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Old April 19, 2007, 07:48 PM
zahid zahid is offline
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Thumbs up BanglaCricket Post-Chat

After, it was all over ....

HTML Code:
<Nasif> ok guys its finished. 
<goru> heh 
<Hatebreed> good. thanks for arranging this 
<omio> woow 
<SS> thanks 
<goru> damn, my second question pissed him off 
<Electrequiem> now i know what "zizou dance" is! 
<zahid> Dhurr... baal.
<omio> it was a really great 
<SS> my questions weren't chosen :( 
<omio> I joined lately 
<omio> miss so many thing 
<rose> i know 
<Dr_Naf> was my question chosen 
<Niceman70> thanks to rabeed imam 
<zahid> amart questions weren't chosen either! 
<Dr_Naf> i may of missed it 
<Niceman70> i missed the whole chat 
<Hatebreed> i asked mushy a q just before he left. dammit 
<Niceman70> shooooooooooot 
*** rose has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<goru> what did we learn folks? :) 
<Dr_Naf> when will this be posted in the forums 
<omio> what was the ques? 
<Tehsin> We'll try to arrange something later. They had to leave for a team meeting 
<SMHasan> my question wasn't passed either nasif bhai 
<Orpheus> I think next time whenever a person's question is chosen, he should be give the voice, cuz I know I had subsequet questions, their replies were so short 
<SMHasan> dhurr 
*** bdcricmad has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket])
<SMHasan> i m off not happy 
<Orpheus> it's like peter bhitore shob raikha diche 
<pocha> mine not chosen too 
<Hatebreed> To Mushfiq: Congratulations on your achievements. Do you think field settings by Bashar was too defensive at times when we were in a dominating position, such as today when WI lost two early wickets and had a low RR? Also against Ireland, it was spread too wide, which allowed them to take many easy singles. Would you have done it any differently, if so how? 
*** Nasif is now known as Nasifaway 
<omio> I just wonder, Razzzak browse BS before 
<goru> guys, this is how normal chats go with "celebs" 
<goru> you get one question if you are lucky 
<goru> be happy with what you got 
<radagast> woohoo happy 
<Orpheus> dude.. I met mahela the otehr day... and no one was even talking to him 
<Orpheus> lol 
<zahid> Nasif bhai rey CHAT FIXING ey ovijoog korlam 
<Orpheus> actually some ppl were.. each person got half an hour session lol 
<Niceman70> lol 
<omio> Orphy er kono ques dekhlam na 
<Orpheus> amar ta choose kore nai 
<omio> ahhre
<goru> Orpheus: yeah, but were there any other people around? 
<Orpheus> ami bolchi bashar er por captain ke 
<omio> anser kore nai 
<Orpheus> i guess that's innapropriate 
*** Dr_Naf has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<goru> i asked that too... who do you want as captain 
<Tehsin> If we had given everyone voice - your question would have been missed and so would be their answers. PLus, for them, it would have been SO confusing.... muting is the only way to ensure they get the questions and we don't get all this posts that we have now. I nfact, I bet 80% of you will miss this post frm me. :) 
<zahid> Amio jigaisi Razzakrey - Who do u see as Next Captain 
<Orpheus> yeah apparently we all asked that 
<Orpheus> but wasn't chosen.. how sad 
<pocha> agggggg 
<omio> Achha, type korse ke?razzak or RI 
<Orpheus> I also asked, who had better looking girlfriend 
<Orpheus> that wasn't chosen either 
<Orpheus> lol 
<Hatebreed> if masri came i would ask if he would like to captain the team if provided the opportunity 
<goru> i think we should give Rabeed a special page on BC where he will take questions and get answers from team and post back
<goru> :) 
<begunivaza> i wanted to know what they did in the west indies besides playing cricket 
<Niceman70> where did u guys asked the question? 
<zahid> Nasif bhai bipod deikha vagsey LOL  ;) 
<omio> we didnt 
<omio> ke besi ques korse? 
<goru> [19:32] <Orpheus> I also asked, who had better looking girlfriend 
<goru> rotflmao 
<Hatebreed> khekk 
<zahid> Tora oder Girlfriends diya ki koros? 
<SS> I wanted to know if AFtab and Ash arround for throwing away their wickets 
<Orpheus> lol 
<omio> karo gf nai 
<omio> player ektar o nai 
<Hatebreed> khida paise 
<zahid> lol 
<omio> khao 
<Niceman70> is ash going out with mona lisa? 
