20] <RazabQ> especially when he's gotten his eye in
[12:21] <RazabQ> and it's slog overs
[12:21] <ammark> paki polapainer bhab bhongi beshi hip. chotkana khawano dorkar
[12:21] <SMHasan> 4
[12:21] <cricman> get a stumping !
[12:21] <allrounder> theyt should not get singles
[12:21] <BD4eva> 2 4's or one four?
[12:21] <Locutus> razzak needs to use his magic arm ball
[12:22] <cricman> 2 4's
[12:22] <Spitfire_x86> 10 runs from this over
[12:22] <SMHasan> this is bad
[12:22] <BD4eva> :s
[12:22] <cricman> Use Ash for 1 over right now
[12:22] <RazabQ> are you crazy cricman?
[12:22] <Bancan> have u guys notices spitfire mostly brings bad news
[12:22] <RazabQ> razzak has to come good
[12:22] <allrounder> 240 is possible
[12:22] <cricman> i bet he'll get a wicket
[12:22] <RazabQ> he needs to warm up
[12:23] <Spitfire_x86>
[12:23] <Locutus> warm time is over
[12:23] <RazabQ> ekhon pitabe
[12:23] <cricman> 6?
[12:23] <RazabQ> as long as we keep em 250ish
[12:23] <Locutus> Currenty partner ship is over 70
[12:23] <Nasif39> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[12:23] <RazabQ> damn
[12:23] <Nasif39>
[12:24] <cricman> 250, I hope Ash has Eid today
[12:24] <allrounder> dhur
[12:24] <cow> we need to nip this right now
[12:24] <Locutus> this is terrible
[12:24] <cricman> if you told me were chasing 250 to win I'd take that
[12:24] <cricman> it's a good batting track
[12:25] <cricman> upper deck ew
[12:25] <SMHasan> cricman: expectation is the main thing
[12:25] <Bancan> ??^
[12:25] * nkais has joined #banglacricket
[12:25] <Bancan> nvm
[12:25] <cricman> the 6 that yuvi hit went upper deck
[12:25] <Bancan> o
[12:26] <BD4eva> :Stressed:
[12:26] <RazabQ> iff
[12:26] <RazabQ> uff
[12:26] <RazabQ> just didn't carry
[12:26] <Bancan> Tiger_On_Dying_Spree
[12:26] <BD4eva> not yet....
[12:26] <BD4eva> not yet
[12:26] <Bancan> yet
[12:26] * allrounder has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[12:26] <cricman> I'd Rather have these till the end then see Dhoni
[12:27] <cow> yeah
[12:27] <Locutus> a wkt will chnage the whole face of the game
[12:27] <BD4eva> lol......i hear that
[12:27] <cow> keep these two
[12:27] <ammark> I doubt it Locutus
[12:27] <cow> give 60-70 runs
[12:27] <ammark> they have nothing to lose
[12:27] <ammark> pitabe
[12:27] <BD4eva> I just hope not to see Dhoni...dats all
[12:27] <Bancan> ya a wicket will bring out dhoni
[12:27] <cow> still fine
[12:27] * saadlu has joined #BanglaCricket
[12:27] <ammark> they have 6 wickets in hand... for 8 overs
[12:27] <ammark> 60 runs to add I think'
[12:27] <Locutus> this is no good. last 2 over almost 10 RR
[12:27] <Bancan> they will score 100 runs in the next 8over
[12:27] <Spitfire_x86> OUT!!!!!
[12:28] <cricman> u saw what happened to zim? cricket is a funny game
[12:28] <Nasif39> out
[12:28] <BD4eva> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:28] <Spitfire_x86> Razzak got him!!!!
[12:28] <Bancan> out??????/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:28] <BD4eva> YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:28] <shahriyar> who is out ?
[12:28] <shahriyar> who who
[12:28] <cricman> yuvi
[12:28] <shahriyar> ???????/
[12:28] <Locutus> yes
[12:28] <shahriyar> yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy
[12:28] <cow> not good
[12:28] <Bancan> no yay dhoni will kill us
[12:28] <cricman> get dhoni no plz
[12:28] <BD4eva> Get Dangu out.....
[12:28] <cow> dhoni will hit all over the place
[12:28] <cricman> now
[12:28] <cricman> *
[12:28] <Spitfire_x86> i know
[12:28] <shahriyar> what the hell r u talking abt cow :@
[12:28] <shahriyar> what do u mean not good
[12:28] <cow> dhoni out now
[12:29] <RazabQ> gese shala
[12:29] <Bancan> he means dhoni is here
[12:29] <cow> he'll hit ****
[12:29] <cow> all over the place
[12:29] <Spitfire_x86> make me Op please
[12:29] <shahriyar> yuvraj is more dangerous than dhoni
[12:29] <BD4eva> He still has to get his eye in
[12:29] <Bancan> no
[12:29] <BD4eva> and thats gonna eat up balls
[12:29] <Spitfire_x86> i want to kick out the xtcam advertisers
[12:29] <BD4eva> and thats what we need
[12:29] <Bancan> same spitfire
[12:29] <RazabQ> captain kach loiche
[12:29] <Arnab> dhoni is the best indian batsman
[12:29] <Locutus> dhonni is going suck on an egg
[12:29] <Kabir> funniest thing is
[12:29] * saadlu has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[12:29] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[12:29] <Zunaid> RazabQ - op me please
[12:29] <Arnab> good thing he's got only 7 overs togo
[12:29] <cow> yuv was doing well...
[12:30] <Bancan> wats funny kabir
[12:30] <shahriyar> razzak is the man
[12:30] <Kabir> here we got to see the thing after a minute
[12:30] <cricman> these grounds r so small
[12:30] <Kabir> and i kept screming out out
[12:30] <cow> dhoni has no reason to start hitting all over the place... running out of overs here...
[12:30] <cow> *no reason not to
[12:30] <Kabir> and everyone was like who's out? what the hell's wrong with u
[12:30] <Kabir>
[12:30] <Bancan> hahaha
[12:30] <Kabir> and then they saw the catch here...coz we're watching on the internet
[12:30] <shahriyar> haha @imran
[12:30] <Bancan> Me_with_stupid
[12:30] <Kabir> funny things going on man
[12:30] <ammark> they have every reason to score....
[12:30] <ammark> hit or run
[12:30] <Kabir> the indian guys r saying yea yea dhoni
[12:30] <ammark> 7 overs kisui na
[12:31] <Kabir> and we're like yea yea going going
[12:31] <shahriyar> imran tomra ki chup boshe aso
[12:31] <cricman> this guy dhoni scares the S*** out of me
[12:31] * allrounder has joined #BanglaCricket
[12:31] <shahriyar> come on shout . dnt let the indians overs shout u
[12:31] <Kabir> hahaha
[12:31] <Locutus> lo
[12:31] <Locutus> l
[12:31] <Kabir> we're like, should we whoot?
[12:31] <Kabir> so one of my bangali friends
[12:31] <Spitfire_x86> OUT!!
[12:31] <Kabir> he's saying since we'll know another out from bc chat first
[12:31] <Spitfire_x86> gangu gone!
[12:31] <allrounder> less than 200 we have chance
[12:31] <BD4eva> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:32] <allrounder> yahooo
[12:32] * JamieJ2 has joined #banglacricket
[12:32] <BD4eva> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:32] <BD4eva> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:32] <BD4eva> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:32] <allrounder> gone
[12:32] <BD4eva> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:32] <allrounder> gone
[12:32] <Bancan> out
[12:32] <allrounder> gone
[12:32] <Locutus> yes
[12:32] <Bancan> out
[12:32] <Locutus> yes
[12:32] <Locutus> yes
[12:32] <Bancan> woooohooo
[12:32] <Bancan> whos out
[12:32] <Kabir> we're hooting
[12:32] <shahriyar> bancan koi dekho khela ?
[12:32] <Kabir> hang on
[12:32] <cricman> dangu gone
[12:32] <Locutus> just as predicted
[12:32] <Kabir> coz we know there'll be an out
[12:32] <Kabir> surprise for indian friends
[12:32] <Bancan> dekhi naa bakider kothat shune chillai
[12:32] <cricman> Bangladesh Fight back!
[12:32] <Bancan> @shahriyay
[12:32] <cow> awesome catch
[12:32] <Bancan> srry for the speeling
[12:32] <shahriyar> haha sorrry i thut u were seeing it live too
[12:32] * JamieJ2 has left #banglacricket
[12:32] <cow> amazing ****
[12:32] <Locutus> Dangu needs to get an extention cord and hang himself
[12:33] <Kabir> that was funnyyyyyyyy
[12:33] <Bancan> wat
[12:33] <Kabir> we knew there's an out before it showed here
[12:33] <Kabir> i knew it from here right?
[12:33] * RazabQ has quit IRC (Read error to RazabQ[c-24-6-1-23.hsd1.ca.comcast.net]: Connection reset by peer)
[12:33] <Kabir> so we were like we'll HOOT when there's an out so that we can show the indian friends that the out was for hooting
[12:33] <Kabir>
[12:33] <Kabir> hahahhahaha
[12:33] <Kabir>
[12:33] <Kabir> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:33] <cricman> crazy catch
[12:34] <cricman> athar said danguly
[12:34] <Bancan> haha
[12:34] <Bancan> really???
[12:34] <ammark> REFLEX catch
[12:34] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[12:34] <cricman> thats what i heard
[12:34] <Kabir> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:34] <Locutus> Indian wishes that ganguly could do this more often in test matches 66 (129b 4x4 0x6) SR: 51.16
[12:34] <Bancan> arektaa??
[12:34] <Kabir> anyone out?
[12:34] <Kabir> quick guys
[12:34] <Kabir> quick quick
[12:34] <Kabir> we'll hoot
[12:35] <Kabir> guyssssss quickkk
[12:35] <cricman> not yet
[12:35] <Spitfire_x86> OUT!!!
[12:35] <Bancan> tell me
[12:35] <Kabir> who's out?
[12:35] <Arnab> this is ****ing great
[12:35] <cricman> dhoni
[12:35] <Bancan> out?????
[12:35] <Arnab> dhoni gone
[12:35] <BD4eva> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:35] <cricman> yesssssss
[12:35] <BD4eva> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:35] <BD4eva> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:35] <BD4eva> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:35] <Locutus> yes
[12:35] <Locutus> yes
[12:35] <Bancan> +out+out+out+out+out+out
[12:35] <Arnab> soft dismissal to gully
[12:35] <Bancan> BD_got_wicket...
[12:35] <Bancan> BD_got_wicket...
[12:35] <Bancan> BD_got_wicket...
[12:35] <Bancan> BD_got_wicket...
[12:35] <Bancan> BD_got_wicket...
[12:35] * nkais is now known as noiao
[12:35] * noiao has quit IRC (off)
[12:35] <BD4eva> How did he get out????
[12:35] <BD4eva> my streams WAAAAAY too slow
[12:35] <Arnab> caught at gully
[12:35] <Locutus> rafiq
[12:35] <Spitfire_x86> cut to point
[12:35] <Locutus> amazing stuff
[12:35] <Bancan> wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[12:35] <shahriyar> woooohoooooooooooooooooo
[12:35] <Bancan> woooooooooooooohhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooo
[12:35] <shahriyar> shabsh bagher bachcha
[12:35] <Zunaid> I haven't felt this good in months!
[12:36] <Bancan> awesome
[12:36] <Arnab> dhoni played a nothing shot
[12:36] <Arnab> very unlike
[12:36] <Kabir> oh woww mannnnn
[12:36] * Makaveli1 has joined #banglacricket
[12:36] <Arnab> this is probably our day
[12:36] <Kabir> we're just having such an amazing funnnnnn
[12:36] <Bancan> kabir bhai ekhon nachen
[12:36] <Spitfire_x86> and also probably Irelands
[12:36] <cow> we are gonna win this now
[12:36] <Bancan> dance dance
[12:36] <Kabir> if there's another out PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us quickly
[12:36] <Kabir> we'll hoot okay guys?
[12:36] <Bancan> inshallah
[12:36] <Kabir> please
[12:36] <Nasif39> this is great time
[12:36] <Locutus> hopefully our batsman can pull it off
[12:36] <Zunaid> Kabir - time for you to streak down the YorkU halls
[12:37] <Bancan> brb atne khela dekhai
[12:37] <Spitfire_x86> big LBW appeal turned down
[12:37] <Spitfire_x86> on live, it seemed pretty close
[12:37] <ammark> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:37] <ammark> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:37] <ammark> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:37] <ammark> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:37] <ammark> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:37] <ammark> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:37] <Kabir> arekta hoise naki?
[12:37] <Bancan> naa
[12:37] <cricman> not yet
[12:37] * RazabQ has joined #BanglaCricket
[12:37] * Mars sets mode: +o RazabQ
[12:37] <Bancan> atn bangla is gonna show a little live action
[12:38] <Bancan> in khelar khobor
[12:38] <Bancan> brb
[12:38] <Spitfire_x86> OUT!!!!!
[12:38] <Locutus> who
[12:38] <Kabir> who's out?
[12:38] <Spitfire_x86> prolly Harbhajan
[12:38] <RazabQ> shala
[12:38] <RazabQ> dillo na
[12:38] <RazabQ> lbw
[12:38] <allrounder> dilona
[12:38] <Kabir> dise?
[12:38] <cricman> spitty who is out
[12:38] <Kabir> who's out?
[12:38] <Makaveli1> bajan
[12:38] <Spitfire_x86> bowled
[12:38] <Locutus> take that, as Athar ali khan would say
[12:38] <cricman> yessssss
[12:38] <Zunaid> played on
[12:39] <Nasif39> jadu
[12:39] <Nasif39> magic...
[12:39] <Nasif39> God is with us
[12:39] <RazabQ> 3 lbws that shoulda been given
[12:39] <Kabir> wholly shitttttttttttttt
[12:39] <Kabir> so much funnnnnn
[12:39] <Arnab> agarkar should have been out
[12:39] <Kabir> tell us when there's more wicket
[12:39] <Arnab> that was plumb
[12:39] <Kabir> please please ploease
[12:39] <Zunaid> 159-8
[12:39] <Zunaid> 44.2 overs
[12:40] <Arnab> should have been 159-9
[12:40] <Zunaid> aye
[12:40] <Locutus> its all good
[12:40] <rafiq> just called my indian friend who was going to guyana for round 2, told him to give me the ticket LOL
[12:40] <Bancan> hahaha
[12:40] <BD4eva> lol....
[12:40] <Kabir> hahahahaha
[12:40] <Locutus> lol
[12:40] <BD4eva> that was a good one man....
[12:40] <ammark> 180?
[12:40] <Locutus> na
[12:40] <cricman> lets get these 2 Asap
[12:40] <Arnab> now lets hope our batters don't throw a fit
[12:40] <Kabir> yea we gotta book these guys for less than 200
[12:41] <Locutus> 170+
[12:41] <Locutus> 180-
[12:41] <cow> 200 impossible now
[12:41] <Arnab> not winning this would be very stupid
[12:41] <cow> no batsmen left
[12:41] <Kabir> who knows
[12:41] <ammark> Greg Chappell'er chakri gese ajke
[12:41] <Kabir> hahahaha
[12:41] <ammark> Dravids gonna lose so much respect
[12:41] <cricman> kabir your gonna have to hoot or woot
[12:42] <Arnab> why
[12:42] <Kabir> bhai...
[12:42] <Arnab> we earned this
[12:42] <Locutus> Cricinfo, "Abdur Razzak to Harbhajan Singh, OUT, and it's Harbhajan's turn to take the lonely walk back!..."
[12:42] <ammark> It'll be so sweet
[12:42] <Arnab> dravid's not gonna lose respect
[12:42] <Kabir> just let us know when there's a wicket
[12:42] <Kabir> okay?
[12:42] <Arnab> we played well
[12:42] <Kabir> our indian friends r so pissed
[12:42] <Kabir>
[12:42] <Kabir> and we know about the out before anyone else
[12:42] <Kabir>
[12:42] <Bancan> my dads screaming like crazy
[12:42] <Kabir> hahahahaha
[12:42] <cricman> some guys said it best
[12:42] <cricman> epic stuff from bangladesh
[12:43] <Bancan> batting bhalo hoite hobe
[12:43] <cow> i just hope our batting doesn't **** up
[12:43] <Bancan> i know
[12:43] <cow> oh ****... kufa dilam naki :X
[12:43] <cricman> Mashrafe end this!
[12:43] <Spitfire_x86> OUT!!!
[12:43] <Locutus> yes
[12:43] <cricman> yesss
[12:43] <Bancan> out
[12:43] <Spitfire_x86> mashrafee strikes in the first ball
[12:43] <BD4eva> +out+out+out+out+out
[12:43] <Nasif39> gone
[12:43] <Nasif39> edged
[12:43] <BD4eva> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:43] <BD4eva> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:43] <BD4eva> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:44] <Nasif39> masri strikes
[12:44] <BD4eva> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:44] <rafiq> oh baby antigua here i come!!!!!!!!
[12:44] <Locutus> must be a BOLD
[12:44] <SMHasan> man
[12:44] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:44] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:44] <Locutus> BOWLED
[12:44] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:44] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:44] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:44] <SMHasan> this is awsome
[12:44] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:44] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:44] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[12:44] <cricman> just 1 more
[12:44] <cricman> plz
[12:44] <Zunaid> Aranb: 159-9 achieved
[12:44] <Zunaid> *Arnab
[12:44] <Bancan> come on mash
[12:44] <Bancan> lets go tigers lets go
[12:44] <Bancan> everybody say it
[12:44] <Kabir> this is so much damn fun guyssssssssssssssssssss
[12:45] <Bancan> lets go tigers lets go
[12:45] <Kabir> lets gooooooo
[12:45] <Kabir> tigers lets gooooooooo
[12:45] <rafiq> bancan you still bored????
[12:45] <cricman> lol
[12:45] <cricman> kabit hoot or woot
[12:45] <Bancan> woohoo kabir bhai apni Queen er We are the Champions gaanta okhane bajan
[12:45] <Kabir> hahahaha
[12:45] <Bancan> naaaa
[12:45] <cow> 8 wicket victory
[12:45] <Kabir> woot man
[12:46] <Spitfire_x86> mash bowled a full toss
[12:46] <ammark> THREE DUCKS!
[12:46] <SMHasan> besi kotha koi
[12:46] <Spitfire_x86> tried to get the yorker
[12:46] <ammark> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:46] <ammark> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:46] <ammark> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:46] <ammark> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[12:46] <Kabir> gese?
[12:46] <Kabir> arekta?
[12:46] <Kabir> quickkkk
[12:46] <BD4eva> Agarkar got out in both of the balls he faces XD
[12:46] <SMHasan> ?
[12:46] <Bancan> ??
[12:46] <SMHasan> no
[12:46] <BD4eva> *faced
[12:46] <Spitfire_x86> no ball
[12:46] <SMHasan> no ball
[12:46] <Kabir> shoot man
[12:46] <cricman> dhur
[12:46] <Kabir> hahaha
[12:46] <Spitfire_x86> mash should calm down a bit
[12:47] <Kabir> yea
[12:47] * Jottoshob has joined #BanglaCricket
[12:47] <Kabir> spitty?
[12:47] <Kabir> ki khobor bhai?
[12:47] <Bancan> we are the champions we are the champions no time for losers
[12:47] <Jottoshob>
[12:47] <Nasif39> 162/9
[12:47] <allrounder> finish it man
[12:47] <Nasif39> 4.4
[12:47] <Bancan> cause we are the champ
[12:47] <RazabQ> who cares if he hAS A now ball or two
[12:47] <Nasif39> 45.4
[12:48] <SMHasan> come on tigers
[12:48] <RazabQ> the extra pace is causing problem
[12:48] <SMHasan> u can do it
[12:48] <cricman> spitty give me good news
[12:48] <SMHasan> dot ball
[12:48] <Bancan> lets to go tigers
[12:48] <Locutus> Pakistan Pakistan 94/6 (29.0 ov)
[12:48] <Bancan> ajke batting bhalo korte hobe
[12:48] * Locutus has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[12:48] <Bancan> we cant screw this up
[12:48] * Locutus has joined #BanglaCricket
[12:48] <BD4eva> we wont
[12:48] <RazabQ> no clue
[12:48] <Bancan> inshallah
[12:49] <cricman> I actually wish Javed was playing today
[12:49] <allrounder> pak 102/6
[12:49] <Jottoshob> Shobai miley dowa poren...
[12:49] * Tigers_eye has joined #BanglaCricket
[12:49] <Locutus> Bangladesh needs to play their own game
[12:49] <SMHasan> amin
[12:49] <Bancan> Allah ajke jitte deo
[12:49] <Jottoshob> jano bhalo batting kortey parey Bangladesh
[12:49] <Bancan> amen
[12:49] <SMHasan> abar koi jiboi ajke
[12:50] <Kabir> amra york e ase
[12:50] <Kabir> university
[12:50] <Kabir> eikhane victory michil korum
[12:50] <SMHasan> patel did some dewoa batting
[12:50] <allrounder> 163
[12:50] <Kabir> is it all over?
[12:50] <Spitfire_x86> FOUR
[12:50] <Kabir> any wicket?
[12:50] <Bancan> bhalo kono khobor den deki
[12:50] <ammark> wicket chai
[12:51] <ammark> finish it off
[12:51] <allrounder> dhur runs are slipping away
[12:51] <Jottoshob> 4
[12:51] <Jottoshob>
[12:51] <cricman> Come on Razz!
[12:51] <Bancan> Lets goooooo
[12:51] <Kabir> arekta char?
[12:51] <Kabir> another 4?
[12:51] <cricman> no
[12:52] <Kabir> oh okay
[12:52] <Kabir> great
[12:52] <cow> dhur finish this NOW
[12:52] <Spitfire_x86> 6 runs from the over
[12:52] * Jottoshob has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[12:52] <Spitfire_x86> zaheer on strike
[12:52] <Bancan> comon
[12:52] <cricman> Mashrafe end this!
[12:52] <SMHasan> we need to play our own gam
[12:52] <Bancan> lets go
[12:52] <SMHasan> no need to panic
[12:52] <cricman> call golla
[12:52] <Kabir> hahahahaha
[12:53] <cricman> chasing 180 i'd take golla ove SN
[12:53] <SMHasan> ahhah
[12:53] <allrounder> dhur
[12:53] <RazabQ> why cricman
[12:53] <Locutus> if bangladesh worries about the scorecard, they would be in trouble
[12:53] <Bancan> golla instead of ash
[12:53] <RazabQ> golla played plenty against associates
[12:53] <RazabQ> how many 100s did he score?
[12:53] <cricman> he'd score 40 of 120
[12:54] <cow> that was funny... zaheer falling
[12:54] <Kabir> hahaha
[12:54] <Kabir> good one
[12:54] <Kabir> yea
[12:54] <Spitfire_x86> no
[12:54] <Spitfire_x86> no slip
[12:54] <Spitfire_x86> edge went for FOUR
[12:54] <Spitfire_x86> should've been out
[12:54] <cow> it'd be a shame if we can't get them all out
[12:54] <allrounder> dhurrrrr
[12:54] <cricman> slow ball Mash!
[12:54] <Bancan> cmon bd
[12:55] <cricman> or yorker
[12:55] <Locutus> yorker
[12:55] <Zunaid> Mash is pissed
[12:55] <Locutus> why?
[12:55] <Bancan> that good throw a 100mph
[12:55] <Zunaid> no slip
[12:55] <Spitfire_x86> now a no ball
[12:55] <Locutus> he needs to chil
[12:56] <cricman> hablu where was the slip
[12:56] <Spitfire_x86> 18 partnership
[12:56] <Spitfire_x86> 2 runs this time
[12:56] <allrounder> oh no last wkt 18 runsss
[12:56] <Bancan> dhutturi
[12:56] <Nasif39> aftab back in field, so he isn't injured
[12:56] <Bancan> i m bored again
[12:56] <Spitfire_x86> 'still acceptable
[12:56] <RazabQ> comeone guys
[12:56] <Spitfire_x86> this kind of things can happen
[12:56] <RazabQ> let's get them out
[12:56] <Locutus> I think this would be last over
[12:56] <Spitfire_x86> yesterday nixon scored 42 from 41
[12:57] <BD4eva> Spitty has become an optimist now??
[12:57] <BD4eva> Nixon plays cricket?
[12:57] <cricman> lol
[12:57] * Locutus has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[12:57] <cow> some amazing fielding today
[12:57] * Tintin has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Tintin[])
[12:57] * Locutus has joined #BanglaCricket
[12:57] <allrounder> come one get this wkt
[12:57] <Locutus> trot nixon?
[12:57] <Spitfire_x86> i can accept few runs from the indian tailenders
[12:57] <Spitfire_x86> if we win
[12:57] <cricman>
[12:57] <Spitfire_x86> then these runs will be meaningless
[12:57] <cricman>
[12:58] <cow> we need to get them all out
[12:58] <allrounder> we need to start slow
[12:58] <cow> that will be total crushing
[12:58] <Spitfire_x86> paertnership 20 from 21 balls
[12:58] <allrounder> cautious
[12:58] <Bancan> cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
[12:58] <Kabir> bhai arekta out er news den naaaa
[12:58] <Bancan> pump it
[12:58] <SMHasan> hehhe
[12:58] <cricman> just don't leak runs
[12:58] <Kabir> indian gula re chetaite parbo
[12:58] <Spitfire_x86> damn...
[12:58] <Bancan> ki
[12:58] <Spitfire_x86> another FOUR
[12:59] <Locutus> damn
[12:59] <cricman> we'll get them in the 50th
[12:59] <BD4eva> :crying:
[12:59] <SMHasan> 4
[12:59] <Bancan> harmajada batsman
[12:59] <SMHasan> this is mad
[12:59] * Nasifkhan has joined #banglacricket
[12:59] <SMHasan> very bad
[12:59] <Spitfire_x86> partnership 24 from 23 balls
[12:59] <BD4eva> :Scared:
[12:59] <allrounder> thur
[12:59] * RaZ has joined #banglacricket
[12:59] <cow> pak 105/8
[12:59] <Locutus> arm ball needs to do some magic
[12:59] <Locutus> hahhaa
[12:59] <cow> who will finish innings first? :P
[12:59] <Spitfire_x86> 2 runs

