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Old March 19, 2007, 10:13 PM
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Exclamation শ্রীলংকানরা যা ভাবছেন......

I think its still an easy match for us, but we should definitely do our home work before the game and not take them lightly.
Dave W. and the Bengali players have definitely studied their opponents! We need to get our star coach back!

The key is to not loose early wickets. We can charge in the late overs. Mortaza is turning out to be a class bowler.

like wpkd said...key is not to lose early wickets...thts wat gave the bangladeshis the confidence in the last game. cant wait for 21st

Underdogs are good at chasing targets rather than setting a good total. This was true even when we were underdogs. I think we should let them bat first.
Eventhough Bangla played an awesome game, they could have finished this match earlier. N.R.R is vital in this group. Will it come back to haunt them?

Don't forget..Sanath injured his finger (bleeding)when he was batting ..Though he carried on batting he didn't return to the field when we were bowling..
He's a big part of our team ad we still don't know his condition..

Sri Lanka, as of late have not chased that well. Especially against a side like Bangladesh we have to let them chase a target. If they bat first and make 200 plus that might be a huge moral boost for them. We don't need a repeat of the Kenya match in the 2003 world cup. Plus its good to have some more batting practice before the India game.

this games is ours...... This cup is ours......
dont worry just play good cricket..... we will be just fine......
I would win the toss and field.... this pitch has something in it in the first 25 overs....... I would bowl first and try and york bangladesh under 100

DONTworry guys.

I think we'll probably play a full strength team against Bangladesh. We can't take this game easily, it's a huge game for all three countries; SL, india and Bangladesh. Winning this game means India's chances of making the super 8 is slim to none. Good luck lions.

As always no team should take any team easily. PAK and India made that mistake, we shoudl have learned by that mistake by now. Should be a good game to watch. Any news on Jaya yet ?

We are gonna win this one.
Play according to your strenghts. Win the toss and bat first without putting undue pressure on your batsmen when chasing. Bangladeshi's don't have good seamers apart from Mortaza. So why fear to bat first on this wicket? On the other hand, they've got plenty of spinners and batting second and chasing a target while having to face the spinners on a slow pitch is gonna make life hell.
Don't repeat the mistake we did in the Kenya match in 2003. Just let our batsmen score freely without putting pressure on them.

we got this match
Bangla bowling is nice
if we win the toss
bowl first
bangla batting is prety ****
cause bangla bowling attack is nice
Munaf was the only indian bowler providing a threat for the bangla batsmen
Vaas 3 wickets in the first 3 bowls will be in the minds of the bangla batsmen
Murali and vaas would do the job for us

U dont get my point. Batting second, the wicket is gonna get slower and less harder. Bangla got 3 good left arm spinners. They are gonna use the slowing pitch to good effect and choke the run scoring.
If we were to bowl second, we could also do the same with our own spinners. So bat first and make runs while the pitch is new and harder.
I feel that we are better off batting first
Anyways this match is not gonna be a repeat of the India game. We will be prepared to take them on and our guys will be careful not to repeat the mistakes that the Indians did. So in the end I think all the pre-match hype is gonna be nothing

nah im tellin u that rasel guy is a better bowler than mortaza
they better watch out for him...indians got out trying to attack mortaza and didnt try **** on rasel

i say it would be ideal to bat first ... after all runs on the board means less pressure ... unless it's a low total of course ... then again as i remember the bangla batsmen said that they found it quite easy batting second and said it was a good toss to loose even when evryone expected the pitch to be slower ... so it come down to whether we feel more comfortable chasing or batting first ...

the match against Bangladesh is not gonna be easy.. even though you may think it is ( I may be wrong).. I certainly feel its not gonna be that easy. Please do keep in mind that they beat NZ in a warm up match. The same team that beat us. True.. Banga had a good day.. but they are a team that has beaten us before... key for us will be to make sure when we win the toss.. we bowl first in that innings.. cause unlike Bermuda... Bangladesh have an ok bowling attack to exploit the conditions on the trinidad and tobago pitch.. especially first 10 - 15 overs...

Bangaladesh doesnt have too many super star batsman or bowlers, but they are good at building the innings slowly to a point where it will be a challenging total. They will try to keep the ball low and to find the gaps.
I watched entire india vs bangla game and several LBWs are not given against them and they did very well with indian fast bowlers. It was shewag who took two important wickets but dravid brought him too late, too bad for them anil kumble wasnt there.
What we have to do is make sure that we dont let them have too many 1s and 2s and take early wickets or expose them to the spinners. WC is not just based on wins but points also. Every bit counts and it will be foolish to think otherwise.

biggest thing is getting a decent score on the board. India and Pakistan lost cos their scores were well under par. Anything over 250, and our strong bowling attack will do the rest

This game will be most important match for us.It is important than Indian game.We have to beat them before meeting Indians.