<goru> who knows 
<zahid> Mona Lisa's booked for me 
<Niceman70> lol 
<omio> lol
<zahid> Thank you. 
<Orpheus> dream on zahid 
*** Tehsin has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<omio> who is she? 
*** guest777 has quit 
<radagast> who's mona lisa? 
<zahid> O amar friender Best friend 
<Hatebreed> haha 
<zahid> :) 
*** Orpheus is now known as Bashar 
<cluster11> bye all 
<Bashar> guys I am back 
<Bashar> ask away 
<Niceman70> goru ghaas khaiso? 
*** begunivaza has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
*** cluster11 has left #BanglaCricket 
<omio> wc bashar bandor 
<Bashar> thank you omio chagol 
<pocha> haha 
<Bashar> hashba na.. amake niya hashba na 
<Hatebreed> i could answer those questions. i even accurately predicted bd score today
<omio> oi bandor, ghas khas ken 
*** capslock has quit (Ping timeout for capslock[CPE0011953c8fa8-CM001225d734f6.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com]) 
<Bashar> my  name is not hablu 
<Niceman70> pocha? nice nick 
<radagast> mods don't like to mingle with mere mortals 
<Bashar> don't call me hablu 
*** sadi has joined #BanglaCricket 
<Hatebreed> habla 
<Bashar> it hurts my wife's feelings 
<omio> mathe fielding na kore tor ghas khawa uchit 
<sadi> am i late? 
<Hatebreed> lol 
<Niceman70> who is this bashar? 
<omio> no 
<zahid> Bashar bhai, apney douratey paren na ken? 
<pocha> hablu when are you going to get knighthood? 
<omio> bashar is here 
<Bashar> omio there was no grass on teh wicket 
*** begunivaza has joined #BanglaCricket 
<radagast> yeah.. but u didn't miss anything 
<goru> this might be more entertaining than real chat *makes popcorn* 
<Hatebreed> Bashar is here to answer questions
<sadi> kool 
<pocha> haha 
<omio> Bashar is very slow 
<Bashar> zahid bhai, I had sex last night.. was too tired to run between wickets 
<radagast> lol 
<Niceman70> u serious hatebreed? 
*** begunivaza has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<Hatebreed> lol 
<goru> Niceman70: yes 
<Niceman70> hahaha 
<sadi> lol i guess not 
<omio> Bashar, do u like hablu? 
<pocha> this is better 
<goru> that's Bashar right there 
<zahid> lol 
<Hatebreed> Bashar, when r u gonna retire? 
<sadi> NEVER 
<SMHasan> bashar says 'i do like hablu, but i dont like chianaman' 
<Bashar> guys ... I am leaving .. my wife is calling.... i let you mingle with ashraful 
<SMHasan> :) 
*** Bashar is now known as ashraful 
<ashraful> hey guys... I score 30
<omio> Hi ash 
<ashraful> you score 30 
<ashraful> we win 
<SMHasan> lol 
<ashraful> thanks to Allah 
<Electrequiem> lol 
<pocha> haha 
<omio> tumi oi ball ta erokm marte geso ken? 
<ashraful> i score 2 today 
<Electrequiem> fastabal 
<ashraful> so we not win 
<Niceman70> lol 
<pocha> ash why do evrybdy call u a fool? 
<radagast> hey atleast you didn't grow a beard long enough to trip.. thanks... 
<zahid> Eto CHEEKY SHOT Khelos ken? 
*** goru is now known as Aftab 
<bangalee> why do you play this shot 
<Aftab> i'm here now 
<omio> oi Aftab, tore ke aste koise? 
<ashraful> pocha.. fool as in flower.. because I blossom once in a while. that's why 
<zahid> lol 
<Hatebreed> Ashraful, what is your chick-magnet secret?
<Electrequiem> aftab bhaje ken ason 
<pocha> lol 
<Electrequiem> ai huinni one ctger public 
<Aftab> amake khaoa dei nai ajke 
<ashraful> hatebreed, my hook shots 
<Aftab> tai marte parlam na 50 
<ashraful> lol aftab... 
<omio> Ash, bia korsila kobe? 
<ashraful> aftab amar burger churi korche ajke 
[zahid FINGER reply] : A lucky Plouf's IRC user 
*** Hatebreed is now known as Mashrafe 
<Aftab> oi... matro ekta burger churi korsi... chillash ken 
<bangalee> ha ha 
<Electrequiem> west indies e ki halal khabar paoa jai ash? 
<radagast> []-\ 
<Electrequiem> nahoile to onek guna! 