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March 17, 2007
1PM - 3PM

[13:00] <Bancan> spitfire hoilo kharap hober annar ustad
[13:00] <Bancan> khobor*
[13:00] <allrounder> pls get this wkt
[13:00] <Kabir> pleaseeeeee
[13:00] <Kabir> we need the last wickettttt
[13:00] <Spitfire_x86> 27 partnership
[13:00] <Kabir> get these guys BOWLED OUTTTTTTTTT
[13:00] <cricman> WHO'S GONNA WIN!
[13:00] <Spitfire_x86> maybe their 2nd or 3rd highest partnership
[13:00] <Bancan> we will
[13:00] <Kabir> Inshallah
[13:01] <Spitfire_x86> WE
[13:01] <Locutus> if under 200
[13:01] * Tintin has joined #banglacricket
[13:01] <allrounder> 30 run00s
[13:01] <Nasif39> relax guys, inshallah it will be fine
[13:01] <cricman> LAST OVER
[13:01] <cricman> come on Mashrafe
[13:01] <cow> bashar kaar juta tie korlo?
[13:01] <Spitfire_x86> they are in BD's shoe now
[13:01] <cricman> hehe
[13:01] <Nasifkhan> 4....
[13:01] <Spitfire_x86> we also used to score few runs after total batting failure
[13:01] <Locutus> what?
[13:01] <Bancan> 4?
[13:01] <Kabir> another 4?
[13:01] <Kabir> dhut
[13:01] <cricman> Zaheer
[13:02] <RazabQ> we need to keep em under 200
[13:02] <Bancan> 4?
[13:02] <allrounder> india got so many valuable runs
[13:02] <Kabir> yea
[13:02] <Spitfire_x86> partnership 32 off 27 balls
[13:02] <Bancan> this is pathetic
[13:02] <cow> wtf
[13:02] <cow> wtf
[13:02] <RazabQ> masree another full toss
[13:02] <Nasif39> these runs might just undo us
[13:02] <cricman> pick the ball were we'll get the wicket
[13:02] <Spitfire_x86> OUT!
[13:02] <Nasif39> out
[13:02] <BD4eva> :feeling-sick:
[13:02] <Locutus> yes
[13:02] <Spitfire_x86> 191 all out
[13:02] <BD4eva> +out+out+out+out+out+out
[13:02] <Bancan> these runs may haunt us
[13:02] <BD4eva> BD_got_wicket...
[13:02] <BD4eva> BD_got_wicket...
[13:02] <Bancan> outout
[13:02] <BD4eva> BD_got_wicket...
[13:02] <SMHasan> finish
[13:02] <Kabir> yeaaaaaaaaaa
[13:02] <Kabir> lets do it here
[13:02] <Bancan> +out+out+out+out+out+out+out+out+out+out+out+out+o ut+out+out+out+out
[13:02] <SMHasan> all out
[13:02] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[13:02] <Kabir> wootinggggg
[13:02] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[13:02] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[13:02] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[13:02] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[13:02] <allrounder> 31 runs last wkt
[13:02] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[13:03] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[13:03] <BD4eva> 32 runs too many
[13:03] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[13:03] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[13:03] <Bancan> +out :amazed!: +out
[13:03] <Bancan> but the 32 runs might screw us
[13:03] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[13:03] <Tintin> what are the chances of rain ?
[13:03] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[13:03] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[13:03] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[13:03] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[13:03] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[13:03] <ammark> BD_got_wicket...
[13:03] <cow> i think this might be what bites back at us
[13:03] <Spitfire_x86> on the other news, Pakistan 106/8
[13:03] <Spitfire_x86>
[13:03] <Tintin> brilliant
[13:03] <Spitfire_x86> all of their batsmen and allrounders are out
[13:03] <Kabir> so much funnnnnnnn
[13:03] <cricman> Beating NZ did us a world of good
[13:03] <Kabir> this is awsummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[13:03] <RazabQ> what a bowling performance by BD
[13:03] <Kabir> amazing
[13:04] <SMHasan> awsome work
[13:04] <RazabQ> Rana behest thekey dekhe
[13:04] <Kabir> three cheers to bd
[13:04] <RazabQ> hashtase
[13:04] <cow> fielding = amazing
[13:04] <RazabQ> I'm getting a lump in my throat thinking that
[13:04] * chinaman has joined #BanglaCricket
[13:04] * Mars sets mode: +o chinaman
[13:04] <allrounder> please pray for our batsmen
[13:04] <Bancan> we gave 20 extra runs in the last partnership
[13:04] <Bancan> okay everybody stop
[13:04] <Tintin> allrounder : sorry, no
[13:05] <Bancan> lets pray for our batsman
[13:05] <cricman> bathroom break guys
[13:05] <BD4eva> 32 runs too many
[13:05] <Locutus> Zaheer was out on that LBW but stupid Umpire
[13:05] <cow> can we beat SL?
[13:05] <RazabQ> we put on eof the strongest lineup in world cricket
[13:05] <RazabQ> on a batting pitch
[13:05] <Tintin> i thought agarkar was the only plumb lbw that was denied.
[13:05] <Bancan> lets first beat india
[13:05] <Arnab> it was not a batting pitch
[13:05] <Tintin> the rest were 50-50 orless
[13:05] <RazabQ> and got them all out for lest that 200
[13:05] <Arnab> balanced pitch
[13:05] * BD4eva has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[13:05] <Arnab> turn and bounce
[13:05] <Arnab> both
[13:06] <Spitfire_x86> 192 is a very much gettable target
[13:06] <SMHasan> it is gettable
[13:06] <Tintin> more of a kumbleish wicket than harbhajan's
[13:06] <Bancan> i think 191 isnt a easy target for bd knowing how we always screw up
[13:06] <Arnab> yeah
[13:06] <Locutus> if BD does not chock
[13:06] <SMHasan> but the thing is we need to play good
[13:06] <Arnab> maybe ash's eid is today
[13:06] <Bancan> inshallah
[13:06] <SMHasan> sensible batting will win us today
[13:06] <allrounder> we need sensible batting
[13:07] <Bancan> i hope we dont have to see ash. i hope nafees and tamim will win this for us
[13:07] * chinaman has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[13:07] <Kabir> beshhi jouseeeeeee
[13:07] <Bancan> ishallah we will win
[13:07] <Arnab> whats the reaction of indian fans? :-)
[13:07] <Arnab> hehe
[13:07] <Bancan> kabir?
[13:07] <SMHasan> hehe
[13:07] <Bancan> wats the reaction?
[13:07] <cricman> i'm gonna hit cricbuzz right now
[13:07] * RaZ has quit IRC (Need IRCd shell or webhosting price details? Then check http://www.ShopnoPori.com or http://www.shadhinota.org.uk/IRCD.html)
[13:07] <Kabir> tamim and nafees should stick there for at least 7/8 overs
[13:07] <Tintin> cricman - try ICF that would be more fun
[13:07] <RazabQ> bashar humble as usual
[13:07] <Tintin> though they will be busy blaming chappell
[13:08] <Arnab> oh damn tintin is here
[13:08] <Tintin> hi arnab
[13:08] <Arnab> :-)
[13:08] <cricman> read this
[13:08] <cricman> oneMK: all out for 191 I cant belive it. pak 105/8 is this going to be the greatest day in the history of cricket!!! possibly
[13:08] <RazabQ> arnab kahase amdani?
[13:08] <Arnab> hindi charen mia
[13:09] <Kabir> hahaha
[13:09] <Kabir> hindi chaira chatgaiya maren
[13:09] <Bancan> kabir bhai wats the raction there
[13:09] <Kabir> man i can't explain in words
[13:10] <Arnab> i am gonna love the inbetween innings talk they're gonna have on sonytv
[13:10] <Arnab> everybody predicted an easy india win
[13:10] <Arnab> even dean jones
[13:10] <Bancan> arnab do u have a webcam that u cna use to stream a video feed
[13:10] <Tintin> simon hughes predicted 320
[13:10] <Arnab> nope
[13:10] <SMHasan> heheh
[13:10] <Bancan> i wanna see us bat so bad
[13:10] <SMHasan> simon huges
[13:10] <Arnab> hehe
[13:10] <SMHasan> bogus
[13:10] * Kabir has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[13:11] <cricman> I know Rana helped us some how
[13:11] <Bancan> when will the game start
[13:11] <SMHasan> dean jones is bogus comentator as well
[13:11] <SMHasan> 6-40 GMT
[13:11] <SMHasan> sory 17-40 gmt
[13:12] <Bancan> kk
[13:12] <Locutus> Pakistan 112/8 Extras (lb 2, w 20, nb 2) 24
[13:13] <Bancan> we are wearing green ...isnt that a tradition in ST patricks day
[13:16] <cricman> All tamim has 2 do is hit 1 SIX in the opening overs and tone of the match will be set
[13:17] <Bancan> ya
[13:17] <Bancan> remember how we won the 5th odi against zim in bd
[13:17] <Bancan> dhuram dhuram
[13:17] <cricman> i woild love that
[13:18] <shahriyar> finally was able to see the last few overs live
[13:18] <shahriyar> now i can see the rest of the match live
[13:18] <shahriyar> feels so goood
[13:18] <Nasifkhan> The Pitch seems like it does favors the batsman at all
[13:18] <Arnab> haha...they still think india did well
[13:18] <cricman> nothing wrong with the pitch
[13:18] <Arnab> too sure about an india win
[13:18] <Bancan> shariyar kemne???
[13:18] <shahriyar> the pitch is absolutely balanced
[13:18] <shahriyar> no uneven bounce no extra help for spinners
[13:19] <cricman> give Razz + Rafique + Mash credit
[13:19] <shahriyar> very similar to subcontinetnn wickets
[13:19] <cricman> we were just better
[13:19] <Arnab> not really
[13:19] <Arnab> subontinent pitches are batting pitches
[13:19] <shahriyar> amar friend ekta tream kinse oita diye dekhtesi frm my work @bancan
[13:19] <Arnab> this was a 240 pitch
[13:19] <Bancan> 00
[13:19] <cricman> Sachin and Dravid both lost the cool and threw there wickets
[13:19] <Bancan> http://enjoycricket.blogspot.com/200...d-v-india.html
[13:19] <shahriyar> subcontinent picthes are slow and low
[13:19] <Bancan> try that it has some links
[13:19] <shahriyar> this is similar in tht sense
[13:20] * speed has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[13:20] <Nasifkhan> This INdia at setmax....they still think...INDIA played Badly....BD didnt do well...
[13:20] <shahriyar> ohh the paid link is workinf fine so i m good thanks neways bancan
[13:20] <Arnab> dravid, sachin and dhoni got out by themselves...but they were trying to release the pressure
[13:20] <Arnab> bd bowling was tight
[13:20] <Nasifkhan> Mandira Bedi er mon karap...
[13:20] * speed has joined #BanglaCricket
[13:20] * speed has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[13:20] <shahriyar> hahahahahah@ nasif bhai
[13:21] <Tintin> this looks like the lowest score against Bangladesh by a Test nation
[13:21] <Arnab> mandira bedi bechari
[13:21] <Tintin> (excepting the 25 over match v WI)
[13:21] <cricman> If we win today i'll become the biggest SL ever
[13:21] <cricman> SL fan
[13:21] <Bancan> mandira bedi is old whore
[13:21] <cricman> for that 1 game vs India
[13:21] <cricman> Bancan the chat is being recorded
[13:21] <shahriyar> ohhhh amar excitment er shesh nai ....... too much adrenaline pumping in my body
[13:21] <Bancan> lol
[13:21] <Bancan> srry
[13:22] <cow> watching pak game now
[13:22] <cow> boring as hell
[13:22] <shahriyar> jodi ei Wc e both india nd pak go out first round e
[13:22] <Bancan> she is old still wears clothes like a 20 year old
[13:22] <shahriyar> josss hobe
[13:22] <shahriyar> mandira bedi is not bad at all
[13:22] * Locutus has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[13:22] <shahriyar> looks wise strictly
[13:22] <shahriyar> :P
[13:22] <cricman> whatmore's gonna take the IND job Asap
[13:22] <cow> why are we talking about mandira bedi again?
[13:23] <Bancan> now i now those rumors are true shahriyar
[13:23] <shahriyar> sorry cow
[13:23] <Bancan> know*
[13:23] <shahriyar> hahaha
[13:23] <shahriyar> no man i appreciate beauty
[13:23] <cow> no, i'm just asking ... i don't know who that is
[13:23] <cricman> DR.Z we need to make a special banner if we win
[13:23] <shahriyar> nasif bhai can vouch for my character
[13:24] <shahriyar> *hopefully*
[13:24] <Bancan> kk
[13:24] <Zunaid> Nasif told me everything Shahriyar - so watch it
[13:24] <shahriyar> zunaid bhai
[13:24] <shahriyar> tahole to chintar kichui nai
[13:24] <shahriyar> jodi shotti bole thake
[13:24] * capslock has joined #BanglaCricket
[13:24] <Bancan> there are spammers here spamming abt some xtcams
[13:25] <shahriyar> hahahaha @ bancan
[13:25] <shahriyar> where is orpheus ......... i miss his one liners
[13:25] <Bancan> he would love the spams
[13:25] <shahriyar> hahahaha @bancan
[13:25] <cricman> this'll make the May tour SPICY!!!
[13:26] * capslock has quit IRC (Read error to capslock[CPE0011953c8fa8-CM001225d734f6.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com]: Connection reset by peer)
[13:26] <shahriyar> unless BCCI postpones it again @ cricman
[13:26] <Bancan> guys just remember out batting is unpredictable
[13:26] <Bancan> our*
[13:26] <shahriyar> if we get off to a flyig start then we are good
[13:26] * RazabQ has quit IRC (Read error to RazabQ[c-24-6-1-23.hsd1.ca.comcast.net]: Connection reset by peer)
[13:26] <shahriyar> we should not think too much about the target and just play our natural game
[13:26] <shahriyar> beshi chinta kore khelle we will get ourselves in trouble
[13:26] <cricman> if we get to the super 8 i know we would play AUS or SA and do we play scotlND?
[13:26] * capslock has joined #BanglaCricket
[13:27] <capslock> Bhoi lagtese
[13:27] <Bancan> i feel 191 is a decent target
[13:27] * wtff has joined #banglacricket
[13:27] <shahriyar> the target is what our battes make of it
[13:28] <Bancan> who wtff
[13:28] <capslock> I wonder what advice Tamim is going to get
[13:28] <Bancan> kick him out
[13:28] <shahriyar> they can make it look good or make it look trifle if they bat like the did against zim
[13:28] <shahriyar> i still remember rafiuqe and aftab's blitzkrieg
[13:28] <allrounder> wwe need our wkts to stay and we should win
[13:29] <shahriyar> inshAllah
[13:29] <Bancan> inshallah
[13:29] <cricman> Originally Posted by IanW
[13:29] <cricman> DAC,
[13:29] <cricman> Yeah, I've heard they'll bat Extras at six against Sri Lanka
