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Forget Cricket Talk about anything [within Board Rules, of course :) ]

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Old January 26, 2017, 11:19 PM
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Default Ami

abeg na shamlate pere ekta kobita likhe fellam
dekhun bhalo lage kina...


Ami guest
Ami gestapo
Ami nod
Ami nordoma
Ami danob
Ami Danube
Ami bhoot
Ami foolistop
Ami police cop
Ami poultice!
Ami poultry…
Ami guillotine
Ami bulletproof
Ami gelatin
Ami coffee
Ami Kofi Anan
Ami sorry
Ami trolley problem
Ami Hitler
Ami hitman
Ami stegosaurus
Ami trigger happy
Ami treetop
Ami chandan
Ami sandal
Ami sandalwood
Ami hada
Ami gadha
Ami buddhu
Ami Buddha
Ami alpha
Ami silverbuck
Ami gorilla
Ami gorilla Joe
Ami guerilla
Ami Che Guevara
Ami puck
Ami pobitro
Ami fool
Ami full
Ami coyote
Ami ugly
Ami eel
Ami electric
Ami gentry
Ami ancestry
Ami hanuman
Ami Hindustan
Ami Andaman
Ami Atlas
Ami mussle
Ami mousolman
Ami mausoleum
Ami dinamit
Ami infinit
Ami affrontery
Ami afro!
Ami togbog
Ami ghora
Ami ghuri
Ami ghurry
Ami Phantom of the Opera
Ami ‘Rhime of the Ancient Mariner
Ami flintstone!
Ami Fred
Ami afred
Ami deaththreat
Ami Red
Ami Reddington
Ami nich
Ami niche
Ami coyote
Ami ugly
Ami disco
Ami dancer
Ami shiva!
Ami dishwasher
Ami discus thrower!
Ami praan
Ami atmaan
Ami Isshwar
Ami Swedenborg
Ami cannabis
Ami cannibal
Ami cannonball
Ami Caliban-
Ami khomota
Ami khatm
Ami Koran
Ami crowning achievement
Ami joy
-Ami Taliban
Ami talibaba
Ami Alauddin
Ami Alibaba!!
Ami fazil
Ami flazil
Ami Jesuit priest
Ami destroyer
Ami do not disturb sign
Ami wrist watch
Ami hrishi
Ami kesh
Ami ref
Ami referee
Ami diamond
Ami dust
Ami dustbin
Ami touch
Ami goldust
Ami khobor daar!
Ami Taoist
Ami halum!
Ami hunkar!!
Ami hussar
Ami busker, ami husker, ami minstrel
Ami hustler
Ami de rigeur
Ami fantastic
Ami four
Ami infinit
Ami dinamit
Ami dynee
Ami dinosaur
Ami dano milk
Ami sun silk
Ami klim
Ami Kanta
Ami Shanta
Ami nirob
Ami shanto?
Ami bhitu?
Ami Bhutan
Ami motu
Ami foorti
Ami radio
Ami cuba
Ami gooding
Ami good will
Ami hunting
Ami hunter
Ami helen
Ami irenic
Ami irony
Ami siren
Ami medusa
Ami Amadeus
Ami bizarre
Ami nitro
Ami Eminem
Ami M&M
Ami HMS Destroyer
Ami HM Ershad!
Ami ersatz
Ami quartz
Ami Volta
Ami Ampere
Ami Curie
Ami conical
Ami comical
Ami unish-bish
Ami bish
Ami poison
Ami Poisson
Ami dignity
Ami dhow
Ami nau
Ami dinghy
Ami indignant
Ami blizzard
Ami banerjee
Ami Chatterjee
Ami chatterbot
Ami seagull
Ami সৃগাল
Ami shadhin
Ami Bangla
Ami Dhaka
Ami Dacca
Ami dacoit
Ami Dakkar
Ami daktar
Ami engineer
Ami Farukh
Ami Dre
Ami cray
Ami cro magnon
Ami filet
Ami minion
Ami Alpha
Ami Omega
Ami God
Ami Dog
Ami fragile
Ami rock solid
Ami snigdha, Ami mugdha, Ami tikto, Ami birokto
Ami bitorkito
Ami Zeeshan
Ami Gopal
Ami Bhar
Ami Bar Rafael
Ami T-shirt!!!!
Ami geisha
Ami gangster
I am a badass
Ami badamtiss!
Ami chanachur
Ami chor
Ami chacha Chowdhury
Ami chokorborti
Ami trimurti
Ami indra
Ami net
Ami neti-neti
Ami networth
Ami Wordsworth
Ami William
Ami saxophone!
Ami introduction
Ami intimidation
Ami computer