<omio> +out 
<bangalee> BD_got_wicket... 
<ashraful> electrequiem, yes ekhane halal wine pawa jai 
*** Mashrafe is now known as Javed 
*** sadi has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<ashraful> ami godh godh koira khaichi 
<Electrequiem> :0
<ashraful> onek moja 
*** radagast has left #BanglaCricket 
*** ialbd has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<Javed> Today I score many runs 
<Electrequiem> asje mone joi oita pan korei namsilen khelte? 
<omio> Dev koi? 
*** Niceman70 has left #BanglaCricket 
<omio> ash, dev re tomar kemn lage? 
<pocha> JO is here too 
*** zahid is now known as Rafique 
<Rafique>  ki khobor shobai? 
<Electrequiem> how du change nicks again? 
<SMHasan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree 
<SMHasan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree 
<SMHasan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree 
<SMHasan> BD_got_wicket... 
<SMHasan> +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 
<omio> Oi bura Rafique 
<SMHasan> +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6 +6
<pocha> JO what were you thinking when wickets were tumbling the other side?
<Rafique> Plz ask me your questions
<omio> Rafique, toamr bachha kachha koita 
<Electrequiem> rafiq bhai what shampoo do u use? 
<SMHasan> lol 
<omio> lol 
<Rafique> Amar 3 sons and 1 daughter
<omio> tomar pula ki hoibo? 
<omio> spinar or batamans 
*** mhferdaus has joined #BanglaCricket 
<Rafique> I use CLEAN and CLEAR , followed by Jui narikel tel 
*** knightride has joined #BanglaCricket 
<BDCricket> 'DON AFTAB'  who wrote dat on da whiteboard? 
<pocha> JO who gave the name GOLLA? 
<Electrequiem> teammates? 
<Rafique> Ami chai ekjon houk -Bowler, ekjon- batsman, and the other one - Coach! 
<Rafique> DON AFTAB  ta keksey Mashrafe 
<Rafique> *leksey 
<mhferdaus> Congrats a million times to the team 
<Rafique> thank you 
<BDCricket> rafique bhai apnara khokon ashlen ekhane? 
<Rafique> amader jonnno doua korben apnara 
<mhferdaus> The team just needs batting consistency then no one can mock us 
<Javed> Pocha: I eat a lot of roshogolla, so team mates and media named me golla. 
<mhferdaus> INSHA-ALLAH 
<Rafique> BDCRICKET, ami ei matro ashlam 
<Electrequiem> k bhaijans ... and behenjis 
<pocha> hehe 
<Electrequiem> i out 
<Electrequiem> im* 
<Electrequiem> later
<BDCricket> javed bhai i've hrd u had a son...wat is his name? 
*** scorpion_king has joined #BanglaCricket 
<mhferdaus> Are we going to see more all round cricketer? 
<Electrequiem> assalamu alaikum 
<Javed> ami jai.. khida paise.. khai gia 
<mhferdaus> I liked the approach of Farhad Reza 
<Javed> to eat more roshgolla 
*** Javed has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<pocha> rosogoola javed bhai 
<mhferdaus> Javed Uncle well done 
*** Electrequiem has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<mhferdaus> hope you play great test against Ind 
<goru> btw, doesn't ICC give each full member $10m just for participating in the World Cup? 
<Rafique> Amader already some all-rounders asey 
<mhferdaus> hmm 
<goru> and $225,000 to associates 
<Rafique> Farhad, mashrafe and Sakib 
<mhferdaus> thought someone like Abdul Razzaq might help 
<mhferdaus> and some offspiner and legspiner 
*** pocha has quit 
<Rafique> Poisha niya amra jani na. Shob management ar Board khaiya feley 
<mhferdaus> Ashraful can do a good legspin
<mhferdaus> How is enamul Jr doing? 
<Rafique> Ashraful eto valo spin kortey parey na. Amar standardey o ekhono ashey nai 
<knightride> rafiq bhai... are u planning to retire???... i hope not.. 
<goru> man this is still going on... lol.. 
<Rafique> Enamul is in BD-A Team 
<Rafique> He will be recalled for Tests 
<mhferdaus> Rafique uncle should play atleast two more years 
<mhferdaus> atleast in tests 
<SMHasan> Tiger_On_Killing_Spree 
<Rafique> KNIGHTRIDE - Ami retire korum according to board's decision. We will have meeting soon. 
<mhferdaus> ha ha h a h a ha 
<mhferdaus> nice 
<mhferdaus> modon hoylam naki?