[13:29] <shahriyar> ekhon chinta kortesi celebrate korbo kibhabe
[13:29] <shahriyar> in this hick town
[13:29] <cricman> I wish i was in the city
[13:29] <shahriyar> i m in line to win a couple of bets
[13:29] <capslock> are bhai, khela ekhono shesh hoi nai, agey celebrate?
[13:30] <Nasifkhan> basically just play 50 Overs....we will definitely WIN...
[13:30] * RazabQ has joined #BanglaCricket
[13:30] * Mars sets mode: +o RazabQ
[13:30] <shahriyar> inshAllah Nasif bhai
[13:30] <cricman> wheres Babu's thread?
[13:30] <shahriyar> apnar khbr ki ?
[13:30] * Locutus has joined #BanglaCricket
[13:30] <RazabQ> guys
[13:30] <shahriyar> babu bangla kli cricman er theke choto boyosh e ?
[13:30] <RazabQ> I keep getting these annoying "thread start" "thread stop"
[13:30] <RazabQ> java pop up messages
[13:31] <RazabQ> any idea how to turn em off?
[13:31] <RazabQ> using mozilla here
[13:31] <Nasifkhan> bhai...amar ekhane ekta bapar.ase...amar Office e aami shobai ...kalke ek bela....Tea free khawabo ...erokom ekta ghoshona disi Jodi BD jitey..
[13:31] <RazabQ> with prolly a fairly recent version of jvm
[13:31] <allrounder> do we need to worry about run rate? since INd, BD, SL can have 2 wins each?
[13:31] <shahriyar> @ allrounder no we dont we will win all our matches inshAllah
[13:32] <shahriyar> nasif bhia shudhu cha khawaben ....... amai to chinese buffet khawanor promise kore disi
[13:32] <shahriyar> friends der eikhane
[13:32] <RazabQ> ki re no one knows?
[13:32] <RazabQ> tsk tsk
[13:33] <capslock> yeah, we have to make sure that the run rate is not too slow, all the while not going overboard, it's a tricky target actually
[13:33] <shahriyar> sorry Razab bhai i m not havingn ne such problems so no idea frm my end
[13:33] <Bancan> stop talking abt food..... my moms in BD , i have eat my dads cooking
[13:33] <shahriyar> hahahahahaqh @bancan
[13:33] <shahriyar> tumi chaile peterborough eshe poro
[13:33] <shahriyar> i cooked biryani yesterday
[13:33] <shahriyar> my friends went crazy for the food
[13:33] <Bancan> sure they did
[13:33] <Bancan> lol
[13:34] <shahriyar> man i m a good cook
[13:34] <Nasifkhan>
[13:34] <Bancan> all i know how to cook is french fries. i buy some from price choppers nad fry them
[13:34] <shahriyar> hahaha
[13:34] <shahriyar> u need a crash course frm me
[13:34] <shahriyar> then
[13:35] <Bancan> ok
[13:35] <Nasifkhan> bhai...khida lagai dilen to
[13:35] <Bancan> have u guys ever eaten haram
[13:35] <Bancan> ?
[13:36] <cow> kotokhon baki?
[13:36] <Bancan> 20 mins
[13:36] <cow> pakistan is really pathetic here
[13:36] <Nasifkhan> haram ki>....kono khabar er naam?
[13:36] <Bancan> u know haram pizza
[13:36] <Bancan> or sumthing
[13:37] <shahriyar> hahaha @ nasif bhai and bancan
[13:37] <shahriyar> what do u mean by haram bancan ? pork ?
[13:37] <Bancan> i ate a pizza not knowing that the topping was pepporoni and ham....u know ham tastes like beef
[13:37] <cow> only haram if you consider yourself muslim
[13:38] <shahriyar> nooooooooo
[13:38] <Locutus> how much time left until start of 2nd ing
[13:38] <cow> i don't
[13:38] <shahriyar> i never eat pork
[13:38] <Bancan> 20,ins
[13:38] <cricman> If Mashrafe can hit a 6 i would love for him to do the tendu bye-bye
[13:38] <Bancan> mins
[13:38] <Nasifkhan> hehe
[13:38] <Bancan> i hope mash doesnt have to bat
[13:39] <cricman> just imagine 190/3
[13:39] <cricman> and just for the hell of it
[13:39] <Locutus> Pork is haram, you should not eat it if you are muslim
[13:39] <Bancan> http://www.banglacricket.com/alochon...ad.php?t=19332
[13:39] <Bancan> a nice thread
[13:40] <cricman> I think Ricky Pointing is Laughing at Gavaskar right now
[13:40] <allrounder> man ireleireland is not able to finish tings off
[13:40] <cricman> who's in group C?
[13:42] <cricman> 192 runs away from playing a full month of cricket in April
[13:42] <shahriyar> gavaskar has become too old ..... bura hoile manush er brain kaj kom kore
[13:43] <cricman> I hope we play Eng too
[13:43] <cricman> Boycott needs a beating too
[13:43] <cricman> bura harm jada beshi talk
[13:44] <cricman> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxDit4I5G-8 Highlighhts
[13:44] <cow> ireland's fielding is brilliant too
[13:46] <cow> pak 130/9 now
[13:46] <Tintin> yeah !
[13:46] <cow> only day in history india and pakistan were both playing but neither won :P
[13:47] <Spitfire_x86> bd batting started
[13:47] <cow> ****
[13:47] <Spitfire_x86> 3rd ball, Tamim drives and misses
[13:47] <Tigers_eye> Best of luck to the BD
[13:47] <Spitfire_x86> FOUR
[13:47] <Nasif39> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[13:48] <cricman> lets go
[13:48] <cow> let's remember... india got no boundary in first 5
[13:48] <Bancan> 4444444
[13:49] <Bancan> whos batting and wats the score
[13:49] <cow> 187 to win
[13:49] <cow> perfect first over
[13:49] <Locutus> game started already?
[13:49] <cricman> 5/0
[13:50] <cow> nafees please duck marish na :/
[13:50] <Bancan> please
[13:50] <Locutus> cow don't say that
[13:50] <cow> we really need nafees to get runs
[13:50] * SMHasan has quit IRC (Ping timeout for SMHasan[5ac045b4.bb.sky.com])
[13:50] <Bancan> over finishes
[13:50] <Bancan> d*
[13:50] <Bancan> ?
[13:51] <cow> 1.1 overs here
[13:51] <cricman> 1.2
[13:51] <cow> damn, i almost thought he nicked that
[13:51] <Locutus> cricinfo described that f by Tamim as "Calypso style"
[13:52] <Bancan> wat does that mean
[13:52] <Bancan> ?
[13:52] <allrounder> scary
[13:52] <RazabQ> mushfique padded up
[13:52] <RazabQ> interesting
[13:52] <RazabQ> so it's sakib, bashar & mushfique
[13:52] <RazabQ> ash isn't padded
[13:53] <Nasif39> 5 runs
[13:53] <cow> bye 4
[13:53] <cricman> byes
[13:53] <RazabQ> neither is aftab
[13:53] <cow> noball
[13:53] * BD4eva has joined #BanglaCricket
[13:53] <Bancan> y is somethink wrong?
[13:53] * Arnab has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Arnab[])
[13:53] <cow> aftab betha paise
[13:53] <BD4eva> Allright
[13:53] <BD4eva> lets get it on
[13:53] <cow> 11/0
[13:53] <cow> 1.5
[13:54] <cricman> Indians jumping off buildings already
[13:54] <Bancan> haha
[13:54] <Bancan> they dont care of they lose some ppl they 1 billion
[13:54] <Bancan> got*
[13:55] <BD4eva> :Stressed:
[13:55] <cricman> Tamim taking the single
[13:55] <cricman> 180 more baby
[13:56] <cow> fantastic shot
[13:56] * Arnab has joined #BanglaCricket
[13:56] * Nasifkhan has quit IRC
[13:56] <Bancan> i printinga huge bd falg
[13:57] <BD4eva> cmon.......cmon........
[13:57] <Locutus> how big?
[13:57] <BD4eva> :Scared:
[13:57] <cricman> WIDE
[13:57] <Locutus> will take eztras any day
[13:57] <Bancan> printing a huge bd
[13:57] <cow> pakistan all out 132
[13:57] <Bancan> flag
[13:57] <Bancan> a A4 page lol for my car
[13:57] <Locutus> lol
[13:58] <cricman> BO Ball + 1111111
[13:58] <cricman> NB*
[13:58] <Locutus> Khan is firing wide on all cilindar
[13:58] * rafiq has quit IRC (Ping timeout for rafiq[c-76-16-62-119.hsd1.il.comcast.net])
[13:59] <cricman> 22222222222
[13:59] <Spitfire_x86> runs are coming easily
[13:59] <cricman> 18/0 3.0
[13:59] <BD4eva> Thanxs cricman....My streams much slower....At least this way Ill be braced if anything happens
[13:59] <BD4eva> :Stressed:
[14:00] <Locutus> bd needs to do as much damage as possible on seamers
[14:00] <cricman> listen to these indians i want dada
[14:00] <Locutus> we suck against spinners
[14:00] <Bancan> cmon bd
[14:00] <BD4eva> what are you talking about??
[14:00] <BD4eva> were good against spinners
[14:00] <Bancan> tamin please score more than 40
[14:00] <BD4eva> they get alot of practice with the likes of Razzak, Rafiq in our team
[14:00] <Bancan> tamim
[14:01] <cricman> 44444444
[14:01] <BD4eva> YEEEEAAAAH
[14:01] <Bancan> 44444444444444444
[14:01] <BD4eva> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[14:01] <Locutus> how many OB spinner does BD has
[14:01] <Locutus> probably non
[14:02] <Locutus> its different to have SLA then OB
[14:02] <cricman> 17 year old is murdering sir aggy
[14:02] <cow> almost another 4
[14:02] <cricman> 222222
[14:02] <Arnab> tamim iqbal is the most talented batsman bd has ever had
[14:02] <Arnab> it shows
[14:03] <Arnab> in his shots
[14:03] <Bancan> better than ash
[14:03] <cricman> 24/0 (4.0)
[14:03] <Arnab> way better than ash
[14:03] <Locutus> Ash sucks
[14:03] <Arnab> ash is a hack
[14:03] <Arnab> tamim is class
[14:03] <RazabQ> no he just hits the ball hardest
[14:03] <Arnab> no
[14:03] <Spitfire_x86> i like his confidence
[14:03] <RazabQ> arnab how can you call ash a hack?
[14:03] <Arnab> compared to tamim
[14:03] <Spitfire_x86> no half hearted stuff like Ash
[14:03] <Arnab> of course
[14:03] <Arnab> it's comparative
[14:03] <Bancan> are bhai ra who cares as long as they score runs
[14:04] <Arnab> if tamim gets a little mature he 's going to break and set all time records for bd
[14:04] <Spitfire_x86> GONE
[14:04] <Spitfire_x86> SN LBW
[14:04] <cricman> dhur
[14:04] <Bancan> -out
[14:04] <cricman> 168 more needed
[14:04] <Spitfire_x86> that was poor from SN
[14:04] <Spitfire_x86> no shot offered
[14:05] <cricman> SN = Minnow basher
[14:05] <cow> man
[14:05] <cow> drop him
[14:05] <cricman> who's in Next?
[14:05] <Locutus> aftab?
[14:05] <Spitfire_x86> mushfiq rahim!!!
[14:05] <cricman> no
[14:05] <Bancan> wat??????
[14:05] <Spitfire_x86> i typed right
[14:05] <Bancan> something wrong with aftab?
[14:05] <Spitfire_x86> mushfiq rahim!!!
[14:05] <Locutus> I would put Rahim there
[14:06] <cricman> kid hasn't reached puberty
[14:06] <Spitfire_x86> it's understandable
[14:06] <cow> nafees is a waste as an opener
[14:06] <Spitfire_x86> at this stage, tamim + aftab is not a good idea
[14:06] <cricman> bring in Hablu then
[14:06] <Arnab> nafees's out was bad
[14:06] <cricman> unless he's chicken
[14:07] <Arnab> we just need someone to drop anchor
[14:07] <Locutus> good point Spit
[14:07] <Arnab> at one end
[14:07] <cricman> Bashar can do that better
[14:07] <Arnab> and we'll get to this total
[14:07] <allrounder> we need to keep our wktscome on
[14:07] <Arnab> wicket's getting flatter
[14:08] <cricman> maiden over
[14:09] <Locutus> 2 if the youngest player in the world on the crease
[14:09] <Locutus> of*
[14:09] <cricman> in the world cup vs India
[14:10] * RazabQ has quit IRC (Read error to RazabQ[c-24-6-1-23.hsd1.ca.comcast.net]: Connection reset by peer)
[14:10] <Bancan> any update?
[14:10] <cricman> 24/1 5.2
[14:11] <Bancan> damn
[14:11] <cricman> 25/1
[14:11] <Locutus> its not that bad
[14:11] <cricman> 2.4
[14:11] <BD4eva> Does anyone know what happened to Aftab?
[14:11] <cricman> 5.4*
[14:11] <Bancan> its dangerous to have 2 afridis at once
[14:11] <cricman> Hablu wats to keep wickets thats all
[14:12] <Spitfire_x86> MR off the mark
[14:12] <Spitfire_x86> 2 runs
[14:12] <cricman> mushie for 2222
[14:12] * RazabQ has joined #BanglaCricket
[14:12] * Mars sets mode: +o RazabQ
[14:12] <cricman> 27/1 after 6
[14:13] <BD4eva> RR 4.5
[14:13] <Locutus> India was at 21/2 6.4
[14:14] <cow> off the face
[14:14] <Bancan> i heard there was a out?
[14:14] <cricman> shout not given
[14:14] <cow> neck
[14:14] <RazabQ> shake it off
[14:14] <Arnab> off the neck and left jaw
[14:14] <BD4eva> :damn!:
[14:14] <Locutus> ouch!
[14:14] <Arnab> chapa bhangani
[14:14] <Spitfire_x86> almighty charge in the next ball
[14:14] <BD4eva> is he on the ground?
[14:14] <Spitfire_x86> !!
[14:14] <Arnab> nah
[14:14] <Arnab> shook it off
[14:14] <cricman> tamim oo
[14:14] <cricman> if he hit that
[14:15] <cow> hothead
[14:15] <Arnab> was a good bouncer
[14:15] <Arnab> very good bouncer
[14:16] <Bancan> nafees ruined the game for me
[14:16] <cricman> 4
[14:16] <Locutus> Tamim needs clam down, too early in the match
[14:16] <BD4eva> hu hit it??
[14:16] <BD4eva> Tamim?
[14:16] <cricman> Tamim on 20
[14:16] <Arnab> classy four through point
[14:16] <Arnab> no hint of being shaken
[14:16] <Arnab> giant in the making
[14:17] <RazabQ> bagher bachcha
[14:17] <cow> jobab
[14:17] <cricman> Tamim is Arnab ticket to retirement
[14:17] <Locutus> Tamim just sent a message
[14:17] <cricman> 4 more
[14:17] <RazabQ> take that
[14:17] <BD4eva> Mash is faster than both Zaheer and Agarkar
[14:17] <cricman> 1 bounce
[14:17] <RazabQ> shala kutta matha fatabi
[14:17] <Arnab> that was a really good shot
[14:17] <Arnab> high bouncing ball
[14:18] <RazabQ> ha ha
[14:18] <Arnab> jumped back and played it with both feet in the air
[14:18] <RazabQ> bashar has sent shahadat
[14:18] <Arnab> and still guided it through point
[14:18] <RazabQ> to calm tamim down
[14:18] <Arnab> pure talent
[14:18] <cricman> no, let him hit
[14:18] <cricman> he looks just like afridi in BD colors
[14:18] <Arnab> afridi sucks
[14:18] <Arnab> tamim is a real batsman
[14:19] <Arnab> raw telent
[14:19] <cricman> u saw that last shot
[14:19] <Arnab> *talent
[14:19] <cricman> could of went anywhere
[14:19] <cow> tamim should calm down tho
[14:19] <Arnab> needs a little more maturity
[14:19] <cow> he seems fired up
[14:19] <Arnab> but he's 17
[14:19] <Spitfire_x86> i don't like mushy's stance
[14:19] <Arnab> it's a given
[14:20] <cricman> India playing 3 pacers i forgot
[14:20] <BD4eva> Hows Munaf bowling?
[14:20] <cricman> so far so good
[14:21] <cricman> maiden
[14:21] <cricman> 35/1 @ 8 157 more needed
[14:21] <Arnab> munaf is slower
[14:21] <Arnab> better watch him
