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Forget Cricket Talk about anything [within Board Rules, of course :) ]

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Old October 9, 2003, 11:08 AM
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Default Someone wrote this on ganja

> Many many galaxies away, in a planet very much like
> our own.........
> Alex : Hi John, you didn't come to work yesterday?
> John :Yeah, I was at the Bangladesh Embassy trying
> to get a visa.
> Alex : Oh really! What happened? I've heard that
> these days they have
> become very strict?
> John : Yeah, but I managed to get it.
> Alex : How long did it take to get it stamped?
> John : Oh! It was a long queue. Bill Gates was
> standing in front of me and
> they really gave him a hard time the poor guy had
> even brought the property
> papers for his house in Seattle to show them that
> he will come back. I went
> there at 4 am to get in the queue and there were
> tons of people ahead of me!
> Alex : Really? In Bangladesh, at the US Embassy it
> only takes an hour to
> get a visa. John : Yeah! But that's because who in
> Bangladesh would want to
> come to the US except Americans who have now taken
> Bangladeshi nationality
> and want to bring their kids here.
> Alex : So, when are you leaving?
> John : As soon as I get my tickets from the company
> in Bangladesh. I am so
> excited, I will be getting a chance to fly on Biman
> Bangladesh Airlines.
> Sort of a dream come true.
> Alex : How long are you planning to stay in
> Bangladesh?
> John : What do you mean by how long? I will try to
> settle in Bangladesh. My
> company has promised me that they will process my
> Green Book (Bangladeshi
> Passport)
> Alex : Really! You lucky person, man, it is very
> difficult to get a Green
> Book in Bangladesh. Last year my cousin and his
> family went there on a
> tourist visa and they are now not coming back.
> John : Yeah, that's why, I am planning to marry a
> Bangladeshi girl there
> and then sponsor my parents and my brother and
> sister.
> Alex : But you can find lot of American girls in
> Chittagong & Dhaka.
> John : Yeah! but I prefer Bangladeshi girls they are
> so much superior to
> ours and what a great tan!
> Alex : What city are you going to?
> John : Comilla, the company has it's office
> downtown, yeah, the salary is
> good but the cost of living is quite high because of
> all the people flocking
> to this high tech mecca.
> Alex : I hear the exchange rate is now $100 for a
> Taka! That's just too
> much! What about Rajshahi, Khulna & Bagura?
> John : No idea, but cheaper than Noakhali. Noakhali
> is like the world
> headquarters of technology.
> Alex : I hear that the quality of life there is
> incredible?
> John : Yes, you can get a BMW car for Tk.30,000, and
> a Mercedes for less
> than Tk.45,000, but my dream is to purchase
> RoadMaster FX-800 (the smallest
> car in Bangladesh), which costs Tk.90,000 but what
> a sexy design, great
> curves and it purrs to the touch!
> Alex : Boy, sound like you would want to get it and
> take it to Hotel
> Al-Helal (Residential)!
> Alex : By the way, which company are you going with?
> John : Mama-bhaigna Technologies, a pure Bangladesh
> company, specialized in
> embedded software.
> Alex : Oh really! You are lucky to be able to work
> in a pure Bangladesh
> company, they are really intelligent and unlike
> American body shops who have
> opened their fly by night outfits in Bangladesh.
> Bangladeshi companies pay
> you even when you are on the bench. My friend Paul
> Allen used his bench
> time to visit the Cox's Bazar coast, the most
> gorgeous place in Bangladesh.
> John : Yeah man, you are right. I hope the US learns
> something from them
> and follows in their footsteps. My future plan is to
> enroll my children to
> Abu Zar Gifaree College, recently ranked among the
> top undergraduate schools
> by the Daily Jugantor newspaper.
> Alex : How are you going to cope with their
> language?
> John : From my school days I've been learning
> Bangla. I always dreamed that
> one day I will go to Bangladesh ever since my uncle
> brought me that T-shirt
> from Chittagong College. At the consulate they
> tested my proficiency in
> Bangla and were quite impressed by my score in
> TOBAFL (Test of Bangla as
> foreign language)
> Alex : Boy! You are so lucky!
> John : Yeah, I will be traveling in the world's
> fastest train,
> Subarno(Dhaka-Chittagong), world's largest theme
> park, Sitakunda theme Park,
> and visit the famous Dallywood where you can see
> actors like, Rahman, Ajeem,
> Rajjak, Alamgir, Anwar Hossain, Sujata,Suchanda,
> Shabana, Babita, Kabari and
> many many more.
> Alex : You know, Khaleda Zia is scheduled to visit
> us next year and I hear
> that She may increase the number of visas.
> John : That's true. Last month, Infosys - Dr.
> Jamilur Reza visited White
> House and donated Tk.20,000 for Infrastructure
> development at Silicon valley
> and has promised more if we follow the model of high
> tech city of Noakhali
> and Bill Gates also got a chance of meeting him.
> Very lucky person.
> Alex : Will you be visiting Dave? I hear that he has
> made it big there and
> now has a beautiful house on the bank of karnafuly
> river in Chittagong. Good
> luck John.
> John : Same to you Alex, and don't go to the
> Bangladesh consulate wearing
> Punjabi because they will think you are too
> Bangladeshaized and may doubt
> that will ever comeback and your application may be
> rejected. And, yes,
> don't forget to say Assalamualikum, to the visa
> officer it will show them
> that you are a cultured person.
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Old October 9, 2003, 03:54 PM
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Default Wow

Ganja switched Bangladesh and USA.
Another Ganja does for readers will switch it back to reality..:P

Nice thing Rajputro bhai
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Old October 9, 2003, 03:55 PM
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It's been out on the web for a long long time. Nice satire. sigh!
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Old October 9, 2003, 04:10 PM
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Here is something interesting. If John from that planet shook his hand with John from our planet ... they would be annihilated instantly to sparks of light!

The author may not be on too much Ganja after all. Is he a bengali?

anyways, Raj - this is your chance to meet anti-raj - the better one :P wanna?

[Edited: added something to clarify]

[Edited on 9-10-2003 by Orpheus]
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Old October 9, 2003, 08:44 PM
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Funny stuff indeed. Onek haslam! Noakhali is "high-tech" mega city
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Old October 11, 2003, 04:44 AM
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Where is this from? Whats the link?
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