<Rafique> MHFERDAUS - I do hope to play for another 2 years 
<mhferdaus> thanx 
<knightride> retire kore labh nai... team er je obostha... lol 
*** omio has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
*** SS has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<goru> and by http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm, Rafique is in Los Angeles, California RIGHT NOW :P 
<mhferdaus> that would give the younger ones more experience playing with you 
<Rafique> KNIGHTRIDE, apni thik bolsen. Ami chaina amader young inexperienced teamkey ei obostay cherey jetey 
<knightride> they are not real players... 
*** SMHasan has left #BanglaCricket 
<mhferdaus> zahid 
<knightride> tobuo mojai lagtase. chalai jan 
<mhferdaus> h ah a ha ha ha ha :D 
<knightride> hahaha....
<Rafique> BDCRICKET, Baki shob playersra tired, Masharfe TV dekhey, Sakib ar Tamim on PS2,  Bashar bhai kun kala maiyara logey taanki marey ... 
*** nihi has joined #BanglaCricket 
*** nihi has quit (Read error to nihi[72-48-13-185.dyn.grandenetworks.net]: EOF from client) 
<mhferdaus> ar pailen na 
<mhferdaus> Bashar Bhai? 
<Rafique> Rest of them is fast asleep 
<knightride> since... kono real player ekhane nai.... ami ki gala gali korte pari?? 
<Rafique> *are 
<mhferdaus> razzaq bhai hoylo tankibaz 
<BDCricket> LOLZZ... 
<Rafique> Actually, Bashar bhai aro taanki marey.  
<mhferdaus> koise annere 
<mhferdaus> anne ki mor thon beshi bojen 
<Rafique> Remember how he took the award from MISS GAZELLE at a recent Ceremony when we won? 
<mhferdaus> h aha ha ha h a 
<knightride> hahahah... bashar bhai kader sathe tanki maare... burider sathe??>.. lol 
<mhferdaus> j/k 
<mhferdaus> ok
<Rafique> Bashar bhai jekunu maiyara shathey tanki marey! 
<mhferdaus> tahole ami amar naam change koira ekhon Jayasuria rakhi 
<Rafique> anyone over 18, of course 
<mhferdaus> no 
<mhferdaus> Rafique uncle does not refer Bashar Bhai 
<goru> guys... I promise... if I ever become a world class cricketer, I will come and chat with you all the time... cause obviously world class cricketers have nothing better to do than chat with the fans online... :P 
<knightride> valo... at least bashar bhai has a futture after he retires... tankir business korte parbe... 
<mhferdaus> he says Habib or something 
*** Rafique is now known as TAMIM 
<knightride> GAZI tanki... ???... or BASHAR tanki 
<knightride> lol 
<TAMIM> Tamim here. Rafique bhai asked me to come. 
<knightride> nah... HABLU tanki.... 
<mhferdaus> ha ha 
<mhferdaus> wanna have a ps2 match 
<goru> how was the flight to LA?
<mhferdaus> oh sorry me not have ps2 : 
<mhferdaus> :D 
<TAMIM> Me and Sakib were playing BURNOUT... but Rafique bhai gharey dhoira niya ailo! 
<mhferdaus> ha ha 
<goru> Burnout Revenge rocks :P 
<knightride> tamim.... jao ... batting practice koro.... 
<mhferdaus> hmm 
<goru> but I can kick your *** in it :P 
<mhferdaus> india ke abar harate hobe 
*** bangalisha has joined #BanglaCricket 
<TAMIM> Inshallah 
<mhferdaus> bhai apni goru toi gahdha nia kotha kon ken? 
<knightride> tamim mone hoy bashar er kache theke ... run out technique sikhse 
<mhferdaus> hmm 
<TAMIM> ami asha korchi aro kichu half-century kortey vs. India 
<mhferdaus> we really need some consistency 
<mhferdaus> perhaps Farhad Reza can help 
<mhferdaus> he has the right mentalilty 
<BDCricket> Y ONLY INDIA?.. 
<TAMIM> Asholey ajkey, regarding my run-out
<knightride> valo... its good to dream.... poisa lage na 
<TAMIM> ... 
<mhferdaus> next series against india 
<TAMIM> I didn't expect Belim bhai to run sooooo fast! 
<mhferdaus> ok who would you be next? 
<knightride> jai ga.. 
<mhferdaus> me out 
<knightride> ta ta... bye bye... 