[14:22] <RazabQ> lovely shot but straight to the fielder
[14:22] <cricman> is hablu saving ash/aftab for the panic/glory overs?
[14:22] <RazabQ> must be
[14:23] <Locutus> there should not be any panic overs
[14:23] <Locutus> its only 191
[14:23] <cricman> tamim takes a single
[14:24] <cricman> mushiee takes 1 too
[14:24] * RazabQ has quit IRC (Read error to RazabQ[c-24-6-1-23.hsd1.ca.comcast.net]: Connection reset by peer)
[14:25] <cricman> dropped i think
[14:25] <BD4eva> Who got dropped?
[14:25] <cricman> no he wasn't
[14:25] <cricman> my bad
[14:25] <cricman> 38/1 (9 overs)
[14:25] <BD4eva> niiiice
[14:26] <cow> please... 50 for 1 would be great
[14:26] <cow> demoralize india
[14:26] <cow> out of nappies... lol
[14:26] <cricman> WIDE
[14:27] <allrounder> slowly take runs and build partnership
[14:28] * RazabQ has joined #banglacricket
[14:28] <RazabQ> ok this has to be the way
[14:28] <RazabQ> mozilla was causing too much problem
[14:28] <allrounder> i am nervous, india is bowling well
[14:28] <BD4eva> youll always be nervous
[14:28] <cricman> just munaf
[14:28] <BD4eva> ill be nervous until theres one run remaining
[14:29] <Spitfire_x86> lol
[14:29] <Spitfire_x86> 6
[14:29] <cow>
[14:29] <cricman> Tamim
[14:29] <BD4eva> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[14:29] <Locutus> he is on fire
[14:29] <cow> risky shot tho
[14:29] <cricman> I love this kid
[14:30] <cow> 4.5 not bad
[14:30] <Spitfire_x86> he hits really hard
[14:30] <RazabQ> dravid looks perplexed
[14:30] <RazabQ> "bangladeshi gula bhoi pai na keno?"
[14:30] <cow> what the hell was that about
[14:30] <cricman> read this
[14:30] <cricman> marillier: We liberate their country in 1971 and this is how they repay us :|
[14:30] <cow> fighting on the pitch
[14:30] <Locutus> decimation has begun
[14:31] <cow> trash talk huh
[14:31] <Bancan> guys calm down
[14:31] <cricman> this ground is too small for him
[14:31] <cow> too much tension out there
[14:31] <cricman> 50 up
[14:31] <BD4eva> 50 up???
[14:31] <cow> **** amazing shot
[14:31] <BD4eva> how??
[14:32] <BD4eva> 6???
[14:32] <Arnab> 4 from tamim
[14:32] <cow> 50/1
[14:32] <Arnab> slices through cover and midoff
[14:32] <allrounder> we need pressure less singles
[14:32] <RazabQ> creamed that
[14:32] <BD4eva> :amazed!:
[14:32] <RazabQ> ja niya aye
[14:32] <cricman> 4 more
[14:32] <cricman> 54/1
[14:32] <cow> another
[14:32] <allrounder> we need singles
[14:32] <cow> ki joss
[14:32] <cow> but calm the hell down
[14:32] <Nasif39> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[14:33] <Nasif39> sorry for the click
[14:33] <Nasif39> its for another future click
[14:33] <Nasif39> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[14:33] <Locutus> this is crazy
[14:33] <Locutus> and fantastic
[14:33] <cricman> 4 more
[14:33] <cow> this is crzy
[14:33] <cow> 6
[14:34] <cricman> sorry 666666666
[14:34] <Spitfire_x86> one of the best sixes ever hit by a BD batsman
[14:34] <cricman> best over ever
[14:34] <Arnab> 6 off munaf
[14:34] <BD4eva> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[14:34] <Arnab> then 3 4's off zaheer
[14:34] <cow> that's a replu fpr the 6 hit before
[14:34] <BD4eva> Did he get his 50 yet??
[14:34] * ammark has quit IRC (Ping timeout for ammark[])
[14:34] <cricman> he's on 46
[14:35] <Arnab> tamim just massacred zaheer
[14:35] <cricman> that was a SIX
[14:35] <Locutus> Tamim needs to calm down
[14:35] <Arnab> went down the wicket to a fast bowler and spanked him over midwicket
[14:35] <Arnab> oh yeah
[14:35] <Bancan> so 2 4s and a six?
[14:35] <RazabQ> frig calming down
[14:35] <Arnab> munaf-6, zaheer-4,4,6
[14:35] <RazabQ> he's in there to make the bowlers crap their pants
[14:35] <cricman> this 6 was better than any of herschelle's sixes yesterday...what a shot...superb batting, tamim
[14:35] <Arnab> tamim looks dead clam
[14:35] <Arnab> calm
[14:36] <cricman> 50
[14:36] <cricman> 444444
[14:36] <BD4eva> "Dead Clam" LOL
[14:36] <cricman> 50 of 48
[14:36] <Locutus> WOW
[14:36] <Arnab> now another 4 off munaf
[14:36] <BD4eva> AMAZING!
[14:36] <cow> India go home
[14:36] <Locutus> can someone describe that SIX, where did it land
[14:37] <cow> 2nd tier
[14:37] <Arnab> the six was in the second tier
[14:37] <cricman> 30 rows back
[14:37] <allrounder> were are the singlesngles
[14:37] <cow> and this is a big boundary too
[14:37] <Arnab> went down the pitch 4 yards
[14:37] <Arnab> and spanked it
[14:37] <cow> 100/1 please please
[14:38] <Locutus> India will remember Tamim forever
[14:38] <allrounder> they also remeber ashraful
[14:38] <cricman> no he's on 49 of 49 idk
[14:38] <cow> he's crazy
[14:38] <cow> he needs to calm down
[14:38] <cricman> 666666666666
[14:38] <allrounder> we need to keep the wkt
[14:38] <BD4eva> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[14:38] <cow> ****
[14:38] <BD4eva> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[14:38] <Locutus> Arban said "Dead calm"
[14:38] <cow> calm down tamim
[14:39] <BD4eva> THIS GUY IS JUST AMAZING!!!!!
[14:39] <Arnab> almost got caught at midoff
[14:39] <cricman> sorry
[14:39] <Tintin> brilliant talent
[14:39] <cricman> rd dropped him
[14:39] <Zunaid> 50!
[14:39] <Tintin> this boy is better than ashraful
[14:39] <cow> rd is **** today
[14:39] <BD4eva> Oh man......
[14:39] <Bancan> calm down ppl.
[14:39] <RazabQ> fortune favors the brave
[14:39] <Bancan> so dravid dropped him
[14:39] <Arnab> tintin...definitely
[14:39] <Spitfire_x86> tough chance
[14:39] <Arnab> much better
[14:40] <Spitfire_x86> a "half-life"
[14:40] <Arnab> yeah
[14:40] <Bancan> stop comparing
[14:40] <Arnab> but india has to take those
[14:40] <RazabQ> gilchrist gets one of those every innings
[14:40] <cow> that was a difficult catch anyway
[14:40] <RazabQ> so that's ho it works
[14:40] <cow> oh no, harbhajan in
[14:40] <Bancan> but bd is only at 65.
[14:40] <RazabQ> bhaji on
[14:40] <Arnab> tamim's getting a little carried away tho
[14:40] <RazabQ> begun bhaji bana
[14:41] <Arnab> he needs to get a hundred here
[14:41] <cricman> 125 more with 9 wickets
[14:41] <Arnab> can easily get it
[14:41] <Bancan> cmon we can do it inshallah
[14:41] <allrounder> pls we need the wkts
[14:41] <cricman> this is even better than the zimbo beatdown
[14:41] <cricman> we'd score 300 on them if had 50 overs
[14:41] <BD4eva> hows bhaji doing???
[14:41] <Bancan> now now calm down
[14:42] <cricman> mushie for 2
[14:42] <BD4eva> yeah.,.....now he HAS to calm down
[14:42] <BD4eva> or he'll get stumped
[14:42] <cow> so who was saying batting is difficult on this pitch?
[14:42] <Zunaid> I am daring to hope and working on a new banner .... I have great bowling shots.. point me to a Tamim action photo whenever one becomes available
[14:42] <Bancan> i know just calm down take singles and win the game
[14:42] <cricman> Khan to Tamim Iqbal, SIX, Murder! Simply imperious! Charges down the track like a invading marauder and pulls a short-of-length delivery over long-on. What a fiesty player!
[14:43] <RazabQ> don't cout your chickens yet guys
[14:43] <RazabQ> if you're religisous minded, allah don't like ahonkar
[14:43] <shahriyar> zaheer on strike mane spitfire ki khaisey ajke ?
[14:43] <cow> we need to slow it down now
[14:43] <cow> like real slow
[14:43] <cow> 3 an over
[14:43] <Zunaid> is all we need
[14:44] <cricman> out
[14:44] <Zunaid> who?
[14:44] <Tintin> damn
[14:44] <cricman> tamim
[14:44] <cow> dammit
[14:44] <Tintin> it was so good when it lasted
[14:44] <BD4eva> :damn!:
[14:44] <Bancan> -out
[14:45] <cricman> he lifted the RR gave me an innings i'll never forget
[14:45] <Bancan> u guys serious?????//
[14:45] <cow> okay aftab... slow it down
[14:45] <Arnab> tamim nicks it to the keeper
[14:45] <Arnab> good ball
[14:45] <RazabQ> now time for habla to come in and accumulate
[14:45] <Arnab> small deviation
[14:45] <RazabQ> he did his job
[14:45] <cow> yep
[14:45] <cow> tamim was gonna go, but he did the damage
[14:45] <Arnab> well, he has more talent than a 50
[14:45] <allrounder> oh no
[14:46] <cricman> reward senior players at the end
[14:46] <cricman> maybe rafique all the way at the end
[14:46] <cow> 123 runs with 8 wickets is easy
[14:46] <Bancan> guys i m scared as hell . of we lose another one we are gonna be in the same stage as india
[14:46] <Arnab> i am impressed
[14:46] * rafiq has joined #BanglaCricket
[14:46] <Bancan> Allah please
[14:46] <BD4eva> who are they sending now??
[14:46] <cow> aftab
[14:46] <Zunaid> Aftab
[14:46] <cricman> spin in bring in Ash
[14:46] <capslock> unless we lose 5 wickets for 2 runs, we're fine, inshallah
[14:46] <cow> aftab will hit
[14:47] <cricman> he can't play spin
[14:47] <BD4eva> i hope he doesnt
[14:47] <cow> we are not slowing down till bashar comes in
[14:47] <allrounder> i dont like this
[14:47] <cricman> hablu should of came in
[14:47] <cricman> but i like the game plan by DW
[14:47] <cricman> 1 pagol after another
[14:47] <rafiq> good job by tamim, he will learn to convert his 50s
[14:47] <RazabQ> ok now we need a partnership
[14:47] <Bancan> like aftab?
[14:48] <allrounder> he tried to guide the ball
[14:48] <cricman> aftab off the mark
[14:48] <Bancan> pita piti bondho koira ektu tanda matha kora dorkar
[14:48] <rafiq> kabab, bhuna gosht, biriyani khelam, tamim er pitani dekhlam, aah life is good
[14:48] <cricman> taking singles now
[14:48] <RazabQ> at this point we should just milk it at 3-4 runs an over
[14:48] <cricman> good
[14:48] <RazabQ> strike rotation is the name of the game
[14:49] <cricman> 120 more needed
[14:49] <cow> easy... play test
[14:49] <cow> defend defend defend
[14:49] <Arnab> cow...your name irritates me
[14:49] <Arnab> change nick
[14:50] <Arnab>
[14:50] * cow is now known as goru
[14:50] <goru> hoise>
[14:50] <goru> ?
[14:50] <Arnab> better
[14:50] <RazabQ> hambaaaaa
[14:50] <cricman> 118 needed
[14:50] <BD4eva>
[14:50] <cricman> 3rd ump?
[14:50] <BD4eva> what happened??
[14:50] <goru> ****
[14:51] <goru> ****
[14:51] <cricman> just in
[14:51] <goru> please
[14:51] <RazabQ> ki out?
[14:51] <goru> no stumping
[14:51] <cricman> not out
[14:51] <Tintin> n o
[14:51] <goru> not out please
[14:51] <RazabQ> pura chuck korche
[14:51] <goru> same as india's innings
[14:51] <RazabQ> harbhajan's action is very very dodgy
[14:51] <Tintin> the third ball was real throw
[14:51] <cricman> aftab not good
[14:52] <goru> wtf are we doing right now
[14:52] <cricman> hrajaban giving him toruble
[14:52] <RazabQ> the chuck gave the extra pace
[14:52] <RazabQ> that beat harbhajan
[14:52] <allrounder> pls play sensibly
[14:52] <cricman> I'd rather see aftab go over the top
[14:52] <Bancan> wats the update?
[14:53] <cricman> 74/2
[14:53] <allrounder> give maiden overs no problem
[14:53] <cricman> this chucker will eat him alive
[14:53] <capslock> aftab is shaky against spinners, sakib would have been a better choice
[14:53] <Bancan> wats the 3rd ump decision
[14:53] <Arnab> i am still awed by tamim's performance
[14:53] <Arnab> batting looked easy when he was there
[14:53] <Arnab> now bd are feeling the pressure
[14:53] * upiis has joined #banglacricket
[14:54] <cricman> 5 wicket win me thinks
[14:54] <allrounder> need to bat like india now
[14:54] <Tintin> dropped
[14:54] <Tintin> bah
[14:54] <cricman> indians already calling tamim lucky and some other not so nice words like *****
[14:54] <goru> ****
[14:54] <Zunaid> where cricman?
[14:54] <goru> what are we doing
[14:55] <cricman> cricbuzz
[14:55] <RazabQ> let the indian fans do their thing
[14:55] <RazabQ> we'll do ours
[14:55] <cricman> aftab should face munaf
[14:55] <cricman> and rahim should take chucker
[14:56] * shajeeb has joined #banglacricket
[14:56] <cricman> Dhoni sports a smile after the dropped catch, he perhaps doesnt know India might well be knocked out of the Cup if they lose this match! Dropped!!
[14:56] <cricman> 444444
[14:56] <cricman> aftab
[14:56] <Zunaid> 4!
[14:57] <allrounder> we are having lots of trouble batting
[14:57] <Bancan> wooooohooooooooooooo
[14:57] <Nasif39> -out :crying: :@ :dead:
[14:57] <cricman> really?
[14:57] <Spitfire_x86> rubbish shot
[14:57] <Bancan> out??
[14:57] <cricman> aftab
[14:57] <cricman> 113 needed 7 wickets left
[14:57] <Tintin> please ban upiis. spammer
[14:58] <Bancan> really out?
[14:58] <Arnab> aftabre diya hobena
[14:58] <Arnab> baje shot
[14:58] <cricman> hablu or ash?
[14:58] <allrounder> dommed
[14:58] <Bancan> we are screwed
[14:58] <Locutus> we are
[14:58] <Tintin> it looks a different game after tamim went
[14:58] <Arnab> no we aren't
[14:58] <Arnab> yeah
[14:58] <cricman> just like the NZ game
[14:58] <allrounder> we could not have any partnership at all
[14:58] <Arnab> tamim is in a different class
[14:58] <Arnab> than the rest of the batsmen
[14:58] <RazabQ> ok hablu
[14:58] <RazabQ> come over and calm things down please
[14:58] <Zunaid> Arnab: So is Sakib
[14:59] <Arnab> haven't seen sakib
[14:59] <RazabQ> sakib is rana +
[14:59] <Arnab> will have to watch
[14:59] <RazabQ> god rest his soul
[14:59] <RazabQ> similar ungainly stule
[14:59] <Tintin> the irish-pak comedy has resumed
[14:59] <Zunaid> But has power
[14:59] <RazabQ> took the words from me
[14:59] <Arnab> tamim's a genuine batter
[14:59] <Arnab> nothing wrong with him
[14:59] * upiis has quit IRC (Read error to upiis[pc21.zippcomplex.iasi.rdsnet.ro]: Connection reset by peer)
[14:59] <Arnab> couldn't find a fault