Ami super
Ami intendent
Ami danger
Ami Ego
Ami Eggo Waffle
Dhidha…Ami Ashok Dhindha
Ami dwanda
Ami dilemma
Ami dual
Ami dualism
Ami delusion
Ami pagol
Ami chagol
Ami Gogol
Ami Google
Ami Googooplex
Ami complex
Ami kaluza-klein
Ami theory
Ami fractal
Ami space-time geometry
Ami Ami Bezout curve
Ami twisted
Ami twistor
Ami spinor
Ami spiny tailed dwarf lemur
Ami Belgium
Ami Belgique
Ami daffodil
Ami valentine
Ami felaun
Ami ‘felun to dekhi dada’
Ami putul
Ami petal
Ami sepal
Ami stolon
Ami Solon
Ami ‘So long friends!’
Ami Goldust
Ami E
Ami Z
Ami Rig Veda
Ami Vim
Ami Joggonath
Ami Juggernaut
Ami Vim
Ami vigor
Ami rigor
Ami rigor mortis
Ami tension
Ami mortise
Ami mortuary
Ami mritodeho
Ami dua
Ami birdem
Ami bird watcher
Ami holi
Ami holyman
Systematical, Logical
Ami gazette
Ami pageantry
Ami jouster
Ami orange juice!
Ami granite
Ami sentiment
Ami philistine
Ami plastic
Ami neuro
Ami neuroplasticity
Ami city
Ami citadel
Ami Barisal
Ami Bulls
Ami Lambo
Ami lula
Ami assegai
Ami surrender
Ami torture
Ami violet
Ami plough
Ami devil
Ami cow
Ami coward
Ami deathray
Ami manray
Ami manatee
Ami adhesive
Ami Jibrail
Ami jihwa
Ami Jehuva’
Ami jihbba ha koro
Ami market
Ami marquee
Ami monster
Ami energy
Ami marionette
Ami machination
Ami machiavelli
Ami premadasa stadium!!!
Ami stadia
Ami lathi
Ami Tim Latham
Ami nridda
Ami sleep is the cousin of death
Ami ghrina
Ami height
Ami Lowe
Ami Lowenheim
Ami Skolem
Ami school’em
Ami durjoy!
Ami dragon
Ami dragoon
Ami rakhosh
Ami khyak shial
Ami thok baba
Ami sadhu
Ami Rapanui
Ami rongorongo
Ami daraun
Ami palaon
Ami pulau
Ami isteamer
Ami timi mach
Ami hatem tai
Ami tai chi
Ami fluent
Ami fast
Ami furious
Ami pati hash
Ami onorgol…
Ami genius
Ami Janus
Ami mythology
Ami shovel
Ami hovel
Ami grovel
Ami dowel
Ami towel
I throw never..
I never quit…
I am the quitter who
Quilts the kilts
And kills the quills
I am unparalleled
I am the greatest ever
I am goddamned
I am Alf Valentine
The cricketer
The tincture
Just the right amount of salt in stew
I am…
I am who I am
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Old January 27, 2017, 07:11 AM
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Fantastic! Super! Absolutely super!

Ami Nazrul!
Tumi Nazrul!
Ami to I am..

What a beautiful balance of meanings and play. This is brilliant!

You are a poet.
God bless Kamala Harris & Mitch Landrieu
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Old January 27, 2017, 07:52 AM
adamnsu adamnsu is offline
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We had a nice part time economics lecturer in NSU from Jahangir Nagar with the intials AMI.

He was amazing and I got an easy A as assesments were much easier compared to another senior NSU lecturer who would give out Cs if the student worked really hard
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Old January 29, 2017, 10:04 PM
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BC Staff
BC Editorial Team
Join Date: March 9, 2008
Location: Ω
Posts: 30,469

Thank you BK. Miss your more active presence in BC like before...
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