Sri lanka should proceed with their usual approach. Sanath and tharanga going for big hits to get a good start and the rest do a normal run rate with wickets in hand till the last 10 overs where they go back for big hits. It's very important sana and tharanga gets off to a good start, then it'll be a 275-300 total for sri lanka. I prefer to see sri lanka bat 1st and post a 275+ total. Bangaldesh have improved alot since their last word cup. so this will be a good match to follow. Sri Lanka will win this one.

alright here's the bottom line, we beat bangla boys tommorow, we beat india friday
we are in with 2 points, bangla in with 0 points. India goes home for thier beloved fans

What make you think india will win over sri lanka? Don't think too much ahead. I suggest india pack their bags the night before Sri lanka game so that they can get a head start back to the ariport after they loose to sri lanka. It's pay back time.

iF WE LOose to the indians we cant lose by a lot
and we have to beat bangla by a good margin
but hope our guys send INd packin

I hope we beat the Indians or else I'm done at work. LOL
I don't know much about bang's bowling but i know they have some good batters who can take an attack apart.
As for the lankans, go you good thing :-)
সুধাইল কবিগুরু, ওহে নজরুল... করিলি কি ভুল!
রাখিলি না দাড়ি ...... রাখিলি চুল???
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Old March 19, 2007, 11:00 PM
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Outswinger Outswinger is offline
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Let them whatever they think .

We are gonna win it in a style & prove them as the club cricketers .
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Old March 19, 2007, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Outswinger
Let them whatever they think .

We are gonna win it in a style & prove them as the club cricketers .
This is nothing....You should see some of the Indian forums...Even Cricbuzz today...The loss really got them sour...
^True dat^
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Old March 19, 2007, 11:44 PM
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I'll stick with my basics.. lol
Whatever happens.. Im happy with bangladesh. I just want them to perform well in the match..if they do..a win is no far.
Inshallah we'll win..and we wont need to worry about India v Sri Lanka big match!
Tip : Shahriar Nafees should start seeing every team as Australia and treat every bowler as Shane Warne - Myself.
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Old March 20, 2007, 03:58 AM
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sunny747 sunny747 is offline
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i love reading other countries forum especially after bd win........none of them could say they will win comfortably.....this is what we need.
who actually wins in realy time in the forest? lions or tigers?
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Old March 20, 2007, 08:17 AM
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Underdogs are good at chasing targets rather than setting a good total. This was true even when we were underdogs. I think we should let them bat first.
Eventhough Bangla played an awesome game, they could have finished this match earlier. N.R.R is vital in this group. Will it come back to haunt them?

Wrong statement. Minnows do better batting first as chasing is always a tough job. On most upsets, the minnow batted first. Example, Bangladesh beating pakistan.
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Old March 20, 2007, 08:54 AM
Shahjamal Shahjamal is offline
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We are now in such a position that bowling first or fielding doesn't matter. The real thing is we will win the match against SL on 21st. And we will do it in our own style inshaallah.... Go Tigers, beat the lions.........
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Old March 20, 2007, 11:34 AM
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looks like they want to beat india as badly as we did.

the sri lankans (cricketers and fans alike) are a lot less cocky compared to the indians and pakistanis (cricketers and fans alike) in general, much of it probably owing to the fact that they were like us not so long ago. i have a lot of respect for their cricket team and their people.
Screw the IPL, I'm going to the MLC!
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Old March 20, 2007, 12:55 PM
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hi hi looks like this guy is scared too...
don't worry when we will beat you you will hear a dapash sound.. which is the sound of your falling in the ground
1. Shahadat Hossain: Mufambisi c Mashud; Chigumbura lbw; Utseya c Mashud
Abdur Razzak: P Utseya caught; RW Price lbw; CB Mpofu lbw
3. Rubel Hossain: Corey J A bowled; BB McCullum caught; JDS Neesham caught
Taijul Islam: T Panyangara bowled; J Nyumbu lbw; TL Chatara bowled
Taskin Ahmed: DAS Gunaratne c Soumya; Lakmal c fiz; Pradeep bowled
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Old March 20, 2007, 02:01 PM
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Does anything happen to Tiger when a LION gets []?

Last edited by reverse_swing; March 20, 2007 at 02:03 PM.. Reason: mod.edit
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