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March 17, 2007
3PM - 5PM

[15:00] <Arnab> wicket's for him to lose
[15:00] <Bancan> guys whos in?
[15:00] <allrounder> we are gone
[15:00] <cricman> SN and Aftab dissipoiting
[15:00] <RazabQ> who's in?
[15:00] <RazabQ> ash????
[15:00] <RazabQ> it's sakib time
[15:00] <allrounder> failed to have any partnership
[15:00] <Arnab> aftab's dismissal was stupid
[15:00] <cricman> hablu or sakib i think
[15:00] <RazabQ> yup
[15:00] <BD4eva> Whats going on?
[15:00] <RazabQ> crossbatted shot
[15:00] <RazabQ> drinks break
[15:00] <Arnab> with rr around 3 you don't play those shots
[15:00] <Arnab> unless you are tamim of course
[15:01] <Arnab> aftab needs to know his place
[15:01] <allrounder> we only need to give amiden overs
[15:01] <Zunaid> Now the utility of Mushfique is very apparanet when you have boom boom players lie sn, aftab and tamim
[15:01] <Arnab> sn is no boom boom
[15:01] <Zunaid> *apparent
[15:01] <Zunaid> 1/2 boom
[15:01] <cricman> sn = minnow bashar
[15:01] <RazabQ> saqib
[15:01] <RazabQ> come on
[15:02] <Arnab> if only ash can set anchor
[15:02] <allrounder> we need 50 partnership
[15:02] <Arnab> and score at least 35
[15:02] <Bancan> brb
[15:02] <Arnab> there's plenty of balls
[15:02] <Arnab> wicket's ok to bat on
[15:02] <cricman> saqib of the mark
[15:02] <allrounder> we failed to have any sort of partnership
[15:02] <Arnab> just ease the tension a little and play safe
[15:03] <cricman> if we can get to 115 with out no more wicket loss we'll be good
[15:03] <RazabQ> yup
[15:03] <RazabQ> just get to 120ish
[15:03] <Arnab> this is where pilot would have been good :-)
[15:03] <RazabQ> hah
[15:03] <RazabQ> no way
[15:03] <goru> where's bashar?
[15:03] <cricman> mush is doing a fine job
[15:03] <RazabQ> pilot would have wasted balls
[15:03] <cricman> if bashar is scared
[15:03] <Arnab> it's ok to waste balls now
[15:03] <Arnab> rr is 3
[15:04] <Arnab> no need for any shotmaking
[15:04] <allrounder> i want to see two batsmen scoring 50 runs together
[15:04] <Arnab> this match would have been over if sn didn't leave early
[15:04] <cricman> we have all these minnow bashers so far Sakib included, he can prove himself today
[15:04] <RazabQ> yeah but india to ar felna na
[15:05] <Arnab> are na
[15:05] <RazabQ> of course they are gonna fight back
[15:05] <Arnab> they looked really pedestrian against tamim
[15:05] <Arnab> man
[15:05] <RazabQ> cricket is a wonderful game of punches and counterpunch
[15:05] <Arnab> you should watch this innings
[15:05] <shajeeb> guys anyone know where to get live audio for the game
[15:05] <RazabQ> ooh beaten
[15:05] <cricman> Tigercricket i think
[15:05] <allrounder> we need 50 partnership now
[15:06] <cricman> those 30 runs from the final partnership is a real bitch now
[15:06] <Tintin> yes
[15:06] <RazabQ> comeone on guys place those balls
[15:07] <RazabQ> sakib timing em well but straight to fielders
[15:07] <cricman> 110 needed
[15:07] <goru> we should not bother getting runs for next 5/6 overs
[15:08] <capslock> why not? not get runs and let india settle down?
[15:08] <allrounder> runs are coming
[15:08] <Locutus> singles would be great
[15:08] <RazabQ> exactly
[15:08] <goru> no, let our batsmen settle down
[15:08] <RazabQ> low risk cricket to get us to 150ish
[15:08] <capslock> every single run makes india nervous
[15:08] <RazabQ> and then we can have a go as india gets nervous
[15:08] <cricman> Agarkar in get RUNS!
[15:08] <cricman> best chance
[15:09] <RazabQ> they are saving harbhajan
[15:09] <Bancan> we could hav if we had aftab and tamim
[15:09] <RazabQ> athar's commentary is getting better it seems
[15:09] <RazabQ> he's pointing things out
[15:09] <cricman> should of brought Ash earlier
[15:09] <RazabQ> and not as boisterous
[15:10] * shajeeb has quit IRC
[15:10] <capslock> no, we can wait for the bashraful combo if things get really desperate
[15:10] <cricman> out?
[15:10] <RazabQ> nooooooooooo
[15:10] <RazabQ> ke?
[15:10] <goru> dhur
[15:10] <Bancan> ?????????????? cricman u r dead
[15:10] <cricman> sorry took it from the pak chat
[15:10] <goru> lol
[15:10] <RazabQ> ok no more pak comments here
[15:10] <RazabQ> please
[15:11] <BD4eva> noone out, right??
[15:11] <capslock> please don't post stuff like that unless you're sure
[15:11] <Bancan> i had a heart attack
[15:11] <goru> man, just report what you see in video
[15:11] <cricman> i put a question mark ?
[15:11] <Bancan> still
[15:11] <RazabQ> even that's too much for us lillies
[15:11] <Tintin> prefix it with "Pak/Ire" or something
[15:11] <goru> that's still scary
[15:11] <cricman> 109 needed
[15:11] <goru> we can do it!
[15:11] <Bancan> damn they just stopped scoring.......
[15:11] <Zunaid> rrr 3.5
[15:11] <Locutus> should easy as pie or cake what ever us easier
[15:12] <RazabQ> that's fine
[15:12] <RazabQ> settle things down
[15:12] <Zunaid> easy as chotpoti you mean
[15:12] <RazabQ> and then start milking when the powerplays end
[15:12] <cricman> a boundary wouldn't hury
[15:12] <cricman> hury
[15:12] <Bancan> this is killing me
[15:12] <Arnab> milk and chotpoti don't mix
[15:12] <cricman> hurt*
[15:12] <RazabQ> good running
[15:12] <goru> i'd say this game is even right now
[15:13] <Arnab> gorur mathay bhaloi buddhi
[15:13] <goru> what a bad shot
[15:13] <Zunaid> goru shot
[15:13] <cricman> we got the edge because of mash/rafique/hablu and asd
[15:13] <RazabQ> what?
[15:13] <RazabQ> what shot?
[15:13] <Zunaid> yeah - what shot... jeez
[15:13] <RazabQ> dumbass
[15:13] <goru> 4
[15:13] <capslock> what was the outcome of the shot please?
[15:13] <Bancan> wtf
[15:13] <BD4eva> Whats happening??
[15:14] <goru> +4 +4 +4 +4
[15:14] <RazabQ> coulda have easily been bowled
[15:14] <cricman> It was like Ash vs warne
[15:14] <cricman> that type of stuodity
[15:14] <Zunaid> heh
[15:14] <RazabQ> much better
[15:14] <RazabQ> straight
[15:14] <BD4eva> hu hit it?
[15:14] <cricman> sakib
[15:14] <goru> another bad shot
[15:14] <goru> dhur
[15:14] <Bancan> goru u r dead
[15:14] <allrounder> Bd is still not comfortable out there
[15:15] <cricman> 104 needed
[15:15] <Bancan> just tell us wat happened instead saying bad shot
[15:15] <Zunaid> 5 runs off the over
[15:15] <capslock> goru, please stop pointing out bad shots, it makes us nervous
[15:15] <RazabQ> sakib chill
[15:15] <cricman> Big Money players so far: Mash, Tamim, Hablu? and Ash
[15:15] <goru> 88/3
[15:15] <goru> last over 5 runs
[15:15] <Bancan> whos goru?
[15:16] * goru = cow
[15:16] <Tigers_eye> tension'a to ar kisu bhalo pagtasay na
[15:16] <rafiq> amar shathe pola paan post korte bollo: bye bye pakistan
[15:16] <RazabQ> prolly orphy
[15:16] * sujon has joined #BanglaCricket
[15:16] <Tigers_eye> pakis last score koto?
[15:16] <goru> 104 to win from 30
[15:16] <goru> ireland 14/1
[15:17] <cricman> 2222
[15:17] <cricman> 102 needed
[15:17] <goru> good shot
[15:17] <goru> can i say good shot?
[15:18] <Bancan> ya
[15:18] <rafiq> lagao bari
[15:18] <cricman> 4
[15:18] <goru> cracking shot
[15:18] <Bancan> wohoo
[15:18] <cricman> 98 needed
[15:18] <allrounder> 444444+4+4
[15:19] <Locutus> any audio coverage
[15:19] <cricman> Power play not taken
[15:19] <RazabQ> ok target in double digits now
[15:19] <RazabQ> powerplays are over I thought
[15:20] <cricman> we have 1 more i think
[15:20] <sujon> whats the scorw
[15:20] <cricman> 94/3
[15:20] <sujon> tnx
[15:21] <goru> 98 from 24, 3.4 po
[15:21] <goru> 29
[15:21] <Tintin> dropped ?
[15:21] <goru> dropped
[15:21] <Tintin> bat-pad or just pad
[15:21] <BD4eva> What happened?
[15:21] <goru> not dropped
[15:21] <BD4eva> good
[15:22] <goru> too wide
[15:22] <BD4eva> as long as its not "catch" instead XD
[15:22] <Tintin> 6
[15:22] <cricman> 6
[15:22] <cricman> mush
[15:22] <BD4eva> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[15:22] <BD4eva> Mush hit a six???
[15:22] <Bancan> 6
[15:22] <cricman> yeahj
[15:22] <Bancan> mush hot a six!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[15:22] <BD4eva> I thought that dude couldnt hit a four!!
[15:22] <Locutus> lol
[15:22] <cricman> chucker got knocked
[15:22] <goru> 10 4's, 3 6s
[15:23] <RazabQ> 100 up
[15:23] <Nasif39> more than halfway there
[15:23] <RazabQ> these boys don't scare
[15:23] <Arnab> nice 6 from mushfiq
[15:23] <Arnab> sucker punch
[15:23] <Arnab> mush looks very fragile
[15:24] <Arnab> then suddenly comes down and hits a huge six over the bowlers head
[15:24] <Locutus> how so?
[15:24] <RazabQ> good over
[15:24] <allrounder> they are not scared but theyt donot staynish
[15:24] <cricman> 92 needed
[15:24] <BD4eva> Bhaji is chucking sooo bad
[15:24] <RazabQ> i know he's gotten really bad
[15:24] <Tintin> ireland loses one more - 15/2
[15:24] <cricman> mush droped twice he's still batting
[15:24] <RazabQ> or maybe trying too hard
[15:25] <cricman> 91 more
[15:26] <goru> ireland needs more batsmen
[15:26] <RazabQ> he needs to not periscope his bat when he avoids bouncers
[15:27] <Locutus> for the irish their best batsman JP Bray is out
[15:27] <Locutus> they lost
[15:27] <Locutus> they will be all out in 100 runs
[15:27] <allrounder> qib and mushfiq not playing safe
[15:27] <Bancan> cmon BD cmon Ireland
[15:28] <cricman> forget ireland come on Bangladesh
[15:28] <goru> 91 from 27
[15:28] <Bancan> its the day for the greens
[15:28] <goru> not for pakistan
[15:28] <Bancan> pakistan is lime green we are true green lol
[15:28] <BD4eva> Whats with Irelands facination with green anyway??
[15:29] <Locutus> green beer?
[15:29] <Bancan> without the green we would be dead
[15:30] <goru> green from the clover
[15:30] <goru> clover leaf
[15:30] <allrounder> adesh
[15:30] <Bancan> wats with everyone
[15:30] <cricman> green as in money
[15:30] <allrounder> big test for bangladesh
[15:30] <Bancan> y so calm
[15:30] <goru> we are green from grass
[15:30] <allrounder> they need to play slowly
[15:30] <cricman> tension
[15:30] <goru> (my food)
[15:31] <cricman> 90 more needed
[15:31] <allrounder> singles would do
[15:31] <goru> what the **** was that with harbhajan
[15:31] <goru> bastard
[15:31] <goru> tried to trip our batsman
[15:31] <Nasif39> orphy watch on the lang.
[15:31] <Arnab> haha
[15:31] <Arnab> that was funny from harbhajan
[15:31] <Nasif39> this will be posted on the forum
[15:32] <Nasif39> all comms are logged.
[15:32] <sujon> our boys are on par with them
[15:32] <goru> i am not orphy... whoever that is
[15:32] <sujon> they can shout back
[15:32] <RazabQ> shala harbhajan was trying to trip him
[15:32] <allrounder> u might ght get kicked out
[15:32] <cricman> 2222
[15:32] <cricman> 88 needed
[15:32] <Nasif39> orphy or not, please watch the lang.
[15:32] <goru> damn, i thought that would go for 4
[15:32] <BD4eva> lol/.//...bhaji is pathetic
[15:33] <Arnab> barring a major screwup i think this one is in our bag
[15:33] <goru> another near 4
[15:33] <RazabQ> man alive
[15:33] <Bancan> wat did he do?
[15:33] <sujon> bhaji re begun er shathe bhaji koira aatar ruti dia nasta korum
[15:33] <goru> tendulkar making himself useful
[15:33] <cricman> 86 more now
[15:33] <cricman> AFter this i'm doing 10 hours of Calculus
[15:34] <sujon> if u need help gimme a shout
[15:34] <Arnab> if we can pull this off, i think we can win against lanka as well
[15:34] * rafiq has quit IRC (Ping timeout for rafiq[c-76-16-62-119.hsd1.il.comcast.net])
[15:34] <cricman> were getting 1 and 2's now clap clap
[15:34] <Bancan> wats the score
[15:34] <Tintin> if you win this one, i hope BD will win against SL too
[15:34] * Nasif sets mode: +o Zunaid
[15:34] <Arnab> hehe
[15:34] * yiizs has joined #banglacricket
[15:34] <allrounder> liket
[15:34] * Nasif sets mode: +o Arnab
[15:35] <goru> 1s and 2s all we need
[15:35] * Nasif sets mode: +o RazabQ
[15:35] <Tigers_eye> calm down mods
[15:35] * Nasif sets mode: +o Tintin
[15:35] <Bancan> hahaha
[15:35] <allrounder> this is what i want to seeee
[15:35] * Nasif sets mode: +o Nasif39
[15:35] <goru> inside edge, but lucky
[15:35] <Bancan> nasif bhai can i get one too
[15:35] <Arnab> i am just waiting for the post match show
[15:36] <goru> hopefully gavaskar will be present
[15:36] <Arnab> its going to be loads of fun
[15:36] * Nasif bancan dreamz on...
[15:36] <Bancan>
[15:36] <Locutus> lol
[15:36] <BD4eva> I always fear the post-match show....Our players really should use translators
[15:36] <Tigers_eye> abar luichha shot suru korlo lol sakib
[15:36] <Arnab> nono
[15:36] <Arnab> i am talking about the studio folks
[15:36] <cricman> 81 needed
[15:37] <goru> strange shot
[15:37] <Tigers_eye> 112/3
[15:37] <Bancan> i remember one of ash's interview o god it was so hard to watch
[15:37] <sujon> so wht
[15:37] <Nasif39> !score
[15:37] <Bancan> but he played that day so who cares
[15:37] <sujon> he speaks w/ his bat
[15:37] <cricman> i could care less
[15:37] <goru> who gives a crap... it's just the english language
[15:37] <Bancan> sure he does
[15:37] <Arnab> yeah
[15:37] <BD4eva> If Sakib can get us out of this (rather shallow) hole....I call him the 2nd Best Player BD has right now
[15:37] <BD4eva> under Mash
[15:37] <allrounder> 33 runs partnership
[15:37] <Arnab> i used to cringe too
[15:38] <goru> i wish they would just speak bangla
[15:38] <goru> if icc wants english, get a translator
[15:38] <Tigers_eye> What was said between Tamim and Munaf, Anyone?
[15:38] <Arnab> but maybe they should arrange for an interpreter
[15:38] <cricman> 78 more
[15:38] <Arnab> nothing
[15:38] <capslock> did you hear Mehrab's Aids ad? The dude has a crisp british accent!
[15:38] <Arnab> tamim was smiling
[15:38] * Tintin sets mode: +b *!*@pc23.zippcomplex.iasi.rdsnet.ro
[15:38] <Arnab> munaf just got belted for a six so he was demonstrably unhappy
[15:38] <Arnab>
[15:38] <Arnab> but tamim was loving it
[15:38] <Tigers_eye> no he difinitely had few words
[15:38] <sujon> munaf> oi picchi..beshi barsos..pissha falamu
[15:39] * yiizs was kicked by Tintin (Tintin)
[15:39] <Tintin> (xtcams ad)
[15:39] <sujon> tamim>oi mohish chup thak
[15:39] <cricman> indians now seem that they conceded defeat now following the pak game
[15:39] <Arnab> he was like "whatever dude, I just hit you for a six"
[15:39] <cricman> Sachin in
[15:39] <cricman> i'm happy
[15:39] <cricman> he's on my fantasy
[15:39] <Bancan> u have any link for mehrabs aids ad?
[15:39] <Arnab> why
[15:40] <Bancan> ewww cricman
[15:40] <Tigers_eye> 102 needed for the Irish with 8 wkts
[15:40] <capslock> no, it was on dish network, it had SN, Mehrab and Mash
[15:40] <Bancan> that did not sound rite
[15:40] <cricman> fantasay team
[15:40] <goru> gross cricman
[15:40] <sujon> Go BD go..go IRISH go
[15:40] <Arnab> cricman stay on topic
[15:40] <cricman> bc fantasy?
[15:40] <Arnab> no the match
[15:40] <Bancan> haha we know
[15:40] <Arnab> the fantasy comment was also a little weird
[15:40] <Bancan> i know
[15:41] <Arnab> :-)
[15:41] <Locutus> whats the score?
[15:41] <cricman> 77 more
[15:41] <Tigers_eye> 115/3
[15:41] <Bancan> is the points updated in the fantasy or is it done after the match?
[15:41] <Arnab> india is hoping for bs to self destruct
[15:41] <Arnab> but it looks like they are not going to get it
[15:41] <Tigers_eye> tendu bowling
[15:41] <Arnab> bangladesh won this match in the field and then when tamim blazed em
[15:42] <cricman> Javed ready to steal on off-stump
[15:42] <Arnab> *bd