<mhferdaus> me missed the players by 25 mins 
*** knightride has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<BDCricket> BD_got_wicket... 
<TAMIM> Any more questions, people? Sakib is screaming! 
<bangalisha> i wanna know u ashraful tried to hit that ball 
<bangalisha> it was way to hi 
<mhferdaus> warning : He is not real Tamim :D 
<mhferdaus> just joking 
<bangalisha> :crying: 
<TAMIM> OK, bangalisha. Let me see if Ashraful is available. 
<BDCricket> +out :amazed!: :D :) +out 
<TAMIM> He seems to be on the phone. 
<bangalisha> k 
<BDCricket> OH...
<bangalisha> who is this then 
*** TAMIM is now known as Ashraful 
<Ashraful> Here he is. 
<Ashraful> Hi shobia, Ki khobor? 
<Ashraful> *shobai 
<bangalisha> salam 
<Ashraful> salam to you too 
<BDCricket> hmm shobar khobor bhalo...thanx 
<Ashraful> Apanader kuno questions asey? 
<bangalisha> i wanna know y u hit the ball that was so hi for u 
*** Ashraful is now known as NAAM 
<BDCricket> why do u play some reckless shots ASHRAFUL BHAI? 
*** NAAM is now known as ASHRAFUL 
<ASHRAFUL> Hmm... 
*** BDCricket has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<ASHRAFUL> asholey oi CHEEKY SHOT amar favourite. Prottekbaar oita try kortey ichchey hoy  
<bangalisha> u were our only hope u gotta play smater 
<ASHRAFUL> Shotta khelley majhey majhey easy 6 and 4 hoy 
<ASHRAFUL> kintu beshi kortey geley Out hoi 
<ASHRAFUL> Aro practice lagbey amar ei shot niye 
<ASHRAFUL> ar karo kuno proshno ??? ;) 
<bangalisha> u should play like u did wit sf just trying for two,s and sometime making boundaries
<bangalisha> l loved how u played that time 
<ASHRAFUL> asholey amar patience ektu kom. Hoyto shey jonney ... oops: 
<ASHRAFUL> Dhonnobaad.  
<ASHRAFUL> I like to impress our fans 
<bangalisha> i hope u learn to be pateince becaue thats how u score big and impress people 
<bangalisha> good luck man 
<ASHRAFUL> Thank you. 
<ASHRAFUL> It has ben a Tiring day and I would like to take leave. 
<bangalisha> 1 ? 
<ASHRAFUL> Feeling very sleepy, actually. 
*** scorpion_king has quit (BanglaCricket.com [#BanglaCricket]) 
<ASHRAFUL> Thank you all for your time. I hope to be with you again in the future. 
<bangalisha> can u tell me wat was going throug ur mind when ur were battin 
<ASHRAFUL> +50+50+50 
<bangalisha> Me_with_stupid
<bangalisha> lol 
<bangalisha> salam 
*** cricketboy has joined #BanglaCricket 
<mhferdaus> ok how can I change my name to Jayasuria? 
<mhferdaus> ha ha :D 
<mhferdaus> really 
<mhferdaus> I have been trying to 
<bangalisha> can i please talk to bashar 
<mhferdaus> ha ha 
<ASHRAFUL> Bashar vai ekhono taanki martesey .. sorry 
<mhferdaus> the same person would change his name to Basahr 
<mhferdaus> see 
<mhferdaus> Ashraful would not say that :D 
<bangalisha> i know 
<bangalisha> r u really him 
<mhferdaus> newayz me want to play as Jayasuria 
<mhferdaus> who? 
<mhferdaus> Jayasuria? 
<bangalisha> r even any bangli criket playr 
*** bangalisha has left #BanglaCricket 
<mhferdaus> Tiger_On_Dying_Spree 
<cricketboy> nokil ashraful

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Old April 19, 2007, 07:52 PM
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Old April 20, 2007, 04:31 AM
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Superlatively hilarious post interview drama.
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Old June 3, 2007, 04:45 PM
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LOL!!!! (bump) guys..read this!!!
Footballers these days can be immitated; but nothing unique seems to flourish. Not with Ronaldo, he did things which cannot be even done in a video game.
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Old June 3, 2007, 11:46 PM
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your best one by far Zahid. thanks bro.
"And do not curse those who call on other than GOD, lest they blaspheme and curse GOD, out of ignorance. We have adorned the works of every group in their eyes. Ultimately, they return to their Lord, then He informs them of everything they had done." (Qur'an 6:108)
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Old June 5, 2007, 07:07 AM
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