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Old March 31, 2007, 07:54 PM
shane2k shane2k is offline
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Default WC'07 Super 8 :: BD needs to Chill Out

I believe BD needs to enjoy their moment in the Super 8, chill out and really enjoy the game while they play. We do not have any target to reach the semis and therefore we do not have any burden of requirement to prove. Rather BD needs to enjoy every single game, not take it seriously but enjoy it and play their normal play as per individual efficiency, once the mind is in that relaxed state and tension moves out performance will kick in for our young talented chaps.

I believe from our last group level game with Bermuda we need to learn from that game, which is how Bermuda played that game. They played as if they had nothing to prove and lose at that point and they enjoyed the whole thing, they were literally having fun. If BD plays in that tone in the Super 8 our performance will kick in. We need to borrow or learn that relaxed and fun tone of mind from that Bermuda vs BD game.

Today, though we lost wickets quite fast due to miss judgment of game plan still I cannot harshly judge BD as the mental preparation and game plan for a 20 over game is completely different than a 50 over game. Even then BD in the middle over tackled it quite nicely and thats the path they should have taken from the first. They should have made singles their prime target and then go for SHOTS when ball and moment permits and by virtue of this method our run rate would have gone over 5/ov quite easily.

It should be also pointed out that during the BD batting innings the pitch was moist and ball was not coming to the bat, same time the outfield was very very slow. Whatever shots out batsmen played it got bogged down as it moved towards the boundary. As the game went on the sun was shiny and bright it made the pitch dry and outfield faster, it was not BD who got advantage of this favorable change of the ground rather it was Australia. The ball was cursing through the outfield and the pitch which is a batting pitch showed its glory in the next innings as the moist was gone, thanks to late sunshine and wind.

Also in my opinion I am quite not sure why today's match was not rescheduled for tomorrow.


- BD batsmen could have done much better if their game plan was properly set for a 20 over innings.
- Middle over recovery during BD batting innings was good.

Guys chill out, we need to bask in the sunshine of the Super 8 glory. Have fun, see what you have done wrong and rectify it the next moment, whats there to be so tensed, I believe you have already attained the target you have set when you started for the WCC'07, so take this opportunity to enjoy and learn.

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