[15:42] <Locutus> I am scred when tedulkar bowls, that guy has has like 5 types delivery
[15:42] <Tigers_eye> As i said i will be graceful after the match
[15:42] <Arnab> it was a hard earned victory
[15:42] <Arnab> well
[15:42] <Arnab> we haven't won yet
[15:42] <cricman> shout not given
[15:42] <goru> shala tendulkar
[15:42] <Arnab> but 70% chance
[15:43] <goru> that was out
[15:43] <goru> but
[15:43] <allrounder> bw dei nai
[15:43] <capslock> the game is not over yet, let's not count our murgis before they hatch
[15:43] <goru> payback fro bad decision in india innings
[15:43] <goru> *decisions
[15:43] <RazabQ> exactly
[15:44] <Tigers_eye> Yea when rasel, razzak, rafiq bowls the hawkeye projects the bounce and the ball goes over the wicket.
[15:44] <goru> even tendulkar himself got life from lbw
[15:44] <goru> so no lbw decision for him now :P
[15:44] <cricman> when do you think were gonna speed it up?
[15:44] <Locutus> last 25 runs
[15:44] <Bancan> we dont need it
[15:44] <Tigers_eye> 77 needed
[15:44] <Arnab> this is definitely bds day
[15:44] <Bancan> to*
[15:44] <Arnab> mushfiq was plumb
[15:44] <Bancan> inshallah
[15:45] <Tigers_eye> 76 needed
[15:45] * Guest56481 has joined #banglacricket
[15:45] <Arnab> i dont think anything can go wrong for bd today
[15:45] <Arnab> just that kinda day
[15:45] <RazabQ> so was tuhappa
[15:45] <capslock> inshallah bolo bhai
[15:45] <RazabQ> arnab I know you ain't religious
[15:45] <Arnab> hope i'm not jinxing it
[15:45] <BD4eva> if we got them out at 159......It would be like 40 needed
[15:45] <BD4eva>
[15:46] <RazabQ> but I sense the supernatural
[15:46] <goru> what do you think the impact of us winning this and effectively throwing out india from the WC will be like... politically?
[15:46] <goru> india is not gonna be happy
[15:46] <capslock> let's win it first
[15:46] <Arnab> razab...but i am very superstitious
[15:46] <Tigers_eye> dropped
[15:46] <cricman> I guarantee u next WC 25 teams will play so India will advance
[15:46] <sujon> even if we win we gotta play well in the two other games
[15:46] <Nasif39> tiger bhai: that wasn't dropped, very hard catch, and was short
[15:47] <goru> catch dropped
[15:47] <Nasif39> cant call it drop
[15:47] <Tigers_eye> naah short bounce no chance
[15:47] <Bancan> Arnab do u beleive that if u left eye bounces then bad news is coming?
[15:47] <cricman> 75
[15:47] <goru> ok, not dropped
[15:47] <goru> just short
[15:47] <BD4eva> If my left eye is wet, bad news already came
[15:47] <Tigers_eye> what type of no ball it was???
[15:47] <cricman> 74 needed
[15:47] <cricman> over step
[15:47] <Arnab> can't tell...i am probably winking at a girl...so maybe?
[15:48] <BD4eva> not too worried about my eye "bouncing" though
[15:48] <Arnab> ;-)
[15:49] <goru> india hasn't given a lot of extras
[15:49] <BD4eva> around 11....not too bad i guess
[15:49] <Tigers_eye> 73 needed
[15:49] <goru> we gave 11+ in like first 5 overs
[15:50] <Bancan> wats the latest on the lepracauns.
[15:50] <goru> 33/2
[15:50] <BD4eva> theyve still got a good chance
[15:50] <Bancan> not bad
[15:50] <cricman> 72 more
[15:50] <Tigers_eye> 121/3
[15:51] * Tintin has given up
[15:51] <Tintin> will atleast get some sleep
[15:51] <cricman> 71 more runs
[15:51] <Tigers_eye> Nasif BBQ korba??
[15:51] <Bancan> anyone tried the 3d animation in cricinfo?
[15:51] <Tigers_eye> I am getting ready with my fireworks
[15:52] <goru> man, a world cup without india or pakistan is just... bizarre
[15:52] <cricman> i hear the girls at the grounds are pretty is this true?
[15:52] <BD4eva> kinda true
[15:52] <BD4eva>
[15:52] <Bancan> girls from trinidad are hot
[15:52] <sujon> but a WC with BD is awesome
[15:53] <BD4eva> score?
[15:53] <Bancan> 120/3
[15:53] <sujon> 121/3
[15:54] <cricman> 122/3
[15:54] <Tigers_eye> 70 needed
[15:55] <goru> ire 37/2
[15:55] <Bancan> cricinfo 3d is great!!
[15:55] <goru> our batsmen getting impatient
[15:55] * Makaveli1 has quit IRC
[15:56] <cricman> 70 needed of the last 120 balls
[15:56] <goru> 3.5 an over
[15:56] <Tintin> imagine the number of billions of man hours of work it will save in India, if India fails to qualify for the next round
[15:56] * Tintin is reduced to snatching such straws
[15:57] <cricman> lol
[15:57] <Arup> tin: not true
[15:57] <Tigers_eye> Harbi and Yuvraj - Planning for what they will do if they get kicked out from the WC
[15:57] <Arup> those hours and more will be spent in criticizing and post morteming etc.
[15:57] <Tintin> hmm
[15:57] <sujon> !score
[15:58] <Tintin> maybe, but this is like 7 hours a day for seven matches
[15:58] <Tigers_eye> I'd like to know who partied last night for the Indian team
[15:58] <cricman> ohh look at this Indians asking BCCI for bangladesh to tour India to get revenge
[15:58] * Bancan has quit IRC (Read error to Bancan[CPE0011e6ece13d-CM0011e6ece13c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com]: Connection reset by peer)
[15:58] <Tigers_eye> If no one did then it was waste of time
[15:58] <cricman> 69 more
[15:58] <Arup> and 80% will find another favorite team and will continue following.....
[15:59] <sujon> it has gone slow
[15:59] <Tigers_eye> Tendu is bleeding runs now
[15:59] <cricman> a few runs would be helpful
[15:59] <BD4eva> Doesnt matter......Were getting there
[15:59] * Bancan has joined #BanglaCricket
[15:59] <BD4eva> 3.33 RRR
[15:59] <Locutus> few boundries would be exciting at this point
[15:59] <cricman> 67
[15:59] * Bancan has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[16:00] * Bancan has joined #BanglaCricket
[16:00] <Bancan> i take it back cricinfo 3d sucks just froze my comp
[16:00] <Bancan> so wats the score?
[16:00] <cricman> 125/3
[16:00] <cricman> 31 overs
[16:00] <Tintin> bancan - it happened to me when i tried it during the ashes. looks like they still haven't fixed it
[16:00] <Tigers_eye> munaf is back
[16:00] <allrounder> 125/3
[16:01] <cricman> very good partnership
[16:01] <Bancan> ya
[16:01] <Tigers_eye> 4
[16:01] <Tigers_eye> 44444444
[16:01] <Tigers_eye> 44444444444444444444
[16:01] <Locutus> yea
[16:01] <BD4eva> Hate Munaf almost as much as sreesanth
[16:01] <Nasif39> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[16:01] <Bancan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[16:01] <goru> woot
[16:01] <Bancan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[16:01] <Locutus> thats what I am taking about
[16:01] <BD4eva> and apparently our batsmen do 2
[16:01] <BD4eva> XD
[16:01] <Bancan> +4+4+4+4
[16:01] <Bancan> :amazed!:
[16:01] <goru> hello back patel
[16:01] <Tigers_eye> 4444
[16:01] <Tigers_eye> 4444444
[16:01] <Nasif39> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[16:01] <Tigers_eye> 444444444444
[16:02] <Locutus> another?
[16:02] <BD4eva> another?
[16:02] <Tigers_eye> Locutus there you have it
[16:02] <Tigers_eye> yup
[16:02] <goru> lol
[16:02] <BD4eva> NIIIIIIICE
[16:02] <BD4eva> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[16:02] <Bancan> +4+4+4+4+4wooooooooooooohooooooooooo
[16:02] <goru> calm down sakib
[16:02] <Locutus> yap
[16:02] <cricman> Sakib going for 6 4's lol
[16:02] <Locutus> no time to clam down
[16:02] <Tigers_eye> single
[16:02] <Locutus> it time to finish it off
[16:03] <sujon> take it ez
[16:03] <goru> good, he's off strike
[16:03] <sujon> we can take a win in 1's and 2's
[16:03] <BD4eva> payback for disrespecting Tamim
[16:03] <BD4eva> XD
[16:03] <Locutus> crickinfo commetators are funny
[16:03] * rafiq has joined #BanglaCricket
[16:03] <Bancan> Jonathan sends us this. "Being a Kiwi and loosing to Bangladesh in a warm up match, I can understand how the Indians are feeling right now. Sure, Bangladesh have now won yet, but the should go on from here. When the Blackcaps loose a cricket match to anyone, the nation rippes them to shreads and the badmouthing lasts for weeks. But after we lost to Bangladesh, people were not concerned, I feel the world has come
[16:03] <Locutus> cricinfo, "Patel to Saqibul Hasan, FOUR, he has been welcomed with an slap! ..."
[16:03] <Tigers_eye> As i said they can do all the homework they want implementing strategy is the hardest part
[16:04] <Bancan> so if we win here and against bermuda are we through to the next round
[16:04] <Tigers_eye> mushfiq down
[16:04] <goru> what's the rest of tht, Bancan?
[16:04] <Bancan> thats it
[16:04] <goru> umm
[16:04] <Bancan> i founf it in cricinfo
[16:04] <Tintin> Bancan - no because it can be a three-way tie
[16:04] <goru> it didn't finish
[16:05] <BD4eva> I feel the world has come......AND??
[16:05] <Tintin> but BD will have the advantage of playing the last match in the league against Bermuda
[16:05] <Bancan> go to cricinfo its there
[16:05] <goru> koi?
[16:05] <Bancan> in the live commentry
[16:05] <cricman> what happeened to mushe?
[16:05] <goru> But after we lost to Bangladesh, people were not concerned, I feel the world has come to terms with Banladesh being a test nation, and respect that they can beat anyone on there day. Keep going boys!"
[16:06] <Tigers_eye> We have graduated truely
[16:06] <Bancan> we still have 58 more to go
[16:06] <cricman> he got hit in the
[16:06] <allrounder> no there is a chance of 3 teams with 2 wins
[16:06] <Bancan> in the ?
[16:07] <cricman> lets root for SL
[16:07] <goru> india won't beat SL
[16:07] <goru> they are out of this cup if they lose here
[16:07] <sujon> hope SL beat IND
[16:07] <cricman> where babies are made
[16:07] <sujon> otherwise it might get tough for us to qfy
[16:07] <Tigers_eye> SL is too strong for Ind
[16:07] <Locutus> I wuold be surprize if, people are surpised that we won the match against india, we have shown in last few years that we can beat anyone
[16:07] <goru> this IS the group of death match
[16:07] <Bancan> hahaha
[16:07] <BD4eva> we didnt win yet
[16:08] <Tintin> goru - on the last two occasions india played sl inthe world cup, india won by 157 and 183 runs
[16:08] <Locutus> I can easly say we won this match
[16:08] <BD4eva> Chance just jumped to 80%
[16:08] <goru> and what happened last time BD played India?
[16:08] <Tintin> and over the last 10 matches, it is india 8 sl 2
[16:08] <goru> can't go by history
[16:09] <Tintin> but you can't say India "won't" beat SL
[16:09] <BD4eva> Whats better for us??India winning against SL or the other way around???
[16:09] <goru> india need to lose to SL
[16:09] <Tintin> SL winning is better for BD
[16:09] <goru> then we just need to beat bermuda
[16:09] <BD4eva> and if india wins?
[16:09] <goru> then all depends on ban - sl game
[16:09] <goru> wait
[16:09] <goru> that's before right?
[16:09] <Tintin> possibly a three way tie (if SL beats BD)
[16:10] <goru> ban - ber is last in schedule i think
[16:10] <rafiq> hey guys what is SL's run rate after the last win?
[16:10] <Bancan> wats going on in the game?
[16:11] <Locutus> Rahim where was he hit?
[16:11] <Arnab> bd cruising to victory
[16:11] <goru> Meanwhile Judas C.O.C is in a cheeky mood. "Brilliant tactical play from India and Pakistan to get the farcical world cup involving unknown nations ou fo their schedule so that they can play a series instead for the greater good of spectators."
[16:11] <Tintin> lol
[16:11] <BD4eva> lol
[16:11] <BD4eva> Whats going on in the Ireland match??
[16:11] <Locutus> Cricinfo "Rahim is down on the ground in pain. Physio comes out. Meanwhile Zaheer, Munaf and Dravid huddle. Elsewhere Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj get together. Whats the dinner plan guys?! Players will take a drinks break. "
[16:11] <allrounder> yuvi bowling
[16:11] <Tintin> 44/2
[16:12] <BD4eva> Ireland might just win this one!!
[16:12] <goru> i think they are huddling to discuss where they should fly back to instead of india
[16:12] <Bancan> ya...lets go BD lets go Ireland
[16:12] <Tintin> wonder whether there will be investigation
[16:12] <goru> a few months vacation
[16:12] <BD4eva> lol
[16:12] <Tintin> *an
[16:13] <Bancan> whens bd's next game?
[16:13] <Tigers_eye> 4
[16:13] <Tigers_eye> no
[16:13] <Tintin> 21 - SL
[16:13] <Tintin> 25 - Bermuda
[16:13] <Bancan> ok
[16:13] <Bancan> 4 did por por
[16:13] <Bancan> din*
[16:13] <allrounder> if 30 runs at the end were not given, we would be home by now
[16:14] <BD4eva> yeah.....
[16:14] <Bancan> no.... we are at 135
[16:14] <BD4eva> home meaning safe
[16:14] <Bancan> we still would have needed 20 more runs
[16:14] <Tigers_eye> 140/3
[16:14] <Tintin> 6
[16:14] <Nasif39> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[16:14] <cricman> 6
[16:14] <rafiq> rope
[16:14] <BD4eva> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[16:14] <BD4eva> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[16:14] <BD4eva> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[16:14] <BD4eva> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[16:14] <BD4eva> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[16:14] <BD4eva> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[16:14] <BD4eva> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[16:14] <Bancan> +6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6 +6
[16:14] <goru> awesome
[16:14] <BD4eva> who hit it??
[16:14] <Bancan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[16:14] <Bancan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[16:14] <Bancan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[16:14] <Bancan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[16:14] <Bancan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree
[16:14] <cricman> saqib
[16:14] <Bancan> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[16:14] <Tigers_eye> over the keepers head
[16:15] <Tigers_eye> i think it is 4
[16:15] <Bancan> where is kabir?
[16:15] <Locutus> Saqib very talented
[16:15] <cricman> Were hitting sixes off the indians
[16:15] <allrounder> mushfiqmushfiq
[16:15] <cricman> sorry mushie did
[16:15] <Bancan> good job
[16:15] <goru> what are the rules for this?
[16:15] <Bancan> pilot er mugh ghomra hoye jabe lol
[16:15] <Tigers_eye> just inside the ropes
[16:15] <Nasif39> khaistami given 4
[16:15] <Nasif39> not
[16:15] <Nasif39> 6
[16:16] <Bancan> damn damn
[16:16] <Bancan> still good
[16:16] <Tigers_eye> few inches inside the ropes
[16:17] <cricman> India rooting for Nadal over roddick
[16:17] <allrounder> if 3 teams has 2 wins who goes to next round?
[16:17] <Tigers_eye> 141/3
[16:17] <Tigers_eye> 51 needed
[16:17] <Tintin> net run rate
[16:17] * Guest56481 has quit IRC (BDChaT mIRC)
[16:17] <Bancan> cholo Bangladesh
[16:18] <Tigers_eye> runrate allrounder
[16:18] <Locutus> Bangladesh RR 4.13
[16:18] <Locutus> Required RR 3.21
[16:19] <Nasif39> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[16:19] <BD4eva> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[16:19] <BD4eva> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[16:19] <BD4eva> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[16:19] <rafiq> i just saw catherine the girl who is going to the game with james bond
[16:20] <rafiq> from our board
[16:20] <Bancan> how do u know her?
[16:20] <rafiq> he's the guy who is on a love boat, heading down to trini with 10-17 white people
[16:20] <rafiq> no i don;t, but i am taking a wild guess it was her
[16:20] <goru> lol
[16:21] <Locutus> lol
[16:21] <goru> ire 47/2
[16:21] <Bancan> wow there are tons white ppl there lol
[16:22] <Locutus> bangladesh should finish strong with good runrate
[16:22] <Locutus> it will helpus
[16:23] <cricman> Mushie stop playing like pilot now and score!
[16:23] <capslock> yeah, in the 2 wins each scenerio nrr is going to be important
[16:24] <cricman> Mushie retire hrt
[16:24] <cricman> bring in Ash and belt them
[16:24] <cricman> embarss them
[16:24] <Locutus> I don't think Rahim is old enought to understand the fundemtal of the game
[16:24] <Nasif39> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[16:25] <Locutus> or not
[16:25] <BD4eva> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[16:25] <Nasif39> outstanding power shot
[16:25] <BD4eva> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[16:25] <cricman> who?
[16:25] <Nasif39> small guy mushy
[16:25] <Locutus> saqib
[16:25] <allrounder> cross 160 then 6
[16:25] <Nasif39> lot of power
[16:25] <Nasif39> not saqib
[16:25] <Nasif39> its mushfiq who got 6
[16:25] <BD4eva> :amazed!:
[16:26] <BD4eva> That dudes got more power than i thought!!
[16:26] <Nasif39> only 37 more
[16:26] <Locutus> they need to give spanking to the indians nwo
[16:27] <Bancan> i feel confident now
[16:27] <goru> now we have to cover for the 32 we gave away at the end :X
[16:28] * Spitfire_x86 has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Spitfire_x86[])
[16:28] <BD4eva> Seriously guys....How far do you think we can go???Semi's??
[16:28] <Tigers_eye> What a poster "Father loosing son winning" lol
[16:28] <Tintin> 50 up for ireland
[16:28] <Bancan> ireland is slow
[16:28] <goru> bloody indian signs
[16:28] <BD4eva> they dont need to be fast
[16:28] <cricman> IMO
[16:29] <Nasif39> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
[16:29] <Tigers_eye> 6
[16:29] <Tigers_eye> 6
[16:29] <Bancan> but keep going they are in the right path
[16:29] <Tigers_eye> 6
[16:29] <Tigers_eye> 6
[16:29] <cricman> we can beat Ire, Aus and maybe WI
[16:29] <Bancan> woohoo
[16:29] <Nasif39> +50+50+50
[16:29] <cricman> yeahhh
[16:29] <BD4eva> YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
[16:29] * Spitfire_x86 has joined #banglacricket
[16:29] <BD4eva> Spitty!!!
[16:29] <Nasif39> 31 more
[16:29] <BD4eva> we need you man!
[16:29] <Locutus> Varun Kumar offers a different perspective. "To all Indian fans: RELAX!! It's one bad match for a good Indian team. Remember we won 8 in a row to reach the last world cup. We can rebound from this. "
[16:29] <BD4eva> what went wrong with Bangladesh this time??
[16:29] <Tigers_eye> 31 needed
[16:29] <Spitfire_x86> yeah
[16:29] <Bancan> spitty brings bad news all the time.
[16:30] <Tigers_eye> off 72 balls
[16:30] <Spitfire_x86> sakib played very well
[16:30] <Bancan> he doesnt comment when we hit a six
[16:30] <BD4eva> :amazed!:
[16:30] <Bancan> but he says ou
[16:30] <Tigers_eye> lol
[16:30] <Arnab> hahaha
[16:30] <Bancan> t
[16:30] <BD4eva> is that our BC spitty??
[16:30] <Arnab> i am gonna have a great time with my indian acquaintances
[16:30] <Bancan> see he is not commenting
[16:30] <BD4eva> XD
[16:30] <goru> hope this doesn't start riots
[16:31] <Arnab> nah
[16:31] <BD4eva> yeah....his quota for "optimism" is over for the day
[16:31] <Tigers_eye> I have 3 neighbors Indians They will see some fire work tonight lol
[16:31] <cricman> I think Dravid better start running
[16:31] <Bancan> Varun Kumar offers a different perspective. "To all Indian fans: RELAX!! It's one bad match for a good Indian team. Remember we won 8 in a row to reach the last world cup. We can rebound from this. "
[16:31] <Arnab> india got beaten in every department
[16:31] <allrounder> me too, at office they expected india to win by 100 runs hahahahah
[16:31] <Arnab> hahahahaha
[16:31] <Arnab> i can hardly contain myself
[16:31] <Arnab> excuse me
[16:31] * Mridul has joined #BanglaCricket
[16:31] <goru> 7 wicket defeat would be humiliating
[16:31] <Tigers_eye> keep going
[16:31] <goru> we should be nice and give them a couple wickets
[16:31] <Nasif39> 30 more
[16:32] <Arnab> there will be a riot alright
[16:32] <Tigers_eye> This is the place to pour your emotions Arnab
[16:32] <Bancan> goru ki bolen
[16:32] <Arnab> the post match analysis show will be a riot
[16:32] <Tintin> from #crickettalk - "maybe pak team will go to india and india will go to pak, to avoid fans' reception"
[16:32] <Arnab> mandira debi
[16:32] <Tigers_eye> 162/3
[16:32] <Arnab> and chary sharma
[16:32] <allrounder> may be india and pakistan can go on a tour
[16:32] <Bancan> Danfothe tonite. there will be a riot a lot of bangladeshis and indians live there
[16:32] <Arnab> charu
[16:32] <Bancan> Danforthe
[16:33] <cricman> 29 more
[16:33] <Arnab> wheres that
[16:33] <Tigers_eye> Sakib out
[16:33] <Nasif39> -out :crying: :@ :dead:
[16:33] <Spitfire_x86> OUT
[16:33] <Bancan> toronto
[16:33] <Spitfire_x86> Sakib stumped
[16:33] <Arnab> man
[16:33] <Arnab> sakib was getting ambitious
[16:33] <Bancan> i told u spitfire brings bad news
[16:33] <cricman> Ash plz
[16:33] <BD4eva> -out :crying: :@ :dead:
[16:33] <BD4eva> -out :crying: :@ :dead:
[16:33] <Arnab> but mushfiq's really cook
[16:33] <allrounder> unnecesarry out
[16:33] <Arnab> cool
[16:33] <Locutus> bring on ash
[16:33] <goru> jottoshob
[16:33] <goru> unrest
[16:33] <Bancan> blame spitty
[16:33] <Tigers_eye> Thats ok guys
[16:33] <Bancan> lol
[16:34] <goru> come on bashar
[16:34] <goru> dhila dao
[16:34] <Locutus> greate inning from Rahim
[16:34] <cricman> Sakib's average waS GONNA go over 60
[16:34] <BD4eva> did Shewag get it??
[16:34] <cricman> yup
[16:34] <rafiq> that's bad for our average which will come into play later
[16:34] <allrounder> e they will keep shewag on the team as a bowler now
[16:34] <rafiq> net run rate is going to be important
[16:35] <Locutus> shewag finnly showing he is good for something, he is going to throw a party tonight
[16:35] <goru> only if india beat sl... that's not happening
[16:35] <Bancan> i just hope we dont collapse
[16:35] <rafiq> you don't know if sl is going to beat india
[16:35] <BD4eva> Whos coming in??
[16:35] <Arup> tintin: or may be both the teams can go to Bangladesh to avoid fans' reception
[16:35] <goru> bashar
[16:35] <cricman> Hablu
[16:35] <allrounder> hablu
[16:35] <Arup> and to learn a bit of a cricket in the process..
[16:35] <Arup> by plaining in the BD 2nd division
[16:36] <Nasif39> 29 runs
[16:36] <Arup> playing
[16:36] <goru> it was complimentary wicket to make it less humiliating
[16:36] <BD4eva> Me_with_stupid
[16:36] <Bancan> Baaa...
[16:37] <Bancan> Ash shld come now. boom boom
[16:37] <Nasif39> 28
[16:37] <cricman> I wanna see Boom!
[16:37] <sujon> no boom
[16:38] <sujon> i want a 6 wct win
[16:38] <Bancan> i m really surprised at rahim.boy can he hit
[16:38] <goru> ire 61/2
[16:38] <Tintin> ire 62/3
[16:38] <goru> damn
[16:38] <BD4eva> Thats it....Pak is out of the WC
[16:38] <Bancan> Pakistan suks
[16:38] <allrounder> these are munaf and zaheers run
[16:38] <goru> bashar not comfy
[16:39] <allrounder> we are covering now for munaf and zaheer
[16:39] <BD4eva> We would have won now had it not been for Munaf and Zaheer at the end
[16:39] <cricman> Just hit 4's!
[16:39] <BD4eva>
[16:39] <Spitfire_x86> I'll bring you another bad news, like winning the match
[16:39] <cricman> this is taking too long
[16:39] <Bancan> 62/3
[16:39] <Bancan> ireland
[16:39] <allrounder> couple of boundaries would ease the situation
[16:40] <cricman> I want IRE to win helps our chances to the semis
[16:40] <Nasif39> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[16:40] <Bancan> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[16:40] <Bancan> ??????????
[16:40] <Mridul> what a four
[16:40] <cricman> our new keeper
[16:40] <Nasif39> muhsy
[16:40] <Bancan> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[16:40] <goru> 24 to win
[16:40] <Bancan> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[16:40] <Mridul> Salaam 'Alaikum/Nomoshkar/Greetings everyone
[16:40] <Bancan> +4+4+4+4+4+4+4+4
[16:41] <Mridul> Nasif bhai kemon asen?
[16:41] <cricman> Athar comparing us to Zim?
[16:41] <Nasif39> bhaloi mridul
[16:41] <Bancan> "Ultimately what is a terrible day for Indian cricket, is a brilliant day for world cricket.
[16:41] <sujon> 2 4's? or 1?
[16:41] <Nasif39> great
[16:41] <Nasif39> 24 more
[16:41] <Bancan> "Ultimately what is a terrible day for Indian cricket, is a brilliant day for world cricket.
[16:41] <allrounder> pls no more wkt down
[16:41] <Bancan> This is the EXACT reason why the so called "minnows" are invited to the world cup.
[16:41] <BD4eva> @Bancan. Who wrote that??
[16:41] <Bancan> some fan
[16:41] <Bancan> its in cricinfo
[16:41] <sujon> are we one of the minnows?
[16:41] <Bancan> ya
[16:42] <sujon> they are sucker
[16:42] <Tintin> if BD is a minnow, what is the name Bermuda etc ?
[16:42] <Tintin> name for
[16:42] <Bancan> ask him
[16:42] <cricman> school teachers
[16:42] <Bancan> how can i send a message to cricinfo
[16:42] <Tintin> there is a link at the bottom of the live scorecard
[16:42] <Mridul> Nasif bhai record kortesen???
[16:42] <Nasif39> yes
[16:42] <goru> the guy used "so called", which means he doubts we are minnows
[16:42] <cricman> 6 more 4's needed or 4 more 6's
[16:42] <Mridul> great
[16:43] <Mridul> ami kortesi
[16:43] <sujon> i will go with 24 singles
[16:43] <Bancan> wats the score?
[16:43] <Arnab> bd is not a minnow
[16:43] * Spitfire_x86 has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Spitfire_x86[])
[16:43] <Arnab> we have now beaten nz and ind in a row
[16:43] <Mridul> kibhabe multiple DVD copies banabo?...any idea?
[16:43] <Bancan> wats the score?
[16:43] <Tintin> this team is as strong in ODIs as the sri lankans of the late 1980s
[16:43] <Arnab> damn i wish pakistan was in our group
[16:43] <Mridul> 169-4
[16:43] <Nasif39> darao mia, technical alap baad dao, need to watch the game now
[16:43] <Bancan> ok
[16:43] <Arnab> woud have been sweet
[16:44] <Mridul> lol
[16:44] <Nasif39> dvd pre dekha jabe
[16:44] <Nasif39> 4
[16:44] <Nasif39>
[16:44] <Mridul> sorry Nasif bhai
[16:44] <Mridul> 4444444444444444
[16:44] <cricman> 4
[16:44] <Mridul> i'll let u watch the game
[16:44] <Arnab> my paki collegemates used to unnecessarily tease us bdeshis about our cricketing tchniques
[16:44] <Mridul> i may call u for technical help
[16:44] <Arnab> when we played cricket
[16:44] <Mridul> i may call u for technical help)
[16:44] <Arnab> aholes
[16:44] <goru> hah... 3 50s happening?
[16:45] <cricman> India vs Bermuda the big match
[16:45] <Bancan> haha
[16:45] <Bancan> cricinfo is so slow
[16:45] <Arnab> the indian kids were a lot nicer tho
[16:46] <cricman> 18 more
[16:46] <Bancan> Red Flag waving never meant the same!!!!!!!!!!
[16:46] <cricman> me think mash can finish this in 3 balls
[16:46] <Bancan> that means lsing 3 wickets^
[16:46] <Bancan> losing
[16:46] <cricman> i'm just saying only 3 balls away from vicorty
[16:46] <Bancan> Agarkar to Mushfiqur Rahim, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, Rahim leaps up and uppercuts it wide of Tendulkar at third man for foure more, Sehwag used to play that shot!
[16:47] * Spitfire_x86 has joined #banglacricket
[16:47] <Bancan> thats funny
[16:47] <Nasif39> need to speed up now, rr might be factor for goint to 2nd round
[16:47] <Spitfire_x86> OUT
[16:47] <Nasif39> out
[16:47] <Nasif39> gone bashar
[16:47] <Spitfire_x86> Bashar stumped
[16:47] <goru> dhur
[16:47] <cricman> boot!
[16:48] <goru> another complimentary wicket
[16:48] <Mridul> stumped
[16:48] <Locutus> I responded to cricinfo comment on Bangladesh being "minnows"
[16:48] <sujon> ****!
[16:48] <Bancan> spitfire should be banned. seriously look he comes and wicket goes
[16:48] <Bancan> lol
[16:48] <cricman> 1 more
[16:48] <Mridul> just needs to stay on the wicket
[16:48] <Mridul> just take single and doubles
[16:48] <Spitfire_x86> hopefully this bowling performance will save sehwag from being dropped
[16:48] <Arnab> bashar has got problems in his head
[16:48] <cricman> Ash keep the not out so average can go up
[16:49] <Spitfire_x86> which is ultimately good for us
[16:49] <goru> man now those 32 runs are hurting
[16:49] <goru> hurting bad
[16:49] <Locutus> is this his 3 duck in WC
[16:49] <Tintin> yes
[16:49] <cricman> he scored 1
[16:49] <Locutus> same crap
[16:49] <Bancan> wow he sukkss
[16:49] <goru> ash
[16:49] <goru> coe on
[16:49] <Arnab> bashar has no technique
[16:49] <goru> relax and just take 1s and 2s
[16:50] <allrounder> useless
[16:50] <Bancan> habla
[16:50] <Arnab> we are lucky he has served so well so far
[16:50] <cricman> I wanted Ash to come so he can hit 6 not play 1 and 2's
[16:50] <allrounder> Bd batting still lacks maturity
[16:50] <Arnab> nah
[16:50] <Arnab> it's just the old dudes
[16:50] <Bancan> allrounder needs to be more optimistic
[16:50] <cricman> the youngsters showing more maturity
[16:50] <Arnab> the new 17-21 bunch knows beter cricket
[16:50] <goru> we can't have ash going for big hits now
[16:50] <allrounder> I know we will win but the point is we are always failing to put on a good partnership
[16:51] <Arnab> who cares
[16:51] <Arnab> winning is what matters
[16:51] <cricman> i wanna eat
[16:51] <Bancan> sehwag was on my team damn it
[16:51] <Mridul> trye
[16:51] <sujon> !score
[16:51] <goru> mushfiq 50 please
[16:51] <sujon> 17 needed?
[16:51] <cricman> get to see favorite batsmen win the match
[16:52] <Bancan> this is boring
[16:52] <goru> yep
[16:52] <cricman> we always need some drama
[16:52] <allrounder> bashar likes to dance down the wkt and get stumnped he did it couple of times
[16:52] <cricman> 16 now
[16:52] <Bancan> wat the fudge hurry up
[16:53] <Tintin> wicket in ireland match
[16:53] <Tintin> 70/4
[16:53] <sujon> 15?
[16:53] <cricman> 2 slips for ash
[16:53] <capslock> aste aste, we're still going to win and our run rate is still going to be above India's...at least after this match....inshallah
[16:53] <Bancan> boom boom boom boom boom
[16:53] <cricman> blame this on Hablu!
[16:54] <Bancan> boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom cmon
[16:54] <goru> who do we play if we place second in group?
[16:54] <Mridul> no ball
[16:54] <goru> errr nmind
[16:54] <goru> <- idiot
[16:54] <capslock> allah malum, depends on other groups
[16:54] <Mridul> 15 needed
[16:54] <Nasif39> 15 now
[16:54] <cricman> NB
[16:55] <BD4eva> CMON!!
[16:55] <Locutus> ash is an idiot
[16:55] <cricman> reminds me 2 much on Zim/IRE game
[16:55] <cricman> i have confidence in Ash though
[16:55] <BD4eva> Ash is missing too much
[16:55] <goru> no kufa please
[16:56] <Bancan> hurry the hell up
[16:56] <cricman> get your 50 plz
[16:56] <Mridul> 50
[16:56] <Nasif39> 14 now
[16:56] <Mridul> well done Mushfiq
[16:57] <Locutus> come on finish it off in style
[16:57] <Bancan> ash is a gadha p balls no runs
[16:57] <Bancan> 9
[16:57] <Nasif39> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
[16:57] <cricman> bari dese
[16:57] <Bancan> wooooooooooohooooooooooooooo
[16:57] <goru> 3 WC debutants score 50... that has to be a record?
[16:57] <Mridul> what a four
[16:57] <Nasif39> 10 now
[16:58] <Mridul> awesome shot
[16:58] <Bancan> yoooooooo this is great
[16:58] <Nasif39> 9 now
[16:58] <Bancan> ash 4 marse lol
[16:58] <Nasif39> 8 now
[16:59] <goru> dude with ban and can flags
[16:59] <allrounder> who is flying Bd and canada flagS?
[16:59] <Bancan> its not me lol
[16:59] <goru> why are BD fans sitting
[16:59] <goru> dhila public

Continued on next page...
They said, "After we turn into bones and fragments, we get resurrected anew?!" Say, "Even if you turn into rocks or iron.[17:49-50] |Wiki: Cold Fusion occurring via quatum tunnelling in ~101500 years makes everything into iron.
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BanglaCricket Development
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March 17, 2007
7PM - End

[17:00] <Bancan> tired prolly
[17:00] <Locutus> this is what I said to cricinfo
[17:00] <Locutus> "Jay is in a cheerful mood. "Ultimately what is a terrible day for Indian cricket, is a brilliant day for world cricket.
[17:00] <Nasif39> 7 now
[17:00] <cricman> mushies average above 40
[17:01] <allrounder> yuvraj is feeling sleeping yawning
[17:01] <Nasif39> 6 runs, ash was dropped
[17:01] <Nasif39> 6 needed that is
[17:01] <Spitfire_x86> ash dropped!!!
[17:01] <cricman> oh well hablu's smile
[17:01] <BD4eva> :furious:
[17:01] <cricman> broke a million hearts
[17:01] <Bancan> cmon hit a six
[17:01] <cricman> i mean 1 billion
[17:01] <Bancan> six six hit a six
[17:01] <BD4eva> That would be awesome
[17:02] <Bancan> six six hit a six
[17:02] <cricman> he wasn't dropped it didn't carry
[17:02] <Bancan> we are the champions we are the champions no time for india cause we are the champions
[17:02] <cricman> a 6 to send a message plz
[17:03] <Bancan> hit a six cmon bd
[17:03] <BD4eva> he wasnt dropped
[17:03] <Nasif39> 5 now
[17:03] <Nasif39> 24 balls left
[17:03] <BD4eva> 4 to level
[17:03] <Bancan> six to win
[17:03] <Arnab> ash gadha
[17:04] <Bancan> ki hoise?
[17:04] <goru> ash is playing ok
[17:04] <Arnab> er moddheo catch deyar somoy paise
[17:04] <cricman> mushie take a single
[17:04] <cricman> lest Ash hit the 6
[17:04] <goru> he doesn't need to do anything more
[17:04] <Bancan> hit a six
[17:04] <Arnab> ash should give mushfiq the strike
[17:04] <Nasif39> 4 now
[17:04] <goru> i am very happy that we got 3 50s
[17:04] <Arnab> and let mush do the honor
[17:04] <goru> we got some batting now
[17:04] <cricman> i wan't the avg to stay above 40
[17:05] <Zunaid> Nasif - check forum for new banner; hacing trouble ftp ing
[17:05] <Mridul> Bangla Cricket u r the best
[17:05] <Arnab> all the 50s came from the new generation
[17:05] <Arnab> under 19
[17:05] <Mridul> i have never seen ppl were that confident
[17:05] <cricman> i got this Big smile on my face right now
[17:05] <cricman> talking and guarnteeing wins
[17:05] * BD4eva has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[17:06] <Mridul> when i told my indian friends that we r gonna win....they laughed....one of them said "u should not have false home"
[17:06] <Mridul> hope
[17:06] <Mridul> when i told my indian friends that we r gonna win....they laughed....one of them said "u should not have false hope"
[17:06] <Nasif39> 2 more
[17:06] <Nasif39> zunaid bhai, I am looking at it
[17:06] <Zunaid> Nasif - check forum for new banner; hacing trouble ftp ing
[17:06] <Zunaid> ok
[17:06] <cricman> 2 more
[17:06] <Zunaid> thanks
[17:06] <allrounder> this iis good slow killing
[17:06] <cricman> go for the kill now
[17:07] <Locutus> lol
[17:07] <allrounder> let the indian stay in the field for 50 over shahaha
[17:07] <goru> no way
[17:07] <cricman> take 2 single i don't care
[17:07] <goru> not going to last ball
[17:07] <goru> kufa dish na
[17:08] <Bancan> cmon bd six
[17:08] <cricman> Ash can zaheer
[17:08] <Locutus> finish 'em
[17:08] <rafiq> harbo na re harbo na
[17:08] <cricman> 1 more
[17:08] <cricman> needed
[17:08] <allrounder> BD had the courage to go with 4 spinners against india
[17:09] <Mridul> Bangladesh Bangladesh
[17:09] <Locutus> six or four would be great
[17:09] <Bancan> Bangladesh Bangladesh
[17:09] <Locutus> a smart game allaround from Bangladesh
[17:09] <capslock> Bijoy dhoni uray johkon laal shobujeeeer potaka......
[17:09] <Locutus> although we did not have our big name player score runs today
[17:09] <Arup> BD fielding was a revelation today
[17:09] <sujon> i wish i were in TSC now
[17:10] <cricman> take this run already
[17:10] <allrounder> india should give wide hahah
[17:10] <Bancan> ash er baccha gadha
[17:10] <Locutus> lol
[17:10] <capslock> dukkho joto jai je bhule ekta ashay prane dole utol haway dolbe bole laal shobujeeeer potaka
[17:10] <Locutus> I think they will
[17:10] <allrounder> save themselves from misery of staying in the field
[17:10] <cricman> 47.5 Zaheer to Ashraful, no run, gets behind the line of the ball and plays it back to the bowler, Bangladesh prolonging the agony for India
[17:10] <Locutus> lol
[17:11] <cricman> damn
[17:11] <Locutus> good good, excellent
[17:11] <Bancan> hurry up this is bringing down runrate
[17:11] <Tintin> it may hurt BD if RR comes into play later
[17:11] <cricman> we control our RR vs bermuda so
[17:11] <Tintin> if Bermuda wins the toss and bats first ....
[17:11] <Bancan> ashraful is dumb@#@$
[17:11] <Locutus> he is a morron
[17:12] <cricman> he's playing selfish
[17:12] <cricman> thats good
[17:12] <capslock> so?
[17:12] <Locutus> he is afraid to get his bat on the ball, for god sakes this is the last run
[17:12] <Bancan> how long
[17:12] <Bancan> godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
[17:12] <Bancan> do it already
[17:12] <capslock> we will bat hard to get the runs first if Bermuda bats frist
[17:12] <cricman> 1 of 10 now
[17:12] <capslock> first
[17:12] <cricman>
[17:12] <allrounder> Bd is doing good
[17:12] <Bancan> BD_got_wicket...
[17:12] <goru> dhur ki kortese
[17:12] <Bancan> Tiger_On_Dying_Spree
[17:12] <Nasif39> won
[17:12] <Nasif39> done
[17:12] <Bancan> my bad
[17:12] <Tintin> over
[17:12] <Nasif39> job finished
[17:12] <Tintin> well done
[17:12] <Locutus> give me an extention cord I want hang myself
[17:13] <Spitfire_x86> we win!!
[17:13] <Zunaid> Wheeeeee!
[17:13] <goru> good shot
[17:13] <Bancan> the ending was pathetic
[17:13] <allrounder> great great play
[17:13] <cricman> who cares
[17:13] <Arup> congratulations BD and its supporters
[17:13] <allrounder> we womn
[17:13] <cricman> we won
[17:13] <Arup> great win
[17:13] <cricman> we won
[17:13] <allrounder> not pathetic at all
[17:13] <cricman> we won
[17:13] <Bancan> we won
[17:13] <allrounder> this is great win
[17:13] <cricman> best win ever
[17:13] <Locutus> great win
[17:13] <allrounder> considering how brittle our bowling is
[17:13] <goru> it's not an upset... this was expected
[17:13] <cricman> better than aussie win
[17:13] <Bancan> no
[17:14] <goru> anyone who thinks it's an upset is ignorant
[17:14] <allrounder> our bvatting i mean
[17:14] <Bancan> aussie one was bettter
[17:14] <Locutus> momentoum is behind Bangladesh
[17:14] <Locutus> this should be a greate run
[17:14] <cricman> i'm going to Babu;s thread!
[17:14] * sujon has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[17:15] <Bancan> our win is in the ireland commentry too.
[17:15] <goru> in pak game: The groundstaff are getting ready ... and a massive cheer as the news is announced over the PA. Bangladesh have beaten India by five wickets.
[17:15] <cricman> cricinfo headline
[17:15] <cricman> Brilliant Bangladesh stun India
[17:15] <Bancan> The groundstaff are getting ready ... and a massive cheer as the news is announced over the PA. Bangladesh have beaten India by five wickets.
[17:16] <allrounder> won it for rana and shetu
[17:17] <cricman> check them smiles out
[17:17] <Bancan> awesome
[17:17] <cricman> i think sachin crying
[17:17] <goru> tamim loves saying "natural game"
[17:18] <Zunaid> heh
[17:18] * capslock has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[17:18] <allrounder> naturla game natural game hahaha
[17:18] <goru> blah blah natural game blah blah natural game
[17:18] <allrounder> hahaha
[17:18] <cricman> were better
[17:18] <allrounder> natural game natural game
[17:18] <cricman> i said we were gonna win]
[17:18] <Locutus> lol
[17:18] <allrounder> again natural game by tamim
[17:18] <cricman> who has DJ's number?
[17:19] <cricman> i hv to wake him up
[17:20] <cricman> Tamim doesn't sound Bengali
[17:20] <cricman> I like him
[17:20] * capslock has joined #BanglaCricket
[17:20] <Tigers_eye> Congrates to everyone
[17:20] <Locutus> does not sound Begnali?
[17:21] <capslock> it's funny, bangladesh just beat India, yet I am utterly calm, I am not jumping up and down, just sitting here with a quiet smile on my face...how things have changed from a few years ago...
[17:21] <cricman> compare him to ash or pilot or Mashrafe\
[17:21] <cricman> he's a big kid too
[17:22] <Bancan> cricinfo not working for me
[17:22] <Tigers_eye> Yes this will become a normal routine if they can field and bowl like this
[17:22] <Locutus> Pakistan/Ireland
[17:22] <Locutus> The umpires consult ... and the batsmen are off faster than Peter Parker when the cakeshop opens. If there is no more play then Ireland will win on D/L. It's dark and it's raining ... and unless something changes, Pakistan are on their way out.
[17:22] <Tintin> bye guys
[17:22] <Tintin> 3 am here ...
[17:22] * Tintin has quit IRC
[17:22] <Bancan> bye
[17:22] * Bancan has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[17:23] <Tigers_eye> No more the minnows???
[17:23] <Tigers_eye> Why even mention
[17:24] * Locutus has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[17:24] <Tigers_eye> Dravid is not mentioning about the home work lol
[17:25] <Tigers_eye> Good toss to lose BD
[17:26] <cricman> no longer the minnows of world cricket!
[17:27] <Tigers_eye> mentioning about the fans
[17:27] <Tigers_eye> good job
[17:27] <Tigers_eye> Mash MOM
[17:27] <Tigers_eye> YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
[17:28] <capslock> I can't believe Dravid chose to bat first...even though he knew our strength was in chasing and the wicket was moist....unbelievable
[17:28] <Tigers_eye> Naa teh homework suggested we didn't win against the big teams chasing
[17:28] <Tigers_eye> so lol
[17:29] <Tigers_eye> well guys it will be dark soon my fire works will be up there!!!
[17:29] <cricman> bang bang!!
[17:29] <Tigers_eye> So long...
[17:29] <cricman> have a good time
[17:29] * cricman has left #banglacricket
[17:29] * Tigers_eye has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[17:29] <allrounder> gazelle is hott ge
[17:30] <goru> what did mashrafe say?
[17:30] <goru> damn willow.tv kicked me off
[17:31] * Arup has quit IRC
[17:32] <goru> dhobai gelo koi
[17:32] <goru> shobai
[17:32] <capslock> I am still here
[17:33] <goru> pak - ire game ki hoilo... paused
[17:33] <goru> light?
[17:34] <goru> brishti
[17:36] * shahriyar has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[17:36] <goru> covers coming off
[17:40] <goru> nope
[17:40] <goru> delayed abar
[17:41] * shahriyar has joined #BanglaCricket
[17:41] <shahriyar> congrats to everyone. congrtas to BD khushite ar bujhtesi nah ki jkorbo
[17:41] <shahriyar> st patty's day will celbrate big time with white friends
[17:43] * shahriyar has left #BanglaCricket
[17:43] * Arnab has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[17:44] <goru> next target SL :P
[17:47] * allrounder has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[17:52] <goru> pak ire game back on
[17:56] <goru> 83/4, 128 to get in 47 max
[17:57] <goru> 45 from 18.3 overs
[17:59] * Spitfire_x86 has quit IRC
[18:08] * RazabQ has quit IRC (Ping timeout for RazabQ[c-24-6-1-23.hsd1.ca.comcast.net])
[18:26] <goru> what is ireland doing????
[18:26] <goru> 2 outs quickly
[18:27] <goru> another one
[18:27] <goru> what the hell
[18:29] * capslock has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[18:30] * rafiq has quit IRC (Ping timeout for rafiq[c-76-16-62-119.hsd1.il.comcast.net])
[19:33] * ammark has joined #BanglaCricket
[19:39] * Mridul has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[19:39] * ammark has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[19:41] <goru> change topic?
[20:18] * Zunaid changes topic to 'WC 2007: Bangladesh beats India by 5 wickets.'
[20:38] * wtff has quit IRC (Ping timeout for wtff[c-68-44-45-14.hsd1.nj.comcast.net])
[20:44] * wtff has joined #banglacricket
[21:11] * Mars has quit IRC (London.LO.UK.StarLink.Org Heidelberg.DE.EU.StarLink.Org)
[21:12] * fermat has joined #banglacricket
[21:29] * Mars has joined #banglacricket
[21:29] * Channel.Service.StarLink.Org sets mode: +o Mars
[21:31] <fermat> 
[21:32] * fermat has quit IRC (Read error to fermat[avalanche.OCF.Berkeley.EDU]: EOF from client)
[22:02] * Nasif39 has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[22:02] * Nasif39 has joined #BanglaCricket
[22:02] * Nasif39 has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
[23:45] * Zunaid has quit IRC (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])

This completes the log for #BanglaCricket on March 17th.

If you want to join our chatroom excitement during match time, please click chat link on the top menu, or directly at http://www.banglacricket.com/chat
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reading this puts a smile on my face
12.6 Syed Rasel to Sangakkara, OUT: What a delivery, completely fooled Sangakkara, first five delivery were the outswingers and now, this one comes in sharply, Sangakkara tries to left it and ball hits the off stump, top class bowling!
Old March 19, 2007, 05:53 AM
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haha..the first time i ever watched a match in the stadium was on 26th dec 2004..and bangladesh beat india!! :P
Old March 19, 2007, 09:18 AM
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Thanks Nasif for the chat. So guys see how much fun it is in the chat room? Join us next time there.
The Weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the Strong." - Gandhi.
Old March 19, 2007, 10:47 AM
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Default slap in the face of Ricky P

it was a slap in the face of Ricky Ponting who said that the new teams shouldn't be playin the WCC

it felt so great i already watch the match three times

go bangladesh
Old March 19, 2007, 11:25 AM
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shakawatCC. stop watching this game over and over again. This will not be in the test paper. No question will be asked on how Mash looked after getting Shewag out or how many steps Tamim took to hit Zaheer out of the park.

Welcome to BC!! hope you manage your time well.
The Weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the Strong." - Gandhi.
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I told everyone that Bangladesh would win the match. No one believed me.

Now i don't believe it.

Jago Bangali Jago
Old March 19, 2007, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by shakawatCC
it was a slap in the face of Ricky Ponting who said that the new teams shouldn't be playin the WCC

it felt so great i already watch the match three times

go bangladesh

is it possible to watch the match again? do you have a copy of it?

i would like to make a CD and show my kids.

Jago Bangali Jago
Old March 19, 2007, 06:00 PM
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BDFlag Proud and Thankfull

I ve told each and every one of my friends here in Montreal about the victory of Bangladesh over India......Many didnt understand even what cricket is....but they congratulated me.......I felt so proud...... Gorbe amar book 4 haat fule gese......
Its just an amazing feeling........ Thanks a million times to all the crickets of Bangladesh Cricket Team....

If anyone have the full video of Bangladesh match...please contact me...I will put the whole match on my website for all the Bengali cricket fans......

Good luck to Bangladesh cricket team!

AV Admin

"Watch 100s of Bangla Music Videos"
Old December 12, 2007, 05:24 AM
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Just reviving as motivation for the win in nz
Old March 18, 2008, 01:23 AM
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Old March 18, 2008, 01:33 AM
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Anylink to watch live ? Tried Bheja fry. No luck yet
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Old May 19, 2009, 09:21 AM
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Just to mark my step in this GOLD match thread...
﴾اَلَاۤ اِنَّ اَوۡلِيَآءَ اللّٰهِ لَا خَوۡفٌ عَلَيۡهِمۡ وَلَا هُمۡ يَحۡزَنُوۡنَ ۖ ۚ‏ ﴿۶۲
"Listen, the friends of Allah shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve" (Yunus: 62)
Old May 19, 2009, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by auntu
Just to mark my step in this GOLD match thread...
Followed your step.
Old June 2, 2009, 11:38 AM
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Legendary thread
Old June 2, 2009, 11:43 AM
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Joy Bangla!
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix
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Hopefgully trigers will roar once again and a twin of this thread will be deposited in BC archive.
Our deeds are for us and yours for you; peace be on to you. We do not desire the way of the ignorant
Old June 5, 2009, 12:03 PM
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My 1st post in this thread.
Closed Thread

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